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        John Henry Webb (d) May 19,1895, age 14
        Matthew Webb (d) Oct.9,1924, age 50,h/o Mary A.Webb
        w/o George P. Degruchy
(d)Apr.17,1956, age 64y.7m.
        James Philip s/o George &
        Elizabeth Degruchy,
  age 23
        Susannah w/o George Degruchy (d)Aug.5,1926, age64
        Gerald c/o Gerald &
        Esther Rose
(d)Jan.10,1928, age 1m.5d.
        William Lenton Webb (d)Sept.6,1935, age86
        Jane Webb (d)Oct.18,1939, age 87y.10m.
        George h/o Mary Maria
        Goodridge Ball
(d)Aug.23,1917age 65y.8m.
        Maria Ball (d)Oct.10,1937, age 83
        George S. Mills s/o Samuel &
        Goodridge Mills
(d)Oct.2,1919 age 18
        Sarah Clothier (d) Mar.21,1894, age 56
        Richard Ball (d)Apr.24,1897, age87
        Alice Clothier (d)July 8,1904, age 11m.
        Nellie Genevieve
        d/o Mary Jane &
        Rupert Green
(d)Oct.1,1945 age 12,also d/ Annie (d)Nov.13,1939, age 2d.
        Mary w/o Elias Ford (d) Mar.30,1924, age 73
        Elias h/o Mary Ford (d) Sept.15,1904, age55
        Mary Grace w/o Enos Ford (d)June 12,1924, age 42y.11m.
        Enos h/o Mary Grace Ford (d)Nov.2,1926, age 51
        George Degruchy (d)Aug.3,1950, age 87
        Abraham Thomas s/o James &
        Harriet Durnford
        Mary Skinner (d)Feb.19,1899, age 60
        Amelia w/o John Durnford (d) Feby 16,1933  
        George W.
        s/o John & Amelia Durnford
(d)Dec.24,1933, age 61y.8m
        Erected by Matthew & Mary Durnford in memory of sons
        James W. Durnford R.N. killed Apr.8,1941, age 29
        Matthew R. Durnford (d) July 12,1944, age 22
        George h/o Sarah Green (d)Dec.18,1917, age 55
        Henry George s/o Frank H. &
        Bessie Clothier
(d) Dec.1,1919, age 11m.
        Sarah Elizabeth
        w/o Joseph Roberts
(d) June 24,1914, age 35
        Bessie w/o Frank Clothier (d)Jan.1,1919, age 20y.4m.
        George Clothier (d) Dec.17,1903, age 35
        Rosanna w/o Richard Clothier (d)Oct.7,1903, age 30
        William h/o Sarah Clothier (d)Apr.20,1913, age87
        John Richard
        h/o Amelia Durnford
(d) Sept.9,1924, age 81y.9m.
        h/o Mary Durnford
(d)Nov.1,1942, age 72
        Mary w/o J.R.S.Durnford (d)June 28,1931, age 63
        Mary Amelia d/o William &
        Phyllis Goodridge
(d)Mar.20,1928 age 17y.3m.
        Joseph Marks (d)Dec.10,1925, age 57
        Elizabeth Jane Maud
        w/o Samuel Symes
(d)Feb.29,1936, age 48
        Elizabeth w/o James Chapman (d)May 21,1945, age 72
        Ethel Jane w/o George Peters (d)July 24,1944, age 50
        James h/o Elizabeth Chapman
        who was fataly injured Feb.23,
(d) Feb.25,1931, age 58
        George Chapman (d)Sept.1,1905, age73
        w/ Rachel (d)May 9,1916, age 76
        h/o Martha Jane Chapman
(d)Apr.23,1895, age 30y.
        Mamie d/o Wm.& Minnie Syms (d)Sept.5,1933, age 1y.2m.
        Minnie Agnes w/o George Ball (d)Feb.12,1933, age 29
        Abram George c/o Norman & Winnie Ball (couldn`t read rest)
        Max Ball (d)Aug.1,1938, age 10m.
        John Edwin s/o Edwin &
        Elizabeth Durnford
(d)Apr.20,1913 age 22m.
        Edwin h/o Elizabeth Durnford (d)Nov.5,1934, age 58
        William Ball (d)Feb.22,1906, age 63
        John Ball (d)Oct.8,1902, age 85
        Erected by members of L.O.L.#78
        Thomas h/o Ann Warren (d)Dec.15,1921, age 58
        John Joseph
        c/o Mary & Wilfred Ball
(d)Dec.7,1926, age 4y.2m.
