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25 January 1642 --
A Copy of petition of the Mayor, his brethren and the rest of the inhabitants of Clifton-Dartmouth-Hardnes, with the places adjacent, to the Justices of the Peace for the County of Devon. The petitioners, who are occupied in the Newfoundland fisheries, complain that their trade is likely to be destroyed in consequence of the number of Turkish pirates from Algiers and Sallee, the rebellion in Ireland, and the dread entertained of a popish rising.

Dartmouth 1642

To the right honle his majs justices of the peace for the county of Devon. Humbly shew: The humble petition of the maior, his brethren, and the rest of the inhabitants of Chifton Dartmouth Hardnes & the places adjacent.

Whereas this townw & the places adjacent have their whole dependence on the ffishing trade for the Newfoundland. By this trade not onlie this county but the whole realme receive great benefit & advantage by advauncing the stocke or principle of this kingdome to a great value (meerlie out of their industry & labours) and most especellie the kings majre by advauncing of customes on the retournes & proceeds of or fish and by the importaced? of great sumes of boullion to his mats mint, it alsoe beinge the greatest nursery of marryners in the whole world the decaye & reffared? of wh will not only prove the ruine of the pettnrs but alsoe damage & losse to his majie & the whole kingdome.

But so it is that yr pettnesat present (this being the season for fitting & setting out of or shipps) are much dishartned in their wounted? and cheerful undertaking of this imployment not onlie by the growing power of the Turks of Algeir and of those of Sally who now increase their strength (haveinge as said all of the pettners are informed) fourteone? shipps set to sea this last yeare in warfare from the said port of Sallye, by meanes whereof all of the pettnrs shippes & goods to great value have been surprised and their neighbours & friends put in cruell slaverie to the great dishonor of this Kingdome and unrevokeable losse of these westeren parts and utter undoeinge of manie of the pettnes .

But now especiallie by reason of the present damp? and cessared? of trade occasioned by manie secret plots in Etha? bold and insolent ravyage of the papest and theire adherents in this realme arisinge (as the Pettnor humblie conceive) not onlie from the –yline? of the Rebells in Ireland but alsoe from the want of such severe and readie course against Papish hert at the present condicon of the kingdome requirith and the honoble house of commons have earnestlie endeavoured but have hitherto beene hindred by the votes of the Popish Lordes and Bippps in the right honoble house of Peeres to or great griefe, from the grounds the pettners , cannott omitt, to represent the great terror fear and distracment they lye under of a suddane surprise by theire bloody hands, by meanes whereof the trading of this place and kingdome, is much now of late decayed than it had beene, noe man following his trade there failed whiles the lives of himselfe and familie, and the publike saftie of the kingdome are in danger, whilest he knoweth not how soone he maie feele the like crueltie and inhumanities from the Popish and their adherents at home, as those in Ireland have done, whos not onlie felt & feared by the pettnrs , but also by the citizens of London, to theire great terror and destracced? who are the cheefest merchants for the takinge off, of or ffishe in the Newfoundland and theire cessager? annoyance must prove the ruine of many of the pettnes , if theire fish should lye in theire handes, alsoe the losse of the trade of this place wh Ireland & what is greatlie to be feared: whout present succour be speedily sent over, will be a maybe hindrance of or ffishing trade or wages of a want of supplies of hogshead staves, beefs, tallow & other necessaries; but w we farr more th name of the English & Protestant Religion there wilbe routed out, by those rebelles, the foundacun of whose religion is written in lost or of blood.

To the end thereof that the destructive plots of the papish and theire adherents maie be defeated the groundes of their hopes and insoleunies removed considerable forces whall expedites sent to subdue those abominable and bloodie rebelles in Ireland that place and kingdome for the pe---eneed of the like –ish—and servinge the peace thereof putt into a posture of defense, the pettnns freed from theire great fears, and incouraged to goe cheerfullie on in their trade.

It is humbly prayed you will vouchsafe to be a meanes to represent to the king' most excellent majie and to the most honoble houses of pliament the great feares and distractions of the pettns that life maie be speedlie given to the good and v---targed? endeavs of the honoble house of commons who conravances? Of the Lords in punishinge delinquents and redressing the preffaced and gre-auced in church and common wealth amongst we the greate and increasing power and strength of the Turkes maie in due time be taken for the better offending? Thereof that the popish Lordes & Bishopps maie be removed out of the house of peers and the pettnns who well knowe theire owne safeties and inept? pp in yors shall not ffaile tp putt up daylie prayers to Allmighty God for Yr godd successe.

We who have Revebite? Putt or handes do give full power unto such as the Rt Worll the maior and his brethren of the Burrough of Dartmouth shall appoint to present this or peticon & to transmit or to anie other copie or coppies agreeable to this, and to present and further it as they shall thinck necessarie for the more speedier redresse of or fore said grevances.

[Thomas Cole Notes:]

The copy I have is undated; the archivists have their reason for dating it 1642.


It is likely this petition was circulated among the ships' crews in Dartmouth Harbour rather than to the various parishes. The term "adjacent parishes" was used rather loosely since there are pockets of names therein which are clearly of Wolborough & Newton Abbot and other parishes quite a distance from Dartmouth.

The petition contains only the first and surnames in that order – any other columns and the information contained in this table was put there for my own study and is not totally reliable.

The following are abbreviations used in the table:

B is baptized.
Itm is In The Moor.
M is married.
TS is Townstall or St Clement
SM is Saint Marys.
SP is Saint Petrox.
SS is Saint Saviour.

