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Note: This text was scanned and corrected. You may consult the original text of the 1974 publication

for corrections- it is widely available in Nfld book collections. 

The spelling of many names are unconventional.  Please let me know of any errors.

Brenda Young , Gander   March 3, 2001 


Living Conditions in Newfoundland, as Revealed in the First

Volume of The Royal Gazette.




For Printing a Weekly Paper to be

Intitled the

Royal Gazette asscf Newfoundland Advertiser,

Intended for the Diffusion ofUseful as

well as Ornamental Knowledge, News

and Liberal Amusement in General.


The work will be published early every Wednesday morning and sent to the houses of subscribers in town, and to such public houses, inns, etc., as the Outharbor subscribers may direct.

The Royal Gazette, &c., will be printed on a neat type and good densy paper, in a folio form. The terms of subscription will be One Guinea per annum, payable half yearly.

In order to evince the uprightness and in­tegrity of the Editor’s intentions, he will not ask for subscriptions in advance; he will first publish regularly three months, after which be makes no doubt every gentlemen whose name graces his list will readily pay the half year on demand.

As profession of service is no proof of sincerity, the Editor will not trespass on the time of the public with a line about the merits of the undertaking—time and experience will be the proper judges of its general utility.

Advertisements will be gratefully received and inserted at One Dollar a square for the first and Eighteen pence for each subsequent insertion.

The preceding articles include the general plan upon which the work is meant to be edited, and which it is hoped upon being properly executed will meet with the countenance of the public.

The Editor hereby pledges himself to use his host endeavours to render The .Royal Gazette a work of merit; and as far as his exertions or abilities will permit, worthy the patronage of the public.

Should a moderate number of subscribers previously offer, so as to afford a tolerable prospect of success, the first paper will be issued on Wednesday, the 6th of May next. By the Public’s most obed’t

Humble Servant,

(Signed) JOHN RYAN.

St. John’s, Newfoundland,

Sept. 10th, 1806.

Pg 1

Pg 2

,Subscribers’ Names

Thos. Tremlett, John Harries, John Rennell, George Thesiger, A. H. Brooking, H. Phillips, Dan. Coughlan,  John Broom,  - R.  Hutton, George and Thomas Keough, John Murray,

 Thomas Forth Winter, Alex. Miller,  Hunt, Epps & Gaden, William Elmer, Thos. Williams,

D. Rennie, Nich. and Jos. Gill,  John Ryan for George Elliot, Hunter & Co.,

Alex. Boucher, Thomas Meagher, Hunt, Stabb,  Preston & Co. R. Pike, W. Skerrett, Thomas Cook, James O’Donel for Dr. Lambert, John Houston, Wm. B. Rowe (2), Alex. Haines, William Haley, W. Tonge, J.Macbraire, James Melledge, Parker &Knight (4), Pat.Hines (3), D. Duggin, Dan.Codner & Co.. Crawford, Robertson & Co., Patton. Baine & Co.,

 Luke Maddock, Tim.Ryan, Wm. Goff, J. Williams, Henry Shea,  J. Ryan for W. Newman, Eighard Langley ,Walter MacAllaster, John Dowsley, Augustus  Mainson,   Jer Hearn,

 John Masters,  John Stentaford, John and Peter O’B. Riordan, John Bonver, George Winter, Adcombe G. Henley, Corelius Quirk, Philip Breenlen, Robert Parsons, William B. Thomas,  Henry  Batten, John Way, Richard Cooke,   Wm  Notting, Lionel Chancey, Joseph Krornagh, Wm. Best, John Barnes, Simon Solomon,  Peter LeMessurier, Dan. Marett & Co.,

 John  Barry, Wm. Walch, Timothy Flannery, Benj.  Walters, Pat. Flannery, John P. Grace,

John  Scott,   Charles Hutchings, David Brien (3), B.Johnson, John. Travers Peter McAuslan,  George Lilley, John Snelgrove, Joseph Costello, James June, Joseph Whiteway, Samuel  Prowse, R. E. Armstrong, Francis Hanlain,   Thomas George Mackim, Richard King,

R.Tuffe for Wm. Armstrong, Dominie King,  John Wall, Goss & Butler per L. Knight,

Bombardier Lindas, Wm. Noble, David Dodrick, Philip Christian, Capt. Muddle,

James  Anderson, John Murch,  Anthony Steward,  Alex. Hutchinson, Sergt. J. P. Klein,

