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Salvation Army Cemetery
Valley Pond (Whales Gulch)
New world Island
Twillingate District

Partial (80 of ~85) as of 2002

*Note* This cemetery has no signage. Some of the stone markers had Salvation Army inscribed on them.

Surname Given Gravestone Inscription
JENNINGS K. 1891 - 1986 L/C NFLD Regmt WW I , wounded at the Somme. Husband of Katherine Clarke. Father of Humphrey, Margaret, Howard and Wallace.
JENNINGS Tobias Erected by his wife, Leah Jane and sons. In loving memory of Tobias Jennings, died Nov. 28, 1936 aged 49(?) years.
JENNINGS Margaret Jean In loving memory of Margaret Jean, darling daughter of Hayward and Pansey Jennings, died Aug. 28, 1939 aged 2 months, 3 weeks. Erected by Father and Mother.
JENNINGS Leah Jane Erected by her sons. In loving memory of Leah Jane Jennings, died Feb. 21, 1952(?) aged 68 years.
RIDEOUT Chesley In loving memory of Chesley Rideout, died Dec. 21, 1967 aged 76 years. Erected by daughter and son.
RIDEOUT Susanah In loving memory of Susanah Rideout, died March 20, 1960 aged 67 years.
RIDEOUT Terry H. Born 1955, died 1958 (Gravestone marker made of wood)
RIDEOUT Dora In loving memory of Dora Rideout, wife of Fredrick Rideout, who passed away Oct. 24, 1956 at the age of 60 years.
RIDEOUT Bert 1895 - 192? (Gravestone marker was a wooden cross. The wood was decayed so the last digit of the year of death could not be read)
RIDEOUT Lucy In fond memory of Lucy Rideout, beloved wife of Theophilus Rideout, who died April 2, 1941 aged 81 years. Erected by her sons.
RIDEOUT Theophilus In loving memory of Theophilus Rideout, beloved husband of Lucy Rideout, who departed this life Dec. 23, 1936 aged 80 years, 8 months.
RIDEOUT Martha In loving memory of Martha Rideout, beloved wife of Archibald Rideout, died Dec. 11, 1947 aged 58(?) years.
RIDEOUT Archibald In loving memory of Archibald Rideout, died June (?) (could not read year or age). Erected by his wife and family.
RIDEOUT Lucy 1910 - 1999
RIDEOUT George In loving memory of George Rideout, died April 10, 1988 age 58 years. Erected by his wife and family.
RIDEOUT Victor In loving memory of Victor, beloved husband of Ruby Rideout, died Oct. 27, 1940(?) age 80(?) years. Erected by wife and daughter.
RIDEOUT Henry In loving memory of Henry, beloved husband of Blanche Rideout, died Aug. 27, 1943 aged 58 years
RIDEOUT Blanche In loving memory of Blanche Rideout, wife of Henry Rideout, who passed away April 9, 1959 at the age of 69 years.
RIDEOUT Otto Raymond 1927 - 1988
JONES Alice Lavenia In loving memory of Alice Lavenia, beloved daughter of Jack and Margaret Jones, died March 4, 1965, aged 29 years.
RIDEOUT Catheline Frances In loving memory of Catheline Frances, beloved daughter of Chesley and Susie Rideout, died Nov. 17, 1848(?) aged 23 years.
JONES Bertha Maggie In loving memory of Bertha Maggie Jones, July 15, 1910 - March 08, 1982.
JONES John F. In loving memory of John F. Jones, beloved husband of Maggie Jones, died Jan. 8(?) 1971(?) aged 70 years.
RIDEOUT ? In loving memory of (?) (could not read the name), daughter of Chesley and Susie Rideout, died July 9(?) 1924 aged 6(?) years.
DEARING Emily Annie In loving memory of Emily Annie, beloved daughter of Joseph and Eliza Dearing, died July 2, 1925 aged 14 years.
PEDDLE Hettie In loving memory of Mother, Hettie Peddle, died Jan. 1(?) 1969 aged 82 years. Erected by the family.
PEDDLE Abram In loving memory of Abram Peddle, beloved husband of Hettie Peddle, died Nov. 20, 1948 aged 76 years. Erected by his wife.
CORNICK Edward Father, Edward Cornick, died May 13, 1929(?) aged 66 years. (Double stone)
CORNICK Edith Mother, Edith Cornick, died Feb. 11(?) 1929 aged 64 years. (Double stone)
DEERING Joseph In memory of Joseph Deering, (no dates given). Erected by the Deering families (Double Stone)
DEERING Eliza In memory of Eliza Deering (Roberts), (no dates given). Erected by the Deering families. (Double stone).
JONES Kenneth In loving memory of Kenneth, beloved husband of Hannah Jones, died March 9, 1929 aged 65 years.
DEARING Frank In loving memory of Frank Dearing, beloved son of Hubert and Stella Dearing, died Dec. 28, 1947 aged 16 years, 3 months.
DEARING George In loving memory of George Dearing, beloved husband of Maud Dearing. (Could not read the dates)
DEARING Lily Maud In loving memory of Lily Maud Dearing, beloved wife of George Dearing, died Dec. 14, 1972 age 75 years.
DEARING Stella In loving memory of Stella Dearing, died Aug. 27, 1992, aged 88 years.