Those Signing the Petition
With notes by the Transcriber
Seq. Surname First Name Notes by Transcriber Home Parish
(Added by Transcriber)
1 Searle John B1594 s/o Jas Dartmouth SS.
2 Tock Rich Had a son Rich b1628 Dartmouth SS.
3 Knowlinge Stephen B1615 s/o Step Dartmouth SS.
4 Spurwaye Edw Had a son Edw b1624 Dartmouth SS.
5 Wheeler Hne Wheeber?  
6 Cade Geo Had a son John 1619. Dartmouth SS.
7 Clelandcles? B(e?)n    
8 Spurwaie Wm M 1618 Dartmouth SP.
9 Culwick Tho Cholwich b1631 Rattery
10 Staplehill Tho B1611 s/o Alex Dartmouth SS.
11 Callowe Jo   Totnes?
12 Parker Leonard Had a son John b1646. Dartmouth SS.
13 Padenden George Pattendon/ M1640 Dartmouth SS.
14 Martyn Jo John Martin m1619 Dartmouth SS.
15     Crossed through  
16 Hollygrove Jo B1592 s/o Job Dartmouth SS.
17 Staplehill Gilbert B1617 s/o Jo Dartmouth SS.
18 Carew Will    
19 Lane Tristram B1600 s/o Trystra Dartmouth SS.
20 Roope Nick B1588 s/o Nich Dartmouth SS.
21 Budley Jo B1617 s/o John Dartmouth SS.
22 Hartford Antho sen Harford b abt1578 Dartmouth SS.
23 Budgell E    
24 Staplehill Jo M1614 Dartmouth SS.
25 Ffollett Antho B1587 s/o John Dartmouth SS.
26 Barnes Wm Had a son Wm 1637 Dartmouth SS.
27 Bird Walter Had a son Walt 1625 Dartmouth SS.
28 Collyns Jo B1594 s/o John Dartmouth SS.
29 Ffrye Jo Had a dau Joan 1637 Dartmouth SS.
30 Plumleigh Wm The mayor/ m1607. Dartmouth SS.
31 Ffollett Robt B1608 s/o Robert Dartmouth SS.
32 Spurwaye Tho Had a son Thos 1636. Dartmouth SS.
33 Voysey Andrew M1609 Dartmouth SS.
34 Richards John B1618 s/o John Dartmouth SS.
35 Jagoe Pascoe Had a son Thos 1615 Dartmouth SS.
36 Staplehill Alex M1602 Dartmouth SS.
37 Gurney Wm M1634 Dartmouth SS.
38 Abram Tho Abraham Staverton?
38b Hawkins Marke Children b after 1630 Dartmouth SS.
38c Jagoe Thomas B1615 s/o Pasco Dartmouth SS.
38d Newnmen Thos Newman? Pcc W 1681 Dartmouth SS.
38e Ekins Tho Son Thos 1635 Dartmouth SP.
38f Wooton Wm B1594 s/o Art Dartmouth SS.
38g Eastcott Ephra Had a dau Marie 1646. Dartmouth SS.
39 Burgis Tho B1624 s/o Thos Dartmouth SS.
40 Ashwyn Ja James/ had dau Rachel1651 Dartmouth SS.
41 Axford Geo Oxford/ had son Geo 1629 Dartmouth SS.
42 Maude Hen    
43 Oldinge Hen Holding/ m1602 Dartmouth SS.
44 Martin Xpopher B1615 s/o Pascoe Dartmouth SS.
45 Basse Geo So many? Withycombe Raleigh?
46 Addams Thomas Adams/b1606 s/o Chris Dartmouth SS.
47 Dotting John sn Had a son Hy b1609 Dartmouth SS.
48 Adams Jo B1620 s/o Chris Dartmouth SS.
49 Williams Gwen Gwin Dartmouth SS.?
50 Penney Jo B1629 s/o Edw Dartmouth SS
51 Ellis James    
52 Austint Jo Austin b1616 s/o John Dartmouth SS.
53 Charge? Wm    
54 Rodes Robt Rhode/ m1639 Dartmouth SS.
55 Sngs Wm Or Camp?/ had dau Mary 1646 Dartmouth SS.
56 Cole Geo Had son John 1664 Dartmouth SS.
57 Steare Tho   Bovey Tracey?
58 Taylor Nich B1627 s/o Walt Dartmouth TS,
59 Cas Nich Case/ m1641 Dartmouth SP.
60 Brockadon Jo    
61 Lynes Tho M1622 Dartmouth SS.
62 Tucker Joseph Had son Emanuel 1602-04 Dartmouth SS.
63 Rowe John M1590 Dartmouth SS.
64 Steere Jo   Bovey Travey?
65 Perrin Tho Had a dau Eliz;1600 Dartmouth TS.
66 Mathewe Wm Had a son Wm 1625 Dartmouth SS.
67 Saunder Elias Had a dau Joane b1640 Dartmouth SS.
68 Hoskins Peter    
69 Lapthorne Ed Had a dau Mary 1641 Dartmouth SS.
70 Cramber Ed Cranmer m1651 Dartmouth SS.
71 Harris Ro Robert/ b1617 s/o John Dartmouth SS.
72 Windett Rich B1633 s/o John Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
73 Porke Tho B1616 s/o Thos Dartmouth SS.
74 Turpine Robt M1619 Buckfastleigh?
75 Collines Nich Colling m1676 Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
76 Windett Rich B1565/ m1596 Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
77 Hingston Jo sen Hinxston m1613 Dartmouth SS.
78 Cockwell Jo M1647 Dartmouth SS.
79 Ewens Edw Ewans b1623 s/o Edw Dartmouth SS.
80 Lynes Peter M1650 Dartmouth SS.
81 Mayne Robt M1623 Dartmouth SS.
82 Pudner Rich Had a dau Kath b1630 Dartmouth SS.
83 Ffrench Walter M1615 Plymouth SA.?
84 Kingdome Robt Had a son Rich b1631 Dartmouth SS.
85 Marrett Wm Morrett/ had son Wm 1636 Dartmouth SS.
86 Ffowne Hugo Fawne/had a son Hugh Fone b1636 Dartmouth SS.
87 Duninge Rich    
88 Kaid Anthonie Cade?  
89 Sicks Rich Sex/ had a son Phil 1633 Dartmouth SS.
90 Stoneman Robert M1631/m1638 Dartmouth SS.
91 Couch Tristram M1639 Dartmouth SS.
92 Grenswood Robt Greenswood m1631 Dartmouth SS.
93 Blackler Robt Blackaller B1592 s/o Thos Dartmouth SS.
94 Taylor Wm M1639 Dartmouth SS.
95 Stidston Tho M1605 Modbury?
96 Whitrow Bennett Benedict m1634 Dartmouth SS.
97 Bowden Jo B1615 s/o Rich Dartmouth SS.
98 Sturlingbury? Theo    
99 Coxall Edw M1636 Dartmouth SS.
100 Goodridge Humphrey Had a son Rich 1626 Dartmouth SS.
101 Husdon Wm Husband/ b1603 s/o Walt Dartmouth SS.
102 Martin Edw B1616 s/o Edw Dartmouth SP.
103 Longe Nich B1605 s/o John Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
104 Madock Nicholas    
105 Jeffery Nich B1611 s/o Robt Dartmouth SS.
106 Cobell Tho Cobble. Had a dau Agnes 1649 Dartmouth SS.
107 Kennicott George M1637 Dartmouth SS.
108 Taylor Jo B1582 s/o John Stoke Fleming.
109 Dowrish Wm Had a dau Rebecca 1608 Topsham
110 Drewe Elias Drew m1634 Dartmouth SS.
111 Cole Sephen Stephen b1619 s/o Walt Dartmouth SS.
112 Arthur Jo M1638 Dartmouth SS.
113 Hawkin Thomas Hocken b1611 s/o James Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
114 Bawden Jo B1614 s/o John Boden Dartmouth SS.
115 Adams Sebastian M1627 Dartmouth SS.
116 Weekes David M1629 Dartmouth SS.
117 Fforde George B1592 s/o John Blackawton
118 Webber Sa    
119 Minowiry Wm Manowry/ had a dau Mary 1663 Dartmouth SS.
120 Austant Walter Austen/ had a son Walt 1632 Dartmouth SS.
121 Hernaman Jo M1622/m1627 Dartmouth SS.
122 Olaver Mich Oliver?  
123 Bowden Chas Had a son Peter 1662 Dartmouth SS.
124 Bagwell Robt B1634? s/o John Dartmouth SP.
125 Saunders Ja M1651 Dartmouth SS.
126 Boone Jo M1646 Dartmouth SS.
127 Ashbey Wm M1622 Dartmouth SS.
128 Watte Bennett    
129 Friend Jo B1596 s/o John Brixham SM
130 Ffollett Rich B1609 s/o Rich Dartmouth SS.
131 Leverrance Jo Laverance b1616 s/o Emanuel Churston Ferrers.
132 Auford Hen Oxford? B1607 s/o Wm Buckfastleigh.
133 Maye Jo B1618 s/o Mark Dartmouth SS.
134 Morgan Evan M1629 Topsham.
135 Mann Tho Had a dau Mary b1628 Dartmouth SS.
136 Man Wm B1614 s/o Wm Dartmouth SS.
137 Hossan Nich    
138 Baylie Oades M1640 Dartmouth SS.
139 Eyer? Morgan    
140 Calley Nich M1671 Dartmouth SP.
141 Riche Jo B1622 s/o John Dartmouth SS.
142 Clappe Daniel   Topsham?
143 Ewed Roger M1611 Berry Pomeroy.
144 Staplehill John B1625 s/o Alex Dartmouth SS.
145 Norton Phill M1608 Dartmouth SS.
146 Hodges Jo B1615 s/o John Dartmouth SS.
147 Vitterie Robt B1606 s/o Robt Brixham SM.
148 Lumlye Sam Lumley m1637 Dartmouth SS.
