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1919 Directory – Bell Island


AHEY, Charles, groceries, Wabana
ALLEN, James R., miner, Wabana
ALLEN, Martin, miner, Wabana
ALLEN, Robert, miner, Wabana
ALLEN, William, miner, Wabana
AMERICAN BARGAIN STORES, I Goldstone & Son, general dealers, Wabana
ANDREWS, Garland, miner, Wabana
ANDREWS, John, stable boss, Wabana
ANDREWS, John D., mechanic, Wabana
ANTHONY, James, miner, Wabana                
ANTHONY, John, miner, Wabana                
ANTHONY, N., dressmaker, Main St, Bell Island                       
ARCHIBALD, C.B., mgr Nova Scotia, Steel & Coal Co, Wabana
ATKINS, Richard, Miner, Wabana
ATKINS, Richard Jr., Miner, Wabana


BADCOCK, George, caretaker dynamite, Wabana
BANK OF NOVA SCOTIA, G.A. Mowat, mgr, Wabana
BARNES, Eliszar, mechanic, Wabana
BARNES, Lester, machinist, Wabana
BARNES, Juliette, shop asst, Wabana
BARRETT, Archibald, miner, Wabana
BARRETT, Charles, miner, Wabana
BARRETT, David, teamster, Wabana
BARRETT, George, miner, Wabana
BARRETT, Harvey, miner, Wabana
BARRETT, James, foreman, Wabana
BARRETT, Jjames H., miner, Wabana
BARRETT, John, miner, Wabana
BARRETT, Josiah, lab, Wabana
BARRETT, Rodger, miner, Wabana
BARRETT, Samuel, Central Telephone
BARRETT, Bartholemew, miner, Wabana
BARRETT, Elizabeth W., school teacher, Wabana
BARRETT, Harry, carpenter, Main St, Bell Island
BARRETT, Joseph, miner, Wabana
BARRETT, Leo, miner, Wabana
BASHA, Abraham, teamster, Wabana
BASHA, Abraham Mrs., grocer, Wabana
BASHA, Ameen, Billiard Room, Wabana
BASHA, Benjamin, photographer, Wabana
BASHA, Edward, clerk, Wabana
BASHA, Elias T., general store, Wabana
BASHA, John, general store, Wabana
BASHA, Joseph,of Joseph Basha & Sons, Wabana
BASHA, Joseph & Sons, general merchants, Wabana
BATTEN, Nathaniel, lab, Wabana
BELL ISLAND, Co-Operative Co., groceries, Miss Goden, asst mgr
BELL ISLAND, Co-Operative Co., Hardware & Dry Goods, Wm Butler, mgr
BELL ISLAND, Drug Store, Dr H. A. Glovanetti., Wabana
BELL ISLAND, Miner, B.B. English editor, Wabana
BELL ISLAND, S.S. Co., J.B. Martin agent, Bell Island
BELL ISLAND, Transportation Co, W. Squire., mgr, Bell Island
BENNETT, Abraham, engineer, Wabana
BENNETT, Alexander, farmer, Lance Cove
BENNETT, Edward, groceries & provistions, Bell Island
BENNETT, John, retired, Bell Island
BENNETT, John H., general store, Bell Island
BENNETT, Oliver, carpenter, Wabana
BENNETT, O Mrs., widow, Wabana
BENNETT, Reuben A., engineer, Bell Island
BENNETT, William H., farmer, Bell Island
BICKFORD, Caroline, domestic, Lance Cove, Bell Island
BICKFORD, Edward, labourer, Lance Cove
BICKFORD, Edward, miner, Lance Cove
BICKFORD, Henry, engineer, Lance Cove
BICKFORD, Henry T., miner, Lance Cove
BICKFORD, Hester, domestic, Wabana
BICKFORD, Joseph, miner, Lance Cove
BICKFORD, Naomi, widow, Lance Cove
BICKFORD, Reuben, engineer, Lance Cove
BICKFORD, William, miner, Lance Cove
BILLINGSBY, William F., prop, Wabana Boot & Shoe Store, Wabana
BISHOP, H.J., school teacher, Wabana Academy
BISHOP, Robert, miner, Wabana
BISHOP, William, school teacher, Lance Cove
BLACKMORE, Benjamin, miner, Wabana
BLACKMORE, Cecil, miner, Wabana
BLACKMORE, Elijah, foreman, Wabana
BLACKMORE, George, miner, Wabana
BLACKMORE, John B., miner, Wabana
BLACKMORE,Stanley, driller, Wabana
BLACKMORE, Stephen, foreman, Wabana
BLACKMORE,Victor, miner, Wabana
BLACKWOOD, Thomas, prospector, Wabana
BOWDRING, James, mason, Bell Island
BOWDRING, John, miner, Bell Island
BOWDRING, Michael, miner, Bell Island
BOWDRING, Patrick, miner, Bell Island
BOWDRING, Robert, miner, Bell Island
BOWE, George, miner, Wabana
BOWE, William, miner, Wabana
BRANSFIELD, Thomas, electrican, Wabana
BRAY, Paul, groceries & provitions, Wabana
BRAZIL, Daniel, miner Wabana
BRIEN, James, miner, Lance Cove Rd
BRIEN, John, miner, Wabana
BRIEN, Richard, miner, Wabana
BRIEN, Thomas, miner, Wabana
BROWN, Ambrose, miner, Wabana
BROWN, George, miner, Wabana
BROWN, Hector, miner, Wabana
BROWN, James, miner, Bell Island w
BROWN, John, miner, Wabana
BROWN, John, miner, Wabana
BROWN, Matthew, foreman, Bell Island w
BROWN, Michael, foreman, Bell Island w
BROWN, Patrick, farmer, Bell Island w
BRUCE, John, miner, Wabana
BUGDEN, Richard, electrican, Wabana
BURKE, Frederick, clerk, Wabana
BURKE, Joseph, clerk, chiarman, Road Bd, Wabana
BURNHAM, Ralph, confidential clerk, Wabana
BURNS, James, miner, Lance Cove
BURNS, Joseph, miner, Wabana
BURNS, Michael, miner, Lance Cove
BURNS, Michael, miner, Wabana
BURRAGE, Samuel, miner, Wabana
BURSEY, Albert A., electrician, Wabana
BURSEY, Joseph, miner, Wabana
BUTLER, Benjamin, clerk, Nova Scotia Pier, Bell Island
BUTLER, Edward, engineer, Bell Island east
BUTLER, Edward J., miner, Bell Island east
BUTLER, Jabez, farmer, Wabana west
BUTLER, James R., provisions & dry goods Store, Wabana west
BUTLER, James, miner, Bell Island east
BUTLER, John A, telephone eng, Wabana
BUTLER, John K., electrician, Wabana
BUTLER, John, miner, Bell Island east
BUTLER, John, electrician, Wabana
BUTLER, Kenneth, mechanic, Wabana
BUTLER, Martin, miner, Bell Island east
BUTLER, Obadiah, electrician, Wabana w
BUTLER, Robert, miner, Wabana
BUTLER, Robert, miner, Bell Island east
BUTLER, Walter, miner, Wabana
BUTLER, William Nelson., mgr,Co-Operative Stores, Wabana
BUTLER, W., Rev’d.,Methodist minister, Bell Island east
BUTT, George, miner, Wabana
BUTT, James, miner, Wabana
BUTT, John, miner, Wabana
BUTT, John, retired, Lance Cove
BUTT, Joseph, miner, Wabana
BUTT, George, miner, Wabana


