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1864 - 1865
Hutchinson's Directory

Bay Roberts

BABCOCK Francis, fisherman
BABCOCK Francis, Jr., fisherman
BABCOCK George, fisherman
BABCOCK Henry, carpenter
BABCOCK John, fisherman
BABCOCK Josiah, fisherman
BABCOCK Nathaniel, fisherman
BABCOCK Richard, fisherman
BABCOCK William, fisherman
BABCOCK William H., fisherman
BAGGS Richard, carpenter
BARRETT Abraham, planter
BARRETT Jacob, planter
BARRETT Moses, planter
BARRETT Robert, planter
BARTLETT Isaac, vessel owner and general dealer
BARTLETT Robert, fisherman
BARTLETT William, vessel owner and general dealer
BATTEN Samuel, fisherman
BEASENT Henry, fisherman
BEASENT John, school teacher
BEASENT William, fisherman
BISHOP Charles, Jr., fisherman
BISHOP Christopher, Jr., planter
BISHOP Christopher, Sr., planter
BISHOP Emanuel, fisherman
BISHOP George [of Charles], fisherman
BISHOP George [of Christopher], planter
BISHOP Henry, fisherman
BISHOP John [of William], fisherman
BOWRING James, planter
BOWRING Richard, planter
BRADBURY Abraham, planter
BRADBURY Benjamin, fisherman
BRADBURY Charles [of Abraham], fisherman
BRADBURY Charles [of Jonathan], planter
BRADBURY Charles, Sr., planter
BRADBURY Edward, fisherman
BRADBURY Eli, planter
BRADBURY Francis, fisherman
BRADBURY Henry [of Isaac], planter
BRADBURY Henry N., planter
BRADBURY John, planter
BRADBURY Joseph [of Abraham], fisherman
BRADBURY Joseph [of Charles], planter
BRADBURY Joshua, planter
BRADBURY Richard, planter
BRADBURY Richard, planter
BRADBURY Solomon, planter
BRADBURY Stephen, planter
BRADBURY Stephen [of Jonathan], planter
BRADBURY William [of Abraham], planter
BRADBURY William [of Isaac], fisherman
BRENNAN Walter, farmer
BROWN John, fisherman
BROWN William, planter
BROWN William, planter
BUCKINGHAM John, fisherman
BURSELL William, teacher
BUTLER Michael, fisherman
BUTLER Thomas, farmer
BUTLER Thomas, farmer
CALPIN Charles, blacksmith
CALPIN Charles, high constable and blacksmith
CALPIN Josiah, blacksmith
CALPIN Thomas, blacksmith
CAVE Edward, blacksmith
CAVE Henry, blacksmith
CHURCHILL James, fisherman
CHURCHILL James, fisherman
CHURCHILL Robert, fisherman
CHURCHILL William, fisherman
CLEARY Thomas, fisherman
CORMACK Richard, merchant
COSTIGAN William, accountant
COPELY Thomas, fisherman
CRANE George, Jr., carpenter
CRANE George, Sr., carpenter
CRANE Henry, planter
CRANE Stephen, planter
CRANE William, carpenter
CULLERTON James, dealer
CUMMING James, accountant
DAW Abraham, fisherman
DAW Charles, vessel owner and general dealer
DAW Elijah, vessel owner
DAW Isaac, fisherman
DAW Jacob, fisherman
DAW Nathaniel, fisherman
DAW Thomas, fisherman
DAW Robert, vessel owner and general dealer
DAW Robert, Jr., vessel owner and general dealer
DAWSON John, planter
DAWSON Richard, fisherman
DAWSON Stephen, planter
DAWSON Thomas, planter
DAWSON William, planter
DEAL John, fisherman
DEER Joseph, fisherman
DEER William, fisherman
DELANEY James, planter
DELANEY John [of James], planter
DELANEY John, Jr., planter
DELANEY John, Sr., planter
