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Old Valley Road Cemetery
Grand Falls-Windsor, NL

Plot # Surname Given Name Birth Date Death Date Remarks
A-1 unmarked grave       A marble cross, looks like the top of a headstone
A-2 Currie Doris L. Sept. 4, 1915 Dec. 19, 1915  
A-3 Philip Elsie Fraser   Mar. 3, 1921 Age 35 years
A-3 Philip Ronald Murray Bernie   Feb. 6, 1940 Engineer with AND Co, died at Stirling, Scotland
A-4 Rowsell Elsie Harriet   Sept. 20, 1923 Age 9 months; child of George and Luta Rowsell
A-5 Osmond Edith   Nov. 16, 1918 Age 40 years; wife of Edgar
A-6 Osmond Edgar H.   Aug. 22, 1943 Age 69 years; erected by by his daughter Myrtle
A-7 Kelly Dorothy   Nov. 17, 1918 Age 10 years; (daughter of Gregory and Mary Anne)
A-8 Kennedy Catherine   11-Jun-34 Age 69 years
A-9 Aylward Rosanna   Oct. 3, 1919 Age 26 years; erected by daughter Mary Greeley
B-1 unmarked grave       concrete form, no marker
B-2 Huntriss John   19-Jun-12 Age 32 years
B-3 Kennedy Mary Ellen   Feb. 2, 1918 Age 48 years; wife of John Kennedy
B-3 Kennedy Richard   Apr. 16, 1924 Age 29 years -on side of mothers headstone
B-3 Kennedy Thomas   Apr. 15, 1918 Age 19 years - on side of mothers headstone
B-4 Foley Patrick   Dec. 24, 1924 Age 8 years
B-5 Blackmore Daniel   Nov. 25, 1920 Age 73 years; erected by his sons
C-1 Hayden Robert   Dec. 25, 1921 Age 79 years
C-2 Brown John Edward   Aug. 14, 1923 Age 29 years and 7 months
C-3 Colbourne Gerald G. Acherman   Dec. 27, 1922 Age 13 years; son of William and Nellie Colbourne
C-3 Pearce Abraham Ackerman Dec. 14, 1842 Oct. 7, 1924  
C-4 Martin Susan   Sept. 23, 1928 Age 86 years; erected by son Willis Martin
C-5 Ledrew Edith   Sept. 24, 1923 Age 27 years; wife of Robert
C-5 Ledrew Minnie   10-Jul-24 Age 11 years and 9 months, daughter of Robert and Edith
C-6 Sanders George Ernest   13-Jun-57 Age 89 years ONE STONE FOR ALL 4, CHILDREN ON SIDE OF STONE
C-6 Sanders Martha   28-Jul-60 Age 93 years - wife of George above
C-6 Sanders Ernest Frederick   08-Jul-16 Age 21 years and 3 months; son of George and Martha Sanders
C-6 Sanders Charles Herbert   08-Jul-17 Age 20 years and 3 months; son of George & Marth Sanders
C-7 Kelly Thomas   Nov. 28, 1919 Age 13 months; son of Ja's and Johannah Kelly
D-1 Mercer George   09-Jun-27 Age 31 years; Royal Nfld. Regt. WW1 1914 - 1918
D-2 Mercer Leslie   Oct. 8, 1943 Age 37 years and 4 months
D-3 Mercer Eleanor   Dec. 3, 1939 Age 70 years 5 months; wife of Charles Mercer
D-4 Mercer John R.   Nov. 17, 1924 Age 11 years 8 months; son of Charles and Eleanor Mercer
D-5 Foley Austin   11-Jul-20 Age 1 year 5 months; son of Bessie and Patrick Foley
D-6 Fewer Genevieve Grace   Oct. 27, 1924 Age 2 years 10 months
D-7 Fewer Margaret   Feb. 18, 1921 Age 8 months; daughter of Walter and Nellie
E-1 Ralph Doris Rita   Oct. 7, 1920 Age 4 years; daughter of Tobias and Jane D.