CHURCH of ENGLAND, Rev. J. Stead, rector, Bell Island
METHODIST, Rev’d. W.Butler, Bell Island
ROMAN CATHOLIC, Rev’d. J.J. McGrath, Bell Island
PRESBYTERIAN, (vacant), Bell Island


CAHILL, John, miner, Bell Island
CAHILL, Michael, engineer, Bell Island
CAHILL, William, barber, Wabana
CALLAHAN, Bernard, miner, Wabana
CALLAHAN, James, miner, Wabana
CALLAHAN, John, miner, Wabana
CAMERON, A. P., mgr Nickel, Wabana
CARBAGE, Abraham, mechanic, Wabana
CARBAGE, Michael, Gen Store, Wabana
CARBAGE, Simon, electricain, Wabana
CAREW, John J., clerk, Wabana w
CAREW, Michael, miner, Wabana
CARNOCHAN, William L., physician, Wabana w
CARROLL, Elizabeth, shop asst, Bell Island
CARROLL, John, miner, Wabana
CARROLL, Patrick, miner, Wabana
CASE, James, chemist, Wabana
CENTRAL CASH STORE, H. Goldstone, dry gds
CHURCH LADS BRIGADE, W. Lindsay, Capt, Wabana
CLANCEY, Thomas, operator, Nichel, Wabana
CLARKE, George, miner, Wabana
CLARKE, Mabel, domestic, Wabana
CLEMENS, Mary, Post mistress, Lance Cove
CLEMENS, Sarah, domestic, Wabana
CLEMENS, Thomas, carpenter, Lance Cove
CLEMENS, Wendell, electrician, Lance Cove
CLEMENS, William, mail carrier, Lance Cove
CLEMENS, William J., miner, Lance Cove
COBB, Samuel, miner, Wabana
COHAN, Abraham, dry goods, Wabana
COHAN, Nathan, dry goods, Wabana
COLE, James, miner, Wabana
COLE, John, miner, Wabana
COLBOURNE, John C., Pier supt, Dominion, Iron & Steel Co, Wabana
CONNELLY, John, miner, Wabana
CONNORS, Agustus, miner, Bell Island
CONNORS, James, mechanic, Bell Island
CONNORS, John, Pier foreman, Nova Scotia Co, Wabana w
CONNORS, Michael,farmer, Bell Island w
CONNORS, William, lab, Bell Island w
CONNORS, William, miner, Bell Island w
CONNORAN, James, miner, Wabana
CONNORAN, Mary Mrs, widow, Wabana
CONNORAN, Patrick, miner, Wabana
CONOWAY, William, miner, Wabana
CONOWAY, Thomas, miner, Wabana
COOK, Arthur, miner, Wabana
CORBET, Philip, miner, Wabana
COSTELLO, Frederick, miner, Wabana
COSTELLO, James, miner, Wabana
COSTIGAN, Richard Mrs, widow, prop, Costigan’s Hotel, Bell Island
COSTIGAN, R.R., clerk, Bell Island
COVEYDUCK, Archibald, miner, Wabana
COVEYDUCK, Charles, miner, Wabana
COX, Jacob B., Sergt Police, Bell Island
CRAGG, Elizabeth, school teacher, Lance Cove
CRAMM, John, mgr, J.B., Martin Store, Wabana
CRAWLEY, James, miner, Wabana
CRAWLEY, John, miner, Wabana
CROTTY, James, miner, Wabana
CUMMINS, Anthony, lab, Bell Island w
CUMMINS, James, miner, Wabana
CUMMINS, John, lab, Bell Island w
CUMMINS, John, miner, Bell Island w
CUMMINS, Malcolm, miner, Bell Island w
CUMMINS, Michael, miner, Bell Island w
CUMMINS, Moses, miner, Bell Island w
CUMMINS, Moses, miner, Bell Island w
CUMMINS, Moses, miner, Bell Island w
CUMMINS, Richard, lab, Bell Island w
CURRAN, John, track foreman, Wabana


DALTON, C. Mrs., widow, Wabana
DALTON, Margaret, shop asst, Co-Operative Store, Wabana
DALTON, William, miner, Wabana
DART, Andrew, miner, Wabana
DAVIS, George, miner, Wabana
DAVIS, John, (M M), miner, Wabana
DAVIS, Orestes, miner,Wabana
DAWE, John, miner, Lance Cove
DAWE, Philip, miner, Wabana
DAY, Thomas, miner, Wabana
DECKER, Israel, miner, Wabana
DELAHANTY, Francis, miner, Bell Island e
DELAHANTY, James, miner, Bell Island e
DELAHANTY, James Jr., miner, Bell Island e
DELAHANTY, Luke, miner, Bell Island e
DELAHANTY, William, foreman, Wabana
DENEHEY, Daniel, foreman, Wabana
DENEHEY, Ellen, Post Office clerk, Wabana
DENEHEY, Thomas, miner, Wabana
DENEHEY, Thomas, miner, Wabana
DICKS, Albert, engineer, Bell Island e
DICKS, Elvina Mrs, shop keeper, General Store, Bell Island
DICKS, George, miner, Wabana
DICKS, Hubert, miner, Wabana
DICKS, Malcolm, miner, Bell Island
DICKS, Moses, lab, Bell Island
DOBBIN, David, messenger, Wabana
DOBBIN, Thomas, miner, Wabana
DOHERTY, John, boot mender, Wabana w
DOHERTY, John, miner, Wabana w
DOMINION, IRON & STEEL Co, Ltd, A. McDonald mgr, Wabana
DOOLIN,  Daniel, farmer, Bell Island
DOOLIN, James, miner, Bell Island
DOOLIN,  James, miner, Wabana
DOWNEY, John, miner, Wabana
DOWNEY, Robert, prop, Beer shop, Wabana
DROVER, Albert, miner, Wabana
DUNN, M., Mrs, general store, Wabana
DUNN, Peirce, car repairer, Wabana
DWYER, Daniel, cabman, Bell Island
DWYER, Dennis, miner, Bell Island w
DWYER, Edward, miner, Bell Island
DWYER, Edward, miner, Bell Island e
DWYER, James, miner, Bell Island e
DWYER, James, miner, Wabana
DWYER, John, miner, Bell Island e
DWYER, John, watchman, Bell Island e
DWYER, John, miner, Bell Island e
DWYER, John, fisherman, Bell Island e
DWYER, Joseph, farmer, Bell Island e
DWYER, Joseph, timekeeper, Bell Island w
DWYER, Martin, miner, Bell Island e
DWYER, Michael, engineer, Bell Island e
DWYER, Michael, miner, Bell Island e
DWYER, Michael, miner, Bell Island e
DWYER, Michael, farmer, Bell Island e
DWYER, Peter, miner, Bell Island e
DWYER, Philip, engineer, Wabana
DWYER, Richard, farmer, Bell Island e
DWYER, Robert, foreman, Wabana
DWYER, Thomas, farmer, Bell Island e
DWYER, Thomas, lab, Bell Island e
DWYER, Thomas, miner, Bell Island e
DYER, William, miner, Bell Island e


