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Names of Protestant Families In Bonne Bay and on the Coast
from Trout River down

(A list and commentary compiled by the
Reverend U. Z. Rule based on 1872 data)

A List and Commentary Compiled by the
Reverend U. Z. Rule in Preparation for his Successor


Source of Material: Diocesan Synod of Western Newfoundland Archives 2012

This list has been transcribed by John G. Edgar from the original which is reposed in Anglican Diocese of Western Newfoundland Archives. To distinguish from Rule's original question marks (?), the transcriber question marks are noted as (t?). When text is crossed out, it means Rule had it crossed out. "CE" and "M" stand for Church of England and Methodist. The original document is 9 x 14 folded in half to 7 x 9 with each of the resulting four pages divided into 3 columns for what amounts to twelve 3 x 7 pages. The Rev. Rule's script is very, very fine.

Trout River

CE Mrs. Crocker from B of I
her husband was from England
she is mother & mother-in-law
of all in the place
CE George Crocker
CE W. Crocker
CE Luke Crocker
CE Charles Crocker
CE James Weller
CE S----- (Stuart?) Holloway England, unmarried

Bonne Bay

Woody Point

CE Joseph Mudge England
2 miles below the room
M Taylor Carbonear
M Tough Carbonear
CE *1Eli Roberts BB
Brother in law of
CE Eli Ellesworth Western Shore
CE Michael Eisan NS – many years in the Bay. His wife dead. Daughter of Mudge.
CE Sam. Parsons
CE Mark Roberts S. John's. England
CE John Roberts England
an old settler
CE *Mark Roberts BB
CE *Sam Roberts BB
CE James Welton West. Shore
CE Julien Chimeré France
CE Luke (Organ t?) S. John's Island
Son in law of
CE George Keanes S. John's Island
CE Moore brothers Prince Edward Island
# "Here lives (Albert Levis t?)2 from Port au Choix. RC. Wife's mother a protestant. Children come to school: receive precisely the same instruction as other children
CE Sol. Welton Western Shore
CE John Roberts S. John's
Son of Mark R.
CE Thos. Ayr West. Sh.
CE John Dicks Channel
CE Henry Dicks Channel
CE Thos. Reid} {England
CE George Hatcher} {England
CE Rob. Lewis} {England
(.) "A family here whose name I forget. Just came. I think Meth."
CE Jacques (Drugout t?) France
CE Joseph (Lunniggan t?) Conception B.
CE Matt. Paine BB
CE Philip Paine BB
Bed ridden. Imbecile (Someone, not Rule, has pencilled in what looks like "Died summer 1873")
CE John Murphy N.S. C
E Widow (of) Charles Hinds S. Georges Bay
Originally RC. Married a Church of England man and I have baptised all the children.
(Someone, not Rule, has pencilled in "Gone to Port au Choix")
CE Harris Labrador. England
CE Bailey Topsail _

Birchy Head

M W. Anderson West Sh
CE W. Lewis England
M Luke Anderson West Sh
M Matthews West Sh
M Major West Sh
Has been a long time in the bay. Have baptised
some of his children. Comes to ch. sometimes & pays.
M Perry
M Sillars
CE Childs Labrador – England
CE John Quick
Wife daughter of Childs
Have baptised the children
M H. Parsons
CE W. Barnes West. Sh.
Long time in the bay
CE His son-in-law I have omitted a little below.
I forgot his name. John Snook
CE W. Rake (wife from S. John's Island?)
Captain W. Rake deserted his wife in spring of 1871
Mr. H is M} Hawkins
Mrs. H. is CE}
CE James Baullem Carbonear}
Left for Conception Bay}
M Rich. Halfyard Conception Bay
Conducts services
CE Privel Preble United States
Has always been away when I have been in Bonne Bay
so that I have not seen him but once and that a very
long time ago.
M Rideout Conc. B}
Preaches, lost at sea}
CE Joseph Hodge Carbonear
Son-in-law of
CE Alfred White Carbonear
CE Duncan Laing Carbonear
Son-in-law of White
CE Levi White Carbonear
CE James Laing
M Fred Follett Carb.
CE Archibald Laing
M Albert Johnson Carb.
CE James Goosney Labrador
M Mrs. Butt Carb.
Almost a churchwoman. Have baptised their last child.
(Some t?) time in the Bay.
M John Dwyer Carb.
Son-in-law of Mrs. Butt
CE Jesse Young Port au Choix
CE Ab. House Daniel's H.
CE W. Young S. John's Island
CE Jo. Keanes S. John's Island
CE Thos. Young S. John's Island

These are the last up. I have omitted two Methodist families who had just built under Birchy Head but were not quite settled, whose names I forget.

Also two families, one of them Moor; who are building about a mile below Birchy Head.

And two who were going to build near the Young's, who were not in the Bay when I was there.

Coming down on the opposite side.

First there's a number of Irish people, all of whose names I do not know. Then,
M David Winsor Greenspond (or near)
M John Thorn (Thoms t?)
Son-in-law of Winsor ditto
CE John Babcock
CE Isaac Snow
CE James Springland or, Spignel3
CE G. White Son –in-law of
CE W. Thoms (Thomas t?)
M Eli Hann Greenspond
M G. Tucker ?
M Thos. Hann Greenspond
M Jesse Hann ditto
M Ch. Winter ditto
M John Hann ditto

The Hann's were churchmen. I have baptised one if not both of Winter's children. The one I am certain of was in Lark Harbour.