DEARING Hubert In loving memory of Hubert Dearing, beloved husband of Stella Dearing, died Sept. 18, 1967 aged
    64 years.
DEARING Doyle Doyle Dearing, Private, Royal NFLD Regiment, Sept. 10, 1973 age 73 years.
RIDEOUT Lucy In loving memory of Lucy Rideout, beloved wife of Albert Rideout, who died Oct. 7, 1931 aged 61 years, 4 months. Erected by her husband, sons and daughter.
DEARING Hilda N. 1908 - 2002
DEARING Harrison Ralph In loving memory of Harrison Ralph Dearing, beloved son of Doyle and Hilda Dearing, died May 27, 18(?)2 aged 1 year 8 months.
RIDEOUT Albert In loving memory of Albert Rideout, died March 24, 1945 aged 73 years.
FUDGE Daisy In loving memory of Daisy Fudge, beloved wife of George Fudge, who departed this life Feb. 16 1938 aged 30 years.
TAYLOR Emma J. 1856 - 1942 (Gravestone marker was a wooden cross)
JONES Baby Boy July 2, 1964
FUDGE Bert Sept. 1897 - July 1949, ever remembered by wife Phoebe Ann and daughter Queenie and grandchildren.
RIDEOUT William In loving memory of William, beloved husband of Maggie Rideout, died Nov. 25, 1954 aged 72 years
JONES Isabella S. In loving memory of Mother, Isabella S. Jones, died Oct. 16, 1964 aged 75 years. Erected by the family.
JONES Garland In loving memory of Garland Jones, died June 7(?) 1947 aged 58 years 8 months. Erected by wife and family.
RIDEOUT Lewis Austin In loving memory of Lewis Austin Rideout, darling child of Rodney and Ethel Rideout, who died July 25, 1933(?) aged 2 years 3 months.
FUDGE George 1902 - 1968 Erected by three sons (Double stone)
FUDGE Harriett 1926 - 1994 Erected by three sons (Double stone)
RIDEOUT Obediah In loving memory of Obediah Rideout, who departed this life Oct. 29, 1971 age 79 years.
RIDEOUT Solomon 1889 - 1962 (Double stone)
RIDEOUT Barbara 1896 - ? (Double stone)
RIDEOUT Rosannah In loving memory of Rosannah Rideout, died March 14, 1951 aged 87 years.
JENNINGS Cyril Arthur In loving memory of Cyril Arthur, darling son of Arthur and Rossie(?) Jennings, died June 2(?) 1966 aged 6 years.
JONES Lloyd In loving memory of Lloyd Jones, who died March 17, 1957 aged 57 years.
JONES Goldie Wife of Lloyd, dear mother of Eileen and Elsie. (No dates given)
JENNINGS Mary In loving memory of Mary, beloved wife of Hondus Jennings, who passed away June (?). 1901 - 1966
JENNINGS Hondus A. Dec. 3, 1898 - Nov. 25, 1990
TAYLOR Dora In loving memory of Mother, Dora Taylor, died Aug. 15, 1965(?) aged 82 years.
FUDGE John In loving memory of John Fudge, beloved husband of Jane Fudge, died Nov. 25, 1967 aged 74 years. Erected by his wife and family.
FUDGE Jane In loving memory of Mother, Jane Fudge, died March 1, 1970 aged 73 years. Erected by her family
RIDEOUT Annie In memory of Annie, 1915 - 1981, beloved wife of Atwood Rideout.
RIDEOUT Atwood In loving memory of Atwood, husband of Annie Rideout, died May 26, 1973 age 67 years Erected by family.
FUDGE Otto In loving memory of Otto Fudge, died July 3, 1965 aged 35 years. Erected by his family.
FUDGE Elihu In loving memory of Elihu Fudge, beloved husband of Ivy Fudge, died Jan. 6, 1968 aged 48 years.
    Erected by Mother.
RIDEOUT Frederick In loving memory of Father, Frederick Rideout, died Aug. 6, 1964 aged 74 years.
RIDEOUT Dorothy In loving memory of Dorothy, beloved wife of Obediah Rideout, who departed this life April 21, 1933 aged 34 years. Erected by her husband.
LOCKE George R. 1908(?) - 1983. Erected by wife and daughter.
RIDEOUT Theophilus In loving memory of a dear husband and Father, Theophilus Rideout, died Oct. 10, 1973 age 57 years. Ever remembered by wife, sons and daughters.
WALL William Andrew 1901 - 1971. Lovingly remembered by wife and family.
WALL Sarah Winnie 1914 - 1993. Lovingly remembered by her family.
BENNETT William G. In loving memory of William G. Bennett, 1898 - 1978.
TAYLOR Elijah In loving memory of Elijah Taylor, died March 31, 1973 age 82 years.
GILLINGHAM John E. In loving memory of a dear son and brother, John E. Gillingham. (Stone was partially buried, no dates could be seen)
GILLINGHAM Robert In loving memory of Robert Gillingham, died April 13, 1976 aged 74 years.
RIDEOUT ? Jane In loving memory of (?) Jane Rideout, beloved wife of Duke(?) Rideout, died Feb. (?), 1969 aged 57 years.
RIDEOUT Duke In loving memory of Duke Rideout, died Dec. 21, 1977 aged 63 years. Erected by son and daughters.

Contributed by Robert Layte (September 2002)

Page Revised by Craig Peterman (Friday March 22, 2013)

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