E-2 Lane Mary Ena   Jan. 24, 1923 Age 8 1/2 years; daughter of John and Beatrice
E-3 Foley Elizabeth   Dec. 15, 1943 Age 46 years; wife of Patrick
E-4 Murphy John   Jan. 16, 1925 Infant son of Jas & Mary
F-1 Bradshaw Jessie   Mar. 18, 1924 Age 44 years; wife of Francis W.
F-2 Bradshaw Francis W.   Mar. 5, 1948 Age 74 years
F-3 Dormady Anastasia   Nov. 1, 1921 Age 16 years; erected by mother Sarah Hullihan
G-1 Lemoine Ernest   Apr. 2, 1923 Age 46 years
G-1 Lemoine Evelyn   Feb. 17, 1922 Age 14 years, 10 months,adopted daug of Alice & Ernest Lemoine
G-2 Stroud Catherine   Nov. 21, 1923 Age 31 years; wife of Appleton Cleaves Stroud
G-3 Burry Edward B.   Nov. 18, 1919 Age 55 years - erected by his wife
G-4 Dwyer John Sept. 22, 1881 Nov. 29, 1950 Age 69 years; husband of Emma
G-5 Dwyer Emma   Oct. 5, 1948 Age 71 years; wife of John - honorary member of Victoria Lodge #318
G-6 Herbert Horace Montague May 3, 1848 08-Jun-19 Born at Wimborne, Dorset, died at Grand Falls, Nfld.
G-7 Johnson Ethel Winnie   Jan. 13, 1926 Age 14 years; daughter of O.C. & Mrs Johnson of Millertown
G-8 Cantwell William   Sept. 17, 1939 Age 77 years
G-9 Cantwell Teresa   Sept. 18, 1936 Age 71 years - erected by husband William
G-10 Cantwell Pierce J.   Oct. 23, 1917 Age 16 years - erected by his parents
G-11 Barron Pat   Mar. 6, 1917 Age 24 years - son of Michael & Bridget Barron
H-1 Fewer Robert   Sept. 18, 1925 Age 35 years; husband of Mary A.
H-2 Fever Mary   Mar. 17, 1926 Age 23 years - daughter of John & Maria
H-3 Green Edgar     Age 56 years
H-3 Green Randolph Cecil     Age 20 years ON THE SIDE OF RANDOLPH'S H STONE
H-4 Dwyer Phyllis   Mar. 16, 1927 Age 12 years 10 months; daughter of John and Emma
H-5 Oldford Mary Jane   29-Jul-18 Age 53 years; wife of Robert - HEADSTONE DOWN
H-6 Breen Elizabeth   Aug. 26, 1915 Age 15 years; daughter of John and Ellen
I-1 Mercer Austin   04-Jun-42 Age 79 years; husband of Ann Eliza
I-1 Mercer Ann Eliza   Nov. 10, 1950 Age 82 years; wife of Austin
I-2 Mercer Abijah   Jan. 9, 1915 Age 14 years; son of Austin and Eliza
I-3 Granter Thomas Dec. 7, 1919 Sept. 18, 1933  
I-4 Moss Susanna   Mar. 4, 1941 Age 84 years 5 months; wife of Robert
I-5 Moss Robert   Nov. 27, 1921 Age 73 years 8 months; husband of Susanna
I-6 Sullivan Michael J.   09-May-19 Age 55 years
I-7 Sullivan Mary E.   Feb. 14, 1915 Age 52 years
I-8 Boulos Joseph   Oct. 15, 1920 Age 6 years; erected by father Dominic Boulos
I-9 Boulos Paul Edward Aug. 13, 1911 Oct. 18, 1920 Son of Edward and Martha
I-10 unmarked grave       concrete headstone, ?? Who owns
J-1 Skinner Thomas   03-May-15 Age 26 years
J-2 MacDonald Matthew   Apr. 2, 1914 Age 20 years - HEADSTONE DOWN
J-3 Granter Darius Sept. 25, 1921 07-May-25  
J-4 Pretty Hayward   Jan. 18, 1925 Age 24 years; erected by mother and brother Herman