EARLE, William, mess house steward, Wabana
EATON, T.A., trackman, Wabana
EFFORD, Thomas, miner, Wabana
ENGLISH, B.B., editor, “Bell Island Miner”, Wabana
EZEKIEL, John, miner, Wabana
EZEKIEL, Michael, shoemaker, Wabana
EZEKIEL, Michael, miner, Wabana
EZEKIEL, Peter, teamster, Wabana
EZEKIEL, William, miner, Wabana


FARNELL, William, dynamite insp, Wabana
FARRAR, William, engineer, Wabana
FARRELL, Edward, clerk, Wabana
FARRELL, James J., surface foreman, Wabana
FRASER, Charles, clerk, Wabana
FENNESSEY, Dennis, miner, Wabana
FILLIER, William, mgr, J.B. Martin Ltd, Wabana w
FITZGERALD, Bernard, miner, Bell Island
FITZGERALD, Daniel, miner, Bell Island e
FITZGERALD, James, farmer, Bell Island e
FITZGERALD, James, miner, Bell Island e
FITZGERALD, John, miner, Bell Island e
FITZGERALD, Michael, miner, Bell Island e
FITZGERALD, Michael, miner, Bell Island e
FITZGERALD, Peter, painter, Bell Island e
FITZGERALD, Peter Joseph, miner, Bell Island east
FITZGERALD, stephen, carpenter, Bell Island east
FITZGERALD, William, farmer, Bell Island e
FITZGERALD, William, miner, Bell Island e
FITZPATRICK, John, engineer, Bell Island w
FITZPATRICK, John, farmer, Bell Island w
FITZPATRICK, Thomas, miner, Bell Island w
FITZPATRICK, William, minerr, Bell Island w
FLYNN, James, stable boss, Bell Island
FLYNN, Patrick, miner, Wabana
FOLEY, David, miner, Wabana
FOOTE, Charles, McF mgr, Warehouse, Nova Scotia Co, Wabana
FOWLOW, Francis, fisherman, Wabana
FOWLOW, Martin, miner, Wabana
FRENCH, Walter, electrician, Bell Island
FRENCH, William, miner, Wabana


GAHANEY,  Nurse surgery, Nova Scotia Co, Wabana
GAHANEY, Samuel, mason, Wabana
GAHANEY, William, miner, Wabana
GALLOWAY, David, miner, Wabana
GALLOWAY, William, miner, Wabana
GEORGE, Alfred Sr., foreman, Wabana
GEORGE, Alfred Jr., engineer, Wabana
GEORGE, George E., miner, Wabana
GEORGE, Jonathan, miner, Freshwater, Bell Island
GEORGE, William, miner, Wabana
GILLBERT, Stephen, miner, Wabana
GILLESPIE, Catherine, shop asst, Bell Island
GILLESPIE, John, miner, Wabana
GILLIAT, G.B., draughtsman, Wabana
GIOVANETTI, H.A., physician & druggest, Wabana
GODDEN, Clara O., asst mgr, Co-operative Store, Wabana
GODDEN, Franck, clerk, Wabana
GODDEN, Julia, shop asst, Wabana
GODDEN, Sanuel, mgr warehouse, D I S Co, Wabana
GOLDSTONE,, Harris, of I Goldstone & Sons, Wabana
GOLDSTONE,, Harry, of I Goldstone & Sons, Wabana
GOLDSTONE,, Israel, prop, American Bargan Store, Wabana
GOLDSTONE,, Joseph, clerk, Central Cash Store, Wabana
GORMAN, Maurice, miner, Wabana
GOSINE, Elias, of M.J.,Gosine & Sons, Bell Island
GOSINE, Michael Joseph, general store, Bell Island
GOOSE, Albert, miner, Wabana
GOOSE, George, miner, Wabana
GOOSE, John Mrs, widow, Wabana
GOOSE, Josep, miner, Wabana
GOOSE, Josiah, machinist, Wabana
GOVER, Hy C.J., clerk, Nova Scotia, warehouse, Wabana
GRAY, Thomas, civil engineer, Wabana
GREENE, Joseph M., clerk, D I S Co, Wabana
GREENING, Alexander, miner, Wabana
GREENING, Chesley, mechanic, Wabana
GREENING, Gertrude, shop asst, Wabana
GREENING, Olive, clerk, Wabana
GUNN, John, miner, Wabana