149 Irish Jo B1588 s/o Wm Brixham SM.
150 Wheeler Xpofer B1628 s/o Lawr Dartmouth SS.
151 Land Jo   Dartmouth SS.?
152 Liston Tho Had a son Thos b1623 Dartmouth SS.
153 Plumleigh Edmond Had a son Robt b1614 Dartmouth SS.
154 Liston Tho    
155 Plumleigh Robt B1614 s/o Edm Stoke Fleming
156 Cape Jo B1619 s/o Rich Dartmouth SS.
157 Sharpham Tho B1589 s/o Rich Dartmouth SS.
158 Martin Silvester    
159 Hayden Ja   Ottery SM ?
160 Hingston Tho M1669 Steverton?
161 Carye Robt Carey m1593 Dartmouth SS.
162 Domney Domini Had a son John 1644 Dartmouth SS.
163 Blackaller Tho B1621 s/o Thomas Dartmouth SS.
164 Rogers Robert M1636 Dartmouth SS.
165 Lewes Jo M1645 Dartmouth SS.
166 Blackler Ralph Had a dau Mary b1613 Dartmouth SS.
167 Voysey Phillip Had a son Phil b1642 Dartmouth SS.
168 Colesworthie And M1627 Dartmouth SS.
169 Milman Geo    
170 Hardye Jo M1589 Dartmouth SS.
171 Staplehill Alex B1606 s/o Alex Dartmouth SS.
172 Drake Geo M1631 Topsham?
173 Mitchell Natha   Dartmouth SS.?
174 Dotin Jo Dottin had a dau Eliz; 1641 Dartmouth SS.
175 Wood Robert B1590 s/o Chris Dartmouth SS.
176 Lomer Jo B1613 s/o John Dartmouth SS.
177 Boone Tho Had a son Nath 1641 Dartmouth SS.
178 Harwood Wm B1623 s/o Andr Dartmouth SS
179 Shutland Wm M1626 Dartmouth SP.
180 Pulman Ja Jeames m1633 Dartmouth SS.
181 Clarke Wm M1633 Dartmouth TS.
182 Courtney Peter    
183 Lomer Sam B1619 s/o John Dartmouth SS.
184 Dymont Anth Diment had a son Ant 1626 Dartmouth SS.
185 Hodges Jo Had a son John 1615 Dartmouth SS.
186 Boudone Tho Booden/Bowden b1619 s/o Stephen. Dartmouth SS.
187 Riche Sam B1626 s/o John Dartmouth SS.
188 Bagwell Jo B1625 s/o John Dartmouth SS.
189 Knight Tho B1601 s/o John Dartmouth SS.
190 Spark Phill Had a son Art 1635 Dartmouth SS.
191 Prittwyn Rich    
192 Partas Wm    
193 Codford Wm    
194 Jennings Robt Ginings b1617 Dartmouth SP.
195 Stoneman Jo M1611 Dartmouth SP.
196 Edmonds Edward M1612 Totnes?
197 Coker Rich B1621 s.o Giles Totnes?
198 Knight Tho M1650 Dartmouth SS.
199 Hawk Olav Oliver. Had a son John 1647 Dartmouth SS.
200 Mudd Ambrose Had a son Nich 1647 Dartmouth SS.
201 Babany Simon Babbonie m1617 Dartmouth SS.
202 Baker Jo M1641 Dartmouth SS.
203 Ffrancis Jo Had a son John 1621 Dartmouth SS.
204 Brockadon Geo B1611 s/o Austin Widecombe ITM.
205 Hammett Wm M1634 Dartmouth SS.
206 Dymon Walter Dymont had a son Edw 1667 Dartmouth SS.
207 Pettegree Humphrey Pettigrew/m1639/m1641 Dartmouth SS.
208 Jackson John Had a son John 1638 Dartmouth SS.
209 Clark Sam    
210 Badges Nich    
211 Ffrancis Jo B1621 s/o John Dartmouth SS.
212 Lee Wm Lea b1624 s/o Sam Dartmouth SS.
213 Crappe Robt B1625 s/o Walt. Stoke Gabriel.
214 Stidston Law B1615 s/o Wm Dartmouth SS.
215 Parker Tho    
216 Mathewe Robt B1624 s/o Roger Dartmouth SS.
217 Baston Robt Bastone b1616 s/o Roger Ottery SM?
218 Alward James M1640 Dartmouth SS.
219 Ellet Jo B1589 s/o Wm Dartmouth SS.
220 Periton Jo Perretton had a dau Abi 1643 Dartmouth SS.
221 Martyn Roger M1640 Dartmouth SS.
222 Waye Rich M1603/1612 Dartmouth SS.
223 Penney Math Had a dau Eliz� 1651 Dartmouth SS.
224 Russell Tho M1663 Dartmouth SS.
225 Peram Geo Perham b1619 s/o John Dartmouth SS.
226 Soper Ffra M1644 Dartmouth SS.
227 Cole Walter M1619 s/o John Dartmouth SS.
228 Collins John B1618 s/o John Dartmouth SS.
229 Cole Jo B1595 s/o Wm Dartmouth SS.
230 J Sudell? Walter    
231 Witheridge Jo?    
232 Elliott Wa B1620 s/o John Dartmouth SS.
233 Roade Robt Rhodes Dartmouth SS.
234 Pephard Wm    
235 Pascoe Jo B1615 s/o John Dartmouth SS.
236 Hawkins Jo B1587 s/o John Hockyn Dartmouth SS.
237 Loye Tho B1623 s/o John Dartmouth SS.
238 Gibbons Tho    
239 Duninge Robt Dunnye  
240 Godfrey David M1639 Dartmouth SS.
241 Goodridge Arthur B1610 S/o Art Dartmouth SP.
242 Horsman Tho    
243 Ffollett Jo B1602 s/o John Dartmouth SS.
244 Allin Wm Alling M1614 Dartmouth SP.
245 Roope Gilbert B1623 s/o John Dartmouth SS.
246 Harradon Arth Had a son Vincent 1631 Dartmouth SS.
247 Winchester Vincent Had a son Robt 1621 Dartmouth SS.
248 Coulton Nich Colton had a son John 1637 Dartmouth SS.
249 Cripps Geo   Dartmouth SP.?
250 Wakeham Edw B1616 s/o John Stoke Fleming.
251 Cole Rich B1629 s/o Rich Dartmouth SS.
252 Steer Rich B1606 s/o Wm Paignton
253 Ffortescue Lewis Had a dau Mary 1604 Dartmouth SS.
254 Chappell Ja    
255 Hawkins William Had a son Jeames 1631 Dartmouth SS.
256 Staplehill Tho B1625 s/o John Dartmouth SS.
257 Skinner Richard M1596 Brixham
258 Daviee Jo Davie had a dau Eliz;1608 Dartmouth SS.
259 Oustley George    
260 Knowlinge Jo B1622 s/o Steph Dartmouth SS.
261 Pryn Na Nathaniel b1614 s.o Vincent Prine? Wembury?
262 Janson Rich B1615 s/o Edw Dartmouth TS.
263 Girde Peter Garde b1624 s/o Phillip Chumleigh?
264 Bowden Walter M1665 Paignton
265 Davies Owyn Davis m1648 Dartmouth SS.
266 Toward Rich    
267 Prywin Rich    
268 Cobie Tho   Exeter?
269 Tucker Jo M1639 Dartmouth SS.
270 Payne Wm B1627 s/o Wm Dartmouth SS.
271 Elliott Ed B1607 s/o John Dartmouth SS.
272 Hoyle Jo M1640 Dartmouth SS.
273 Leminge (x) Christopher Leman Totnes?
274 Goff Nich B1614 s/o Thos Dartmouth SS.
275 Parson Charles B1614 s/o Thos Dartmouth SS.
276 Clarke Sam B1617 s/o Chris Dartmouth SS.
277 Williams Edward B1611 s/o Edw Dartmouth SS
277b Leman Christopher   Totnes?
278 Layne John Lane m1646 Dartmouth SS.
279 Steede Nath   Paignton?
280 Watt Ste    
281 Parker Alex    
282 Williams Wm M1630/m1641 Dartmouth SS.
283 Wallis Jo B1622 s/o Robt Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
284 Browne Roger M1638 Dartmouth SS.
285 Caurtis Edward Curtis had a dau Eliz; 1642 Dartmouth SS.
286 Ameredith Jo B1615 s/o John Dartmouth SS.
287 Lynes Wm B1624 s/o Wm Dartmouth SS.
288 Norman Jo B1601 s/o Martyn Dartmouth SS.
289 Taylor Jo B1585 s/o Geo Stoke Fleming.
290 Skinner Simon M1623 Crediton?
291 Elliott Richard B1623 s/o John (lived Brixham?) Paignton?
292 Stoneman Tho    
293 Raumont Wm    
294 Pomeroye Geo M1658 Brixham
295 Coyle Robt Coyell b1602 s/o Abacuck Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
296 Horswell Robt    
297 Saunders Geo M1623 Dartmouth SS.
298 Priston Peter Preston had a son Peter 1648 Dartmouth SS.
299 Symons Robt M1646 Dartmouth SS.
300 Bastard Roger B abt 1613, wife Mary Modbury?
301 Preston Jo Had a son John 1635 Dartmouth SP.
302 Hawkins Leo B1624 s/o Rogers Dittisham.
303 Younge Wm M1594 Paignton Dartmouth SS.
304 Webb Wm M1618 Dartmouth SS.
305 Clemens Edward   Bovey Tracey?
306 Knowles Ben B1575 Widecombe itm Dartmouth SS.
307 Sheeres Math B1605 s/o John Seaton and Beer?
308 Gearde Rich Gard South Tawton?
309 Harwoodd Nich B1616 s/o Andr Dartmouth SS.
310 Colesworthie Jo M1627 Dartmouth SS.
311 Varwell Robt Verwill Brixham?
312 Godfrey Hen M1627 Dartmouth SS.
