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1700 - 1825



Name                            Place                           Date

Thomas Adams                    Twillingate                     1820
Thomas Baker                    Hants Harbour                   1824
Thomas Bates                    Twillingate                     1820
Charles Bates                   Hants Harbour                   1831
John Bath                       Twillingate                     1821
Samuel Bennett                  Tilton Harbour                  1819 married
Thomas Blake                    Herring Neck                    1820
John Blake                      Hants Harbour                   1821
Thomas Blandford                Salt Hbr.,Twill'd              	1852
Benjamin Bolger                 Twillingate                     1822 USPG
John Bourden                    Twillingate                     1820 USPG
John Boyde                      Twillingate                     1871
                                Joe Bats Arm                    1821
                                Twillingate                     1871
Edward Brett                    Twillingate                     1871
William Bridger                 Twillingate                     1817
Robert Christopher              Twillingate                     1818
John Compton                    Twillingate                     1820
Robert Dart                     Twillingate                     1823
George Dix                      Twillingate                     1820
Elias Dick                      Shoe Cove,Twillingate           1846
John Elliott                    Twillingate                     1820
John Farwell                    Twillingate                     1818
Richard Hayes                   Twillingate                     1821
John Hayes                      Salmon Cove                     1826
George Hayes                    Change Islands                  1840
Henry Hayes                     Exploits Bay Island             1859
John Hamelin                    Twillingate                     1871
Benjamin Hawker                 Twillingate                     1823
Joseph Haydon                   Twillingate                     1871
William Jacobs                  Twillingate                     1821
William De Lacey                Exploit Bay Island              1820
Thomas Lacey                    Twillingate                     1871
Charles Langdon                 Twillingate                     1820
Thomas Langdon                  Exploits Bay Island             1858
Ann Langdon                     Herring Neck                    1860
Henry Leshan of Shano           Twillingate                     1871
Robert Linfield                 Twillingate                     1819
John Ludlow                     Back Hbr.,Twillingate           1871
William Ludlow                  Back Hbr.,Twillingate           1871
Elijah Mahoney                  Twillingate                     1818
William May                     Twillingate                     1818
George Parsons                  Twillingate                     1823
George Philips                  Twillingate                     1823
William Authur Pullen           Twillingate                     1823
John Reddick                    Herring Neck                    1850
John Reddick                    Stone Hbr.,Twillingate          1852
John Reddick                    Stone Hbr.,Twillingate          1860
William Richmond                Green Cove,Twillingate          1851
William Richmond                Herring Neck                    1871
William Rideout                 Twillingate                     1820
Richard Rideout                 Western Hd,Twillingate          1821
James Rose                      Twillingate                     1820
William Rose fisher             Green Cove,Twillingate          1851
Benjamin Rositer                Twillingate                     1871
Thomas Russell fisher           Bay of Exploits
Thomas Smart                    Stone Hbr.,Twillingate          1851
Thomas Spencer                  Twillingate                     1820
John Spencer                    Twillingate                     1820
George Stoneman                 Twillingate                     1822 - 56
Thomas Stoodley fisher          Indian Burial Place             1842
Thomas Stuckley                 Clarks Cove                     1851
George Stiles                   Twillingate                     1817
George Toop                     Twillingate                     1819
James Tuffin                    Herring Neck                    1821
George Verge                    Twillingate                     1818
Joseph Ward                     Twillingate                     1800 - 18
James Ware                      Twillingate                     1821
Samuel Warren                   Herring Neck                    1821
John Warren                     Salt Hbr, Stone Hbr.            1851,1856
Robert Watkins                  Twillingate                     1820
William Watkins                 Stone Harbour                   1852
William Wells                   Twillingate                     1820
James Wiseman                   Herring Neck                    1820
Thomas Witchard                 Twillingate                     1871
William Woodward                Herring Neck                    1821
James Wyles                     Twillingate                     1871




Transcription by Angus Elliot (Posted May 7, 1999)

Updated Jan. 7, 2000 - Bill Crant.

Page Revised by Craig Peterman (June 2003)

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