HAMMOND, Catherine, shop asst, Wabana
HAMMOND, Edward, miner, Lance Cove
HAMMOND, George, miner, Lance Cove
HAMMOND, James, miner, Lance Cove
HAMMOND, James, miner, Lance Cove
HAMMOND, James, miner, Lance Cove
HAMMOND, James, farmer, Lance Cove
HAMMOND, John, miner, Lance Cove
HAMMOND, John Thomas, miner, Lance Cove
HAMMOND, Mary Mrs., widow, Lance Cove
HAMMOND, Michael, electrician, Lance Cove
HAMMOND, Michael, miner, Lance Cove
HAMMOND, Michael, miner, Lance Cove
HAMMOND, Patrick, miner, Lance Cove
HAMMOND, Peter, miner, Lance Cove
HAMMOND, Stephen, miner, Lance Cove
HAMMOND, Thomas, miner, Wabana
HAMMOND, Thomas, miner, Wabana
HAMMOND, Vincent, miner, Lance Cove
HAMMOND, William, miner, Lance Cove
HAMMOND, William, miner, Lance Cove
HANCOCK, Richard, mechanic, Wabana
HANLON, James, miner, Wabana
HANN, John, mechanic, Wabana
HANN,  Liol, miner, Wabana
HARNEY, Henry, miner, Wabana
HARNEY, John, miner, Wabana
HARRINGTON,  James, lab, Bell Island
HARRINGTON,  Richard, miner, Wabana
HART, Esau, miner, Wabana
HARVEY, George A., supt, Power Plant, D I S CO, Wabana
HARVEY, Harold, cabman, Wabana
HARVEY, James, miner, Wabana
HARVEY, Josiah, miner, Wabana
HARVEY, Pearl, clerk, Warehouse, D I S Co, Wabana
HARVEY, Robert, miner, Wabana
HARVEY, William, miner, Wabana
HAWCO Bernard, miner, Bell Island w
HAWCO, Joseph, miner, Wabana
HAWCO,  Peter, miner, Wabana
HAYZE, Patrick, miner, Bell Island e
HEAD, Adam, electrician, Wabana
HEAD, William, miner, Wabana
HEARN, James, miner, Wabana
HEARN, James, miner, Wabana
HEARN, William, miner, Wabana
HEATH, Albert, barber, Wabana
HEDDERSON, John, miner, Wabana
HIIBS, Francis, machinist, Wabana
HIIBS, Gorden, clerk, Wabana
HIIBS, James, miner, Wabana
HIIBS, Nina M., domestic, Bell Island
HICKEY, Ambrose, miner, Wabana
HICKEY, John, miner, Wabana
HICKEY, Michael, miner, Wabana
HICKEY, Patrick, miner, Wabana
HICKEY, Patrick, miner, Wabana
HICKEY, Stephen, miner, Wabana
HICKEY, William, car repairer, Wabana
HILL, William, labour, Wabana
HILLIER, Miss, school teacher, Wabana
HILLS, C.B., electrician, Wabana
HISCOCK, C Mrs, widow, Lance Cove
HISCOCK, George, machinist, Lance Cove
HISCOCK, Louisa Miss, Lance Cove
HISCOCK, Mary, school teacher, Lance Cove
HISCOCK, William, farmer, Lance Cove
HISCOTT, John, miner, Wabana
HISCOTT, Richard, retired, Wabana
HISCOTT, Roland, miner, Wabana
HOOKEY, Joseph R., surface forman, Wabana
HOOKEY, Robert, mechanic, Wabana
HODDINOT, Sarah, domestic, Wabana
HOWE, W A C., clerk, Nova Scotia, warehouse, Wabana
HUGHES, Henry, labour, Wabana
HUGHES, John A., foreman, Diamond Drill, Wabana
HUMBER, Joshua, electrician, Wabana
HUNT, Duncan, miner, Wabana
HUNT, John, miner, Wabana
HUNT, Weston, blacksmith, Wabana
HURLEY, Michael, blacksmith, Wabana
HUSSEY, John, labour, Lance Cove
HUSSEY, William O., general store, Lance Cove
HUTCHINGS, Bertram, miner, Wabana
HUTCHINGS, Esau, miner, Lance Cove
HUTCHINGS, Florence, typist, Survey of Nova Scotia Co, Wabana
HUTCHINGS, George, miner, Lance Cove
HUTCHINGS, William, miner, Wabana
HYNES, Daniel, miner, Wabana
HYNES, James, miner, Wabana
HYNES, William, miner, Wabana


IVANEY, Ernest, mechanic, Wabana
IVANEY, Silas, blacksmith, Wabana
IVANY, Walter, mechanic, Wabana


JACKMAN, David J., general store, Dry Goods & Tinsmith, Bell Island
JACKMAN, Edward, miner, Bell Island e
JACKMAN, Matthew, foreman, Bell Island
JACKMAN, Patrick, miner, Bell Island
JACKMAN, Peter, carpenter, Bell Island e
JACKMAN, Peter, miner, Bell Island e
JACKMAN, Robert, miner, Bell Island
JACKMAN, Ronald, clerk, Bell Island
JACKMAN, Thomas, blacksmith, Bell Island
JACKMAN, Walter, miner, Bell Island
JACKMAN, William, carpenter, Bell Island
JACKMAN, William, mail carrier, Bell Island
JACKMAN, William, miner, Bell Island
JANES, William, miner, Wabana
JARDINE, Frederick F., clerk, Wabana
JENNINGS, Charles, blacksmith, Wabana
JOLIFFE, Nurse Surgery, D I S Co, Wabana
JONES, Josiah, miner, Wabana
JOY, Thomas, miner, Wabana
JOYCE, Patrick, miner, Wabana


KAVANAGH, James, farmer, Bell Island w
KAVANAGH, James, miner, Bell Island e
KAVANAGH, Martin, farmer, Bell Island e
KAVANAGH, Thomas, electrician, Bell Island east
KAVANAGH, William, engineer, Bell Island e
KEARLEY, Frederick, miner, Wabana
KEARLEY, Nellie, shop asst, Wabana
KEARLEY, Solomon, carpenter, Wabana
KELLEY, Eugene, miner, Bell Island w
KELLEY, James, car repairer, Wabana
KELLEY, John, engineer, Bell Island w
KELLEY, Matthew, foreman, Bell Island w
KELLEY, Owen, farmer, Bell Island w
KELLEY, Solomon, miner, Wabana
KELLEY, Thomas, miner, Wabana
KELLEY, Thomas, blaster, Wabana
KENNEDY, David, miner, Wabana
KENNEDY, James, miner, Lance Cove
KENNEDY, James A., teamster, Bell Island e
KENNEDY, John, miner, Bell Island e
KENNEDY, John, miner, Bell Island e
KENNEDY, John, miner, Lance Cove
KENNEDY, John, miner, Wabana
KENNEDY, John, farmer, Lance Cove
KENNEDY, Joseph, farmer, Bell Island
KENNEDY, Leo, miner, Lance Cove
KENNEDY, Michael, miner, Wabana
KENNEDY, Peter J., tinsmith, Wabana
KENNEDY, Terrance, engineer, Lance Cove
KENNEDY, Terrance, miner, Lance Cove
KENNEDY, Thomas, engineer, Wabana
KENNEDY, Thomas, miner, Wabana
KENNEDY, William, miner, Wabana
KENT, Edward J., engineer, Bell Island w
KENT, George, miner, Lance Cove
KENT, George, miner, Lance Cove
KENT, George Joseph, miner, Lance Cove
KENT, James, miner, Lance Cove
KENT, James, miner, Lance Cove
KENT, John, miner, Lance Cove
KENT, John, miner, Lance Cove
KENT, John, miner, Lance Cove
KENT, John, miner, Lance Cove
KENT, John S., miner, Lance Cove
KENT, Mary Ann, widow, Lance Cove
KENT, Michael, miner, Lance Cove
KENT, Michael, miner, Lance Cove
KENT, Peter, electrician, Lance Cove
KENT, Peter, miner, Lance Cove
KENT, Peter Francis, miner, Lance Cove
KENT, Philip, miner, Lance Cove
KENT, Richard F., carpenter, Lance Cove
KENT, Richard T., general store, Wabana
KENT, Terrance, miner, Lance Cove
KENT, Thomas, miner, Lance Cove
KENT, William, miner, Lance Cove
KENT, William, miner, Lance Cove
KENT, William, miner, Lance Cove
KEOUGH, John, engineer, Bell Island e
KEOUGH, Patrick, Telephone Central, Bell Island e
KEOUGH, Timothy, lab, Bell Island e
KING, Annie, domestic, Bell Island
KING, Bartholemew, Captian, Bell Island
KING, Michael, farmer, Lance Cove
KING, Peter, engineer, Lance Cove
KITCHEN, Edward, miner, Wabana
KITCHEN, Malcolm, miner, Wabana


