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Gibson’s Regt. Of Foot (1st Batt. Gloustershire Regt.) 1698
Salwyn’s Regt. Of Foot (Royal West Surrey Regt.) 1699
Independent Train of Artillery (St. John’s) 1699-1705
Independent Companies of Foot (St. John’s) 1699-1713
Lord Paston’s Regt. Of Foot (St. John’s) 1704-1705
*Lt. Governor Collin’s Militia (St. John’s) 1709-1710
Independent Companies of Foot (Placentia) 1713-1718
Independent Company of Artillery (Placentia) 1713-1726
Ordinance Engineers (Royal Engineers) 1714-1870
Phillip’s Regt. of Foot (Ex. Independent Coys Placentia, 40th Regt. of Foot, 1st Batt. South Lancashire Regt.) 1718-1764
1st Batt. Royal Artillery (Ex. Independent Coy Placentia) 1726-1756
Duncomb’s Regt. of Marines 1743-1745
Cochran’s Regt. of Marines 1743-1745
*Militia (St. John’s and Ferryland) 1743-1745
*Gill’s Volunteer Militia of St. John’s 1754-1757
2nd Batt. Royal Artillery 1756-1765
1st and 2nd Batt. Royal Artillery 1762
1st Regt. of Foot (Royal, Royal Scots) 1762
77th Regt. of Foot (Montgomery’s Highlanders) 1762
78th Regt. of Foot (Fraser’s Highlanders) 1762
Hoar’s Regt. of Massachusetts Provincials 1762
45th Regt. of Foot (1st Batt. Nottinghamshire Regt.) 1762-1765
1st Batt. Royal Artillery 1765-1773
49th Regt. of Foot (1st Batt. Royal Berkshire Regt.) 1772-1774
4th Batt. Royal Artillery 1773-1775
69th Regt. of Foot (1st Batt. York and Lancaster Regt.) 1775-1776
Royal Fencible Americans 1775-1778
4th Batt. Royal Artillery, Invalid Company 1775-1778
84th Regt. of Foot (Royal Highland Emigrants) 1776-1779
4th Regt. of Foot (King’s Own Regt.) 1778
54th Regt. of Foot (West Norfolk Regt.) 1778
The Young Royal Highlanders (2nd Batt. 84th Regt.) 1778
*The Nova Scotia Volunteers 1778-1779
*Loyal Island of St. John Volunteers (P. E. I. Militia) 1778-1779
Capt. Pringle’s Companies of Artificers and Labourers 1778-1779
71st Regt. of Foot (Fraser’s Highlanders) 1778-1780
1st Batt. Royal Artillery 1778-1783
Knyphausen’s Regt. (Hessian Infantry) 1779-1780
*The Newfoundland Volunteer Corps of Foot (Pringle’s) 1779-1780
His Majesty’s Newfoundland Regt. Of Foot (Pringle’s) 1780-1783
4th Batt. Royal Artillery 1783-1786
37th Regt. of Foot (1st Batt. Royal Hampshire Regt.) 1783-1786
1st Batt. 60th Regt. of Foot (Royal Americans) 1786
1st Batt. Royal Artillery 1786-1789
4th Regt. of Foot (King’s Own Regt.) 1787-1792
2nd Batt. Royal Artillery 1789-1819
*Royal Newfoundland Volunteers (Skinner’s) 1792-1798
*The St. John’s Volunteer Artillery Company 1793-1797
4th Regt. of Foot (King’s Own Regt.) 1793-1794
Royal Nova Scotia Regt. of Foot 1794-1795
*Placentia Volunteers (Down’s) 1794-1796
Royal Newfoundland Regt. of Foot (Skinner’s) 1795-1802
6th Regt. Irish Brigade (Pitt’s Wild Gesse) 1797-1798
66th Regt. of Foot 1800-1802
60th Regt. of Foot (Royal Americans) 1803
Royal Newfoundland Regt. of Fencible Infantry (Skerret’s) 1803-1806
*Loyal Volunteers of St. John’s 1804-1812
Nova Scotia Regt. of Fencible Infantry 1805-1814
8th company, 3rd Batt. Royal Sappers and Miners 1807-1819
*Loyal Volunteers of Trinity 1812
103rd Regt. of Foot (9th Garrison Batt.) 1812-1813
*St. John’s Volunteer Rangers (Ex. Local Volunteer of St. John’s) 1812-1814
2nd Batt. 93rd Regt. of Foot 1814-1815
Royal Newfoundland Regt. of Fencible Infantry (Skerret’s) 1814-1816
98th Regt. of Foot 1816-1818
74th Regt. of Foot (2nd Batt. Highland Light Infantry) 1817-1825
7th Batt. Royal Artillery 1819-1827
60th Regt. of Foot (3rd Batt. King’s Royal Rifle Corps) 1820-1824
Royal Veteran Companies 3rd, 4th, 5th 1824-1827
Royal Newfoundland Veteran Companies (Ex. Royal Veteran Coys) 1827-1842
3rd Batt. Royal Artillery 1827-1835
7th Batt. Royal Artillery 1835-1850
Royal Newfoundland Companies (Ex. Royal Nfld. Veterans) 1842-1862
3rd Batt. Royal Artillery 1850-1852
*St. John’s Volunteer Rifle Battalion 1860-1874
*Harbour Grace Volunteer Corps (Rifles) 1861-1874
62nd Regt. of Foot (1st Batt. Wilshire Regt.) 1861
Royal Canadian Rifles (Ex. Royal Nfld. Coys) 1862-1870
8th Battery, 19th Brigade Royal Artillery 1862-1871

Colonial Units*

This page Contributed by Barbara McGrath and Transcribed by Ivy Benoit (April, 2001)

Page last updated March 26, 2013 (Craig Peterman)

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