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Note: I copied this from a list obtained from Gosling Library in St Johns- Newfoundland Collection several  years ago.  I have recopied it, so it is prone to errors. I have listed the source-- those in St John’s can view the original copy , if they have questions.

Please let me know if you locate an error. (Brenda Young)

St. John’s


A list of the Names of Prominent People in the Time Newfoundland was Granted Representative Government A Project of the Provincial Archives


“We reprint here a copy of the alphabetical list of Grand and Special Jurors in St John’s in 1833.  This can be said to be a mini census and should be of special interest to researchers.

F Burnham Gill

Provincial Archivist

Dec 3, 1971




Grand and Special Jurors 1833

Alsop, Robert Senior

Alsop, Robert, Junior

Beck, Thomas

Boyd, John

Bennett, Thomas(MCP)

Brown, Robert

Bland, John B

Brine, John Senior

Brine, Robert, Senior

Bowring, Bejamin

Brine, Robert Junior

Brine John Junior

Bulley, John B

Boden, William

Bowring, Charles

Bennett, Thomas

Bennett, Charles

Boag(ck), James

Calver, William

Clift, James

Cruden, James

Carter, P W

Dillon, John

Doyle, Patrick

Dunscomb, John

Eales, John Junior

Francis, Edward

Fergus, James

Gaden, Garland C

Gaden, William

Gill, Joseph

Gill, Nicolas

Gill, Nicolas Junior

Garland, John Brigley


Grieve, Walter

Harvey, William I

Hawson, Henry

Hogan, Timothy

Howley, John

Hutchings, Monier

Howley, Richard-Special

Hunt, Charles-Special

Jennings, John

Jordan, William

Job, Robert

Job, Thomas

Keough, Patrick

Kent, James

Kydd, William

Kent, John

Langley, Richard

LeMessurier, Peter

LeMessurier, Abram

Landey, William

McGibbon, John

Morris, Patrick

McLea, Kenneth

McBride, James

McCallum, Charles

Morris, Simon

Mudge, Samuel

Mudge, Nicholas

Murch, Hannibal

McGregor, Alexander

Marett, D P

Makellar, Douglas

McWilliam, John

Morgan, George

Nicholls, John

O’Brien, Lawrence

Perchard, Richard Junior

Rendle John Junior

Richards, William

Rendell, John M

Sinclair, John

Shea, John

Tobin, James

Thompson, John

Trimingham, Ralph

Thomas, Henry

Tremlett, InOB?

Thomas, William

Winton, Henry

Warren, William Senior

Warren, William Junior

Williams, Thomas

Williams, Richard

Wilking, N H

Warren, John




Petty Jurors

St John’s 1833

Allen, Michael

Allen, Thomas

Anderson, George

Ash, William

Atkins, Thomas

Aylward, James

Aylward, William

Ashwan, George

Aylsbury, Joseph

Aylsbury, Michael

Allen, Micael Junior

(copied from book)


Butler, Michael

Ball, Thomas

Barron, Lawrence

Berrigan, John

Barter, James

Barter, Thomas

Bearns, William

Biddiscomb, George

Bennett, William

Blake, Thomas

Blake, Patick

Bovey, John

Bray, Edward

Boyd, James

Bray, John

Brine, Robert

Brennan, Michael

Brine, James(1)

Brine, James (2)

