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Western Bay Old Methodist Cemetery
South Side Road, Western Bay,
Bay De Verde District

Partial Transcription (21 of ~25 as of 2000)

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This cemetery is located on South Side Road which takes you to Bradley's Cove. As I was photographing this cemetery, a local woman stopped to investigate my activites. She said, "the TUFF(s) buried in this cemetery were related to the TUFF family from Orchre Pit Cove". Many of the stones are unreadable.

  1. White marble headstone:
    The mother & ... Mark KENNAL Aug. 5, 1879, aged 35 years. Also their infant son Eugene died Aug. 7, 1879, aged 10 months.
  2. White marble headstone:
    In memory of William CRUMMEY beloved husband of ElizBTH Ann CRUMMEY who died 14th May, 1880, aged 46 yrs.
  3. Double grave, white marble headstone:
    In memory of Fanny S. PERRY beloved wife of Noah PERRY who died 13th April 1890, aged 29 years. Also their son Matthew died DecR 13th, 1888, aged 13 mos.
  4. White marble headstone:
    Erected by Caroline MILLEY in memory of her beloved husband John MILLEY who departed ... November 1800, aged 42 years.
  5. White marble headstone, damaged:
    Erected by Elizabeth SINCLAIR in memory of her husband Edward SINCLAIR who died Dec. 9, 1860.
  6. White marble headstone:
    In memory of Maurice WALSH...Born 1822 - died July 2nd, 1873, aged 51 years.
  7. White marble headstone:
    In memory of William KENNAL who died suddenly 3, September 1881, aged 70 years.
  8. Grey headstone, unreadable:
    In loving memory of ...
  9. Grey headstone:
    In memory of Mary beloved wife of James PENNEY who departed this life Feb. 1, 1851, aged 55 years.
  10. Grey headstone:
    In memory of Sarah TUFF
  11. Grey headstone:
    In loving memory of Sarah wife of Wm BENNETT (Merchant of Adams Cove) who departed this life on the 17th of DecR 1821 in the 20th year of her age.
  12. Large (4 ft. tall) grey headstone, damaged:
    Lieth the body of James TUFF who departed this life the 1st July 1815, aged 17 years.
  13. Large (4 ft. tall) grey headstone:
    Lieth the body of Joseph TUFF who departed this life the 23 June 1815, aged 21 years.
  14. Very large (7ft.) grey tile:
    In memory of William who died ...
  15. White marble headstone, damaged:
    In loving memory of Edward Walsh beloved husband of Julia Ann Walsh, who died April 2nd, 1888.
  16. White marble headstone, damaged:
    In memory of Stephen beloved husband of Mary Ann SELLARS who died July 6, 1887, aged 60 years.
  17. White marble headstone:
    In loving memory of mother Ellen KENNEDY who died Aug. 17, 1888, aged 76 years.
  18. White marble headstone, damaged, only half remains:
    ... died in January 1881, aged 21 years.
  19. White marble headstone, damaged:
    Sacred to the memory of Richard Stephen son of Edward & Elizabeth CRUMMEY and beloved husband of Amelia WILCOX, born Dec. 7, 1840, died ... illness, June 1, 1887.



Transcribed by Jennifer Nash, July 2000.

Page Revised: August 2002 (Don Tate)

Page Last Modified: Monday October 24, 2016 (Don Tate)

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