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1864 - 1865
Hutchinson's Directory


Allen William, fisherman
Anderson Thomas, planter
Bagleji Francis, mariner
Bartlett William, laborer
Batties John, fisherman
Bennett William, mariner
Blackmore Philip, planter
Blackmore Timothy, fisherman
Bowdrige William, fisheman
Bragg George, planter
Bragg John, planter
Bragg William, master mariner
Bragg William G., master mariner
Buckland George, fisherman
Buffett Benjamin, mariner
Buffett George, planter
Buffett William, master mariner
Butt John, laborer
Butt Ruben, laborer
Carter George, planter
Carter Hugh, mariner
Carter William, fisherman
Carter William, planter
Clarke Chrales, mariner
Coffin Elias, planter
Cossman Charles E., master mariner
Davey William, planter
Dennis Thomas, planter
Dennis Thomas jun., planter
Dingwell Donald, carpenter
Dix Henry, telegraph repairer
Doleniount George, mariner
Dorey Moses, fisherman
Dowden George, planter
Evans George, mariner
Evans George master mariner
Evans James, master mariner
Evans John, master mariner
Fergaery Anthony, blacksmith
Ford Thomas, fisherman
Forsey Aaron, master mariner
Forsey Samuel, fisherman
Gale John, fisherman
Galton John, school teacher
Gange Edward, planter
Gange Samuel, planter
Garey Peter, mariner
Gillies Hugh, fisherman
Gillies John, master mariner
Guillam Edward, clerk
Guillam John, merchant
Guillam Michael, planter
Guillam Thomas, planter
Guillam Wilson, fisherman
Guillam Wiliam, planter
Hart Rev. Thomas D.
Hisknam William, planter
Hobbs Albert, fisherman
Keating James, carpenter
Keating John, blacksmith
Keating Michael, carpenter
Kidston Michael, merchant
Kippen James, planter
Lr Gallais Rev W.W.
Le Main George, planter
McDougall Laughlan, laborer
Macdonald Augustine, clerk
Macleau Daniel, master mariner
Manuel Benjamin, planter
Marrett Elias, school teacher
Maujor Thomas, planter
Morris John, mariner
Murray Michael, blacksmith
Palmerton, Joseph, mariner
Peckham Andrew, laborer
Pike Elisha, planter
Pike George, planter
Pike John, fisherman
Pike John, planter
Pike Loyal, planter
Pike Samuel, planter
Pike Timothy, mariner
Pool John, master mariner
Read Horatio T., preventative officer
Read Samuel, mariner
Rose Robert, planter
Saunders, James, mariner
Savoury Robert, planter
Scardde John, planter
Sealey James, planter
Sheaves Charles, planter
Sheaves Charles, jun., fisherman
Sheaves John, planter
Smith Nathan, telegraph operator
Stewart John, planter
Stickland John, fisherman
Stickland Joseph, planter
Stickland Thomas, planter
Stickland William, planter
Stickland William, jun., planter
Vardy William, planter
Waddell Alexander, merchant
Warren William, planter 



Transcribed by Bob Patey

Page Revised June 2003 (Don Tate)

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