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St. Simon & St. Jude
Anglican Cemetery #2

St. Barbe District

Name Surname REL DOB DOD AGE
Kelly Charles CROCKER Mar.26,1968 Feb.10,1992    
Neil Sheldon CROCKER   Oct.7,1975 June 23,1991  
Baby Boy CROCKER s/o Gary & Judy 1973  
Samuel Wade CROCKER s/o Brada Crocker Jun 8,1960   5
Ellanora Frances CROCKER w/o Samuel Crocker May 21,1901 Sept.17,1970  
Samuel Charles CROCKER   Apr.19,1899 Mar.6,1975  
Sidney Maxwell CROCKER h/o Ivy Mary Barnes 1920 1989  
Lemuel R. BRAKE h/o Alfreda BRAKE 1901 1984  
Norman Gilbert BUTLER h/o Gladys May Compagnon Feb.22,1892 Apr.8,1953  
Gladys May BUTLER w/o Norman Gilbert 1896 1991  
A.Murdock BRAKE h/o Edna D .BRAKE May 19,1916 June 27,1993  
Nigel C. BRAKE h/o Muriel BRAKE 1940 1999  
Edith Shelia BRAKE d/o Clayton & Lucinda Apr.14,1956 May 22,1996  
James Clayton BRAKE h/o Lucinda Barnes   Nov.29,1982 68
Mary Catherine BRAKE w/o Azariah BRAKE Sep.27,1896 Mar.14,1975  
Azariah BRAKE h/o Mary Catherine   Jul 31,1937 44
Ivy Doreen BRAKE d/o Azariah & Mary Mar.4,1927 Dec.13,1931 4
James Walter BUTLER s/o John Butler Dec.3,1883 May 17,1944 60
George Walter BRAKE h/o Alvina Catherine   June 4,1954 54
Alvina C. BRAKE w/o George Walter Nov.10,1908 Oct.19,1991  
Audrey JAKEMAN SRN 1918 1996  
Henry P. SHEPPARD   Mar.27,1948 May 25,1979  
Walter CROCKER   Oct.23,1920 June 28,1987  
Evelyn E. CROCKER d/o Walter & Rita 1948 1980  
Freeman T. CROCKER h/o Vera 1925 1997  
Vera R. CROCKER w/o Freeman 1917 1998  
George CROCKER h/o Lucy      
Lucy CROCKER w/o George      
W.H. CROCKER h/o Mary E. 1874 1949  
Mary E. CROCKER w/o W.H. Crocker 1877 1963  
Stewart R CROCKER   Nov.8,1910 Oct.12,1995  
Everett Garfield BRAKE     Apr.23,1992 68
Evangeline BRAKE w/o Lemuel Oct.30,1903 Feb.2,1936  
William T. CROCKER   1901 1983  
White wooden cross
Thamsey Bernice PARSONS d/o Sarah & George Dec.4,1930 Oct.5,1931  
White wooden cross
White wooden cross
Goldie E. CROCKER w/o Franklin Jul 20,1936 Nov.4,1995 M. Nov.25,1958
Israel CROCKER h/o Lillian Feb.3,1907 Nov.5,1984  
Lillian CROCKER w/o Isarel Jan.21,1913 June 28,1978  
Mildred A. CROCKER w/o William Eldon 1917 1996    
Juanita D. PAYNE w/o Clifton Oct.31,1958 Aug.8,1982  
John CROCKER h/o Elizabeth   Apr.30,1944 77
Elizabeth CROCKER w/o John   Oct.22,1944 84
John W. WHITE h/o Mary Ann 1909 1989  
Mary Ann WHITE w/o John 1905 1958  
White wooden cross
Wallace G. CROCKER h/o Clara M. 1892 1957 64
Clara M. CROCKER w/o Wallace G. 1895 1992  
White wooden cross
Baby PAYNE   Dec.6,1987 Dec.6,1987  
Ernie D. PAYNE   June 1,1961 Dec.21,1986  
Henry H. CROCKER h/o Winnifred 1889 1961  
Winnifred M. CROCKER w/o Henry H. 1897 1949  
Sarah Jane CROCKER w/o Hezekiah   Aug.14,1948 86
Hezekiah CROCKER h/o Sarah Jane   July 16,1929 64
William Jesse CROCKER h/o Jane Ann   Mar.18,1935 69
Jane Ann CROCKER w/o William Jesse   May 15,1963 89
George HARRIS     Feb 1959  
Mary Ann HARRIS   1885 1957  
Joey HARRIS        
Valance A. BRAKE     July 2,1984 64
Walter Brazil BRAKE h/o Stella Eudora 1918 1997  
Jessie J. BUTLER   1915 1961  
John M. BUTLER   1906 1986  
Roland Otto FRANCES   1945 1989  
John LAING h/o Julia Oct 20, 1911 Oct 18, 2002  
Russell LAING s/o John & Julia Sept.4,1932 Dec.11,1933  
