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1864 - 1865
Hutchinson's Directory

Heart's Content

Babstock George, fisherman
Babstock Samuel, fisherman
Badden Charles, fisherman
Badden Richard T, fisherman
Badden Robert, fisherman
Badden William, fisherman
Bagden John, fisherman
Baker John, fisherman
Baker Richard, fisherman
Baker William, fisherman
Bonner Thomas, fisherman
Bryant Charles, fisherman
Bryant John, fisherman
Camby B, fisherman
Camby Francis, fisherman
Camby John, fisherman
Camby Stephen, fisherman
Camby William, fisherman
Camby William, jun, fisherman
Dunphy Michael, fisherman
Gardner Rev. George
George Charles, fisherman
George Francis, fisherman
George John, fisherman
George Philip, fisherman
George Richard, fisherman
George Thomas, fisherman
George Thomas, jun, fisherman
George William, fisherman
Hall Uriah, fisherman
Hilyard John, fisherman
Hilyard Richard, fisherman
Hilyard William, fisherman
Hopkins Aaron, fisherman
Hopkins Alfred, fisherman
Hopkins C., fisherman
Hopkins Charles, fisherman
Hopkins Edward, fisherman
Hopkins Edward, fisherman
Hopkins Edward, sen, fisherman
Hopkins Eli, fisherman
Hopkins George, fisherman
Hopkins James, fisherman
Hopkins John, fisherman
Hopkins Joseph, jun, fisherman
Hopkins Mark, fisherman
Hopkins Richard, fisherman
Hopkins Thomas, fisherman
Hopkins Thomas, sen, fisherman
Hopkins William, fisherman
Hopkins William, fisherman
Hopkins William, sen, fisherman
Howell Nathaniel, fisherman
Janes Absolom, fisherman
Janes James, fisherman
Janes Thomas, fisherman
King John, fisherman
Lahey George, fisherman
Lahey Joseph, fisherman
Lahey Patrick, fisherman
Langer David, fisherman
Langer James, fisherman
Langer John, fisherman
Langer Robert, fisherman
Legg David, fisherman
Legg David, fisherman
Legg Ebenezer, fisherman
Legg Edward, fisherman
Legg Esau, fisherman
Legg John, fisherman
Legg John, fisherman
Legg John, fisherman
Legg N.R., fisherman
Legg Robert, fisherman
Legg William, fisherman
Legg William, fisherman
Legg William, fisherman
Mails John, jun, fisherman
Mails William, labouror
Moore James, fisherman
Moore James, shipbuilder
Moore James, fisherman
Moore Moses, fisherman
Murphy Arthur, fisherman
Murphy James, fisherman
Murray John, fisherman
Murray Patrick, fisherman
Ollerhead B., fisherman
Ollerhead George, agent
Ollerhead Henry, fisherman
Ollerhead Robert, magistrate
Penny Richard, general dealer
Piercey James, fisherman
Piercey John, fisherman
Piercey L., fisherman
Piercey Robert, fisherman
Piercey William, fisherman
Piles Francis, fisherman
Piles William, fisherman
Pitcher Edward, fisherman
Rendell Charles, blacksmith
Rendell G., blacksmith
Rendell James, blacksmith
Rendell John, blacksmith
Rockwood Adam, fisherman
Rockwood Augustus, fisherman
Rockwood Israel, fisherman
Rockwood Jonas, fisherman
Rockwood Mark, fisherman
Rockwood Richard, fisherman
Roger James, fisherman
Rowe Adam, fisherman
Rowe Eli, fisherman
Rowe Eli, jun, fisherman
Rowe Henry, fisherman
Rowe James, fisherman
Rowe John, fisherman
Rowe John, fisherman
Rowe John, fisherman
Rowe Joseph, fisherman
Rowe Joseph, fisherman
Rowe Martin, fisherman
Rowe Nathanial, fisherman
Rowe Noah, fisherman
Rowe Peter, fisherman
Rowe Reuben, fisherman
Rowe Solomon, fisherman
Rowe Stephen, fisherman
Rowe Thomas, fisherman
Rowe William, shipbuilder
Rowe William, jun, fisherman
Royle Cyrus, fisherman
Royle John, physician
Sullivan Daniel, carrier
Thompson William, teacher
Underhay Edward, fisherman
Underhay Nathaniel, fisherman
Walker John, fisherman
Warren A., fisherman
Warren Elias, general dealer
White Alfred, fisherman
Williams L., fisherman
Woodford John, fisherman
Wright Frederick, fisherman
Young John, fisherman
Young M., fisherman
Young Thomas, blacksmith



Transcribed by Michael Cooper, 1998
Revised by Jim Butler, 2003

Page Revised June 2003 (Don Tate)

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