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James & Caroline Brown Family Bible
from King's Cove

The current location of  this "old" Bible is unknown.

This is an exact copy of a transcription that was given to me in 1984 by my cousin Garland Gill Brown
(born Kings Cove 1919, died 2005 Edinburgh Scotland ). Garland copied this info from the Bible in
October of 1955. The first two people mentioned in the bible, James and Sarah Brown nee Saunders
are the parents of James Brown Jr. and Caroline Brown is the wife of James Brown Jr.
All the rest are the children of James and Caroline Brown nee Gill. To the best of my
knowledge all these persons with the exception of Caroline Brown nee Gill were
born in Kings Cove, Bonavista Bay, Caroline Gill was born on
Pinchards Island, Bonavista Bay. Keith Brown

It contains entries from 1806 to 1887.




JAMES BROWN was born-------------------------------------- AUGUST 1ST, 1806
SARAH BROWN was born ------------------------------------- JUNE 8TH , 1815
JAMES BROWN JR. was born --------------------------------- NOV. 3RD ,1834
CAROLINE BROWN was born--------------------------------- APR. 23RD , 1844
ELLEN BROWN was born ------------------------------------- NOV. 21ST ,1863
STEPHEN BROWN was born ---------------------------------- DEC. 31ST , 1864
MARY KATE BROWN was born ------------------------------ OCT. 12TH , 1866
KENNETH BROWN was born --------------------------------- OCT. 1ST 1868
LAURA BROWN was born ------------------------------------- SEPT. 22ND , 1870
SUSANAH BLACKMORE BROWN was born----------------- SEPT. 15TH , 1872
ERIC JAMES BROWN was born ------------------------------- JAN. 21ST, 1875
EDWIN BROWN was born ------------------------------------- OCT. 19TH , 1876
GARLAND GILL was born -------------------------------------- JAN. 15TH , 1878
EMILY BROWN was born -------------------------------------- OCT. 3RD , 1881
SAMUEL JOSEPH SAUNDERS BROWN was born ----------- NOV. 11th, 1883
CATOR JOHN BROWN was born ------------------------------ SEPT. 25TH, 1885
KENNETH MAKENZIE BROWN ------------------------------ AUG. 3RD 1887



Contributed by Keith Brown (2008 08)

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