J-5 Moss ????   Apr. 6, 1925 Age 60 1/4 years; Wife of Rederick --TOP BROKE OFF HEADSTONE
J-6 McCormack Maria Cecelia   Dec. 30, 1924 Age 10 years 2 months; daughter of Patrick and Eugene
K-1 Waugh Charlotte Florance   Nov. 22, 1918 Age 19 years
K-2 Waugh Edward   Nov. 12, 1913 Age 74 years; erected by his wife
K-3 Waugh Jessie Bond   Dec. 3, 1920 Age 78 years; wife of the late Edward
K-4 Collins Robert Graham   Dec. 18, 1925 Age 23 years; son of Margaret and the late George
K-4 Collins Mary Margaret   17-Jul-21 Age 24 yrs; d at Montreal - daug of Margaret and the late Geo (on side of above stone)
K-5 Healey James Francis Oct. 10, 1918 Apr. 4, 1919 Son of Ja's and Margaret
K-6 Morrisey Garland G. 01-May-05 Mar. 18, 1992  
K-6 Morrisey Margaret     not deceased yet
K-7 Morrissey H. A.   Nov. 14, 1939 Age 74 years
K-7 Morrisey Mary   Dec. 6, 1929 Age 59 years
K-7 Morrisey Florence   Nov. 20, 1922 Age 19 years daughter of Mary
K-8 Hollahan Josie   06-May-18 Age 15 years; daughter of Elizabeth and James
K-9 Campbell Sadie Elizabeth   Jan. 30, 1911 Age 7 years 8 months; daughter of Roderick and Elizabeth
K-10 Shallow Eleanor Loretto   12-May-11 Age 10 months; daughter of Michael and Annie
L-1 Squires James   Dec. 23, 1908 Age 16 years; son of Charles and Sarah - HEADSTONE DOWN -
L-2 Unmarked grave       No marker
L-3 Green David   Oct . 17, 1931 Age 88 years
L-3 Green Susan   Sept. 11, 1925 Age 89 years
L-4 Pinksen Rachel A.   Mar. 3, 1914 Age 41 years;wife of Thomas
L-4 Pinksen Joshua   June, 1912 Age 7 years; son of Rachel
L-5 Boivin Leon Boivin   Sept. 2, 1910 Age 6 months 21 days
L-6 Hebert Dievet William   Dec. 24, 1915 Age 2 months
L-7 Duval George   Oct. 2, 1910 Age 26 years - HEADSTONE WORN
L-8 Shallow Annie F.   Nov. 16, 1911 Age 28 years; erected by husband Michael Shallow
L-8 Shallow Harry M.   23-Oct-11 Age 2 months. (on same headstone as mother above)
M-1 Canning George 1826 1916  
M-1 Canning Ernest 1883 1946  
M-1 Canning Lucinda 1881 1924  
M-2 Green Hubert E.F.   Dec. 22, 1924 Age 5 1/2 years; son of Edgar and Amelia
M-3 Parsons Margaret   Apr. 24, 1921 Wife of George -HEADSTONE BROKEN OFF & DOWN
M-3 Unmarked grave       CRACKED & IN THE GROUND
M-4 Unmarked grave       Wooden cross - FALLING-
M-5 Moore Sgt. James   Feb. 3, 1917 Age 21 years - Died in France
M-5 Jesseau Arthur   Dec. 22, 1923 Age 74 years -On the side of SGT Moores HStone
M-5 Moore Margaret   01-May-25 Age 2 years On the side of SGT Moores HStone
M-5 Moore Margaret   Mar. 25, 1903 Age 38 years on the back of SGT Moores HStone
M-6 Lane James   Feb. 25, 1925 Age 56 years; husband of Elizabeth
M-7 Unmarked grave       Next to the above stone, broke off in the ground
M-8 Foran Martha   Aug. 1, 1914 Age 60 years; erected by husband P.J.