LAHEY, Alexander, miner, Bell Island
LAHEY, Bernard, miner, Bell Island w
LAHEY, Edward, miner, Bell Island w
LAHEY, George, miner, Bell Island w
LAHEY, James, farmer, Bell Island w
LAHEY, James, miner, Bell Island w
LAHEY, James, miner, Bell Island w
LAHEY, John, farmer, Bell Island w
LAHEY, John, miner, Bell Island w
LAHEY, Michael, miner, Bell Island w
LAHEY, Patrick, miner, Bell Island w
LAHEY, Patrick, miner, Bell Island w
LAHEY, Richard, farmer, Bell Island w
LAHEY, Richard, miner, Bell Island w
LAHEY, Walter, miner, Bell Island w
LANGSWOOD, R.,Mrs, widow, Bell Island w
LANG, Robert, miner, Bell Island
LANG, William, miner, Bell Island
LANNON, John, mechanic, Bell Island
LAWLESS, Edward, miner, Wabana
LAWTON, John T., coal fireman, D I S Co,Wabana
LAWTON, Louis J., drugist, Wabana Drug Store, Wabana
LEAR, John, miner, Wabana
LeDREW, John M., book keeper, Bell Island, Main St
LeDREW, John, Captian, SS “Othas”, Bell Island, Main St
Le DREW, Samuel, Peir foreman, D I& S Co, Bell Island, Main St
LeDREW, Willis, clerk, Warehouse, D I& S Co, Bell Island, Main St
LEE, Quong, laundry, Bell Island
LEY, John H., general merch, Lance Cove
LINDSAY, William, engineer, Wabana
LITTLEJOHN, Samuel, carpenter, Wabana
LOCKE, Robert, miner, Wabana
LODGE, Nathaniel, timekeeper, Wabana
LODGE, Fred, clerk, Wabana
LUCAS, John, carpenter, Wabana
LUCAS, Patrick, miner, Wabana
LUFFMAN, Henry, carpenter, Wabana
LUFFMAN, Norman Arch, carpenter, Wabana
LUFFMAN, S.,Mrs, widow, Wabana
LYNCH, J B., physician, D I& S Co, Wabana


McCARTHY, Frank, watchman, D I& S Co, Bell Island
McDONALD, Angus, mgr, Dominion Iron & Steel Co, Wabana
McGRATH, JJ., Rev’d, R C Priest, Bell Island
McGRATH, William H., foreman, Wabana
McGRATH, William S., tidewaiter, Bell Island
McKAY, Mollie, shop asst, Wabana
McLEAN, Archibald, sergent police, D I& S Co, Wabana
McLEAN, John, cabman, Wabana
McLEAN, John, miner, Wabana
McLEAN, Laughlin, underground mgr, Nova Scotia Co, Wabana
McLEAN, Michael, miner, Wabana
McLEAN,Thomas, miner, Wabana
McLEAN,Walter, miner, Wabana
McNEIL, Michael, asst mgr, D I& S Co, Wabana
McNEIL, Annie, shop asst, Wabana
MAHONEY, Michael, miner, Wabana
MAIN, Cuthbert, mechanical, supt, Nova Scotia Co, Wabana
MARTIN, Alfred, lab, Bell Island
MARTIN, Frederick R., saddler, Bell Island
MARTIN, John B.,of  J B Martin Ltd, Bell Island
MARTIN, J B Ltd, general merchants, Bell Island
MARTIN, Samuel, miner, Wabana
MARTIN, Walter, blacksmith, Wabana
MARTIN, W.J., clerk, D I& S Co, Wabana
MERCER, Elisha, mechanic, Wabana
MERCER, George, clerk, warehouse, Nova Scotia Co, Wabana
MERCER, Henry, carpenter, Wabana
MERCER, Pearl, shop asst, Wabana
MERCER, Rebecca, shop asst, Wabana
MERCER, Richard, miner, Wabana
MERCER, William B., miner, Bell Island,
METCALF, Albert, driller, Wabana
METCALF, James, driller, Wabana
METCALF, William, driller, Wabana
MEWS, Cecil, clerk, Nova Scotia Co, Office, Wabana
MEWS, James L C., asst  acct,  Nova Scotia Co, Wabana
MEWS, John, clerk, Nova Scotia, Office, Wabana
MIFFIN, Sidney, surveyor, D I S Co, Wabana
MILLER, Albert, machinist, Wabana
MILLER, Amanias, miner, Wabana
MILLER, Edward, janitor, Wabana
MILLER, James J., acct, D I S Co,  Wabana
MILLER, John E, clerk, Wabana
MILLER, Patrick, miner, Wabana
MILLER, Warwick, miner, Wabana
MOORE, John, shoemaker, Wabana
MOORES, Kenneth, miner, Wabana
MORGAN Albert, carpenter, Bell Island
MORGAN, George, miner, Wabana
MORGAN, John, miner, Wabana
MORGAN, Liol, carpenter, Wabana
MORGAN, Llewllyn, miner, Wabana
MORGAN, Moses, miner, Wabana
MORGAN, Thomas, miner, Wabana
MORIARTY, Annie, shop asst, Wabana
MORIARTY, John, miner, Wabana
MORLEY, Joseph, draughtman, D I& S Co, Wabana
MORRISEY, John, police constable, Wabana
MOWATT,G A., mgr, Bank of Nova Scotia, Wabana
MUGFORD, Annie, domestic, Wabana
MUGFORD, James, miner, Wabana
MURPHY, Andrew, tidewaiter, Bell Island
MURPHY, Dennis, miner, Wabana
MURPHY, James, drug store clerk, Wabana
MURPHY, John, car repairer, Wabana
MURPHY, John B., opr Telegraph, D I& S Co, Wabana
MURPHY, Lawrence, miner, Wabana
MURPHY, Michael, miner, Wabana
MURPHY, Patrick, miner, Bell Island
MURPHY, Peter, miner, Bell Island e
MURPHY, Stephen, miner, Wabana
MURPHY, Thomas, miner, Wabana
MURPHY, Thomas, engineer, Bell Island
MURPHY, Thomas, miner, Wabana
MURPHY, Victoria, asst postmistress, Bell Island
MURPHY, William K., postmaster, Bell Island
MYERS, Thomas miner, Wabana