DELANEY Joseph, Jr., planter
DELANEY Joseph, Sr., planter
DELANEY Mark, Jr., planter
DELANEY Mark, Sr., planter
DELANEY Martin, planter
DELANEY Martin, planter
DELANEY Martin, planter
DELANEY Matthew, carpenter
DELANEY Patrick, planter
DELANEY Patrick, planter
DELANEY Richard, Jr., planter
DELANEY Richard, Sr., planter
DELANEY Stephen, planter
DELANEY Thomas, planter
DELANEY William, planter
DONOVAN Richard, shoemaker
DROVER Nathaniel, tailor
DWYER John, fisherman
EARLE Charles, planter
EARLE George, fisherman
EARLE James, planter
EARLE John [of John], fisherman
EARLE John, Jr., fisherman
EARLE John, Sr., fisherman
EARLE Nathaniel, fisherman
EARLE Thomas, carpenter
EARLE William, accountant
EARLE William [of Thomas], fisherman
ELEMS Henry, planter
ELEMS John, fisherman
ELEMS William, fisherman
FARRELL Michael, fisherman
FITZGERALD James, way-office keeper
FITZGERALD Owen, publican
FITZPATRICK Henry, fisherman
FITZPATRICK Martin, fisherman
FITZPATRICK Patrick, fisherman
FLYNN David, planter
FLEMMING Patrick, fisherman
FLEMMING Thomas, farmer
FRADSHAM Joseph, planter
FRADSHAM Peter, planter
FRASER William, M.D., physician
FREANEY Michael, planter
FREANEY Patrick, planter
FREANEY Richard, planter
FRENCH Abraham [of John], planter
FRENCH Benjamin, planter
FRENCH Charles [of Nathaniel], fisherman
FRENCH Charles [of Thomas], planter
FRENCH Edward, fisherman
FRENCH Edward [of Abraham], planter
FRENCH Edward [of Samuel], planter
FRENCH Edward [of William], planter
FRENCH George, fisherman
FRENCH James, Sr., planter
FRENCH James [of Thomas], planter
FRENCH John, vessel owner
FRENCH John Toomey, planter
FRENCH Jonathan, planter
FRENCH Nathaniel, fisherman
FRENCH Robert, fisherman
FRENCH Robert [of William], planter
FRENCH Solomon, planter
FRENCH Thomas [of James], planter
FRENCH Thomas [of Thomas], planter
FRENCH Thomas [of William], planter
FRENCH William, Sr., planter
GOOSNEY Philip, fisherman
GOUSNEY Robert, fisherman
GRAY Francis, planter
GRAY Thomas, planter
GREEN, W. S., J. P., merchant
GREENLAND George, Jr., vessel owner
GREENLAND George, Sr., vessel owner
GREENLAND John, vessel owner
GREENLAND Stephen, vessel owner
GULNEY Matthew, fisherman
HADDON Thomas, accountant
HAYS Robert, planter
HEDDERSON Thomas, planter
HIELIHY, G. W. R., J. P., preventive officer
HOLMES Edward, planter
HOLMES George, planter
HOLMES Henry, planter
HOLMES John, planter
HOOPER Jesse, accountant
JACKSON George, cooper
JARDINE John, accountant
JONES William, fisherman
KEARLEY Abraham, fisherman
KEARLEY Isaac, fisherman
KEARLEY James, fisherman
KEARLEY John, planter
KEARLEY Solomon, planter
KEARLEY Thomas, planter
KEEFE John, school teacher
KEEFE Peter, fisherman
KEEFE Thomas, farmer
KELLY Frederick, planter
KELLY John, planter
KELLY Richard, planter
KELLY Thomas, carpenter
KELLY William, planter
KENNEY Edward, school teacher
LISTLE Malcolm, fisherman
LITTLEJOHN William, farmer
LUTTERELL James, fisherman
LUTTERELL James, fisherman
McSTRAVACK James, accountant
McSTRAVACK John, dealer