M-8 Foran John   Dec. 17, 1913 Age 35 years; son of P.J. and Age 65 years --Father--
M-9 Foran Patrick   Oct. 28, 1918 Age 65 years
M-10 Foran Rose   Mar. 26, 1924 Age 61 years; erected by children
M-10 Foran Mary   Dec. 29, 1916 Age 41 years ON SIDE OF ROSE'S H STONE
M-10 Foran William S.   Jan. 17, 1915 Age 26 years ON SIDE OF ROSE'S H STONE
N-1 Unmarked grave       A Concrete form
N-2 Wells Edward July 14. 1852 Sept. 6, 1927 Born at Norton,Somersetshire,England
N-3 Gardner Mary E. (Stuckless) 1857 1941  
N-4 Gardner Martin   Mar. 23, 1914 Age 57 years Erected by his wife,
O-1 Gardner Martin   01-May-20 Age 29 years Erc by wife Catherine and Daug Leon
O-1 Gardner Gerald D.   02-May-17 Son of Catherine and Martin
O-1 Gardner Rosie   01-May-20 Daughter of Catherine and Martin
O-2 Gardner Jane Francis   Sept. 24, 1907 Age 16 years; daughter of and Mary Ellen
O-3 Bradbury Mary   25-Jul-1912 Age 30 years
O-4 Ryan Dermott Joseph   Feb. 23, 1925 Age 17 years Erc by his parents
P-1 Greening Anne Boyd Baird     Infant daughter of William J. and Julia Greening
P-2 Eastman Howard Stanley   Oct. 10, 1924 Age 8 months
Q-1 Way William Sept. 12, 1913 Oct. 28, 1913  
Q-1 Way Alfred J. Dec. 13, 1915 Mar. 15, 1917 Erected by parents Alfred J and Minnie, ON SIDE OF WM WAY'S HSTONE
Q-1 Way Harold S. Sept. 10, 1917 15-Jun-18 ON THE BACK OF WM WAY'S HEADSTONE
Q-2 Bishop Martha   Oct. 19, 1907 Age 46 years; wife of Stephen
Q-3 Boulos Louis Edward Feb. 28, 1918 Oct. 27, 1920 Son of Edward and Martha
Q-4 Boulos Solomon E.   Mar. 3, 1911 Age 11 months; child fo Edward and Martha
Q-5 Leonard Thomas   Nov. 14, 1921 Age 69 years --HEADSTONE DOWN
R-1 Carbery Mary   Oct. 1, 1915 Age 42 years; wife of Richard
R-2 Pitcher Cornelius   Jan. 7, 1928 Age 56 years -FATHER
R-2 Pitcher Bridget   Feb. 8, 1903 Age 34 years -MOTHER
R-3 Unmarked grave       A Concrete form behind Cornelius Pitcher
R-4 Unmarked grave       A small concrete form by stump in left back of cemetery
R-5 Kelly George   Aug. 11, 1916 Infant son of Albert and Mary
R-6 Unmarked grave       4 big iron posts - no details
R-7 Byrne Michael Joseph   20-Jun-17 Age 42 years; erected by Mary Byrne
AA-1 Unmarked grave       Concrete form, - darling child of THE REST GONE
AA-2 Gardner Thomas   Nov. 25, 1913 Age 21 years; son of Alex and Elizabeth
AA-3 Chamberlain H.B. Sept. 5, 1873 Sept. 5, 1917 A DOCTOR MD
AA-4 Roe MMargaret Theresa   Oct. 29, 1923 Age 16 months; daughter of Alex and Margaret
AA-5 Taylor Cecil Gilbert   16-Jun-15 Age 2 months 24 days; son of Gilbert O. and Edith M.
