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Newfoundlanders in the 1851
Devon, England Census.


ADAMS Ann Wife 1791 St Nicholas.
ADAMS Mary Wife 1817 Paignton.
BIRD George Vist 1824 St Petrox.
BOWRING Fanny Gdau 1846 Moreton Hampstead.
BOWRING Henry Gson 1849 Moreton Hampstead.
BOWRING Thomas Benjamin Neph 1848 bn Saint Johns - Moreton Hampstead.
BOYLE Mary Head 1803 bn St Johns- Stoke Damerel.
BURTON My. J. Gdau 1850 bn St. John's- West Teignmouth.
BUTTERISS Charles Neph 1841 bn St Johns - St Saviour.
CALES Frances E. Head 1831 Brit Subj - Harberton.
COCKEMAN Sarah Head 1802 British Subject - Topsham.
CORNHILL George R. Head 1823 Paignton.
CREWS John B. Head 1816 Wolborough.
CROSSING Elizabeth Wife 1818 Totnes.
DASPER William Lodg 1821 Tormoham.
EALES Jessie A. Daur 1837 British Subject-Paignton.
FARRELL James Son 1836 Stoke Damerel.
FARRELL Michael Son 184 Stoke Damerel.
FEILD William Isaac Neph 1842 St James Newfoundland - Ilsington.
FORD Thomas Vist 1839 Thurlestone.
GORDON Mary A. Wife 1817 St Johns - Birmingham.
GREEN James Head 1813 St John - Coventry St Michael.
GREGORY John Cole Son 1836 St Saviour.
HARDING Emma Head 1810 Totnes.
HARDING Mary Paup 1780 Newfoundland America - Wolborough.
HARRIS Jane Wife 1815 Plymouth Charles Martyr.
HARRIS Joseph Page 1836 St John (British Subject) -Tormoham.
HART Joseph Head 1780 Kingswear.
HAYMAN Mary Wife 1789 Littleham In St Thomas.
HEATH John Head 1819 (British Subject) - Tormoham.
HORE Elizabeth Daur 1843 St Johns - St Nicholas.
HOUSE Thomas Son Lame 1786 Plymouth St Andrew.
KNIGHT James Sabine Lodg 1822 Cheriton Fitzpaine.
LACEY Henry Head 1816 Twillingate (British Subject) - Townstall.
LANGMEAD Catherine Head 1793 British Subject - St Saviour.
LAUGHARNE Caroline Vist 1825 St John British S. - East Stonehouse.
LEGG Harriett Wife 1821 Totnes.
LEMON Eleanor Wife 1815 Fortune Bay Newfoundland - Tormoham.
LOW John Head 1778 St Johns - Ipplepen.
MARE Ann Wife 1793 Northlew.
MARSHALL Thomas Lethbridge Son 1826 (British Subject)- Warwick St Nicholas.
MEADOWS Jane Daur 1833 Plymouth Charles Martyr.
MILLER Jane W. Daur 1845 St Johns- Brixham.
MILLER Mary A. Daur 1847 St Johns- Brixham..
MINEARD George Edward Son 1839 St. John - Tormoham.
MINEARD Hannah Matilda Daur 1837 St. John - Tormoham.
MINEARD Mary Isabella Daur 1836 St. John - Tormoham.
MINEARD Sarah Wife 1813 St. John - Tormoham.
MUDGE Eliza Louisa GDau 1840 . St. John (B S) - Tormoham
MUDGE Mary M. Daur 1839 Wolborough.
NICHOLS John Son 1832 Plymouth St Andrew.
NORRIS Frederick Head 1824 Newfoundland Femstand - East Stonehouse.
NORRIS Mary Ast. Wife 1824 St Johns - Brixham.
OLDFIELD Aldred Bord 1836 British Subject - Plymouth St Andrew.
PACK John Lodg 1822 St Johns - South Brent.
PALMER Sarah Niec 1829 Exeter St Sidwell.
PEARCE Mary Ann Moth 1799 Brixham.
PERREYMAN Thomas Head 1823 (B. S.)- East Teignmouth.
PERRYMAN Elizabeth Head 1797 (B. S.)- East Teignmouth.
PERRYMAN George Head 1819 B.S. - West Teignmouth.
POARNES (BABBAGE) Sarah E. S Dau 1823 St Johns - Exeter St Sidwell.
POLAND William Son 1848 St Nicholas.
POPE Richard Head 1818 St Johns - Paignton.
PROCTER George Wm. Son 1822 St Johns - Stoke Damerel.
REAL John Head 1786 Trinity Harbour - Axmouth.
RENDELL George M. Gson 1845 St John - St Nicholas.
ROWE Ann Head 1805 Newfoundland-NOA - Tormoham
RUSSELL William Lodg 1818 Newfoundland Bareen - Kings Lynn St Margaret.
SEARLE Selina Serv 1827 (British Subject) - Heavitree.
SHANKS (BUCHAN) Mary A. Daur 1824 St Johns - Stoke Damerel.
SHARLAND Sarah Serv 1827 Dawlish..
SHIPCOTT Susan Head 1823 St Johns - Exeter St David
SOPER Melina Bord 1842 Egg Buckland.
STABB Agnes P. Cous 1822 Exeter St Sidwell.
STEVENS Maria Appr 1834 Cape Royal Newfoundland - East Teignmouth.
STOKES Sarah Head 1778 B Subject - Plymouth Charles Martyr.
STONE Richard C. Head 1776 East Teignmouth.
TOLLER Elizabeth Serv 1787 Dawlish.
TUCKER Joseph Head 1796 Slapton.
WALLAS Elizabeth Head 1831 Dittisham.
WALSH Elizir Inmt 1816 St Johns (British Subject) Yardley.
WALTON Mary Serv 1821 Rugby.
WHITE William Head 1816 . St Johns - St Marychurch
WICKS Wm. Head 1830 Stoke Damerel.
WILCOCKS Mary Daur 1810 East Teignmouth.
WRIGHT Albert Vist 1835 Plymouth Charles Martyr.
YOULDEN Christiana Head 1773 (Brit Subjt) - Kenton.

Contributed by Thomas Cole (March 2012)

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