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Family History Collection at PANL

File # Family Name Authors Geographic Areas Covered
1 Calling all Condon’s Audrey Condon Delane and Judy Potter Baird Canada, Michigan and Wisconsin Condon’s
2 The Knapman Family David W. Power Lower Island Cove, Con Bay, Ontario and the US.
3 Gushue, a family from the Isle of Newfoundland Patrick F. Gushue Gushues of Newfoundland 1600-1949
4 The Sparks Family Story David McConkey Sparks in Newfoundland
5 Ellis Family of Devon and Newfoundland John C. Street Ellis of Newfoundland, Tapscott, Ashford, Pinkham and Austin of Devon
6 Damerel Family of Exeter John C. Street Genealogical trees of Damerel Family of Exeter, Midwestern & Eastern US; also Rouse Family of Nfld; Woods of London and descendants of Cyprian Sawdye of North Bovey."
7 The Humphr(eys) (ies) Family Clifford Andrews Humphreys of Dorset England and Cape Freels, Newfoundland"
8 The Win(d)sor Family Clifford Andrews Greenspond, Swain’s Island and Wesleyville, Newfoundland"
9 The Bishop Family Clifford Andrews Swain’s Island and Wesleyville, Newfoundland"
10 The Families of Elliston Doug Cole Genealogy of Families from Elliston, Bird Island Cove, Newfoundland with surnames of Abbott, Baker, Barnes, Burt, Carpenter, Casey, Chant, Chard, Chaulk, Cloutier, Cole, Coles, Crewe, Dalton, Faulkner, Flinn, Goodland, Gough, Hicks, Hill, Hobbs, Hollohan, Lemon, Martin, Menchener, Miles, Minty, Murphy, Oldford, Paul, Pearce, Porter, Powell, Randill, Rowe, Sanger, Sinyard, Stanley, Stead, Tully, Trask, Tucker, Wade, Way and White."
11 French and Taylor Family George Hamilton The genealogy of the French and Taylor families of Newfoundland with emphasis on
16 The Jackmans of Newfoundland J.G.McRae Genealogy of the Jackman Family in Newfoundland
22 The Sceviours of Exploits Harry J. Sceviour Sceviour Family in Newfoundland
24 Bursey Collection Doug Bursey Genealogical records for Pilley, Brown, Nichol families
33 The Butt Family Cavell Butt Tyrrell Butts of the West Coast of Newfoundland

Finding File # Family Name Authors Geographic Areas Covered
MG 929 55 The Quigleys Gene Quigley "Quigleys of Torbay, NF"
MG 929 56 The Houlihans Gene Quigley "Houlihans of Flat Rock, NF"
MG 929 57 The Foley’s Gene Quigley "Foleys of Grey Island (Groais Island), NF."
MG 929 58 The Hobans Gene Quigley "Hobans of Burin Bay, NF"
MG 929 59 Hickey Family Tree Gene Quigley All of NF
MG 929 61 The Taylors   "Taylors of Hr. Grace, NF"
MG 929 62 Orestes Taylor Howell All of NF

Compiled by Barb McGrath May 11, 1999

Page last updated March 26, 2013 (Craig Peterman)

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