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1864 - 1865
Hutchinson's Directory

Hant's Harbor

Adey Edward, fisherman
Adey Henry, fisherman
Adey Isaac, fisherman
Adey Joseph, fisherman
Adey Joseph, fisherman
Adey Martin, fisherman
Adey Martin, fisherman
Adey Samuel, fisherman
Adey William, fisherman
Adey William sen, fisherman
Ash John, fisherman
Cashman Dennis, fisherman
Cashman James, fisherman
Cashman William, fisherman
Champion James, fisherman
Coyell Thomas, storekeeper
Crocher George, fisherman
Crutch George, fisherman
Crutch James, fisherman
Crutch John, fisherman
Crutch John, fisherman
Day James, fisherman
Dobson Samuel, fisherman
Evans Charles, fisherman
Gooby James, fisherman
Gooby John, fisherman
Gooden James, laborer
Green Charles, fisherman
Green George, fisherman
Green John, fisherman
Green John P, fisherman
Green Samuel, fisherman
Green William jun, fisherman
Green William sen, fisherman
Gulliford James, fisherman
Gulliford Joseph, fisherman
Gulliford Samuel, fisherman
Hart James, fisherman
Hart Joseph, fisherman
Hart Robert, fisherman
Hopkins Henry, fisherman
Hopkins John, fisherman
Hopkins Zachariah, fisherman
Husson John jun, fisherman
Husson John sen, school teacher
Husson Martin, shoreman
Janes Charles, fisherman
Janes John, bookkeeper
Janes William, fisherman
King Joshua, fisherman
King Philip jun, fisherman
King Philip sen, fisherman
Leawood John, blockmaker
Leawood Thomas, fisherman 
Loader James, fisherman 
Loader Silas, fisherman 
Lowe Benjamin, fisherman 
Maidment Eli, fisherman 
Maidment Joseph, fisherman 
Maidment Samuel jun, fisherman 
Maidment Samuel sen, fisherman 
Maidment William, fisherman 
Mansfield Robert, fisherman (Little Islands) 
Mews James C, shipmaster 
Mews Stephen, clerk 
Palmer George, fisherman 
Pauley John, constable 
Pelley Enoch, fisherman 
Pelley James, fisherman 
Pelley John, fisherman 
Pelley Joseph, fisherman 
Pelley Richard, fisherman 
Pelley Richard, fisherman 
Pelley Solomon, fisherman 
Pelley Thomas, fisherman 
Pelley Timothy, fisherman 
Pelley Timothy, fisherman 
Pelley William, fisherman 
Pittman Corbett, clerk 
Pittman George, shipbuilder 
Pittman Robert, clerk 
Pittman William, shipwright 
Poole Moses, fisherman 
Poole Samuel, fisherman 
Price Benjamin jun, fisherman 
Price Benjamin sen, fisherman 
Price Elijah, fisherman 
Price John, fisherman 
Price Joshua, fisherman 
Price Noah, fisherman 
Price William, fisherman 
Read Charles, fisherman 
Read George, fisherman 
Read James, fisherman 
Read John, fisherman 
Read John, fisherman 
Read John jun, fisherman 
Read John sen, fisherman 
Read Joseph, fisherman 
Read Richard, fisherman 
Read William, fisherman 
Read William sen, fisherman 
Rendell Stephen, merchant 
Sheehan John, mercantile agent 
Short John, fisherman 
Short John, fisherman 
Short John, bait skiffmaster 
Short Joseph, fisherman 
Short Nicholas, fisherman 
Short Samuel, fisherman 
Short Samuel jun, fisherman 
Short Samuel sen, fisherman 
Short William, fisherman 
Smith Gideon, fisherman 
Smith Moses, fisherman 
Smith Thomas jun, fisherman 
Smith Thomas sen, fisherman 
Smith William, fisherman 
Somers James, fisherman 
Somers William, fisherman 
Soper James, fisherman 
Soper Thomas, fisherman 
Soper William, fisherman 
Stanly Eli, fisherman 
Stanly Levi, fisherman 
Stanly Richard, fisherman 
Stanly William jun, fisherman 
Stanly William sen, fisherman 
Stickland John, fisherman 
Stickland Joseph, fisherman 
Tacker William, fisherman 
Targett John, tinsmith 
Thomas Walter, fisherman 
Thomas William, fisherman 
Traverse Adam, fisherman 
Traverse Jabez, fisherman 



Transcribed by Michael Cooper, 1998
Revised by Jim Butler, 2003

Page Revised June 2003 (Don Tate)

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