313 Kingman Edward B1615 s/o Edw Dartmouth SS.
314 Hinde Joseph    
315 Kingman Rich B1622 s/o Edw Dartmouth SS.
316 Bastone John   Dartmouth SS
316 Browne Jo B1619 s/o Simon (made will 1666) Dartmouth SS.
317 Porke Nick B1620 s/o Nich Dartmouth SS.
318 Southcott Nich Had a dau Mary 1647 Dartmouth SS.
319 Hepditch Steph Hebchick m1623 Dartmouth SS.
320 Voysey Robt B1626 s/o Andr Dartmouth TS.
321 Riche Robt Dau Marg abt1627 Dartmouth SS.
322 Hodge Law    
323 Thorne Nich M1626/m1638 Dartmouth ss.
324 Hatch Daniel M1629 Dartmouth SP.
325 Wheeler Tho M1594 Churston Ferrers.
326 Hedstrone? Tho    
327 Huckmore Tho M1634 Dartmouth SS.
328 Quinninghan? Thomas Cunningham?  
329 Tremick Walter M1636 Dartmouth SS.
330 Shapcott Peter    
331 Pendarbie? Rich    
332 Stidson Jo B1620 s/o Thos Modbury?
333 Tabb Vincent M1645 Dartmouth SS.
334 Harwood And M1648 Dartmouth SS.
335 Bowden Rich M1614 Dartmouth SS.
336 Manfeild Walter M1611 Dartmouth SS.
337 Dimning Wm M1625 Dartmouth SS.
338 Widger Henr B1594 s/o Wm Dartmouth SS.
339 Peek James 1st child b1615 Dartmouth SS.
340 Spark Phill 1st child b 1630 Dartmouth SS.
341 Hatch Jo B1630 s/o Phil. Dartmouth SS.
342 Gosse Joseph    
343 Cosen Alex Had a dau Sus 1648 Dartmouth SS.
344 Staplehill Aldred B1610 s/o Aldred Dartmouth SS.
345 Fforde Jo M1618 Dartmouth SP.
346 Rossett Jo    
347 Lomer Jo M1611 Dartmouth SS.
348 Holland Rich    
349 Cobell Rowland Cobble  
350 Redwood Nich B1615 s/o Hugh Dartmouth SP.
351 Strange Jo M1596 Dartmouth SS.
352 Fr Tho Ford M1616 Dartmouth SS.
353 Coming Arthur Wife Agnis, son Art b1634 Dartmouth SP.
354 Wheatland Tho    
355 Varell Tho M1589 Widecombe itm
356 Clapp Robt B1603 s/o John Ottery SM
357 Gregorie Jo B1612 s/o John Stoke Gabriel.
358 Warringe Tho Warren had son Thos 1639 Dartmouth SS.
359 Pippell Roger Pepperell? B1634 s/o John & Bridget. Dartmouth SS
360 Eastbrook Gilbert    
361 Stear James    
362 Norber Jo B1593 s/o Robt Dartmouth SS.
363 Boudon Ffra Bowden m1603 Brixham.
364 Peek Hen B1626 s/o Jeames Dartmouth SS.
365 Churchill Tho B1611 s/o Reynold Brixham.
366 Williams Walter M1605 Ottery SM?
367 Narracott Ed M1614 Modbury?
368 Sharpham Thomas B1619 s/o Rich Dartmouth SS.
369 Taylor George M1627 Stoke Fleming.
370 Manninge Thomas B1615 s/o John Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
371 Kinge Jo Too many Dartmouth SS.
372 Cruse Wm    
373 Starr Jo B1606 s/o John Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
374 Lapthorne Surrak?   Wolborough & Newton Abbot.??
375 Ffabian Symon M1610 Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
376 Johnson Jo elr    
377 Wislake Tho M1674 Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
378 Hippesley Jo Had a dau Grace 1641 Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
379 Culcott Geo Colcott B1615 s/o Thos Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
380 Wislake Jo M1635 Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
381 Boone Roger M1629 Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
382 Windett Gilbt Galfrid m1594 Wolborough & Newton & Abbot.
383 Maninge Tho M1672 Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
384 Diston Tho   Paignton?
385 Langaller Nich B1623 s/o Nich Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
386 Comer Hen    
387 White Jo B1600 s/o Robt? Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
388 Chappell Jo Had a son John b1636 Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
389 Beardon Wm B1624 s/o Gilb Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
390 Clouter John B1622 s/o Luck Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
391 Hamblyn Jo M1633 Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
392 Gover Jo Gove? B1598 s/o Greg Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
393 Ffurse Hum M1642 Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
394 Wallis Robt Had a son John 1622 Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
395 Langworthie David Had a son Josef 1640 Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
396 Glanville Rich B1602 s/o Roger Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
397 Boone Tho B1630 s/o Roger Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
398 Davis Nath, elr Had a son Math 1642 Dartmouth SS.
399 Wooton Walter B1606 s/o Art Dartmouth SS.
400 Baddaford Wm M1602 Dartmouth SS.
401 Palmer Clement B1627 s/o Clem Dartmouth SS.
402 Sparke Roger M1623 Dartmouth SS.
403 Hix Robert Hicks Dartmouth SS.?
404 Elliott Wm M1588 Dartmouth SS.
405 Carpenter Gilbt M1640 Dartmouth SS.
406 Manfeild Thos B1592 s/o Rich Dartmouth SS.
407 Luce Robt Lewis had a son Robt 1651 Dartmouth SS.
408 Gouter? Tho Clouter?  
409 Pethabridge Jo M1670 Churston Ferrers.
410 Weekes Jo M1645 Churston Ferrers.
411 Steeres Jam   Bovey Tracey?
412 Walter Xpofer Christopher b1620 s/o Peter Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
413 Stallock Robt Challick  
414 Shepheard Roger M1635 Dartmouth SS.
415 Halwell Jo Howell?/M1617 Dartmouth SS
416 Shepherd Robt M1627 Dartmouth SS.
417 Cardye Ed B1616 s/o John Dartmouth SP.
418 Baston Hen B1618 s/o Roger Bastone Ottery SM?
419 Sweet John Born Brixham?, m1636 Dartmouth SS.
420 Blackler Wm M1663 Dartmouth SS.
421 Bunker Ja Born Slapton? Dau Agnes Dartmouth SS.
422 Gribble Andrew Wife Lydia, son John 1634-1634 Dartmouth SP.
423 Burges Peter   Yealmpton?
424 Peperell Roger M1612 Slapton.
425 Fforde Tho M1616 Dartmouth SP.
426 Ffabian William B1598 s/o John Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
427 Moodie Wm    
428 Wislak Gregorie Had a son John 1648 Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
429 Easton Geo Eston, b1621 s/o John Wolborough & Mewton Abbot.
430 Voysey Thomas M1622 Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
431 Glanvill Tho Glanfylde b1614 s/o Roger Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
432 Ffeild Peter Son Edw Feld b1640 Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
433 Reynell Richard B1619 s/o Hy Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
434 Hayman Richard B1608 s/o John Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
435 Henley Luke Had a son Luke 1642 Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
436 Shapley David B1601 s/o Wm Shapleigh Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
437 Ffrier Rich Fryer had a son Rich 1658 Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
438 Rowe Henrie 2nd M1639 Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
439 Xpofer Eson Easton, Christopher b1604 s/o John Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
440 Taw(v?)ner Hugy Taverner? M1625 Bridford?
441 Ffeer Jo Phear? IGI Dartmouth Bovey Tracey?
442 Young Jo B1620 s/o Robt Dartmouth SS.
