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List of Inhabitants of the French Shore, Newfoundland
District of Labrador

Source : Journals of the Council, Newfoundlamd -
1873 Bradore to Chateau Harbor
Taken by Charles G F Knowles Commander of HMS Lapwing

Name of Place Name of Settler Wife & # of Children  
Bradore Mr T Jones W and 8  
  Elijah Cribbe W and 4  
  Thomas Buckle W and 5  
  Louis Merauncey    
  John Brown W and 4  
Gulch Cove & Long Point G S Etheridge W and 1  
  ????? Yea W and 4  
  John Bodman W and 3  
  Alexander Onmas W and 8  
  Thomas Colombe    
  Widow Libadie    
Blanc Sablon ????? Tuff W and 5  
  ????? Taylor W and 3  
  Charles Phillips    
  John Major    
  Thomas Savalee    
  James Beaudoin    
  Leo Beaudoin    
  George Smoth    
  Octave Setemplier    
L'anse St Clair Peter Letto W and 6  
  Joseph Godfrey    
  William Wallis W and 6  
  James Dumaresqu    
  James Fichy W and 1  
  Samuel Goldie    
  Louis Baudoin W and 2  
  Thomas Joncour W and 5  
Forteau Bay Edward Cribb W  
  Joseph Hancock W and 4  
  Philip Flinn W  
  Thomas Flinn W and 6  
  John Jamieson W and 3  
  Joseph Buckle W and 7  
  Nathaniel Andrews W  
  Noah Bell W and 8  
  Mr. Fred Davis W and 3  
  James Farnes W  
Amour LightHouse Captain Gurdie W  
Fox Cove Patrick McDonald W  
L'anse Loup Michael Burke    
  Thomas Linstead W and 3  
  Charles Ryland W and 1  
  John Barney W and 6  
  John Barber W and 4  
L'anse Diable Michael Moore W  
  Richard Marshall W and 4  
  Joseph Dunot W and 4  
  John Glynn W and 2  
Capstan Island Widow Buckle    
  John Buckle W  
  Alfred Buckle W  
  William Buckle    
Western St Modeste William Fowler W and 7  
  John Fowler 3  
  Edward Pike W and 10  
  Solomon Pike W and 3  
  Sampson Pike W and 2  
  Christopher Pike W and 2  
  Henry Beales W and 9  
  William Odell W and 2  
  Philip Dinere W and 9  
  John Snow W and 5  
  John Abraham W and 3  
  Edward Lowe W and 1  
  T Mcdonald W and 5  
  S Mcdonald W and 1  
  Octavo Corro    
Ship Head & Pinware William Odell W and 5  
  Henry Odell W and 1  
  Luke Odell W and 5 Wife Keeps School
  Mark Odell W and 4  
  James Navy W and 1  
  Thomas Elworthy W and 4  
  Hugh Odell W and 3  
Eastern St Modeste George Lilly    
  Joseph Lilly    
  William Lilly    
  Frederick Butt    
  George Dorey    
Carrol's Cove John Lanergan W and 4  
  Robert Marshall W and 4  
  Edward Trachy W and 5  
Red Bay John Bailey    
  Nathaniel Pike    
  William Yetman    
NOTE: None of the families at Chateau and Henley Island are residents:      
They all return to Carbonear, Bay of Islands and other places in the fall      
Henley Island Philip Hunt    
  James Hunt W and 3  
  M Kennedy, Sr W and 5  
  Michael Kennedy W and 1  
  Samuel Parsons W and 5  
  Richard Parsons W and 3  
  Widow Duggan 5  
  John Duggan W and 3  
  James Noel, Sr 2  
  Thomas Noel W and 3  
  Charles Noel W and 3  
  Jordan Noel W and 2  
  John Noel W and 5  
  William Hilyard W and 4  
Morris Island John Moore W and 3  
  Richard Moore W and 4  
  Reuben Taylor W  
Castle Island Ed Bemister, Sr 1  
  Edward Bemister W and 3  
  John Bemister W and 4  
  Charles Stone, Sr W and 6  
  George Stone W and 5  
  W Kennedy, Sr 2  
  W Kennedy W and 1  
  Jonathan Taylor W and 1  
  Joseph Clark W and 3  
  John Taylor W and 3  
  George Taylor W and 2  
  George White W  
  Thomas Baldwin W and 2  
  Michael McCarthy    
  James Rockets W and 3  
  Francis Drake W and 1  
  Charles Stone W and 5  
Chateau Harbor Francis Clarke    
  R Brodericks    
  William George    
  John Clarke    
  Moses Clark    
  Frederick Clarke    
  John Clarke    
  Joseph Brodericks    
  Thomas George    
  Johanthan George    
  George Baggs    
  Flor McCarthy    
  John McCarthy    
  A McCarthy    
  Richard Massel    
  Edward Penny    
  Robert Joyce    
  John Butt    
  John Butt    

Transcribed by Floyd Letto (May 2005)

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