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1864 - 1865
Hutchinson's Directory

Bay de Verde

Abbott William, fisherman
Adey, John, fisherman
Adey, Stephen, fisherman
Adey, William, fisherman
Barter, Robert, planter
Barter, William, jun., planter
Barter, William, sen., planter
Blundon, Charles, planter
Blundon, Henry, jun., fisherman
Blundon, Henry, sen., planter
Blundon, James, fisherman
Blundon, John, planter
Blundon, Stephen, planter
Blundon, Thomas, planter
Blundon, William, fisherman
Broderick, James, planter
Broderick, John, jun., planter
Broderick, John, sen., planter
Bryan, James, planter
Clancy, Thomas, fisherman
Cosh, John, fisherman
Cosh, Joseph, fisherman
Cosh, Robert, planter
Cosh, Thomas, fisherman
Cosh, William, fisherman
Cotter, Edward, sen.,planter
Cotter, Thomas, jun., planter
Critch, Nathaniel, fisherman
Dagwell, Thomas, fisherman
Dagwell, William, fisherman
Dinn, John, fisherman
Doyle, Michael, fisherman
Duffet, Charles, fisherman
Duffet, Henry, planter
Duffet, James, Baitmaster
Duffet, James, planter
Duffet, James, sen, fisherman
Duffet, John planter
Duffet, John, jun., planter
Duffet, John, sen., planter
Duffet, Thomas, fisherman
Emberley, Henry, planter
Emberley, James, planter
Emberley, John, jun.,fisherman
Emberley, John, sen., planter
Emberley,Stephen, jun., fisherman
Emberley, Thomas, planter
Emberley, Thomas, planter
Emberley, William, fisherman
Emberley, William, jun., planter
Emberley, William, sen., planter
Fitzgibbons, Jeremiah, fisherman
Fleming, James, planter
Fleming, John, planer
Fleming, Michael,jun., planter
Fleming, Michael, sen., planter
Froud, Charles, planter
Froud, Henry, fisherman
Froud, William, planter
Garret, Jones, fisherman
Green, Walter, fisherman
Herley, John, fisherman
Herley, Michael, jun., fisherman
Herley, Michael, sen., fisherman
Hyde, Lawrence, bait skiff master
Hyde, Michael, fisherman
Hyde, Patrick, fisherman
Jacobs, George, fisherman
Jacobs, Henry, fisherman
Jacobs, Henry, sen. planter
Jacobs, James, planter
Jacobs, James, jun., planter
Jacobs, James, jun., fisherman
Jacobs, James, sen., planter
Jacobs, John, planter
Jacobs, Joseph, jun., fisherman
Jacobs, Joseph, sen., planter
Jacobs, Thomas, planter
Jacobs, William, jun., planter
Jacobs, William, sen., fisherman
Keiffe, John, planter
Keiffe, Michael, fisherman
Keiffe, Patrick, fisherman
Keiffe, Thomas, jun., fisherman
Keiffe, Thomas, sen., planter
Key, John, fisherman
Key, Lawrence, fisherman
Key, Michael, fisherman
Key, Patrick, fisherman
Lockyer, John, planter
Lockyer, John, jun., planter
Lockyer, John, sen., planter
Lockyer, Joseph, planter
Lockyer, William, fisherman
Looney, John, planter
Looney, Michael, planter
Looney Timothy, planter
McCarty, Daniel, fisherman
McCarty, John fisherman
McCarty, Patrick, fisherman
Mackey, William, fisherman
More, Edward, jun., planter
More, Edward, sen., planter
More, James, planter
More, Richard, fisherman
More, Thomas, fisherman
Murphy, Daniel, planter
Murphy, Dennis, fisherman
Murphy, James, fisherman
Murphy, Peter, planter
Neill, Dennis, planter
Neill, John, jun., planter
Neill, John, sen., fisherman
Neill, Thomas, jun., planter
Neill, Thomas, sen., planter
Noonan, Dennis, planter
Noonan, John, planter
Noonan, Thomas, planter
Normore, Charles, fisherman
Norris, James, planter
Norris, Joseph, planter
Nort, Thomas, planter
Nort, William, planter
Pendergass, Stephen, fisherman
Phalen, David, planter
Picot, Elias, schoolmaster, and way-office keeper.
Pryor, David, planter.
Pryor, John, planter
Pryor, Joseph, fisherman
Pryor, Thomas, fisherman
Quinlan, Peter, planter
Reggs Andrew, fisherman
Reggs, Stephen, fisherman
Reggs, Thomas, planter
Reggs, William, fisherman
Rouse, Rev., O. (Prot. Ep)
Russell, John, fisherman
Stephens, Henry, planter
Stephens, Henry, planter
Stephens, James, fisherman
Stephens, James, fisherman
Stephens, John, jun., planter
Stephens, John, jun., planter
Stephens, John, sen., planter
Stephens, Thomas, fisherman
Stephens, Thomas, fisherman
Sutton, Edward, planter
Sutton, John, planter
Sutton, Richard, fisherman
Sutton, William, jun., planter
Sutton, William, sen., fisherman
Vincent, John, servant
Walsh, Edward, jun., fisherman
Walsh, Edward, sen., planter
Walsh, Michael, jun., fisherman
Walsh, Michael, sen., fisherman
Walsh, Patrick, fisherman



Transcribed by Vera Short

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