Julia M. LAING w/o John July 19,1909 Mar.5,1997  
Sarah Ann Belle PARSONS w/o George W. Apr.21,1914 Oct.21,1996  
George W. PARSONS h/o Sarah A. Aug.4,1903 Dec.22,1948  
Roderick PAYNE h/o Margaret - s/o Wilson & Olive Nov.17,1950 Oct.15,1988  
Eldon M. PAYNE s/o Wilson & Olive Aug.30,1957 Oct.27,1984  
Wilson F. PAYNE h/o Olive Mar.24,1922 Nov.29,1988  
Florence C. PAYNE d/o Wilson & Olive Jul 25,1949 Nov.29,1949  
Kenneth Gerald GALLANT h/o Elsie Yvonne Duval 1935 1995 M. Nov.30,1963
Herbert D. DUVAL h/o Deliah Jan.16,1906 Sept.10,1991  
Richard Benjamin Crocker & Dinah s/o Benjamin Nov.15,1966 Feb.14,1967  
Kelly Ann CROCKER d/o Benjamin & Dinah May 8,1969 Sept.10,1972  
Mary Jane HANN m/o W.Payne Jul 2,1882 Jan.10,1972 90
Lilly Ann CROCKER w/o Wm. J. Crocker Dec.1,1889 Feb.18,1971  
Wm. J. CROCKER h/o Lilly 1883 1975 92
Thomas BRAKE     Jun 29,1987 71
Hubert BRAKE h/o Annie May Oct.25,1878 Mar.31,1950  
Annie May BRAKE w/o Hubert May 25,1885 Feb.18,1959  
Coyley H. BUTT s/o Charles & Annie   Feb.4,1939 18
Steadman C. CROCKER h/o Alfreda Mar.8,1916 Apr.18,1965 48
Basil W. CROCKER h/o Annie C. 1914 1997  
Annie C. CROCKER w/o Basil 1916 1988  
Mabel Lorinda CROCKER d/o Basil & Annie   May 16,1938 1mth
Hilda Geraldine CROCKER d/o Basil & Annie   Jan.12,1943 1mth
Faith Hilda Bertha CROCKER d/o Adam & Theresa   Jul 23,1925 8mth
Ralph Vincent CROCKER s/o Adam & Theresa   Jun 27,1927 14
Adam CROCKER h/o Theresa   Nov.6,1942 67
James Henry CROCKER h/o Ruth   Jun 13,1951 70
John H. CROCKER h/o Edna 1913 1975  
Edna Evangeline CROCKER w/o John 1914 1978  
Job CROCKER   Mar.15,1901 Dec.27,1974 73
Elizabeth CROCKER   Jun 24,1892 Mar.28,1981 88
White wooden cross
White wooden cross
Judy BRAKE   1952 1953  
Effie BRAKE   1933 1950  
Leslie C. BRAKE h/o Dinah Sep.27,1903 Mar.30,1974 71
Dinah A. BRAKE w/o Leslie Feb.14,1911 Feb.23,1991  
Jane CRITCH d/o Leslie & Dinah BRAKE 1950 1976  
Eliza Ann CROCKER   1874 1955  
Marjorie CROCKER w/o James Albert 1904 1989  
James Albert CROCKER h/o Marjorie 1895 1972  
William R. CROCKER h/o Mildred 1934 1994  
Harry F. CROCKER s/o Thomas & Thriphena      
Reginald W. CROCKER   1919 1988  
Reginald L. CROCKER s/o Reginald 1965 1968  
Thomas A. BRAKE s/o Robert & Annie Dec.12,1891 Jan.12,1972  
Hedley Gordon CROCKER   1908 1986  
Darryl Wayne SHEPPARD   Apr.10,1970 June8,1972  
Ethel Jane CROCKER   Jun 18,1909 Oct.5,1954  
Walter L.M. CROCKER   Feb.6,1904 July 29,1978  
Amelia Romaine CROCKER w/o Albert 1943 1993  
White wooden cross
Samuel Charles CROCKER h/o Sarah Jane Nov.13,1868 Sept.2,1956  
Sarah Jane CROCKER w/o Samuel   Aug.4,1948 77
James W. SHEPPARD h/o Elma   Apr.8,1945 53
Arabella Rita SHEPPARD d/o James & Elma   Apr.20,1938 20
Alma SHEPPARD   Mar.3,1894 Aug.26,1988  
Robert SHAW        
David & Elizabeth SHAW   May 27,1940 Jan.8,1936  
James Henry ZEBEDEE h/o Edna Dorcas Sheppard Dec.2,1910 Aug.21,1993  
Hector Bramwell SHEPPARD   Mar.30,1923 Dec.15,1990  
John Robert SHEPPARD     June 1,1940 60
Emma CROCKER   Jul 22,1885 Oct.18,1966  
Newman BUTLER   Dec.6,1913 May 27,1977  
John C. BUTLER     Aug.17,1973 90

Transcribed by: Debbie BRAKE, Benoit's Cove, NF Canada

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