NEARY, Peter, mechanic, Wabana
NEARY, Thomas, surveyor, Wabana
NEARY, William, cabman, Wabana
NEIL, Charles, miner, Wabana
NEVILLE, Walter, electrician, Wabana
NEWMAN, Archibald, miner, Wabana
NEWTON, Edward C., grocer, Wabana
NEW YORK IMPORT, Abraham Cohen, Wabana
NICHOLAS, John  Mrs, widow, Wabana
NICHOLAS, Walter, general store, Wabana
NICKOSEY, John, painter, Wabana
NICKOSEY, Michael Joseph, grocer, Wabana
NOFTALL, Frederick, miner, Wabana
NOFTALL, John, miner, Wabana
NORCOTT, William, miner, Wabana
NORMORE, Ann Mrs, Bell Island
NORMORE, Charles, electrician, Wabana
NORMORE, Edward Joseph, cabman, Bell Island
NORMORE, Francis, farmer, Bell Island
NORMORE, George, carpenter, Bell Island
NORMORE, George, foreman, Wabana
NORMORE, Hannibal, mining capt, Wabana
NORMORE, Henry, farmer, Bell Island
NORMORE, James, butcher, Bell Island
NORMORE, James, miner, Bell Island
NORMORE, Patrick, lab, Bell Island
NORMORE, Samuel, miner, Wabana
NORMORE, Solomon, farmer, Bell Island
NORMORE, Thomas, (R N R ), sailor, Bell Island
NORMORE, Thomas Mrs,Widow,Bell Island
NORMORE, Thomas Greg, farmer, Bell Island
NORMORE, William E, carpenter, Bell Island
NOSEWORTHY, Archibald, foreman, Wabana
NOSEWORTHY, Archibald, miner, Wabana
NOSEWORTHY, Eleizar, miner, Wabana
NOSEWORTHY, Ernest, mechanic, Wabana
NOSEWORTHY, George, mason, Wabana
NOSEWORTHY, George, lab, Wabana
NOSEWORTHY, Leander, foreman, Wabana
NOSEWORTHY, Leonard, miner, Wabana
NOSEWORTHY, Norman, miner, Wabana
NOSEWORTHY, Simeon, cable man, Wabana
NOSEWORTHY, Terance, miner, Wabana
NOVA SCOTIA, Steel & Coal Co, C B Archibald, mgr, Wabana
NOWLAN, David, miner, Wabana
NOWLAN, John, miner, Wabana
NUGENT, John, foreman, Wabana


OAKLEY, Ronald, clerk, D I& S Co, Wabana
OATES, Thomas, miner, Bell Island
O’BRIEN, Patrick, miner, Wabana
O’DELL, Henry, carpenter, Wabana


PARMITER, Donald, clerk, D I& S Co, Wabana
PARSONS, Alexander, clerk, Freshwater
PARSONS, Allan, miner, Freshwater
PARSONS, Charlotte, domestic, Freshwater
PARSONS, Edward, carpenter, Freshwater
PARSONS, Edward, miner, Freshwater
PARSONS, Edward, miner, Freshwater
PARSONS, Elizabeth, school teacher, Freshwater
PARSONS, George H., farmer, Freshwater
PARSONS, George H., jailer, Freshwater
PARSONS, George Hayward, postmaster, Freshwater
PARSONS, Hannah, shop asst, Freshwater
PARSONS, Harvey E., lab, Freshwater
PARSONS, Henry, miner, Freshwater
PARSONS, Herbert, miner, Freshwater
PARSONS, Jacob, foreman, Freshwater
PARSONS, Jacob Miller, engineer, Freshwater
PARSONS, John, farmer, Freshwater
PARSONS, John Jr, farmer, Freshwater
PARSONS, John, miner, Freshwater
PARSONS, Joseph, carpenter, Freshwater
PARSONS, Joseph, retired, Freshwater
PARSONS, Joseph, miner, Wabana
PARSONS, Joseph Gillbert, farmer, Freshwater
PARSONS, Joseph William, miner, Freshwater
PARSONS, Kenneth M., farmer, Freshwater
PARSONS, Leonard, miner, Freshwater
PARSONS, Richard, miner, Lance Cove
PARSONS, Thomas, farmer, Freshwater
PARSONS, Thomas, farmer, Freshwater
PARSONS, William C., miner, Freshwater
PARSONS, William (G)., miner, Freshwater
PEACH, Robert, labouer, Wabana
PEACH, Samuel, Telephone Central, Wabana
PEARL, Hannah, domestic, Bell Island
PEARLE, Michael, miner, Bell Island
PEDDLE, Charles, clerk, Nova Scotia Office, Wabana
PEDDLE, Peter, miner, Wabana
PEDDLE, Silas, blacksmith, Wabana
PENNY, Ronald, miner, Wabana
PENNEY, S Mrs., widow, Wabana
PETRIE, John B., mechanical supt, D I & S Co, Wabana
PETTEN, John, miner, Bell Island
PICCO, Nathan, miner, Wabana
PIKE, Arthur E., clerk, J B Martins Ltd, Bell Island
PIKE, Frank, machinist, Bell Island
PIKE, Graham, machinist, Bell Island
PIKE, James, miner, Wabana
PIKE, Maisie, shop asst, Bell Island
PIKE, William H., laborer, Wabana
PIKE, Willis, foreman, Hauling Plant, D I & S Co, Wabana
PIPPY, George, miner, Wabana
PITTMAN, Corbett, watchman, D I & S Co, Wabana
PITTS, Corbett, farmer, Lance Cove
PITTS, James, miner, Lance Cove
POST OFFICE, W K Murphy, postmaster, Bell Island
POSTAL Telegraph, R D Walsh, opr, Bell Island
POTTLE, Henry, miner, Wabana
POWER, Archibald, mechanic, Bell Island
POWER, Edward, miner, Wabana
POWER, James, engineer, Bell Island
POWER, Lawrence, mechanic, Bell Island
POWER, Leo, miner, Bell Island
POWER, Matthew, engineer, Bell Island
POWER, Philip, mechanic, Bell Island
POWER, Philip Francis, magistrate, Bell Island
POWER, Thomas, farmer, Bell Island
POWER, William, engineer, Bell Island
PROUDFOOT, A Reid, acct, Nova Scotia Co, Wabana
PURCELL, William, miner, Wabana
PURCHASE, John, carpenter, Wabana
PYNN, James, miner, Wabana