AA-6 Pilley Arthur   Nov. 9, 1916 Age 11 years-born at Hants Harbour & Killed at Bishop Falls
BB-1 Ray David   Mar. 3, 1927 Age 79 years - of Newcastle, England
BB-2 Ray Maria   Oct. 21, 1918 Age 48 years; wife of David
BB-3 Ireland William Thomas   Dec. 14, 1915 Age 22 years
BB-4 Ryan Margaret Julia   Jan. 23, 1922 Age 10 months 10 days; daughter of Louisa and George
BB-5 Ryan Louisa Mar. 23, 1892 Nov. 18, 1930 Erected by husband George
BB-6 Pinsent Elizabeth D.   Jan. 29, 1920 Age 21 years; wife of Leonard
BB-7 Ash William James   Apr. 12, 1923 Age 27 years 3 months; son of William Henry
BB-8 King Albert   Feb. 22, 1919 Age 11 years 5 months; son of Clara and the late Solomon
BB-9 Osmond George William   Aug. 4, 1917 Age 17 years
CC-1 Unmarked grave       a concrete form
CC-2 Brown Eric   Aug. 13, 1923 Age 15 years; son of William J. and Emily E
CC-2 Brown Gerald   Oct. 10, 1925 Age 13 years and 8 months; son of William and Emily
CC-3 Way William Arthur Oct. 1, 1911 Jan. 21, 1923 Age 11 1/4 years; born at Boston, son of Philip and Maud
CC-4 Granter Cecelia   Sept. 11, 1924 Age 42 years 10 months; wife of Darius
CC-5 Rowe Dorothy Jane   Dec. 4, 1924 Age 12 years 10 months; daughter of Reuben and Mary E.
DD-1 Brown McKenzie Freeman   Aug. 14, 1922 Age 3 years 1 month; son of McKenzie and Violet
DD-2 Hann John Sidney   Oct. 31, 1919 Age 1 year 2 weeks; son of John and Carrie
DD-3 Hann Vera Cavell   10-May-17 Age 15 months; child of John and Carrie
DD-4 Stanford William Martin Jan. 5, 1869 Apr. 29, 1919 Husband of Ida Margaret
DD-5 Butler Alfreda May   Oct. 22, 1921 Age 2 years 10 months; daug of Lena & George Butler
DD-6 Rowsell Gordon   Apr. 14, 1917 Age 21 years ; PTE. Killed in action @ Monchy
DD-7 Lacey Lucy   Oct. 11, 1918 Age 33 years; wife of Willis
DD-8 Rideout Susan Perl   06-May-20 Age 34 years 2 months; wife of Edward H.
DD-9 Gaulton Ralph   Nov. 21, 1917 Age 4 days; child of Kenneth and Mary
EE-1 Noftall Margaret Julia   Dec. 25, 1922 Age 10 years ; daughter of George and Laura
EE-2 Bond James 1856 1924  
EE-3 Arklie Douglas Oct. 31, 1885 Nov. 30, 1918 Born at Carnovstie,Scotland
EE-4 Unmarked grave       Concrete form, no details
EE-5 Ginn Abigail E.   Oct. 22, 1924 Age 37 years; wife of Peter
EE-5 Ginn John P.   Oct. 23, 1923 Age 73 years; father of Peter
EE-6 Ginn Lucy Grace   Oct. 31, 1918 Age 38 years; wife of Peter
EE-7 Arnold Eugene   17-Jun-20 Age 18 years; son of Parmenas and Susan
EE-8 Janes Julia Ann   Oct. 23, 1918 Age 28 years; wife of Charles
FF-1 Ericson Oscar Jr. 02-Sep-24 22-Sep-24 Grave Concreted over
FF-2 Chancey Lloyd R.W.   Dec. 2, 1922 Age 3 years 11 months,child of Weston & Dora -HEADSTONE DOWN
FF-3 Crocker Allison George   Nov. 20, 1916 Age 7 months; child of William and Emily
FF-3 Crocker Doris C.   Oct. 29, 1921 Age 7 months; child of William and Emily
GG-1 Fudge Elfreda Fannie   Feb. 18, 1923 Age 24 years; wife of Douglas
GG-2 Unmarked grave       A Concrete Form - no details
HH-1 Feaver John   07-Jul-14 Age 50 years; husband of Maria
HH-2 Curtis Pierce   Dec. 5, 1918 Age 16 1/2 years
HH-3 Hann Ella May   Nov. 30, 1918 Age 30 years; wife of Parmenas
HH-4 Clayson Eliza   Aug. 1, 1916 Age 70 years HEADSTONE FALLING
II-1 Fever George   Mar. 29, 1916 Age 3 months; son of Robert and the late Fannie
II-1 Fever William John   Sept. 11, 1917 Age 6 months; son of Robert and the late Fannie
II-2 Rowsell Edward   Oct. 4, 1924 Age 79 years; erected by his children
II-3 Butt Jacob   Nov. 16, 1917 Age 32 years; erected by brother Richard
JJ-1 Maidment Ezra   Nov. 6, 1920 Age 51 years; father of Edith B. Sanger
KK-1 Smith Gladys   Aug. 18, 1911 Age 5 months; child of Arthur and Emily
KK-1 Smith Mary   Mar. 5, 1912 Age 1 day; child of Arthur and Emily
KK-2 Sheppard Margaret Jane   14-Jun-25 Age 47 1/2 years; erected by husband George
KK-3 Follett Ruby Gwendoline   Jan. 22, 1924 Age 4 years 10 months; daughter of John and Bessie
KK-4 Cooke Wilfred Bronson   Nov. 4, 1916 Age 4 months; child of Emily and W.J.