443 Terrie Peter M1602 Dartmouth SS.
444 Woolley Emmanuel Had a son George 1616 Dartmouth SS.
445 Taylor Walter   Berry Pomeroy?
446 Whittick Jo B1595 s/o John Dartmouth SS.
447 Parnell Tho M1621 Dartmouth SS.
448 Heard Pascoe    
449 Rowe Walter Or Reve?  
450 Little Thomas M1672 Dartmouth TS.
451 Cominge Rich    
452 Palmers Clement M1620 Cheriton Bishop Dartmouth SS.
453 Wallis Henrie    
454 Luk Edward    
455 Edwards Otho    
456 Toll Edward   Ashbury?
457 Harris Jonathan John? M1616 Dartmouth SS.
458 Underhaie And   Bovey Tracey?
459 Palmer Hen b1621 s/o Rich Dartmouth SS.
460 Earle George M1621 Dartmouth SS
461 Milcombe Vincent Had a dau Sarah 1649 Dartmouth SS.
462 Williams Tho M1636/m1647 Dartmouth SS.
463 Basse William    
464 Hammett William B1623 s/o Wm Dartmouth SS.
465 Hunt Geo M1646 Dartmouth SS.
466 Skinner Wm B1601 S/O Rich Brixham.
467 Andrews Aled    
468 Butler Jo   Monkleigh?
469 Gopfiy? Nich Godfrey? B1625 s/o Wm Dartmouth SS.
470 Pepperell Jo Had a son John 1632 Dartmouth SS.
471 Fforde Jo B1620 s.o John Dartmouth SS.
472 Windett Oliv M1643 Berry Pomeroy.
473 Gilbert Xpofer    
474 Martin Tobias B1618 s/o Nath Dartmouth SP.
475 Lux Nich   Woodbury?
476 Snelling Tho M pre1647 /m1649/ m1650 Dartmouth SS.
477 Streat Jo M1608 Dartmouth SS.
478 Streat Robt    
479 Apuey Daniell Apter?  
480 Thomas Jo. B1621 s/o John Dartmouth SS.
481 Streat J John m1630 Dartmouth SS.
482 Rolston Robt   Kenn?
483 Manning Rich B1612 s/o John Wolborough & Newton Abbot Dartmouth SS.
484 Bearne Peter Had dau Eliz 1642 Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
485 Shapley Thomas Shapleigh b1599 s/o Wm Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
486 Dyer Peter Had a son Peter 1622 Churston Ferrers.
487 Ffreer Law Friar m1637 Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
488 Dawe Hen   Dorset?
489 Fforde Wm Had a son Wm 1635 Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
490 Bright Tho M1659 Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
491 Colcott Jo B1613 s/o Wm Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
492 Streete Rich M1635 Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
493 Langaller Geo B1603 s/o Geo Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
494 Curtis Wm    
495 Baltamont JO Ballemonte b1615 s/o Rich Woodbury?
496 Wright Wm M1618 Abbotskerwell?
497 Lux Wm B1618 s/o Hy � Stokeinteignhead Dartmouth SS.?
498 Lee Richard Had a son Rich 1642 Dartmouth SS.
499 Wright Jo M1621 Berry Pomeroy?
500 Hellyer Hugh Hugo m1632 Dartmouth SS.
501 Carter Jo? M1601 Dartmouth SS.
502 Darte Rich M1630 Churston Ferrers Dartmouth SS.
503 Hext Jo Hicks b1601 s/o J. Hext Dartmouth SS.
504 Salter Jo B1623 s/o John Dartmouth SS.
505 Rutelise? Ja Rutledge  
506 Reeve Jo B1610 s/o Rich Brixham
507 Ffoatur? Jo Apoatur?/Footer?  
508 Hall David    
509 Weekes Tho M1644 Dartmouth SS.
510 Ffleay Tho   Bovey Tracey?
511 Phily Jo Philley m1607 Brixham
512 Whittick Humphrey M1633 Dartmouth TS
513 Earle Nich   Plymouth?
514 Loman Jo B1608 s/o John Lowman Stoke Gabriel.
515 Hame John Ham b1593 Churston Ferrers
516 Terrye Jo B1619 s/o Peter Dartmouth SS.
517 Cook Jo M1606 Dartmouth SS.
518 Skinner Rich Had a son Jos 1616 Dartmouth SS. Brixham.
519 Philpott Rbt    
520 Bagwell Jo Son John 1625 Dartmouth SS.
521 Demont Walter Dymont m1663 Dartmouth SS.
522 Spark Jo Had a son Robt 1650 Dartmouth SS.
522b Pooling Jo M1651 Dartmouth SS.
523 Mark Tho B1618 s/o Nich Totnes?
524 Snelling NIch   Stoke Fleming?
525 Cook Wm M1635 Dartmouth SS.
526 Yeabsley Jo B1612 Cornworthy
527 Grendon Wm M1658 South Tawton?
528 Drewe Jo M1591 Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
529 Peter Ja M1635 Topsham?
530 Peter Gilbert M1638 Churston Ferrers?
531 Courtis Peter    
532 Phillips Geo Philpe b1593 s/o Walt Dartmouth SS.
533 Roberts Adam   Cornwall?
534 Blackler Jo B1617 s/o Jerome Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
535 Ffabian Symon B1621 s/o Simon Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
536 Baker Jo M1635 Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
537 Sheare Tho M1628 Sheere Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
538 Hayman Jo M1609 Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
539 Langaller Geo sen M1603 Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
540 Bridgman Tho    
541 Butland Tho B1629 s/o Wm Stoke Gabriel.
542 Perrett Even Ewen m1620 Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
543 Randall Sam    
544 Stevens Tho    
545 Wedger Wm Widger m1610 Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
546 Tragoe Jo Trego b1620 s/o Geo Topsham?
547 Rodes Jo    
548 Grey Roger B1613 s/o John Brixham
549 Putt Nath    
550 Seward Jo    
551 Duk Jo Duke m1601 Dartmouth SS.
552 Denning Wm M1626 Axminster? Dartmouth SS.
553 Jonson Jo Johnston b1624 s/o Robt Crediton?
554 Martyn Seward   Crediton?
555 Wills Sam Had a dau Eliz; 1643 Dartmouth SS.
556 Denb--- Ja Denbord m1627 Dartmouth SS.
557 Penney Maurrice B1608 s/o Tho Dartmouth SS.
558 Whittocke Rich    
559 Tally Thomas    
560 Widger Wm B1621 s/o Wm Dartmouth SS.
561 Bennett And M1624 Stoke Gabriel
562 Jolmes Jo Holmes b1584 s/o Wm Dartmouth SP.
563 Salter Jo M1615/M1647 Dartmouth SS.
564 Best Ralph    
565 Poolinge Lewis B1621 s/o Thos Polling Dartmouth SS.
566 Waye Jonathan    
567 Norber Robt B1616 s/o Robt Dartmouth SP.
568 Halswell Nich Haleswill b1589 s/o Nich Brixham
569 Aymer? Geo Amor  
570 Lash Nich B1600 s/o John Dartmouth TS Dartmouth SS.
571 Earle Geo B1622 s/o Geo Dartmouth SS.
572 Pynwell Jo   Newton Ferrers?
573 Stevens Tho   Newton Ferrers?
574 Langdon Arthur B1617 s/o Wm Churston Ferrers.
575 Bartlett Wm Wife Julian, had a son Walt 1605? Branscombe??
576 Bartlett Walter B1605 s/o Wm Branscombe
577 Younge Jo B1606 s/o Robt Yonge Dartmouth SS.
578 Eastley Rich M1598 Shobrooke?
579 Bartlett Thomas M1676 Branscombe
580 Rodes Jo B1612 s/o Wm Dartmouth SS.
581 Pitt Jo B1619 s/o John (or James?) Pitts Churston Ferrers.
582 Miller Rich    
583 Bride Abra    
584 Lake Rbt M1634 Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
585 Gresome Jo Gresham/Gryssa b1618 s/o John Exeter?
586 Cok Nich Coxe m1616 Exeter?
587 Langworthie Jo B1611 s/o David Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
588 Nicholls Gilbt M1649 Ilsington?
589 Symons Dynis    
590 Laramore Jo B1622 s/o Hy Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
591 Beardon Lewes M1659 Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
592 Bearled George    
593 Ffoster Wm B1590 s/o Roger Dartmouth SS.
594 Blackaller Tho Had a son Thos 1621 Dartmouth SS.
595 Luscombe Wm s/o Wm or of Hy Brixham.
596 Bastard Rich   Slapton?
597 Goodridge Edm?   Dartmouth SS.