MARSHALL William, fisherman
MENTIONS Luke, fisherman
MERCER Abraham, fisherman
MERCER Abraham, fisherman
MERCER Abraham, Jr., fisherman
MERCER Benjamin, planter
MERCER Charles, planter
MERCER Charles, vessel owner
MERCER Charles [of Abraham], fisherman
MERCER Charles [of Charles], planter
MERCER Charles [of Elijah], fisherman
MERCER Charles [of William], fisherman
MERCER Christopher, planter
MERCER Edward, Jr., planter
MERCER Edward [of John], fisherman
MERCER Edward [of William], fisherman
MERCER Eli [of George], fisherman
MERCER Eli, Sr., planter
MERCER Elijah, planter
MERCER Elijah, Jr., fisherman
MERCER Elijah [of Abraham], fisherman
MERCER Esau [of Charles], vessel owner
MERCER George, Jr., fisherman
MERCER Henry, Jr., fisherman
MERCER Isaac, Jr., fisherman
MERCER Jabez, fisherman
MERCER Jacob, fisherman
MERCER James [of John], fisherman
MERCER James [of Samuel], fisherman
MERCER John, Sr., fisherman
MERCER Jonathan, fisherman
MERCER Jonathan, planter
MERCER Jonathan [of Henry], fisherman
MERCER Joseph [of William], fisherman
MERCER Moses, fisherman
MERCER Nathaniel, fisherman
MERCER Reuben, fisherman
MERCER Richard [of Edward], planter
MERCER Richard [of Israel], planter
MERCER Richard [of John], planter
MERCER Robert, fisherman
MERCER Robert [of Charles], vessel owner
MERCER Samuel, planter
MERCER Samuel [of Edward], planter
MERCER Samuel [of Simon], fisherman
MERCER Simon, Jr., fisherman
MERCER Simon, Sr., fisherman
MERCER Solomon, Jr., fisherman
MERCER Stafford, planter
MERCER Stephen, Sr., fisherman
MERCER Stephen [of Abraham], fisherman
MERCER Thomas, Jr., planter
MERCER Thomas, Sr., fisherman
MERCER Thomas [of Edward], planter
MERCER Thomas [of Elijah], fisherman
MERCER Tobias, fisherman
MERCER William, fisherman
MERCER William, Sr., fisherman
MERCER William [of George], fisherman
MERCER William [of James], fisherman
MERCER William [of Solomon], planter
MERCER William [of William], fisherman
MERCER Zebedee, planter
MOORE J. T., dealer
MORGAN Abraham [of Edward]
MORGAN Abraham [of George]
MOSDELL William, Jr.
MOSDELL William, Sr.
NEAL James
NEAL Jeremiah
NEAL Michael, Jr.
NORMAN Abraham, fisherman
NORMAN Abraham [of John], fisherman
NORMAN Daniel, fisherman
NORMAN Edward, planter
NORMAN Henry, planter
NORMAN Jethro, fisherman
NORMAN John, fisherman
NORMAN Samuel, Jr., fisherman
NORMAN Thomas, planter
NORMAN Thomas, planter
NORMAN William, fisherman
NORMAN William [of John], fisherman
NORTH Henry, fisherman
NORTH John, foreman
O'NEILL John, farmer
O'NEILL Michael, farmer
O'ROURK William, farmer
ORR James & Company, merchants
PACK John, accountant
PACK Miss Eliza, teacher
PACK Miss Emma, teacher
PACK Miss Rose, teacher
PARSONS Bartholomew, planter
PARSONS Charles [of William], planter
PARSONS Elijah, fisherman
PARSONS Esau, fisherman
PARSONS George, planter
PARSONS Isaac, planter
PARSONS James [of Robert], planter
PARSONS John, Jr., fisherman
PARSONS John [of Charles], planter
PARSONS John [of William], fisherman
PARSONS Jonathan, Jr., planter
PARSONS, Jordan, planter