LL-1 Soper Jonas 1850 1924  
LL-1 Soper Maria 1853 1928  
LL-1 Mayne Donald 1914 1921 Grandson of Jonas and Maria Soper
LL-2 Doggett Effie   Sept. 14, 1915 Age 3 months; child of Mary and Clifford
LL-3 Ridout Eliza   Aug. 20, 1915 Age 44 years; wife of Isaac
MM-1 Bishop Charles Sept. 17, 1898 Mar. 26, 1913  
MM-1 Bishop Lillian Blanghe Oct. 6, 1911 Oct. 18, 1912 ON THE SIDE OF CHARLE'S HEADSTONE
MM-1 Bishop Emma Annie Dec. 23, 1865 Nov. 20, 1912 Wife of George ON THE SIDE OF CHARLE'S HEADSTONE
MM-2 Unmarked grave       A concrete form, a Marble cross the top of a headstone
MM-3 Stratton Thomas W. Dec. 22, 1921 Apr. 22, 1998  
MM-4 Goulding Ida Mary   Apr. 16, 1920 Age 11 months; child of Stephen and Elizabeth
NN-1 Pardy Jessie   Jan. 8, 1926 Age 29 years
NN-2 Unmarked grave       A Concrete form
OO-1 Dart Wesley May 1886 Aug. 13, 1909 Age 23 years; son of Josiah and Ann
OO-2 Hicks Eva Violet   26-Jun-23 Age 14 years 10 months; erected by her mother
OO-3 Currie Maggie   Feb. 13, 1912 Age 27 years; wife of Thomas C.
OO-4 Stratton Stephen Charles Feb. 7, 1920 Mar. 8, 1922 Son of Philip
OO-5 Eastman Eliza Jane   Jan. 28, 1920 Age 16 years; daughter of Joseph and Louisa
OO-5 Eastman Gordon   Sept. 1, 1913 Age 5 months; son of Joseph and Loiusa
OO-5 Eastman Thomas Moore   Sept. 12, 1919 Age 1 years 9 months; son of Joseph and Louisa
PP-1 Silk Bessie Maud   Sept. 10, 1927 Age 29 years; erected by Thomas Silk
PP-2 Brown Arthur Thomas Oct. 27, 1905 26-Jun-1915 Concrete form with posts on corners
PP-2 Brown Sarah Belle Jan. 28, 1913 Nov. 18, 1918 Daug of Thomas and Sarah ON SIDE OF ARTHUR'S HEADSTONE
PP_2 Brown Harry Francis Sept. 25, 1911 Dec. 5, 1920 Son of Thomas and Sarah-ON SIDE OF ARTHUR'S HEADSTONE
PP-2 Brown Effie May 03-Jun-10 Oct. 27, 1910 Daug of Thomas and Sarah-ON SIDE OF ARTHUR'S HEADSTONE
QQ-1 Batstone Clarice Jeanette   Dec. 24, 1923 Age 1 year 9 months; daug of Samuel J. and Rose-HEADSTONE DOWN
QQ-2 House James P.   Sept. 25, 1924 Age 66 years; husband of Rebecca E.