598 Smyth Tho M1626 Dartmouth TS.
599 Tozer Peter M1626 Dartmouth TS.
600 Crisman Jo Cresman  
601 Lyddon Robt Had a son Tim 1629 Axminster?
602 Sheldon Symon Shelton  
603 Woodbine George M1673 Dartmouth SS.
604 Meane Jo    
605 Cruse Wm    
606 Edgcombe Edward   Exeter?
607 Ffoster Nich B1609 s/o Wm Dartmouth SS.
608 Sterrant? Bartho Sherrin?  
609 Jackson Nich B1610 s/o Hugh Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
610 Wooford Gilbert    
611 Ham Jo B1593 Churston Ferrers.
612 Man Wm Had a son Wm 1614 Dartmouth SS.
613 Colsworthie Jo M1599 Dartmouth SS.
614 Walter Tho B1615 s/o Nich Slapton?
615 Jane Tho B1576 s/o John Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
616 Atwell Tho   Exeter?
617 Spark Nich Had a son Nich 1649 Dartmouth SS.
618 Churchward Jo B1613 s/o Wm Stoke Gabriel.
619 Coffinge Richard    
620 Worth Xpofer Christopher  
621 Hale Wm    
622 Miller Thomas Had a dau Marg 1650 Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
623 Miller Augaston    
624 Wallis Hen eld M1609 Henry Wall?? Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
625 Wallis Hen    
626 Drewe Robert Wife Joan, had a son Robt 1639 Ottery SM.
627 Glound Jo    
628 Sleeman Jo M1620 Holsworthy
629 Voysey Tho B1626 s/o Thos Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
630 Maunder Wm B1624 s/o Thos Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
631 Man Jo B1608 s/o Laurence Mann Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
632 Goteham Andr Gotham had a son Thos 1622 Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
633 Bath Thomas M1620 Holsworthy?
634 Knight Bar B1617 s/o Bart Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
635 Denning Fa?    
636 Paull Phillip Pawle b1594 Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
637 Mogg Jo Mugg, M1639 Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
638 Parr Nich B1609 s/o NIch Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
639 Lay Ed Lee son Edw 1630 Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
640 Baudon Jo Bowden dau Ann 1611 Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
641 Grendall Robt    
642 Luttwell Tho    
643 Rozwell M(N?)ich Rowsell?  
644 Noseworthie Robt    
645 Wright Ed Had a son Wm 1639 Dartmouth SS.
646 Harvey Wm Had a son Thos 1644 Dartmouth SS.
647 Hallacombe Jo M1624 Dittisham.
648 Wills Jo Had a son Nich 1622 Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
649 Chilston Rich    
650 Martyn Wm B1594 s/o John Churston Ferrers.
651 Harradon Jo M1626?????? Dartmouth SS.
652 Young Robt Had a son John 1606 Dartmouth SS.
653 Tucker Natha   Crediton?
654 Blancher Wm    
655 Burgis Thos B1603 s/o Thos Dittisham.
656 White Richard B1624 s/o Rowland Brixham
657 Burgis Jo M1632 Dartmouth SS.
658 Elliott William   Stoke Fleming?
659 Burgis Thomas Had a son Thos 1624 Dartmouth SS
660 Tasker Will M1652 Dartmouth SS.
661 Osbourne Jo M1619 Dartmouth TS.
662 Palmer Richard B1609 s/o Rich Dartmouth SS.
663 Straw John B1609 s/o Nich Dartmouth SS.
664 Woton Arthur Wootton had a son Wm 1594 Dartmouth SS.
665 Yard Giles (1584-1644) wife Anne Churston Ferrers.
666 Yard Henrie M1629 Brixham
667 Reeve John M1605 Brixham
668 Pomery Edward Pomeroy had a son Thos 1605 Brixham.
669 Reeve Richard B1591 s/o John Brixham.
670 Grigge Richard B1601 s/o Richardri Brixham.
671 Yoabe John Yeab b1610 s/o Hugh Brixham.
672 Keyton Richard B1595 Churston Ferrers.? Brixham.
673 Smith Ra Ralph, wife Joan, had a son Ralph 1635 Brixham.
674 Corne Robt    
675 Crowt Nicholas B1598 s/o John Brixham.
676 Clowter William B1605 s/o Wm Brixham SM.
677 Coll John B1613 s/o Wm Cole Brixham
678 Perrett John M1600 Brixham.
679 Crowts Jo B1615 s/o Rich & Sibley Brixham.
680 Crow Peter B1604 s/o John & Alice � check CROW?? Brixham.
681 Pomery William Pomeroy b1606 s/o Edw Brixham.
682 Walters Robt B1603 s/o John Dartmouth SS.
683 Keyton Phillipp B1608 s/o Philip Churston Ferrers.
684 Stephens Robert B1592 s/o Matt Dartmouth SS.
685 Yard Hn B1632 s/o Hy Churston Ferrers Dartmouth SS.
686 Nicholl John M1635 Brixham.
687 Coll Willm Had a son John Cole 1613 Brixham.
688 Jackson Rich B1587 s/o Rich Brixham.
689 Dyer (T?)ho B1615 s/o Peter Churston Ferrers.
690 Lawerance Edward M 1641 in Topsham- son John b1642 Brixham.
691 Shody? Sampson   Brixham?
692 Knight Rich M1611 Churston Ferrers.
693 Phillips Anthony M1635 Churston Ferrers.
694 Shear Humfry Had a son Rich b1644 Churston Ferrers.
695 Narracott Edward M1631 Norcot Brixham.
696 Wakeham Edm Wacom had a son Edm 1630 Churston Ferrers.
697 Clerke Richard B1614 s/o Chris Churston Ferrers.
698 Clerke Xpofer Christopher had a son Rich b1614 Churston Ferrers.
699 Dyer (?)Peter Peter b1622 s/o Peter Churston Ferrers.
700 Fforde Edm Edw b1584 alias Underhill Stokeinteignhead.
701 Payne Jo (in Nfld1632) B1589 s/o Steph. Stokeinteignhead
702 Angell Will M1641 CHECK?? Totnes?
703 Stephen Andr    
704 Hutchyns John M1596 Churston Ferrers.
705 Boone/Clarke Robt   Stokeinteignhead.
706 Hawkins John B1603 s/o Jas Hocken. Wolborough & Nweton Abbot.
707 Taylor An Dau Mary 1590 Brixham.
708 Fford John B1621 s/o John Stokeinteignhead.
709 Mule John    
710 Seamble? John Seambe?  
711 Edwards William M1624 check Edward Williams?? Brixham.
712 Phillips Hugh B1576 s/o John Bovey Tracey?
713 Knowlinge James M1635 Brixham.
714 Knowlinge Tho M1645 Brixham.
715 Woodley David    
716 Bulley Rich   Ipplepen?
717 Crowte Richard B1622 s/o Rich & Sibley Brixham.
718 Coll Jo Cole b1594 s/o John Churston Ferrers.
719 Kinge Aquil Arquiellar, wife Luce, dau Garthered b1635 Brixham.
720 Reeve John B1591 s/o Peter Brixham.
721 Allard George    
722 Lake Willy M1640 Brixham.
723 Contreman Peter Countryman m1632 Brixham.
724 Gellard H?o    
725 Brouse Hen Browse had a son Nich b1614 Brixham.
726 Brouse Henry B1616 s/o Henry Brixham.
727 Coxsery Edm.    
728 Gampton Tho Galmpton b1609 s/o Thos Brixham.
729 Marsh Jo B1602 s/o Wm. Stoke Gabriel.
730 Skenner Wm M1599 Brixham.
731 Gray George Had a son Wm 1610 Brixham.
732 Crow John CROWT???M1660 Churston Ferrers.
733 Clerke Wm B1622 s/o Wm Churston Ferrers.
734 Dasher Wm Dashper m1645 Churston Ferrers.
735 Clouter John B1601 s/o John Churston Ferrers.
736 Cock Edward B1604 s/o Edw Churston Ferrers.
737 Avery John Had a son Wm 1632 Churston Ferrers.
738 Harris Nic B1627 s/o Nich Churston Ferrers.
739 Harris John Had a son Rich 1624 Churston Ferrers.
740 Harris Wm Had a son Nich b1646. Churston Ferrers.
741 Ffurn----? Giles Furneaux/Furnes b1611 s/o Wm Churston Ferrers.
742 Leakey Tho Lekey had a son John Leykey 1602 Churston Ferrers.
743 Lavers John Had a son John 1630 Brixham.
744 Lewes Nic M1616 Churston Ferrers.
745 Burton Jo Borton dau Rebecca 1638 Churston Ferrers.
