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Brown Family Bible
from Fool's Island & Coward's Island, Bonavista Bay

This "old" Bible was in the possession of Ena Mifflin in 1996,
but has now probably been passed on to her descendents.
Ena had given permission for this 1996 transcription.

It contains entries from 1850 to 1986.



Christopher Brown born April 4, 1850
[Born Fools Island ( Pools Island ) Bonavista Bay and died Sept 16, 1900 - KB]

Lucy Hannah Brown nee Preston Born Nov 4, 1853
[Died Nov 16, 1923, wife of Christopher Brown - KB]

Jesse Brown born July 31, 1872
[Jesse was son of Christopher Brown and he died July 1941 - KB]

Lucy Brown nee Coward born July 16, 1873
[Lucy was wife of Jesse Brown and she was born Cowards Island Bonavista Bay and died 1952 - KB]

Hezekiah Brown Born June 1, 1895
Died Dec 19, 1986
[son of Jesse and Lucy Brown - KB]

Ena Brown Born July 11, 1910
[Ena was the daughter of Jesse and Lucy Brown. Born Badgers Quay and Married Augustus Mifflin in 1936 - KB]

Hezekiah Brown Aug 6, 1918
[Not sure what the date indicates - KB]


I met with Mrs. Ena Mifflin on May 22, 1996 and she showed me her family Bible and allowed me to copy the foregoing information and the information in brackets is what she gave me verbally.  She told me that Christopher had a brother named William and that her father Jesse had a brother named Wesley.

Mrs Mifflin had a wonderful sense of humour and wit and was a wonderful conversationalist, she told me her fathers family was from Fools Island and her mothers family was from Cowards Island and she stated emphatically that there was no Fools or Cowards in Her family .

As a young girl Mrs Mifflin had worked for Sir William F. Coaker in Port Union and she told me many stories of her time working for him and how she had enjoyed that period of her life.
Mrs Ena Mifflin nee Brown died at age 92 years on Nov 11, 2002.]

[Keith Brown]


Transcribed by Keith Brown (1996 05 22)
Contributed by Keith Brown (2009 03)

Page Revised by Craig Peterman (March 26, 2013 ADT)

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