Sergt.  Alex  McLeod, James Strikley, Robert Hammill, Mr. Parker. Mr. Linagar,

 Capt, Summerville, Dr. Thomson, George Trapnell, Thomas Murphy, J. Biggs, Dr. Trembell, Peter McKie., His Excellency John Holloway, Esq., John Villeneufue & Co., John Dunn,

 Mr. Lanlgey, Wm. Power, Miller & Fergus  , Arnall, Dalton & Arnall, Dinah Elliott,

G. Kemble & Co., James Kennedy, John Tanner, John Haley, Mrs. Geo Best, Dr. Dunnogan, Henry Parsons, Wm. Denning, Dr. Connors, Dr. Shea, Dr. Dan. O’Connor, Dr. Richard Shea, Joseph Tumbaun, Wm. Pinsent, Thomas Mullowney, Mr. Langley, Wm. J. Delany,

Thomas Ever. Dr. Sterling, Richard Kelan, Mrs. Maloney. J. Churchill & Co., James Brown,

Pg 3

James Cawley, Samuel Newman, David Dunell, Joseph Gover, Wm. Taylor, James Lane John and  R. Brine, Thomas Atkens, Richard Langley, Archibald Nevins, Richard Hammond,

 Thos. Murphy, Robert Dooling, Michael Murphy, Win. Branscombe, John Harvey,

 Wm. Phipard. Pat. Murrin for Wm. Power (2), Ml. Farrell, John Brophey, Robert Lee, George Hutchings, John Winter, M Warren (paid),Boden, W. Withycombe (paid 5/3). W Rendell, jr., John Williams, Wm. Stephenson, Murphy & Gleeson, John Burke, Walter Murphy,

 Follett, Hoyles & Co., Edward Kenney, John Godfrey, Lieut. Estaff, Wm. MacLeod,

 W. Warren, T. A. Ruggles, Francis Gillman (N. S. R. Quartermaster), F. Goff, John Steward, Wm. Kirby, Benjamin  Johnson, Joseph Church, John Byrne, Richd.  Purcell. R.A., Alex.. Dunbsten, Rover Angel,  Mrs. Withycombe. M. Neave & Sons, James  Sinyard, John Keith,

John Shuett, Michael  Currun, Pat. Murrin, Charles Jade, R. Keefe,  Arch. C. Dodd, Esg.. Richard Hooper. Mr. Solomon, Constable Phippard, Sergt. Grant,  Mr. Street, Sergt. James Brophy, John Duncanson, Sergt., John Congdon, Mr. Byrne, Mrs. King,   Adjt. Moores, Mr. McCarthy,   Sergt. Dent, Jacob Harbs, Mr. Roe (2),   Sergt. McCullach, Matthew Henesey.

 W. P. Carter, Sergt. John Brady, George Gutheridge. Sergt. Stewart, Williamson, M.D.,

Wm. Matthews, Stuart S. Hill, Rev. Parson  Vialette, Sergt. James Brophy, Mr. Warren,

 Stephen Woollcock, Jonathan Parsons,  Mich.  Curran, Mr. John Wall,

Thomas Dolentv &  Co.. Gosse, Chancey & Co., A. Nevins, Roberts & Moore,

 John O’Donald, Michael Hennessy, Robert Kenny, James Brown, R.A.,  Levi McCulloch, Parsons & Gover, Dr. James   Oakley, Mrs. Towill, N. Gibbs, Lieut. J. McNab, John Guest,

 Wm. Raystone, Thos.Parr, Esq.,   Mrs. Lilly, Kearney & St. John, Alexander Camel,

M. O’Lannigan,Note: This te Wm.Lilly,  Jordan & Henderson, Wm. Jordan,  Thomas Parsons, Wm. Adams, Philip Coats, Wm. Brien, H. E. Gaden. Wm. Cull Mr.Hampton, George Moulton,

 Peter Brown,  Richard Bishop, Rev. A. Fitzpatrick, Dr. Nich. Brand, Mrs. Butler,

Mr. McCarlmon,  Mr. Canada, Wm. Barnes.

  Source: Pages 162 and 163-When Was That? By H M Mosdell, M.B.

Together with an Appendix“St John’s Over a Century Ago”

by the Late J W Withers, St John’s, Nfld

Trade Printers and Publishers, Limited   1923

Reprinted by Robinson-Blackmore Printing and Publishing Ltd  1974



This page transcribed by Brenda Young, Gander (March, 2001)

Page Last Modified: Tuesday March 26, 2013 (Don Tate)

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