QQ-3 Rowsell Worde   14-Jul-21 Age 29 years; son of William and Lucy
QQ-3 Currey Elizabeth   Jan. 26, 1918 Age 66 years; wife of William-erected by her children
QQ-4 Peaty Mary Ann   Jan. 22, 1918 Age 68 years; wife of Joe Peaty-erected by her children
QQ-5 Granville Eliza Ann   Feb. 6, 1912 Age 36 years wife of John H.
RR-1 Frampton Jessie   Dec. 9, 1916 Age 13 years 9 months; daughter of George and Sarah
SS-1 Thomas Myrtle Irene   28-Jul-16 Age 2 months; daughter of Ernest and Bertha
SS-2 Simpson William Nov. 18, 1865 11-May-11 Age 46 years; husb of Janet; born @ Auchterarder, Scodland erected by family and comrades @ the Papermills, Burneside, England
SS-2 Simpson Janet Courlay   Nov. 5, 1920 Age 54 years; wife of William born at Balernd, Scotland
SS-3 Simpson George   Apr. 11, 1924 Age 2 years; son of Janet and George
SS-3 Simpson Robert   06-Jan-27 Age 21 years; died at sea, son of Janet & George
SS-4 Small Edward Allan*1   29-Jul-04 Age 11 months; son of Edward and Dora
SS-4 Small Edward Edgar *1Loveridge   Dec. 6, 1909 Age 1 years 10 months; son of Edward and Dora
SS-5 Rowsell Raymond   20-Jun-20 Age 1 month; son of Simeon and Dora
SS-6 Rowsell Simeon   Dec. 2, 1922 Age 59 years; husband of Dora
TT-1 Hillier Louie   19-Dec-25 Age 59 years; erected by husband John -DOUBLE CONCRETE FORM
TT-2 Humphreys Annie   Mar. 9, 1929 Age 74 years
TT-3 McVane Anne Boyd   23-Jun-15 Age 5 months; granddaughter of Annie Humpheries; SAME HSTONE AS ANNIE HUMPHREYS
TT-3 Lake Dorothy Vere   Aug. 7, 1910 Age 11 months; daughter of F.W. Lake
TT-4 Budgell Harvard   Sept. 21, 1927 Age 24 years; son of John and Fannie
UU-1 Knight Gusele Mary   Sept. 6, 1914 Age 36 years; erected by husband John
UU-2 Unmarked grave       A concrete form - up by the side fence
VV-1 Frew Corpl. MacIntosh   Apr. 14, 1917 Age 19 years; killed in action at Monchy
VV-1 Frew Kitty Calt   Dec. 10, 1909 Age 13 1/2 years SAME HEADSTONE AS ABOVE
VV-1 Hopson Herbert   Apr. 20, 1919 Age 6 weeks ON SIDE OF THE ABOVE HEADSTONE
WW-1 Lind Henry J     Age 74 years A CONCRETE FORM
XX-1 Haggett Selina   Sept. 13, 1923 Age 54 years; wife of George R.-3 IRON POSTS
XX-2 Unmarked grave       A BROKEN OFF HEADSTONE
XX-3 Pinsent Francis   10-Jul-25 Age 47 2/12 years -HEADSTONE CRACKED
XX-4 LeDrew Graham Broomfield   Aug. 25, 1919 Age 17 years; son of Solomon and Isabella

Note: The following photos could nt be identified as to which unmarked or unknown item above they belonged to. If anyone can match up any of them for us, please let us know and we will add the information to the page. Thanks

  Unknown 1 ????      
  Unknown 3 ????      
  Unknown 4 ????      
  Unknown 5 ????      