746 Blackler Tho M1602 Churston Ferrers.
747 Blackler Jo B1615 s/o Thos Churston Ferrers.
748 Blackler Geo B1581 s/o Thos Paignton?
749 Marsh John B1617 s/o John Ottery SM?
750 Lewes Ao?    
751 Coale Tho Cole b1612 s/o John Ottery SM.
752 Hynde John    
753 Holditch Silvester    
754 Howse Wm B1602 s/o Hy Dartington?
755 Tucker Henry B1609 s/o George, M1629 Topsham.
756 Gilbert Andr M1634 Topsham.
757 Tom Nic Tombes had a son Johannes b1627 Ashburton?
758 Scoble And Wife Amy, dau Agnes 1643 Slapton.
759 Pepperell Wm    
760 Seevbe? Edw Slevbe? Slapton?
761 Bastard John B1610 s/o Peter Slapton.
762 Howe Jo B1610 s/oWm Kenn
763 Cowed William Coyde b1599 s/o Dan Brixham.
764 Lamshed Thomas Lamsytt b1607 s/o Thos of Churston Ferrers Brixham SM.
765 Treworgie And B abt 1575 Brixham SM.
766 Treworgie Allen   Brixham?
767 Hardy Thos B1608 s/o Thos Brixham SM.
768 Thomas Nathane    
769 Crocker John Had a son Nich 1631 Brixham SM.
770 Crapen Gilbt Crappyn b1601 s/o Emmanuel. Brixham SM.
771 Reeve Ric B1605 s/o Rich Brixham.
772 Harnaman Hen Hernaman had a son Wm 1630 Brixham SM.
773 Tozer Arthur B1613 s/o Pancras Brixham SM.
774 Alger Nic B1623 s/o John Brixham.
775 Ffeeld Richard Field had a son Wm 1635 Brixham SM.
776 Reade Tho Reed had a dau Agnes 1642 Brixham SM.
777 Easton Peter B1606 s/o Hy Brixham SM.
778 Hullett Richard B1609 s/o John & Eliz; Brixham.
779 Light Hen Had a dau Jane 1590 Brixham.
780 Sparke John Wife Jane, son John 1634 Brixham SM.
781 Potter Willy M1636 Brixham.
782 Hasard Tho Hassard, M1607 Brixham.
783 Hanaford Nic Had a dau Eliz; 1634 Brixham.
784 Sprat Arthur   Dorset?
785 Curry Gilbt Had a son Rich 1630 Brixham.
786 Skerdon Robt Had a son John 1618 Churston Ferrers.
787 Burton Jo B1624 s/o Chris Halberton.
788 Skerdon Jo B1618 s/o Robt Churston Ferrers.
789 Blackaller Tho M1635 Churston Ferrers.
790 Tapley Henry M1644 Churston Ferrers.
791 Moore John M1640 Churston Ferrers.
792 Clarke Jo Had a dau Dorotey 1624 Churston Ferrers.
793 Gilbert Richard M1607 Paignton?
794 Roope Richard    
795 C�sper Peter    
796 F(J?)ane Edw Jane?  
797 Wynchester Hercules    
798 Bastard Stephen    
799 Hayman Phillip M1663 Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
800 Holditch Edw M1639 Slapton.
801 Lavers William Bn abt 1609 Slapton
802 Pepperell William Bn abt 1591 Slapton
803 Andrews Robert Bn abt 1630 Dartmouth SS
804 Scoble William M1634 Slapton
805 Wills Robert M1633/M1641 Slapton
806 Farr John M1639 Slapton
807 Gillard Walter B1606 s.o Andrew Slapton
808 Haseldon John Bn abt 1613 Slapton
809 Farr George B1607 s/o George Newton Ferrers
810 Penny Henry M1641 Brixham
811 Camp Robert M1643 Slapton
812 Conduit Arthur M1645 Churston Ferrers
813 Gray James M1631 Brixham SM
814 Galmpton James Bn abt 1592 Brixham
815 Galmpton James   Brixham
816 Seager George Bn abt 1600 Brixham
817 Hannaber Andrew Hannaford B1610 s/o Andrew Brixham
818 Stambles? Nic?    
820 Hannaber George Hannaford B1611 s/o Andrew Brixham
821 Sharpout Richard    
822 Martin Edward M1642 Brixham
823 Jane Robert B1603 s/o Robert Brixham
824 Wallis Lewis B1609 s/o Robert Brixham SM
825 Lockeram William M1602 Brixham
826 Langaller William M1631 Brixham SM
827 Crout Richard M1615, M1634, Brixham SM
828 Whitehead Lewis B1616 s/o Lewis Brixham SM
829 Lamshead Richard M1627 Brixham SM
830 Walter John B1598 s/o John Dartmouth SS
831 Galmpton Richard B1622 s/o James Brixham
832 Walter Christopher    
833 Bickford Mathew M1640 Brixham
834 Cranbery John Bn abt 1592 Brixham
835 Morrish Nicholas B1594 s/o John Brixham SM
836 Tucker Joseph Bn abt 1610 Dartmouth SS
837 Babbacombe John    
838 Hingston Csan?    
839 Wood John M1640 Stokeinteignhead
840 Friend Thomas    
842 Winsay William Winsor M1643 Brixham?
843 Phillips William M1634 Brixham SM
0843b Woolland Edward    
844 Short John M1595 Stoke Fleming
845 Austin John M1603, M1610 Dartmouth SS
846 Hyne Richard    
847 Park Richard Farr    
848 Walton Robert M1601 Modbury
849 Tucker Henry M1590 Dartmouth SS
850 Camp Richard M1610 Slapton
851 Bamlett Phillip M1635 Slapton
852 Haseldon Matthew    
853 Halls Christopher    
854 Gilbert Peter    
855 Lee Nathaniel M1641 Slapton
856 Blackler Sampson Blackaller M1630 Slapton
857 Slemm William    
858 Ellis Gregory Bn abt 1600 Slapton
859 Wills John Bn abt 1611 Slapton
860 Tucker Philip   Slapton?
861 Lyne Simon   Slapton?
862 Bastard Edmond B1621 s/o Peter Slapton
863 Morrish Arthur B1623 s/o Nicholas Brixham
864 Gray William M1638 Brixham
865 Gardiner John B1616 s/o Lewis Churston Ferrers
866 Gardiner John Bn abt 1584, wife Rabbidge Brixham
867 Eales Nicholas B1623 s/o Philip Paignton
868 Penny Richard M1636 Brixham
869 Sparkes Thomas M1598 Brixham
870 Weeks Robert M1586 Brixham
871 Steart Edward M1645 Brixham
872 Steart Gilbert   Brixham?
873 Steart Peter B1591 s/o Thos Brixham
874 Corne Henry B1608 s/o Henry Brixham
875 Blackaller Angell Blackler Brixham?
876 Hore Thomas   Brixham?
877 Wood Francis M1643 Brixham
878 Prowse John B1616 s/o Gilbert Brixham SM
879 Hodge Arthur   Totnes?
880 Maddick John B1594 s/o Lewis Brixham SM
881 Jonas Richard   Brixham?
882 King John M1643 Churston Ferrers
883 Moore John M1660 Brixham
884 Bulley Edward M1644 Churston Ferrers
885 Prue John   Brixham
886 Putt Nicholas M1601 Brixham SM
887 Parr Robert M1601 Brixham
888 Cranbery William   Brixham
889 Cripps Nicholas   Brixham?
890 Brackadon Philip    
891 Browne Henry B1632 s/o Paul Dartmouth SS
892 Stoning George M1674 Kingsbridge
893 Ely John M1613 Kingsbridge
894 Varwell Christopher B1623 Stokeinteignhead
895 Franklin William M1636 Dartmouth SS
896 Ely Daniel M1636 Kingsbridge
897 Hammett Alexander B1614 s/o Wm Dartmouth SP
898 Harris William B1627 s/o Henry Dartmouth TS
899 Jackson John M1654 Dartmouth TS
900 Walburn John Bn abt 1630 Dartmouth SS?
901 Gilbert Andrew M1625 Topsham
902 Will John B1596 Brixham
903 Stanton William Bn abt 1620, wife Richord Slapton
904 Cole John B1615 s/o Rich Slapton
905 Holding William    
906 Lyne Ambrose    
907 Harris Abraham M1624 Paignton
908 Dottin Nicholas B1624 s/o Geo Slapton
909 Bastard Richard B1612 s/o Wm, wife Joan Slapton
910 Haseldon William Bn abt 1625 Slapton
911 Palmer John    
912 Putt John M1643 Brixham
913 Seymer Richard Seymour Berry Pomeroy? Died US?
914 Seymore Richard   Berry Pomeroy?
915 Putt Peter M1645 Brixham
916 Crout John Bn abt 1574, wife Alice Brixham SM
917 Friend Richard M1641 Brixham
918 Geale? Thomas    
919 Dyer Richard B1592 s/o George Dartmouth SS
920 Hollacombe William B1577 s/o William Stoke Fleming
921 Langmead Philip M1635 Brixham
922 Pettcohn? John   Brixham?
923 Wakeham William M1656 Brixham
924 Bowden Gilbert M1605 Brixham
925 Glazer Thomas    
926 L? Lewis    
927 Skinner Lewis B1607 s/o Wm Brixham