PARSONS Joseph, planter
PARSONS Moses, planter
PARSONS Robert, fisherman
PARSONS Robert, Jr., planter
PARSONS Robert [of Abraham], planter
PARSONS Stephen [of Abraham], planter
PARSONS Thomas, planter
PARSONS William, Jr., fisherman
PARSONS William, Sr., fisherman
PARSONS William [of Abraham], planter
PEPPER Robert, cooper and constable
PEPPER William, cooper and constable
PHELAN Thomas, carpenter
ROBERTS John A., telegraph operator
RUSSELL Abraham, Jr., fisherman
RUSSELL Abraham [of William], planter
RUSSELL Edward, fisherman
RUSSELL Edward, planter
RUSSELL Edward, Jr., planter
RUSSELL Edward, Sr., planter
RUSSELL Elijah, planter
RUSSELL George, fisherman
RUSSELL Henry, planter
RUSSELL Isaac [Churchill], planter
RUSSELL Isaac [of Joseph], planter
RUSSELL Isaac [of Stephen], planter
RUSSELL John [of Abraham], planter
RUSSELL John [of William], planter
RUSSELL Joseph [of Henry], planter
RUSSELL Moses, fisherman
RUSSELL Stephen, fisherman
RUSSELL Stephen, Jr., planter
RUSSELL Stephen, Sr., planter
RUSSELL Stephen [of Henry], planter
RUSSELL William, planter
RUSSELL William, planter
RUSSELL William [of Henry], planter
RUSSELL William [of Joseph], planter
SAMWAYES Peter, planter
SAUNDERS James, fisherman
SAUNDERS John, fisherman
SEYMOUR Thomas, Jr., fisherman
SEYMOUR Thomas, Sr., farmer
SEYMOUR William, fisherman
SHARP Abraham, fisherman
SNOW Abner, fisherman
SNOW Abner, Jr., fisherman
SNOW Abraham [of John], planter
SNOW Adam, planter
SNOW Charles, Jr., planter
SNOW Charles, Sr., planter
SNOW Edward, Jr., planter
SNOW Edward, Sr., planter
SNOW George, planter
SNOW Henry, Jr., planter
SNOW Henry, Sr., planter
SNOW Isaac, planter
SNOW Isaac, planter
SNOW James, planter
SNOW James, Sr., planter
SNOW Jephtha, fisherman
SNOW John, planter
SNOW John, Jr., planter
SNOW John [of Abner], fisherman
SNOW John [of Lot], master mariner
SNOW John [of William], planter
SNOW Stephen, planter
SNOW William, planter
SNOW William, Jr., planter
SNOW William [of Abner], fisherman
SPARKES Edward, fisherman
SPARKES Isaac, planter
SPARKES James, Jr., planter
SPARKES James, Sr., planter
SPARKES John, fisherman
SPARKES Joseph, Jr., fisherman
SPARKES Joseph, Sr., fisherman
SPARKES Nathaniel, fisherman
SPARKES Thomas, fisherman
SPARKES William, planter
SPARKES William, Jr., planter
SPARKES William, Sr., planter
SPENCER Henry, planter
SPENCER Samuel, planter
SQUIRES George, fisherman
SQUIRES John, planter
SQUIRES Jonathan, fisherman
SQUIRES Robert, fisherman
TAYLOR Richard, bookkeeper
TIPPET James, fisherman
TIPPET John, fisherman
TIPPET Robert, fisherman
TIPPET William, fisherman
TITFORD James, fisherman
TOBIN John, fisherman
TRACEY George, fisherman
TURBILL Charles, fisherman
VEY William, sailmaker
WALSH Dennis, mason
WALSH Stephen
WILCOX Benjamin, fisherman
WILCOX Edward, fisherman
WILLIAMS George, farmer
WOODS Charles, schooner owner
WOODS James, schooner owner
WOODS Philip, schooner owner
WOODS William, schooner owner



Transcribed by Judith White Hughes

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