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The Slade & Sons records (MG 460) held at PANL includes lists of persons in Newfoundland and Labrador in 1785 and 1786 (Box 34; file 1). These are presumably planters dealing with Slade & Sons, as many of the same names appear in their ledgers. Reference to Slade & Sons records will give more information on these planters and their dealings with Slade. The spellings of both communities and persons have been transcribed as in the original document.

The information was transcribed by David Wells from PANL records. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.

Battle Harbour
Alex’r Hutchens
Henry Deal
John Buckle
John Cox, Junr.
Sam’l Clark
Ben. Torroville
Geo. Lugg
Ab’m Dwelly
Step’n Churchil
Geo. Dempster
Matthews Cove
John Fall
W’m Wholler
Tim’o Fudge
Ab’m Bambury
Rob’t Welsh
Jn’o Jefford
Goose Cove
Wm Blake, Junr.
Wm Balony
Tho’s Every
Tho’s Hayward
Jos’h Willis
Wm Pinkney
Jeffery Tizzard
Rob’t Brake
Wm White
Jas Williams
Wm Cook
Jas Atchison
Wm Reglar
Tim’o Dwyer
Owen Mahaney
Geo Kitcat
Mich’l Snelling
Wm Haynes
John Warrick
Fox Harbour
John Rideout
Wm Belbin
Thos Torroville
Dav’d Slade
Mattias Daw
Edw’d Hellier
John King
Elias Newbury
Jos’h Hill
Hawks Bay
John Stiles
Wm Rose
Wm Stickley
John Rumbold
Goose Cove
Ben Elsworth
Jonas Battrick
Wm Holloway
Jas Cobb Palmer
John Whitcher
Danl Dicker
John New
Mich’l Roach
Stepn Dundon
Chas Hunt
Wm Tuffen
Josh King
Chas Tuck
Wm Windsor
Wm Ross
Wm Smith
Ben Gates
Edw’d Waldron
Wm Toughel
Edw’d Bryan
Hare Bay
John Hill
John Gale
with Joseph Hornet
Robt Clark
Edw’d Wotten
Indian Arm
Wm Blake, Senr
John Target
with Matt’w Ward
Wm Bramble
Western Head
Wm Pasket
Thos Pearce
Dog Bay
John Gritton
Thos Spreak
Thos Pollard
with John Burt
Thos Stacey
Battle Harbour
Alex Hutchins
Henry Dale
John Humbry
John Hill
Edwd. Hellier
Abm. Dwelly
Geo. Lugg
Josh. Willis
Jno. Painter
Abm. Bambury
Thos. Stacey
Geo. Dempster
Hez’ths Cove
John Hall
Jonas Battrick
Robt. Welsh
Elias Newbury
Stepn. Churchill
John Auston
John Mew
Ben. Gates
Walter Eliot
Ben. Torroville
Josh. Knap
Richd. Loud
Wm. Cake
Thos. Every
Wm. Smith
Wm. Ford
John Studley
Geo. Smith
Fox Harbour
John Rideout
Mattias Daw
Jno. Vincent
Josh. Hill
Edwd. Wotten
Matthews Cove
Wm. Belbin
Thos. Torroville
Thos. Hayward
John King
Benjn. Young
John Gefford
Hawks Bay
John Stiles
Wm. Rose
Wm. Stockley
Jno. Rumbold
Wm. Bramble
Jeffy Tizzard
Thos. Tizzard
Jas. Sibley
Robt. Brake
Ben Mintern
Wm. Toughall
John Holman
John Winter
Jas. Atchison
John Warrick
Owen Mahany
Goose Cove
Wm. Blake, Junr.
Wm. White
Jas. Warne
Jno. Gold
Jno. Tarewell
Jas. Davis
Change Island
Chas. Hunt
John Cox
Stephen Dondon
Jas. Humby
Wm. Ross
John Tewksbury
Dog Bay
John Gritton
Thos. Spreak
Thos. Pollard
Goose Cove
Ben. Elsworth
Levi Gates
Edmd Bryan
Thos. Oliver
Geo. Roberts
Danl. Dicker
Indian Arm
John Pearce
Wm. Watts
Wm. Pasket
John Gale
Westward Head
Wm. Whollen
Michl. White
Richd. Muston

Contributed & Transcribed by Dave Wells (2016)

Page Last Modified: Tuesday February 09, 2016 (Don Tate)

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