928 Langdon Richard Bn abt 1601 Brixham
929 Vittery Robert M1604 Brixham
930 Kelly John M1640 Brixham
931 Maddick Francis B1602 s/o Edw Brixham
932 Painter Thomas    
933 Powell Walter B1612 s/o Humphrey Ottery SM
934 Hannaford William B1630 s/o Andrew Brixham Sm
935 West John M1636 Churston Ferrers
936 Brampton Thomas    
937 Bailey Nathaniel    
938 Hodges Thomas M1615 Dartmouth SS
939 Cole George M1620 Stoke Fleming
940 Follett Philip    
941 Foster Edward B1606 s/o Thos Paignton
942 Clymer Thomas    
943 Adams Nicholas M1626 Churston Ferrers
944 Full John Bn abt 1625, wife Mary Churston Ferrers
945 Ash Richard B1598 s/o Thos Churston Ferrers
946 Knowling Nicholas M1611 Ashburton?
947 Horwell James    
948 Pepperell William    
949 Davey John B1606 s/o Nich Wolborough & Newton Abbot
950 Lyne Nicholas    
951 Veale John   Slapton
952 Phillips John M1621 Slapton
953 Hine Nicholas M1645 Slapton
954 Stephens William B1594 s/o Wm Slapton
955 Andrews John B1614 s/o John Slapton
956 Farr Robert B1614 s/o Robert Kingsbridge
957 Farr John Bn abt 1584 Slapton
958 Haseldon Edward M1641 Slapton
959 Miner Richard    
960 Grant John M1621 Slapton
961 Andrews Willard M1646 Slapton
962 Camp Bennett Bn abt 1620, wife Joan Slapton
963 Stephens Jo M1602 Stoke Fleming
964 Haseldon Stephen    
965 Camp Richard M1635 Slapton
966 Wills David   Slapton?
967 Almond Richard B1610 s/o Rich St. Nicholas
968 Grant Richard B1617 s/o Wm Slapton
969 Woosmeston John B1621 s/o John Slapton
970 Dunning John M1661 Slapton
971 Lyde Edward Bn abt 1619, wife Rebecca Stoke Gabriel
972 Waymouth Matthew    
973 Draughton Michael    
974 Apter Gabriel M1640 Stoke Gabriel
975 Steer Samuel    
976 Torringe Richard B1616 s/o Christopher Stoke Gabriel
977 Penney Richard M1629 Berry Pomeroy
978 Butland Gilbert B1597 s/o Robert Stoke Gabriel
979 Walker Clement   Stoke Gabriel?
980 Adams William M1607 Stoke Gabriel
981 Adams Josias M1610 s/o John Stoke Gabriel
982 Miller Nicholas M1626 Stoke Gabriel
983 Elliott John M1611 Stoke Gabriel
984 Neile William   Stoke Fleming
985 Neile John   Stoke Fleming
986 Penney William M1644 Stoke Gabriel
987 Trust John M1592 Stoke Fleming
988 Cruse John M1615 Brixham
989 Will John B1596 s/o Nich Brixham
990 Edgecombe Robert Bn abt 1610 Stoke Fleming
991 Knowles F or P Bn abt 1580 Dartmouth SS
992 Deening John Denning  
993 Pretor John   Stoke Gabriel
994 Full Christopher B1596 s/o John Stoke Gabriel
995 Churchward William B1620 s/o Wm Stoke Gabriel
996 Holomer Christopher M1622 Stoke Gabriel
997 Churchward William M1618 Stoke Gabriel
998 Champernowe Edward    
999 Stephens Michael Bn abt 1600, wife Alice Stoke Gabriel
1000 Bound John B1622 s/o Henry Dartmouth SS
1001 Churchward Christopher B1604 s/o Wm (the sailor) Stoke Gabriel
1002 Adams Daniel B1612 s/o John Stoke Gabriel
1003 Churchward John M1618 Stoke Gabriel
1004 Haskin John M1654 Stoke Gabriel
1005 Adams John B1603 s/o John Stoke Gabriel
1006 Neile Richard    
1007 Creed Peter B1589 s/o Wm Stoke Fleming
1008 Lidstone Gilbert Bn abt 1590, wife Dorothy Stoke Fleming
1009 Halswell John B1616 s/o John Stoke Fleming
1010 Elliott Morgan B1588 s/o Nicholas Stoke Fleming
1011 Moore John B1604 s/o Hy, wife Amy Brixham SM
1012 Dawe John    
1013 Lambert James    
1014 Heyman Joseph Hayman  
1015 Lee Henry M1616 Stoke Fleming
1015b Miller Humphrey Bn abt 1607 Stoke Gabriel
1016 Full Lewis B1616 s/o Josias Stoke Gabriel
1017 Full Nicholas   Stoke Gabriel?
1019 Rumbelow William M1647 Stoke Gabriel
1020 Torringe John M1636 Stoke Gabriel
1021 Full John M1578 s/o Henry Stoke Gabriel
1022 Horswell David M1630 Stoke Gabriel
1023 Will Christopher    
1024 Hingston Thomas    
1025 Gardiner Nicholas Bn abt 1610, wife Eliabeth Stoke Gabriel
1026 Pike John M1627 Stoke Gabriel
1027 Churchward Matthew M1644 Stoke Gabriel
1028 Neile Phillip Bn abt 1605 Stoke Fleming
1029 Page Vincent B1591 s/o John Stoke Fleming
1030 Luscombe John B1616 s/o Thos Stoke Fleming
1031 Luscombe William Bn abt 1605 Stoke Fleming?
1032 Page Richard   Stoke Fleming?
1033 Tothill Thomas   Stoke Fleming?
1034 Cole Richard   Stoke Fleming?
1035 Elson William Bn abt 1611 Stoke Fleming?
1036 Putt Nicholas M1635 Stoke Fleming
1037 Halswell John M1599 Stoke Fleming
1038 Elliott William M1599 Stoke Fleming
1039 Dowrish Richard B1602 Topsham
1040 Full John B1598 s/o John Stoke Gabriel
1041 Jackson John B1617 s/o Gabriel Stoke Gabriel
1042 Dickson Gabriel    
1043 Lane Henry B1613 s/o Henry Stoke Gabriel
1044 Lane David M1620 Stoke Gabriel
1045 Miller John M1637 Stoke Gabriel
1046 Churchward William B1625 s/o John Stoke Gabriel
1047 Langman Vincent    
1048 Torringe Christopher M1638 Stoke Gabriel
1049 Treman Thomas B1607 s/o Peter Stoke Gabriel
1050 Adams William M1639 Stoke Gabriel
1051 Luther Richard M1665 Dartmouth SS
1052 Dodge Nicholas M1671 Milton Abbot
1053 Thomas Thomas    
1054 Skinner Bennett M1627 Plymouth?
1055 Elliott Richard    
1056 Garland George M1675 Plymouth
1057 Wakeham Thomas B1599 s/o Thos Dartmouth TS
1058 Penney William B1624 s/o Allyn Paignton
1059 Hendy Stephen M1657 Kingsbridge
1060 Browse John M1650 Stoke Gabriel
1061 Berry Richard B1594 s/o Andrew Stoke Gabriel
1062 Slee Gilbert B1617 s/o Wm Stoke Gabriel
1062b Slee George B1622 s/o Wm Stoke Gabriel
1063 Lane Samuel M1644 Stoke Gabriel
1064 Irish Elias M1663 Stoke Gabriel
1065 Evans Philip    
1066 Churchward James B1610 s/o James Stoke Gabriel
1067 Crewe Andrew Cruse  
1068 Boone Richard C Richard Clark? Boone Stokeinteignhead
1069 Full Jeffery B1624 s/o John Stoke Gabriel
1070 Churchward Richard B1615 s/o James Stoke Gabriel
1071 Jackson Christopher M1640 Stoke Gabriel
1072 Pond John M1622 Crediton?
1073 Jackson Gabriel M1673 Stoke Gabriel
1074 Jackson Nicholas Bn abt 1570 Wolborough & Newton Abbot
1075 Knight Robert B1580 s/o James Wolborough & Newton Abbot
1076 Churchward John B1623 s/o John Stoke Gabriel
1077 Downing John M1629 Stoke Gabriel
1078 Sheppard Nicholas M1630 Plympton? Stoke Gabriel?
1079 Getsius Daniel Bn abt 1612, wife Elizabeth Stoke Gabriel
1080 Full Josias M1661 Stoke Gabriel
1081 Full Thomas   Stoke Gabriel?
1082 Lane Thomas B1593 s/o Samuel Stoke Gabriel
1083 Butland William M1614 Stoke Gabriel
1084 Spencer Stephen M1616 Stoke Gabriel
1085 L? John    
1086 Peek John Bn abt 1615, wife Mary Stoke Gabriel
1087 Pfoce? Thomas Peek M1654 Stoke Gabriel
1089 Co-----? Stephen   Stoke Gabriel??
1090 Moore George M1639 Stoke Gabriel
1091 Downing William M1634 Stoke Gabriel
1092 Lane William M1634 Stoke Gabriel
1093 Lock Richard B1629 s/o John Ottery SM
1094 Hayward Edward B1603 s/o Thos Heaward Stoke Gabriel

Contributed and Transcribed by Thomas R. Cole (2011)

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