        Matthew R. Ball (d)Feb.7,1901, age 7
        William Cake h/o Susan Cake (d)Nov.21,1924, age 69
        John Ball (d)Nov.11,1933, age 81
        Edith w/o John Ball (d)Aug.13,1940, age 75
        Caroline Jessie
        w/o George W.Durnford &
        d/o Ann & Richard Oxford
(d)July 28,1915, age 21y.11m.4d.
        Broken headstone in church yard reads
        James W.Durnford R.N. killed
        by enemy action Portsmouth
Apr. 8,1941, age 27 &
        F Roy Goodridge R.N. killed in
        traffic accident in London,
(d)Mar.26,1943, age 26y.6m.
        Elsie Mary w/oJohn T.Buffett (d)Aug.9,1926, age 29y.
        Elizabeth Ball (d)Feb.22,1914, age 72y.
        Sarah w/o James Alford (d)Mar.2,1915, age 80y.
        James Alfred (d)May 26,1919, age 94y.
        Elizabeth Cornish (d)Nov.30,1919, age 73y.
        Susanna w/o Abraham Ball (d)Aug.8,1926, age 61y.
        Charles William Neil (d)Jan.28,1908 
        Ester Ann Marsden (d)Mar.9,1955 
        Martha Jane Marks (d)Nov.23,1958, age 85y.
        Samuel Symes (d)Aug.7,1958, age 73y.9m.
        Elizabeth F.Marsden
        w/o Emanuel Marsden
(d)Dec.6,1956, age 45y.
        Edith w/o George Green (d)Apr.8,1959, age 66y.
        George Symes (d)Nov.26,1964, age 87y.
        Harriet Durnford w/o James (d)Jan.30,1955, age 86y.1m.
        John William Durnford
        h/o Frances
(d)Sept.12,1965, age 65y.
        George Green h/o Edith Green (d)Dec.24,1967, age 78y.9m.
        Elizabeth Knott (d)Oct.2,1957, age 84y.
        Samuel Mills (d)Mar.8,1951, age 78y. (?)
        w/ Rosanna May G.Mills (d)Mar.3,1951, age 76y.
        Abram Goodwin Courtney (d)Dec.30,1949, age 73y.
        Benjamin Durnford
        h/o Effie Durnford
(d)Mar.25,1961, age 69y.
        Matthew Durnford h/o Mary (d)Nov.5,1953, age 74y.
        James Durnford h/o Harriet (d)Jan.9,1955 
        Norman Ball
        Drowned at Frambois C.B.
Feb.16,1949, age 36y.
        Mary M.Thorne
        w/o George Thorne
(d)May 25,1946, age 44y.
        Charles Hill (d)Feb.2,1949, age 96y.8m.
        Garfield Green, Drowned at Frambois C.B.Feb.16,1949age 28y
        Janet w/o Richard Chapman (d)Feb.4,1970, age 61y.6m.
        Samuel Beauchamp (d)Apr.28,1958, age 71y.
        Richard Durnford (d)Feb.6,1957, age 80y.
        John W.Buffett (d)Sept.20,1949, age 82y.
        Mary Buffett
        w/o John W.Buffett
(d)Dec.5,1943, age75y.
        John T.Buffett (d)Nov.1,1969, age 74y.10m.
        James A.Short (d)Sept.11,1967, age 70y.3m.erected by w/ Hannah
        Annie w/o William Marsden (d)June 3,1968, age 26y.9m.
        Matthew Spencer (d)Mar.13,1965, age 55y.11m.
        Sarah Spencer
        w/o James Spencer
(d)June 17,1962, age 83y.10m.
        Elizabeth Spencer (d)Jan.9,1955, age 72y.
        John h/o Elizabeth Spencer (d)Sept.8,1944, age 70y.
        Samuel Oxford h/o Amelia (d)Dec.21,1953, age 80y.
        Amelia w/o Samuel Oxford (d)June 22,1944, age 72y.8m.
        Rebecca Jane Roberts (d)June 8,1954, age 82y.
        Joseph h/o Rebecca Roberts (d)Mar.10,1952, age 73y.10m.
        John Goosney (d)May 11,1956(?) age 80y.
        Mary Ellen w/o Arthur Courtney (d)Feb.22,1943, age 60y.
