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1864 - 1865
Hutchinson's Directory


ANDERSON George, fisherman (West)
ANDERSON Isaac, fisherman
ANDERSON John, fisherman
ANDERSON John, fisherman (West)
ANDERSON Robert, fisherman
ANDERSON Wm. jun, fisherman (West)
ANDERSON Wm. sen, fisherman (West)
BOBBITT William, fisherman
BARNES John, fisherman
BLACKMORE William, fisherman
BOWDRIDGE George, fisherman
BUFFETT Benjamin, fisherman (West)
BUFFETT Morgan, fisherman
BUNGY Charles, fisherman
CAIN John, fisherman
CARROLL James, fisherman
CARROLL Michael, fisherman
CASWELL John, carpenter
CAVALIA Augustus, planter, fisherman (West)
CHAMBERS James &; son, traders
COCK Benjamin, room keeper
COLYER Benjamin, fisherman
COLYER John, fisherman
COX George, trader (West)
DIX Edward, fisherman
DIX Joseph, fisherman
FILLEUL John, dealer
FORD James, jun, fisherman
FORD James, sen, fisherman
FORD Walter, fisherman
FORWARD Lambert, jun, fisherman (West)
FORWARD Lambert, sen., fisherman (West)
GORE Matthew, fisherman
GAGE Ambrose, fisherman
HAND Charles, fisherman
HARE George, fisherman
HARE James, fisherman
HARE John, fisherman
HARE Robert, fisherman
HUNT George, physician
INGRAHAM William, fisherman
JEANS George, fisherman
JORDAN John, school teacher
KINSELLA Dennis, fisherman
LEARY James, cooper
McDONALD Stephen, fisherman
MEHEA Robert, fisherman
MATTHEWS James, fisherman
MATTHEWS John, jun, fisherman (West)
MATTHEWS John, sen, fisherman
MATTHEWS Joseph, fisherman
MATTHEWS William, fisherman
NORTHCOTT John, fisherman
NORTHCOTT Benjamin, fisherman
NOTT Thomas, fisherman
PARSONS Henry, fisherman
STYLES Thomas, fisherman
YOUNG Ephraim, fisherman
YOUNG William, fisherman



Transcribed by Bill Crant

Page revised June 2003 (DonTate)

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