Individuals known to be buried with no headstones (Pamela Bray Crawford )
  Bray Selby 1882 1969  
  Bray Jordan 1912 1925 Sarah Thomas's Son
Individuals known to be buried with no headstones (Shirley Foley)
  Drover Fred (information provided by Shirley Foley)
  Shapleigh Jane (Jennie) Cashe Davis Born May 7, 1847 Bedford, Maine, USA, died July 1, 1924 (wife of Herman) (information provided by Joe Shapleigh)
  Crann Samuel Gilbert Born March 12, 1907, died September 27, 1924 (information provided by Les Wheeler)
  Guy Eugene Gordon Born September 11, 1926 Grand Falls Station, died November 1926 Grand Falls Station (information provided by Les Wheeler)
  Dawe (Female)        
  Vokey Pearl Born 1905 on Railway Road, Grand Falls, died 1911 in Grand Falls at the age of 6 years. Pearl was the daughter of William Vokey of Spaniard's Bay and Emily Vokey nee Mercer of Mercer's Cove (information provided by Grace Collins)
  Southcott Doris RN nee: Wheatley and her infant son who died in 1920 in Grand Falls (wife of Raymond Southcott--they possibly married in England--possibly Presbyterian. (Information provided by Ron Southcott of Grand Falls-Windsor, NL)
  Tobin Gordon Of Grand Falls: My great grandfather, Mark Tobin of Witless Bay, is also buried at the Valley Road Cemetary. He lived with his son Micheal on the corner of Railway Road and Circular. Janet Gowlay died Nov 5, 1924
  Lane Mary Died Jan 24, 1923 age 8 yrs (Shirley Foley would say M-7 headstone as it is broken off in the ground with no details and next to James Lane) Janet Gowlay - from the book "The diocese Of Grand Falls & Harbour Grace", pages 281--282 )
  Smith Katie Hancock Died before 1929 age abt 36 yrs. (wife #1 of Caleb Smith who died June 20, 1956 - buried at the Salvation Cemetery, Windsor, NL) Info supplied by Grandson Aubrey Smith
  Griffin Monica 12 years old, Died Jan 29,1920, Buried Jan 31,1920; Daughter of Patrick and Sarah Griffin - Info supplied by Art Griffin
  Jackman Rita Age 18 years?, daughter of John and Mary Jackman of Riverview Road. Info supplied by Ann Power from Grandmother, Bride Glavine Jackman(wife of Joseph Jackman).
  Shea Richard Info supplied by granddaughter, Mary Leonard O'Keefe.
  Bollard George Age 16 years. Gertrude Hennessey, born Sept. 1, 1929, died age 6 months. Info supplied by Laurie Ballard
  Vivian Eliza (Dearin) Died 1924. Info provided by grandson, Alex Hamilton
  Thomas Elva Marie Born Aug. 28, 1920; Thomas, Gordon Anderson, born Jan. 23, 1924; daughter and son of Ernest and Bertha. Info supplied by brother, Raymond Thomas
  Hawco Mary Targett Age 81 years, died on January 3, 1933, buried on January 5, 1933. Info supplied by great-granddaughter,Josephine HAWCO Simms (verified from the death records at the RC Church, Grand Falls Windsor, NL.)
  Burke Jessie (nee Holloway) born Apr. 10, 1877, Matthew's Cove, Battle Harbour, Labrador; died on May 27, 1908, Age 31; first wife of Joseph Burke, one of the original surveyors of Grand Falls townsite. Source: Methodist Burial Register Grand Falls. Submitted by B Abbott, Harbour Grace, NL
  Braye Jordan Selby Born 1912 died Sept. 1926, not sure of which plot and it is most likely unmarked. Info supplied by niece, Pamela Bray-Crawford

Small, Edward Allan & Edward EDgar Loveridge*1 The Headstones for Edward Allen Small & Edward Edgar Loveridge Small at the Mill Cemetery on Valley Road have been broken and replaced twice. These children would have been my Uncles. Through research at the Grand Falls United Church at the insistence of my Mother, Lila Rose Small, We have verified the following dates. Edward Allen Small,Aug 1906 - 29 July 1914 Edward Edar Loveridge Small, 2 Feb 1918 - 5 Dec 1919 James P Reynolds

Transcribed and Contributed by Shirley Foley (May 2004)

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