        Arthur William Courtney Drowned Nov.13,1951age 71y.
        Fred Beauchamp s/o Samuel &
        Elizabeth Durnford
(d)Jan.5,1942age 24y.
        Sarah Spencer (d)July 7,1940, age 75y.
        Elizabeth Knott (d)Jan.6,1943, age 77y.
        Frank Allan Cox
(d)Nov.11,1944, age 27y.
        Edward R.Cox h/o Sarah E.Cox (d)Dec.12,1954, age 62y.
        Ann Oxford (d)Sept.7,1952, age 84y.4m.
        Richard Oxford h/o Ann Oxford (d)Sept.9,1940, age 74y.
        James Spencer (d)Jan.15,1917, age 55y.
        his wife Mary Spencer (d)June 30,1898, age 39y.
        John Thomas s/o Reid &
        Emily Durnford
(d)Jan.27,1911, age 13m.
        George Durnford (d)Nov.12,1898, age 58y.
        his wife Elizabeth (d)  Aug.29,1902, age 64y.
        Charles c/o Arthur &
        Mary Courtney
(d)Dec.16,1910, age 1y.5m.
        Susan J.w/o Abraham Spencer (d)Mar.13,1924, age 43y.
        W.Thomas h/o Gertrude Green (d)Mar.22,1924, age 30y.
        Fannie J.Childs
        d/o Joseph & MaryAnn
(d)Aug.13,1916(?) age 22y.
        Monica d/o James &
        Sarah Spencer
(d)June 21,1921, age 16y.8m. 
        Mary w/o Samuel Beauchamp (d)July 6,1926, age 38y.
        Elizabeth Beauchamp (d)Apr.22,1927, age 68y.10m.
        Elizabeth Spencer (d)Feb.4,1910, age 77y.
        Richard Durnford (d)Feb.19,1914, age 35y.
        Rachel d/o Matthew &
        Elizabeth Spencer
(d)Nov.22,1938, age 82y.
        John Philip s/o James &
        Louisa Beauchamp
(d)? 26,1919(?) age2y.
        Reuben Ball loved &
        respected by many friends
(d)Dec.11,1912, age 83y.9m.
        William Ball (d)Sept.15,1937, age 77y.6m.
        James Wormald (d)Nov.10,1920, age 77y.
        John Jos. J.Buffett
        s/o Geo.Benjamin &
        Charlotte A. Buffett
(d)May 28,1914, age 17y.10m.
        George Benj.Buffett (d)May 21,1902, age 32y.
        Abram John Ball h/o Rhoda Ball (d)July 20,1956, age 73y.10m.
        Rhoda w/o Abram John Ball (d)Jan.6,1960, age 73y.
        Susanna Harriet
        w/o Abraham Courtney
(d)July 5,1924, age 45y7m.
        Arthur Lynton s/o Abram &
        Susanna Courtney
(d)Dec.17,1922, age 21y.9m.
        George Henry Ball h/o Jane Ball (d)Nov.27,1950, age 71y.5m.
        Elizabeth Degruchy (d)June 19,1945, age 91y.
        John Philip F.
        h/o Elizabeth Degruchy
(d)Oct.5,1927, age 69y.
        EDith w/o Joseph Earle (d)June 10,1917, age 90y.
        Joseph Earle (d)Feb.10,1910, age 86y.
        Edith J.Degruchy (d)Jan.7,1942, age 45y.
        Emily Hilda May
        w/o George Peters
(d)Oct.9,1924, age 21y.2m.
        Elizabeth w/o William Ball (d)May 1,1901, age 59y.
        John Alfred Cornish
        of Poole Dorset Eng.
(d)May 20,1917, age 74
        Rebecca Cornish (d)Dec.23,1907, age28y.
        Jane Ball w/o John Ball (d)Apr.15,1860, age 59y.
        James MacDonald drowned Aug.11,1861, age 7
        Elizabeth w/o Ruben Ball (d)June 30,1888, age 62
        Matthew Spencer (d)Dec.9,1880(?) age 57

Transcribed by Maxine Staples & Trina Hire on July 8,2002.
Please allow for errors as we had to dig up many of the stones.
No doubt we missed some,but hopefully not many.
A special thanks to Gerald & Annie Courtney
for making our trip to Rencontre West possible.

Page Revised: August 2002 (Don Tate)

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