QUIGLEY, Edward, miner, Bell Island e
QUIGLEY, John, driller, Bell Island e
QUIGLEY, Peter, tidewaiter, Bell Island e


RADFORD, Frederick, mechanic, Wabana
RADFORD, Sidney, miner, Wabana
RALPH, Frederick, miner, Wabana
RALPH, George, miner, Wabana
RANDELL, Annie M., school teacher, Bell Island
READER, William, miner, Wabana
REES, Adrian, laborer, Lance Cove
REES, Alfred, carpenter, Lance Cove
REES, Alfred, foreman carpenter, Lance Cove west
REES, Ananias, engineer, Lance Cove Rd
REES, Archibald E., tidewaiter, Lance Cove
REES, Arthur, Pitts foreman machinist, Wabana
REES, Blanche, domestic, Bell  Island e
REES, Clara, domestic, Bell  Island e
REES, Daniel, engineer, Lance Cove
REES, Edmund, farmer, Lance Cove
REES, Edmund, farmer, Lance Cove
REES, Edwin Jr, machinist, Bell Island w
REES, Elizabeth Mrs., Bell Island e
REES, Eugene Heler, carpenter, Freshwater
REES, Frederick, clerk, Lance Cove
REES, George, carpenter, Lance Cove
REES, George, retired, Lance Cove
REES, George, grocer, Lance Cove
REES, George E., blacksmith, Lance Cove Rd
REES, Hector, miner, Bell Island e
REES,  James A., blacksmith, Lance Cove
REES, John, retired, Lance Cove
REES, John, miner, Lance Cove
REES, Leoard, miner, Lance Cove
REES, Leslie, machinist, Bell Island w
REES, Malcolm, teamster, Bell Island e
REES, Maxwell, laborer, Lance Cove
REES, Norman, machinist, Bell Island w
REES, Ralph, general store, Lance Cove
REES, Reuben, farmer, Lance Cove
REES, Solomon, foreman, Nova Scotia Co, Lance Cove
REES, Sophia, domestic, Lance Cove
REES, Stephen, miner, Lance Cove
REES, Thomas, farmer, Lance Cove
REES, Thomas N., machinist, Lance Cove
REES, Wallace, machinist, Lance Cove
REES, Walter, mine foreman, Lance Cove
REES, William, farmer, Lance Cove
REES, William, machinist, Lance Cove
REES, William, carpenter, Lance Cove
REES, William Arthur, engineer, Lance Cove
REES, William F., Lance Cove
REES, William R , miner, Lance Cove
REID, Elisha, miner, Wabana
RENOUF, Charles, clerk, D I S Co Office, Wabana
RICHARDS, George, miner, Bell Island w
RIDEOUT, Abraham, miner, Wabana
RIDEOUT, Alice Mrs., widow, Wabana
RIDEOUT, Andrew, miner, Wabana
RIDEOUT, Frederick, miner, Wabana
RIDEOUT, Jacob, miner, Bell Island w
RIDEOUT, James, miner, Wabana
RIDEOUT, John, miner, Wabana
RIDEOUT, Joseph, miner, Wabana
ROBBINS, Gideon, electrician, Wabana
ROBERTS, Elias, miner, Wabana
ROBERTS, James, miner, Wabana
ROBERTS, Luke, miner, Wabana
ROBERTS, Luke Jr, miner, Wabana
ROBERTS, Maxwell, miner, Wabana
ROIL, Rosina, teacher, Wabana Academy, Wabana
ROLF, Charles, miner, Wabana
ROLF, George, miner, Wabana
ROLF, Harold, miner, Wabana
ROLF, William, miner, Wabana
ROSE, James, miner, Wabana
ROSE, John, miner, Wabana
RYAN, Edward, miner, Bell Island e
RYAN, James, miner, Bell Island e
RYAN, John, miner, Bell Island e


