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The Mercantile Navy List and Maritime Directory for 1867
Compiled by the Registrar General of Shipping and Seamen, London
Entries for Bonavista Bay
Note: Although some entries did not have 'Bonavsita Bay' noted after the address, they are
believed to be from that area. All entries had the word 'Newfoundland' noted after the place mentioned
Name of Ship Name and Address of Sole Registered Owner,
or of Managing Owner when there are more Owners than One
Ann J Hancock, King Cove, Bonavista Bay
Ariel George Brown, Kings Cove
Atalanta David Smallwood, Greenspond
Aurora James Saint, Bonavista
Barbara W and J Kane, Poole's Island
Bell-Clutha George and Samuel Dyke, Pooles Islands
Bessie James Saint, Bonavista
Briton Samuel Evans, Greenspond
Clara Geo Brown, King's Cove, Bonavista Bay
Cousins Thomas Brown, King's Cove
Dash Thos Turner, Bonavista Bay
Eastern Packet James Walsh, Bonavista Bay
Elizabeth J Mesh, Keels, Bonavista Bay
Excellent John Blackmore, Bonavista Bay
Flash John Prince, Seal Harbour, Bonavista Bay
Flower John White, Greenspond
Gleaner William Kean, Greenspond
Guide Job Davis, Bonavista Bay
Hannah Reuben Hallet, Bonavista Bay
Helen McGregor John Monks, Kings Cove
Julia Ann Samuel Winser, Swains Island
Lavinia D Condon jun, King's Cove, Bonavista Bay
Margaret Jane J and R Taylor, Tickle Cove, Bonavista Bay
Martha Jane Wm Long, Bonavista Bay
Mary Ann Samuel Winser, Swain's Island
Mary Ann Robert Green, Bennett Island,
Mary Ann Geo Prince, Tickle Cove, Bonavista
Mary Green Wm Carter, Greenspond
Mary Jane John Penny, Bonavista Bay
Norval James Saint, Bonavista
Oban Samuel Winser, Swan Island
Patience John Hann, Cape Neels
Queen J and W Hann, Cape Freels, Bonavista Bay
Rainbow William Samson, Bonavista Bay
Ranger J Saint, sen, Bonavista
Rebecca David Candow, jun, King's Cove
Rossetter William Carter, Greenspond
Saint Patrick Patrick Turner, Bonavista Bay
Sarah Ann Joseph Brown, Bonavista Bay
Susan Michael Carroll, Bonavista
Susannah James Prince, Bonavista Bay
Three Brothers James Brown, Bonavista
Trial John Cutler, Bonavista Bay
United Brothers John Walsh, Keels, Bonavista Bay
Water Lilly Wm Penny, Bonavista Bay
Water Witch Messrs Kane, Bonavista Bay
William and Mary John Taylor, Tickle Cove, Bonavista Bay
Wolf Messrs Oldford, Salvage

Contributed and transcribed by Linda Elkins-Schmitt (August 2009)

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