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1928 Directory - St. John's East
Butler, James Bishop, Rev. E. M. Baldwin, Edwin J. Baldwin, William Sr.
Baldwin, Henry Baldwin, Jasper Baldwin, Philip Baldwin, William B S
Butler, Valentine Butler, James (of Val) Butler, Martin Sr. Butler, Martin Jr.
Bragg, Levi Bragg, Harold M. Bragg, James R. Bragg, Fred Sr.
Bragg, James (Of M) Bragg, Nathan Bragg, John Bragg, Robert
Butt, Solomon Connors, Matthew Connors, Michael Connors, Richard
Connors, Nicholas Connors, Patrick Sr. Connors, James Sr. Connors, Patrick Jr.
Connors, James Jr. Connors, Daniel Sr. Connors, David Sr. Connors, John
Connors, David Jr. Connors, Daniel Jr. Connors, Thomas Costello, Henry
Costello, Reuben Costello, Edward Constantine, Edward Crowdy, Ambrose
Crowdy, Robert Diamond, William Evans, Edward Evans, William James
Evans, Philip Evans, William (of William) Evans, James Evans, William Sr.
Evans, John (of James) Evans, William (of James) Evans, John (of William) Easterbrook, W. B.
Flight, William Flight, Ernest J. Flight, James Flight, William E.
Fortune, Rev. L. A. Grouchy, Samuel Grouchy, Philip Grouchy, Alex C
Grouchy, John Grouchy, Frank Grouchy, Albert Gould, Charles
Gould, William Sr. Gould, William Jr. Gillett, Robert Hudson, Albert
Hudson, Thomas L. Hudson, Sam of M Hudson, Thomas G Hudson, Philip
Hudson, Sam of William Hudson, Henry Hudson, Chesley Hudson, Robert Sr.
Hudson, Reuben Hudson, Robert Jr. Hudson, Bert Hudson, Arch
Hollett, Thomas Hollett, Henry Hollett, Dougald Jordan, Edward
Jordan, James Sr. Jordan, James Jr. Jordan, Maurice Jordan, Stephen
Jordan, William Jordan, Joseph Jordan, John Janes, William
Janes, Benjamin Kirby, Henry Kirby, Isaac Keefe, John Sr.
Keefe, John Jr. Langmead, Henry Langmead, John Langmead, Albert
Langmead, Eli Langmead, Richard Langmead, Jacob Langmead, William G
Moores, George Moores, John Sr. Moores, John Jr. Moores, William
Moores, Alfred Moores, John S. Moores, Matthew Moores, Alfreda
Murray, John Murray, Maurice Murray, William Mundy, Charles
Moulton, William Sr. Moulton, William Jr. Moulton, Richard Moulton, George
Moran, William Moran, James Murrin, Thomas Murrin, Patrick
Noseworthy, Gordon Noseworthy, Lloyd Noseworthy, Richard of A Noseworthy, Roland
Noseworthy, John of W Noseworthy, William of J. Noseworthy, James Noseworthy, Edgar
Noseworthy, Henry Noseworthy, Simeon Noseworthy, Thomas Noseworthy, Nathan of A
Noseworthy, James J Noseworthy, John J Noseworthy, Herbert Noseworthy, George
Noseworthy, Allan Noseworthy, John of N Noseworthy, John S Noseworthy, William
Noseworthy, Richard of W Noseworthy, Ed of W Noseworthy, Ed of William Sr. Noseworthy, Andrew
Noseworthy, Edward of Esau Noseworthy, Charles Noseworthy, Jacob Noseworthy, Thomas of E
Noseworthy, Samuel Noseworthy, Robert Noseworthy, Harold Noseworthy, Jonathan
Noseworthy, Nathan of J Noseworthy, Charles Jr. Noseworthy, Azariah Noseworthy, Alex
Newell, Samuel Newell, George Jr. Newell, George Sr. Newell, Fred
Newell, Edward Newell, Joseph Newell, Herbert Noftall, Thomas
Noftall, Josiah O'Toole, Terence Pippy, Nathan Penton, John
Ryan, William of Henry Ryan, David Ryan, William F Ryan, William A
Ryan, Fred Ryan, Frank Jr. Ryan, James Ryan, Jonathan
Ryan, William of William Ryan, Charles Ryan, Frank Sr. Sullivan, Herbert
Sullivan, Ed of F Sullivan, James Sullivan, Richard of F Sullivan, Thomas of F
Sullivan, Henry of F Sullivan, John of F Sullivan, Stanley Sullivan, Henry T
Sullivan, William Henry Sullivan, Charles Sullivan, Hubert Sullivan, John of William Henry
Sullivan, Albert Sullivan, Henry of Thomas Sullivan, Richard Sullivan, Ernest
Sullivan, Ed Sr. Sullivan, Arthur Sullivan, John T Sullivan, Andrew
Sullivan, Frank Sullivan, Richard of R Strugnell, William Sr. Strugnell, Dorcas
Strugnell, Percie Strugnell, Thomas Strugnell, William Jr. Strugnell, Charles
Shean, Joseph Shea, Ambrose Shea, James Shea, William B.
Shea, James Shea, John Shea, Michael Thistle, William
Thistle, Nicholas Thistle, John Thistle, William Jr. Thistle, Zachariah
Vaters, Joseph Vaters, John Vaters, Robert Vaters, George
Wells, Richard Wells, William Williams, Nathan of J Williams, John of W A
Williams, Charles Williams, John Sr. Williams, John of John Williams, Fred
Williams, William of J Williams, Robert Williams, William A Williams, Henry
Williams, Nathan of W A Williams, Abram Young, Rev. A  


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Transcribed by Ivy F. Benoit

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