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Parish Churches on the Southern Shore
From Goulds to Cappahayden

Contributed by Roberta Sullivan, Coordinator Ferryland District


Anglican -
Goulds / Kilbride  = St  Paul's    709-368-3078. The only 
church is St Pauls which now holds the records of both 
Presentation and St Matthews churches. Those were the two 
Anglican churches in the Goulds. They were replaced in the 
1960s. The records there begin with B-1903, M-1904, D-1945 
and there are a few records from the 1860s but they are very 
few, most were lost over the years from floods, fire, etc.

ANGLICAN Parish RECORDS AT PANL (Public Archives of 
Newfoundland and Labrador)

Petty Harbour		Baptisms  	1824-1946
Petty Hr.		Confirmations 	1879-1943
			Marriages	1824-1952
			Burials		1834-1980
			Church Members	1824-1872
Petty Harbour		Baptisms	1872- 1958
Aquaforte		Marriages	1877-1943
			Burials 	1873-1972
			Confirmations 	1960-

Petty Harbour		Baptisms 	1891-1986
Bay Bulls 		Marriages	1896-1985
			Confirmations	1930-1960

Petty Harbour		Baptisms	1823-1973
Dist of Ferryland	Marriages	1829-1913
			Burials		1827-1966
			Confirmations	1894, 1962

Petty Harbour		Marriages	1904-1985
Goulds			Minute Book	1897-1956
			Minutes		1890-1922

Roman Catholic Parish Records - Goulds to Brigus South
GOULDS  parish= (also see PANL holdings listed below)

St. Kevin's 709-745-8183 Combined church of St Josephs & 
St Pauls since the 1960's. Includes Petty Harbour, Maddox 
Cove and Blackhead . For Goulds/ Petty Hr, the death register 
is sketchy. It has a lot of gaps and is not complete. The 
births start at 1872 for St Kevins and 1912 for Petty Hr. 
Marriages are 1882 for both. The church is open from 9-5 
Newfoundland time.

Petty Harbour - Call St Kevins  709-745-8183
St Joseph's RC Parish 
PO Box 520
Goulds, NF
A1S 1G6

Bay Bulls =St. Peter & Paul   709-334-2382 
(also see PANL holdings listed below) Witless Bay=  
Our Lady of the Sea RC Parish   includes Tors Cove, 
Mobile, Burnt Cove & Baline (same priest and address 
for both)
                    Phone (709) 334-2382
                    PO Box 59 Witless Bay, NF  A0B 4K0 
Marriages - 1876 to present death - 1911 to present 
cost - $5(Cdn) per certificate

FERRYLAND parish = This is a combined parish covering the 
towns of Brigus South, Cape Broyle, Calvert, Ferryland, 
Aquaforte, Fermeuse, Renews and Cappahayden

In Ferryland  = Holy Trinty ,  AKA = Holy Family Parish	
P.O. Box 13 Ferryland Newfoundland    AOA 2HO  Canada
Phone  709-423- 2865   Fr. Paul Lundrigan, Heather Chidley, 
Secretary email - Fax=709-432-2870 
Records available = covering Brigus So. through Cappahayden: 
Early records for all the towns were in the Renews Register 
book.   Then in 1870 to present Ferryland started keeping 
records and they seem to be for the towns of  Brigus So 
through Aquaforte leaving Fermeuse & Renews/Cappahayden in 
Renews Register Book.

Renews records book 1857-to present (covering Brigus So to 
Cappahayden till 1870) & Ferryland record book 1870-present 
(covering towns of Brigus So to Aquaforte)

Renews record book 1837 - present (covering  towns Brigus So to 
Cappahayden) & Ferryland 1870 - present   (covering towns 
Brigus So to Aquaforte)
Ferryland = 1930 -- present  (covering towns of Brigus South, 
Cape Broyle, Calvert, Ferryland and Aquaforte) Renews = 1920 
to present  (covering towns of Fermeuse, Renews & Cappahayden) 
Roman Catholic Parish records at PANL
Petty Harbour/ Goulds  St Kevins	Baptisms	1872-1934
					Marriages	1873-1952
					Burials		1892-1911

Bay  Bulls, parish of  St Peter & Paul	Baptisms	1830-1933
					Index Bapt	1906-1933
					Marriages	1876-1976
					Burials		1911-1965
					notes		pre 1830

Witless Bay St Patricks			Baptisms 	1831-1950
					Marriages	1830-1880
					Marriages	1906-1934
					Marriages	1939-1951
					Burials		1901-1951

Ferryland Holy Trinity			Baptisms	1870-1910	
					Marriages	1870-1910

Renews Holy Apostles			Baptism		1857-1920
					Marriages	1837-1920



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