RC W. Jones
His wife of the C. of E. Has been much hurt by his relatives on acc. of religion. On that acc. her husband removed from B. of I. where they are. The first child baptised by the R. P.4 is dead.
The second I baptised last summer.
M George Watt (single) Conc. B.
CE Burden
R. Davis (t?)
I forget whether Meth. or R.C.
M Ch. Taylor Labrador. Conc. B.
M Sam Kennedy Lab. Conc. B.
M Thos Rumbold Lab. Conc. B.
CE Jos. Chulker (t?) Salmon River
CE John Reid son of W. Reid sen
Congr. Jim Reid
W. Reid sen
Then is a son-in-law of Mr. Reid
M --------Sam Rideout. I forget where he lives.

Gad's H.

CE Mrs. Samms} {St. John's Island
CE Mrs. Organ} {Mrs. O. and B. are
CE Mrs. Burridge} {sisters of Mrs. Samms' husband.


Norris Point

CE Mrs. Organ} {
Mother of Mrs. Samms} {
CE Mrs. Organ, jun} {S. John's Island5 Daughter-in-law of Mrs. Organ sen} {Very respectable people
CE Uriah Organ, son of Mrs. Organ sen} {

CE Mrs. Harding West. Sh.
CE Matt. Smith West Sh.
CE Whittle West. Sh.
CE Dolimount West. Sh.
CE John Smith West. Sh.

CE George Decker Lobster Cove

CE {W. Humber BB
{James and Jesse
CE Ph. Paine BB
In Wild Cove

At the north entrance of Bonne Bay is Rocky Harbour

CE W. Paine Cow Head
CE James Decker England
Father-in-law of Paine and Young
CE Manuel Decker
Son of James
CE W. Young

CE ? West Sh.
CE ? West Sh.
CE ? West. Sh.

A wretched drunkard!
Well-disposed children, much to be pitied, as also is an apprentice from Jersey, John Enwood (t?), a boy well-brought up.

CE Andrew Ellsworth West. Sh.

Lobster Cove

CE Jesse Decker England
A decent old man if it were not for drink. A very respectable wife and family.
Father-in-law of
CE Edwin Paine Green Point
CE Robert Paine ?

Green Point

CE Josiah Paine
A poor old sot. (t?) Has a very respectable wife and children well- brought up by their mother. Father of the settlement.
CE Josiah Paine (jun.) Gr. Pt.
CE Charles Dodd S. John's

Broom Point

CE. Mrs. Short & son
CE W. Gilley son-in-law of Mrs. S.

S. Paul's River

CE Elias Gifford England
"The Hermit"

Cow Head

R Charles Benoit S. George's Bay
Wife d. Of W. Hutchins
Or rather of his wife (illegitimate)
Turned after the marriage some years ago
I have baptised the last children.
CE Ch. Paine C.H.
My host
CE Heulin Western Sh.
CE Ch. Vincent C.H.
CE W. Hutchins sen England
CE W. Hutchins jun C.H.
CE John Paine C.H.
R John Benoit
His wife d. of Hutchins.
Bapt. His last child (hypoth.)

Parsons Pond

CE Mrs. Paine B. of I.
CE Sam Paine (her son)

Daniel's H.

CE Mr. Biggins England
CE Mrs. House (Transcriber Note: "John House" is pencilled in here, but not by Rule.)
CE Brophy N.S.
CE Guichard6 France
CE Perry
CE Mar Flower's Cove
CE S. Short (unmarried)

Transcriber's note: Pencilled in, but not by Rule:

"Thos. Wealan"
"Moses Kennedy"
"Felix McCarthy"
"Jos. Brown"


CE Levi House England I think.
Transcriber's note: Pencilled in are
"Levi House"
"Wm. House"

River of Ponds

CE David House Daniel's H.
CE Ch. Paine Cow Head
? James Chennix
Transcriber's note: Pencilled in, but not by Rule is
"William Perry, Mrd John House's d."
Joseph Clarke, a widower

Total C of E Meth. Presb. R.C. ]
Bay of Islands 75 17 8 Besides the mill people About 70
Bonne Bay 71 34 0 About 20
Coast – Trout R. to R. Of Ponds 42 0 0 The two Benoits in Cow Head

There may possibly be in one of the registers, a list of the names of families further down the coast till we get into the Flower's Cove Mission. This list I obtained of Commander Knowles of the Lapwing.
1 Rule's * here and below refers to "Son of John Roberts".
2 Transcriber's note: Likely, "Lavers" later.
3 Rule said this.
4 Transcriber's note: Likely an abbreviation for "Roman Priest".
5 Transcriber's note: Rule indicated all three were from St. John's Island and all were very respectable people.
6 Rule made note: "Guichard and Mar are RC but they have married C. of E. women and practorially are Protestants.

Contributed by Alexander Payne (April 2012)

Page Last Modified May 02, 2012 (Don Tate)

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