Brine, John

Brown, Nicholas

Brown, Patrick

Brown, Philip

Buckley, Edward

Bulley, John

Buchill, William

Byrne, William

Byrne, Patrick

Byrne, Thomas

Brennock, Patrick

Buckley, William

Badson, Charles

Breen, Peter

Bickham, Thomas

Barnes, William

Brennan, Edward

Barter, John

Barney, William Jr

Coady, Nicholas

Casey, Thomas

Colliers, William

Creed, Samuel

Campbell, Archibal,

Carew, George

Carew, George

Carter, Pascoe

Cadwill, William

Callahan, Jeremiah

Carroll, John

Cary, Clement

Casey, John

Chancey, Lionel

Coxson, Mark Junior

Clooney, James

Clooney, William

Cody, James

Cody, John

Comerford, Richard

Collins, Patrick

Condon, James

Comerford, Michael

Conway, Richard

Cusack, John

Cormack, Patrick

Coughlan, Patrick

Coxson, David

Crosby, John D D

Croke, Nicholas

Cullen, Nicholas

Colbert, Redmond

Courtney, Richard

Cudihy, James

Cullen, James

Culleton, John

Cumings, Maurice

Cummings, Richard

Curran, Thomas

Culleton, Patrick

Comerford, Andrew

Cassidy, Patrick

Daymond, George

Donahy, Cornelius

Deady, Martin

Downey, Thomas

Dicks, John

Dooley, Patrick

Dooley, Garrett

Dooley, Thomas

Doran, Patrick

Devereax, John

Doyle. Patrick

Doyle, Thomas

Dunn, Michael

Dunn, Richard

Duffy, Thomas

Duggan, Philip

Dwyer, Daniel

Donovan, Patrick

Doherty, Edmund

Doherty, Francis

Deady, James

Daly, Michael

Doyle, James

Duchemm, Peter

Dammorall, Thomas

Doyle, Richard

Doyle, James,

Downey, John

Dwyer, John

Eagan, Hugh

Eager, William

Eales, John

Eastrom, Thomas

England, John

English, James

Eagan, Daniel

English, James

Flood, Patrick

Farrell, Matthew

Foley, Augustine

Finn, Edward

Ferris, John

Forward, George

Flannery, Timothy

Flahavan, Roger

Flahavan, Thomas

Foley, Michael

Furlong, Patrick

Foran, Patrick

Fogarty, James

Freeman, William

Freeney, John

Farrell, Maurice

Fry, John

Funcheon, John

Foot, John

Fitzpatrick, William

Foley, William

Flinn, Patrick

Furlong, Walter

Frenny. Edward

Gibbons, John

Grace, Richard

Glasscott, Thomas

Gorman, Michael

Gleason, Patrick

Grace, Pierce

Grady, Jeremiah

Gregory, John

Grace, Thomas

Gray, Michael

Hally, James

Hamlin, Hugh

Hatchett, George

Halligan, John

Hearn, Thomas

Howe, Robert

Hennessy, Daniel

Howlett, Patrick

Hickey, James

Horwood, William

Haddon, William

Houlton, Thomas

Hogan, James

Harding, John

Hamlin, John

Hannon, Andrew

Hauley, John

Hennessey, Thomas

Horroban, Thomas

Jordon, Patrick

Kilty, Andrew

Kearney, Owen

Kavanagh, Arthur

Kelly, John

Kelly, Patrick

Kearney, Dennis

Kielty, Patrick

Keefe, Richard

Kelly, Timothy

Keating, Geoffrey

Knight, George Senior

Knight, Thomas

Kinchila, Dennis

Kennedy, Edward

Kenney, Patrick

Knight, George Senior

Kickhaw, John

Knight, Thomas

Keating, John

Kennedy, Edward

Kendall, James

Knight, John(mariner)

Knight, John(ships carpenter)

Lacey, James

Lang, John M

Lawler, Edward

Leary, Matthew

Lannery, Richard

Little, Michael

Long, John

Lewis, George

Lovess, William

Lewis, John

Langley, Henry

Landy, Lawrence

Louis, Samuel

Molloy, Thomas

Martin, Joseph

McGrath, Philip

McCarthy, Owen,

McClarty, Adam

McCoubrey, Andrew

Murray, Thomas

McGrath, David

Morrissey, Thomas

MacKay, Patrick

McGrath, Thomas

McNamara, Thomas(1)

McNamara, Thomas(2)

McNamara, Michael

MacCassey, Lawrence

McClarty, James

Mahar, Patrick

Meehan, Michael

Mealley, Thomas

Maxwell, William

Mitchell, John

Mealley, Dennis

Moore, James

McCarthy, William

Moore, James K

Moore, Michael

Morrison, John

Moran, Edward

Moran, Michael

Morrissey, Matthew

Motley, Nicholas

Mulloy, Michael

Mulloy, James

Mullowny, Patrick

McNelly, Lawrence

Murphy, Lawrence

Murphy, Joseph

Murphy, Peter

Mullowny, Thomas

Mahar, Thomas

Merchant, Valentine

Malone, Richard

Murch, William

Myler, Thomas

Mainwaring, Richard

Moore, John

Murphy, Robert

Morley, David

McCabe, James

McGrath, Thomas(2)

McGrath, Dennis

Martin, George

Nowlan, Dennis

Norris, Alexander

Neal, Arthur

O’Brien, John

O’Neal, Adam

Osborne, Thomas

Owens, Michael

Omara, John

Pendergast, Michael

Parsons, Henry

Parker, Robert

Parker, William

Power, Thomas

Pendergast, George

Power, Edward

Pope, Matthew

Power, James(1)

Power, John(2)

Pitts, Thomas

Power, James(2)

Power, Edward

Power, Edward

Power, Patrick

Power, John(2)

Power, Robert

Power, Edmund

Quinn, Thomas

Quirk, William

Quirk, Maurice

Quin, Richard

Radford, Robert

Rossiter, John

Rourke, Michael

Ryan, Charles

Ryan, Stephen

Ryall, Thomas

Rennell, Edward

Rendle, John

Rogers, John

Scanlon, John

Sommers, Philip

Scanlon, Michael

Shea, William

Snellgrove, George

Snellgrove, John

Stacey, Charles

Stewart, Andrew

Stafford, Patrick

Stafford, Thomas

Stentaford, John

Shears, Robert

Shears, John

Stevens, George

Sullivan, John(1)

Sullivan, John (2)

Summers, James

Summers, Patrick

Sincock, Thomas

Sheppard, William

Satchwell, Thomas

Saunders, John

Tarahan, Patrick

Tarahan, Thomas

Tomson, John

Tobin, Lawrence

Toroan(?), Joseph

Tracey, James

Trelegan, Richard

Tucker, Thomas

Tubrid, james

Tyran, John

Tobin, Edward

Voisey, Richard

Vey, Christopher

Walsh, Edward

Walsh, John(1)

Walsh, John(2)

Walsh, John (3)

Walsh, William(1)

Walsh, William(2)

Walsh, Patrick

Walsh, Thomas

Walsh, Richard

Walsh, Walter

Walsh, Bartholomew

Wells, Thomas

Westcott, John

Whelan, John(1)

Whelan, John(2)

Whelan, Michael

Whelan, Martin

White,Lawrence, Woods, John

Weatherdon, William

Walsh, James

Woods, Richard

Woods, James

Wyatt, John

White, William P

Wiseman, James

Wills, Henry



This page transcribed by Brenda Young (March, 2001)

Page Last Modified: Tuesday March 26, 2013 (Don Tate)
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