ST JOHN., John, clerk, Nova Scotia Co, Wabana
SAINSBURRY, Peter, Salvation Army Office, Wabana
SALVATION ARMY, Barracks, Wabana
SAMSON, Donald, asst mgr, Bank of Nova Scotia, Wabana
SAPP, Albert C., dry goods, Wabana
SAUNDERS, Christopher, miner, Wabana
SAUNDERS, Richard, carpenter, Wabana
SEARLE, Benjamin Sr, farmer, Bell Island
SEARLE, Benjamin Jr, clerk surveyor, Bell Island
SEARLE, Edward, miner, Bell Island
SEARLE, Benjamin Sr, farmer, Bell Island
SEARLE, Joseph, engineer, Bell Island
SEARLE, Thomas, lab, Bell Island
SELLARS, Mark, watchman, Nova Scotia Co, Wabana
SELLARS, Walter, mechanic, Wabana
SHANNAHAN, John, miner, Wabana
SHANNAHAN, Thomas, miner, Wabana
SHANNAHAN, John, miner, Wabana
SHAVE, Nelson, clerk, D I & S Co, Office, Wabana
SHEA, Alexander, miner, Bell Island w
SHEA, James, miner, Wabana
SHEPPARD, Isaac, mechanic, Wabana
SHEPPARD, Joseph, blacksmith, Wabana
SHEPPARD, Nathaniel, blacksmith, Wabana
SHEPPARD, Nathaniel, carpenter, Wabana
SINCLAIR, Richard, miner, Wabana
SKANES, Alfred, laborer, Bell Island
SKANES, Andrew, miner, Bell Island e
SKANES, Benjamin, foreman, Bell Island
SKANES, Clarence W., chemist, Bell Island
SKANES, Daniel, foreman, Wabana
SKANES, Edward, farmer, Bell Island
SKANES, Edward M, miner, Bell Island
SKANES, Edward P, miner, Wabana
SKANES, Edward Silas, miner, Bell Island
SKANES, Henry, foreman carpenter, Bell Island
SKANES, Henry T, foreman, Wabana
SKANES, John, miner, Wabana
SKANES, John Jr, miner, Wabana
SKANES, John C, miner, Wabana
SKANES, John, miner, Wabana
SKANES, Joseph Jr, miner, Bell Island
SKANES, Joseph Sr, miner, Bell Island
SKANES, Patrick, miner, Wabana
SKANES, Randell, miner, Bell Island
SKANES, Solomon, farmer, Bell Island
SKANES, Thomas, electrician, Wabana
SKANES, William H., engineer, Bell Island e
SMALL, J Mrs, widow, Wabana
SMITH, Archibald, laborer, Wabana
SMITH, Jordan, miner, Wabana
SNOW, Ernest, mechanic, Wabana
SNOW, Frederick, laborer, Wabana
SNOW, Joseph, shoemaker, Wabana
SNOW, Joseph, miner, Wabana
SNOW, Phoebe, shop asst, Bell Island
SNOW, William, mechanic, Wabana
SOMERTON, Bethlehem, watchman, D I & S Co, Wabana
SOMERTON, Charles, mechanic, Wabana
SOMERTON, George, machinist, Wabana
SOMERTON, John, Iyme, foreman, Wabana
SOMERTON, Joseph, foreman, Wabana
SOMERTON, Reuben, carpenter, Bell Island
SOMERTON, Richard, foreman, Wabana
SOMERTON, Stephen, mechanic, Bell Island
SOMERTON, William, carpenter, Bell Island
SOMERTON, William J., clerk, Nova Scotia Co, Wabana
SPARKS, Annie, shop asst, Wabana
SPARKS, S Mrs., widow, Wabana
SPARKS, William, farmer, Lance Cove
SPENCER, Edward D, serveyor, Nova Scotia Co, Wabana
SPENCER, S Mrs., nurse, Wabana
SPENCER, Willis, miner, Wabana
SQUIRES, Walter, mgr, Transportation Co, Bell Island
SQUIRES, Frederick, miner, Wabana
SQUIRES, Henry, miner, Wabana
SQUIRES, Theodore, surveyor clerk, Wabana
STAVES, Henry M, electrician, Wabana
STEAD, J., Rev Church of England, clergyman, Bell Island
STEELE, Daniel, carpenter, Bell Island
STEWART, George, Captain, Wabana
STEWART, John Campbell, general merchant, Bell Island w
STONE, A A., track watchman, D I & S Co, Wabana
STONE, Edward, retired, Wabana
STONE, George., watchman, D I & S Co, Wabana
STONE, William, mechanic
STONE, William, Pitts lab, Bell Island
STOWE, Edward, miner, Wabana
STOWE, Henry, miner, Wabana
STOYLES, Daniel, miner, Lance Cove
STOYLES, James, miner, Lance Cove
STOYLES, Michael, farmer, Lance Cove
STOYLES, Michael, miner, Lance Cove
STOYLES, Patrick, miner, Lance Cove
STOYLES, William, miner, Lance Cove
STOYLES, William Jr, miner, Lance Cove
SULLIVAN, Patrick, miner, Wabana
SULLIVAN, William, miner, Wabana
SURGERY, Dominion Iron & Steel Co, Wabana
SURGERY, Nova Scotia, Steel & CoalCo, Wabana
SWEENEY, Edward, foreman, Wabana
SWEENEY, Michael, butcher, Co-opt, Stores, Wabana
SWEENEY, Patrick, driller, Wabana
SWEENEY, Thomas, fireman, Wabana


TAYLOR, Charles, miner, Wabana
TAYLOR, Charles Fred, sub collector of Customs, Wabana
THOMS, George, machinist, Wabana
TILLEY, Alexander, surveyor, Wabana
TOBIN, Nicholas, miner, Wabana
TUCKER, Algernon, clerk, D I & S Co, Wabana
TUCKER, Eric S C., telephone, Central, D I & S Co, Wabana
TUCKER, James John, asst acct, D I & S Co, Wabana
TUCKER, William H R ., clerk, Nova Scotia Co, Office, Wabana
TULK, Edwin, carpenter, Bell Island
TUMA, Mary Mrs, general dealer, Wabana
TUMA, Simon E, watchmaker, Wabana


UMLERSON, Willia, shoemaker, Wabana


VERGE, Ernest, miner, Wabana
VERGE, Harrison, miner, Wabana
VICKERS,  John, miner, Wabana
VOKEY, John, miner, Wabana
VOKEY, William, miner, Wabana


WABANA, Academy, H J Bishop, principal, Wabana
WABANA, Curling Rink, C R Archibald, president, Wabana
WABANA, Drug Store, L J Lawton, mgr, Wabana
WABANA, Shoe Store, W F Billingsby, mgr, Wabana
WADE, Frederick, mechanic, Wabana
WALSH, Edward, miner, Bell Island w
WALSH, Joseph, miner, Bell Island w
WALSH, Richard, track foreman, Wabana
WALSH, Richard John, driller, Wabana
WALSH, R D., opr Postal Telegraph, Bell Island
WARFORD, Sidney, miner, Wabana
WARREN, Walter, miner, Bell Island w
WARREN, Wilford, miner, Wabana
WATSON, R A., boiler insp, Nova Scotia Co, Wabana
WHEELER, Edward, miner, Wabana
WHEELER, Herbert, miner, Wabana
WHEELER, John, miner, Wabana
WHEELER, William, miner, Wabana
WHELAN, James, messenger, Wabana
WHELAN, Philip, miner, Wabana
WHELAN, Walter, messenger, Wabana
WHITE, Alfred, clerk warehouse, D I S Co, Wabana
WHITE, Elsie, stenographer, Nova Scotia Co, Wabana
WHITE, Jesse, miner, Wabana
WHITE, Philip, Mrs, Wabana
WHITE, Thomas, miner, Wabana
WHITE, William, electrician, Wabana
WILCOX, Munden, machinist, Wabana
WILCOX, Thomas, Telegraph opr, Nova Scotia Co, Wabana
WILLIS, Clara, school teacher, Wabana Academy, Wabana
WISEMAN, Michael, miner, Wabana
WOODFOED, Philip, miner, Wabana


There are no names starting with "X"


YETMAN, Philip, miner, Wabana
YETMAN, Nathan, miner, Wabana
YOUNG, Andrew, miner, Wabana
YOUNG, Nicholas Jr., miner, Wabana
YOUNG, Nicholas Sr., miner, Wabana
YOUNG, Thomas, miner, Wabana


There are no names starting with "Z"



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Page Revised: December 2002 (Don Tate)

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