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1864 - 1865
Hutchinson's Directory

Barren Island

Antle, Thomas, carpenter
Antle, Wm., & Isaac, vessel owners
Antle, William, jun., freighter
Budcock, Thomas, planter
Bartlett, Abraham, shipowner
Bartlett, John, shipowner
Bartlett, John, jun., planter
Bartlett, Joseph, shipowner
Breaker, Charles, sailmaker
Brigus Insurance Co., Jonathan Percy, secretary
Brine, Patrick, land surveyor
Brophy, Patrick, farmer
Burke, James, shipowner
Butler, Thomas, jailor and constable
Canfield, Patrick, farmer
Clarke, Caleb, planter
Clarke, George, shipowner
Clarke, Isaac, shipowner
Clarke, Moses, shipowner
Clarke, Moses, shipowner
Clarke, Nathan, planter
Clarke, Samuel, shipowner
Clarke, William, shipowner
Critch, Henry, Blacksmith
Critch, William, builder
Curtis, John, planter
Daiy, James, publican
Dooling, James, shipowner
Dooling, Patrick, sailor
Dormady, John, publican
Dunn, Edward, butcher
Earl Wm., telegraph operator
Fardy, James, builder
Fardy, Patrick, builder
Freeman, Mrs. Mary, shopkeeper
French, William, shopkeeper
Foley, David, farmer
Foley, Mrs. Bridget, farmer
Gardner, Benjamin G., shopkeeper
Garland, Ebenezer, shopkeeper
Green, William, A., shopkeeper
Green, William, school teacher
Gushue, George, boarding house
Guy, Joseph, blacksmith
Hackett, Tobias, publican
Harris, Rev. Thomas, (Wesleyan.)
Harvey, Job, shipowner
Harwood, William, accountant
Hearn, John, road surveyor
Hersey, Patrick, shipowner
James, John, shipowner
James, Nicholas, shipowner
Jerrett, George, builder
Kehoe, Patrick shipowner
Kelly, Mich,J. inspector R.C.Schools
Kelly, Thomas, shipowner
Leamon, James, N., merchant
Leamon, John, M.H.A. merchant
Leamon, Robert, shopkeeper
Mackin, james, tailor
Manderville, Mrs. Ann, shopkeeper
Mann, William, sailmaker
Mills, William, S., school teacher
Moran, James, physician
Mosdell, James, cooper
Mulloy, Mrs. Elizabeth, innkeeper
Munden, Azariah, shipowner
Murphy, Ambrose, boot & shoe maker
Norman, Christopher, watchmaker
Norman, James, captain and planter
Norman, John, captain
Norman, Lorenzo, planter
Norman, Nathan, shipowner
Nowlan, Patrick, M.H.A. shopkeeper
Nuttall, John O., collector of customs
O'Keefe, Rev. Edward (R.C.)
Percy, Egan, captain
Percy, John, planter
Percy, Jonathan, sec.Brigus Insur.Co
Percy, Nathan, planter
Ploughman, Phillip, planter
Pomery, William, planter
Power, Joseph, planter
Power, Nicholas, planter
Power, Patrick, school teacher
Quinlan, Peter, planter
Rabbitts, Nathaniel, shipowner
Rabbitts, William John, shipowner
Ridgeway, Joseph, cooper
Roberts, Edward, planter
Roberts, John, planter
Roberts, Nora, carpenter
Roberts, Thomas, teacher
Ryan, Andrew, farmer
Shran, Bridget, shopkeeper
Simms, Joseph, shopkeeper
Smith, James, shopkeeper
Smith, Mrs. Lab. shopkeeper
Smith, Nicholas, shipcarpenter
Spooner, John, planter
Spracklin, Thomas & Sons, planters
Stentaford, Sarah, postmistress
Stono, John cooper
Strickland, William, blacksmith
Sullivan, John, shopkeeper
Tarahan, James, shopkeeper
Taylor Rev. Robert, H., (P.E.)
Walsh, Richard, shipowner
Way, John carpenter
Way, William, planter
Weeks, Wm., & Son, mason
Whalen, David, planter
Whalen, James, captain
Whalen, William, shipowner
Wilcox, James, shipowner
Wilcox, John, stipendiary magistrate
Wilcox, John, planter
Wilcox, Samuel, shipowner
Wilcox, Thomas, shipowner
Wilcox, William, captain
Woodmason, Gabriel, builder



Transcribed by Vera Short

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