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Marsh Family Bible
from Winter House Cove

This "old" Bible is in the possession of Livenia Haggett of Glovers Harbour, Notre Dame Bay.

It contains entries from 1916 to 1978, although Birth/Marriage entries, subsequent to 1960,
have been excluded, in this transcription.

Names included in [ ] indicate the family member who supplied the information.




Father died November 1913 [George Marsh]
Father died August 22, 1922 [John Marsh]
Mother died April 14, 1926 [Tryphena Marsh]
Claude Marsh died August 9, 1933
Tryphena L Marsh died March 7, 1935
Henry Marsh died August 26, 1960 age 89

James Marsh died September 30, 1946 age 86
Jasper Marsh Sr died November 19, 1954
Hubert J Forsey died January 6, 1948 pulled corpse from Pt Leamington January 9, buried 10 January 1948

Mr. Stewart Haggett died October 31, 1967
H.J. Marsh died April 18, 1941
Henry Marsh died August 26, 1960 age 89
Lucy Marsh died January 21, 1961 age 75
[the above two parents of George married to Irene]

Noah Cassell body found December 18, 1935, buried December 20, 1935
James Marsh died September 20, 1946 age 86
Mr Wilbert Rowsell, age 87 died December 14, 1971

Mr Herbert Forsey Died November 6, 1945
Hubert J Forsey died January 6, 1942

Mrs Edgar Pilgrim died February 17, 1963







Husband S Dawe
Wife Louisa J Dawe

Irene married October 19, 1960 [George Marsh]

Walter Marsh married September 24, 1961 [Rita Curlew]

Graham J Marsh married June 30, 1954 [Ruby Rowsell]
Margaret Marsh married September 27, 1954 [John Haggett]






Children’s names
Graham J [John] Marsh born July 30, 1931

Claude Marsh born May 21, 1933
Tryphena L Marsh born February 22, 1935
Margaret Marsh born June 18, 1937
H J Marsh born January 6, 1941
Walter Albert Marsh born July 28, 1942
Irene Louisa Marsh born July 25, 1944
Harry Marsh born October 30, 1945
Reginald Jasper Marsh born March 8, 1949
Levinia Rowena Marsh born Februay 14, 1950



Contributed by David Wells (2008 05)
with permission from Livenia Haggett

Page Revised by Craig Peterman (March 26, 2013 ADT)

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