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St. John's East District

(Complete as of Summer 2007)

EUSTACEEsther Ann   15-Dec-05 ?52 years Erected by Thomas Eustace in memory of his beloved wife
EUSTACEWilliam James   10-Nov-07 22 years  
EUSTACELucy A   7-Jul-10 26 years Beloved childrenof Alfred & Eliza Eustace
EUSTACEAlfred   9-May-26 74 years Also his daughter
EUSTACEPhoebe Helen   27-Feb-17 20 years Make them to be numbered with Thy saints in glory everlasting.
EUSTACEGeorge   16-May-27 78 years  
EUSTACECaroline   21-Oct-23 69 years Erected by George Eustace. Also their son
EUSTACEThomas, Lce Cpl   28-Nov-15 27 Years Killed in action. Peace perfect peace with loved ones far away.
THORNEAlfred   13-Aug-21 29 years  
THORNEHubert   20-Mar-19 12˝ years Children of Wiliam Henry & Diana Thorne. Peace perfect peace.
CODNERCharlotte   28-Jun-25 12 years Beloved daughter of Robert & Marh H Codner. He took thee from a world of care….
THORNEEliza   April 21st 1947 71 years Wife of Eli Thorne. Sleep on dear Mother your work is o'er, Your willing hands will toil no more, But oh how kind you were a true, No friend on earth we'll find like you. Erected by the family.
THORNEWilliam   Dec 17th 1930 28 years Beloved son of Eli and Eliza Thorne. Closed are thy sweet eyes, From this world of pain, But we trust in God, To meet thee again.
CODNERUriah   Feb 9th 1933 62 years and his wife
CODNERMary Ann Louise   March 3rd 1959 82 years  
CODNEREdward Dec-09 Oct-11   Son of Uriah & Louise
THORNEWilliam Hubert   20-Dec-12 21 years Beloved son of Samuel and Mary Ann Thorne.
EUSTACEJames R   21-Jun-35 59 years My dear father. Alos his children
EUSTACEViolet   20-Jun-20    
EUSTACEGeorge   5-Jul-33    
EUSTACEMilley   2-Oct-33   Rest eternal grant unto them O Lord and let light perpetual shine upon them.
EUSTACECarrie   23-Aug-17 40 years Beloved wife of James Eustace. Mother, thou hast from us flown to the regions far above.
THORNEElizabeth Pheobe   25-Dec-11 44 years Erected by William Thorne in memory of his beloved wife. Thine hands are folded on thy breast, We’ve kissed thy marble brow, And in our aching hearts we know, We have no Mother now.
THORNEWilliam   18-Mar-23 63 years Our dear father. We miss thee from our home father, We miss thee from thy place, A shadow o'er our life is cast, We miss the sunshine of thy face, We miss thy kind and willing hand, Thy fond and earnest care; Our home is empty without thee, We miss thee everywhere.
THORNERichard W 1895 1936   Ever lovingly remembered by his wife, Grace and sons, Wilfred & Pierre.
COLEJohn 1856 1920    
COLEJessie 1870 1930    
COLEEli   Jan 19th 1925 22 years Son of James and Emma
COLEViolet     1 yr 11 mos  
COLEGrace     2 yrs,5mos  
COLEWilliam Uriah     11 mos  
COLEThomas     3 weeks  
COLEJames Victor     1yr, 5 mos They are not dead, but sleeping.
CODNERRichard   14-Jul-41 87 years Erected by the family in loving memory of our father & grandad. For in Thy house one single day, It's better to attend, Than Lord, in any place beside, A thousand years to spend.
CODNERMaria   27-Nov-19 27 years  
CODNERLavinia   Sep 24th 1936 80 years Erected by Richard Codner in loving memory of his dear wife. But Thou will never leave me, And tho the waves roll high, I know Thou wilt be near me…….
THORNEUriah   Dec 26th 1940 76 years His wife
THORNEGrce Ann   Aug 26th 1914 38 years their daughter
THORNEElizabeth Lillian   Sept 25th 1938 33 years Forever with the Lord. Erected by their daughter.
THORNEWilliam F May 6, 1870 23-Feb-39   The Lord gave and the Lord taketh away. Blessed be the name of the Lord. Erected by daughter Doris.
COLEThomas   15-Dec-07 36 years and his brother
COLEJohn   25-Jan-02 32 years and his brother
COLEAlfred   30-Apr-02 20 years Erected by James Cole in memory of his beloved brothers.
COLEUriah   Nov-07 76 years also
COLEElizabeth   Aug 24, 1898 53 years beloved wifr of Uriah Cole, also their daughter
COLEElizabeth Jane   9-Apr-05 25 years Erected by Peter Cole in memory of his father.
COLEEric   Sept 21st 1935 2 months  
COLEGordon   April 21st 1937 22 months  
COLECharles   Oct 6th 1939 1 month  
COLEClarence   Sept 28th 1947 17 months Suffer little children to come unto Me. Darling childr3en of Sam & Jane Cole.
THORNENathanael   Feb 19th 1937 75 years Husband of Mary Emma Thorne. One precious to our hearts has gone, A voice we loved is still; A place is vacant in our home, that never can be filled.
THORNEElizabeth   28-Oct-29 18 years Erected by her father and brothers. Here a while we must be parted, And the flesh its sabbath keep, Waiting in a holy stillness…..
THORNEMary Emma   April 3rd 1952 82 years Rest eternal grant unto her, O Lord, and let light perpetual shine upon her. Erected by her children.
CODNERMary Anna   June 9th 1967 89 years Our dear mother. Thy hands are folded on thy breast, We kissed thy mortal brow, And in our aching hearts we know, We have no mother now. Erected by the family.
CODNERRobert J   Aug 4th 1939 68 years Beloved husband of Mary H Codner. No one knows how much we miss you, No one knows what bitter pain, We have suffered since you left us, Life has never been the same.
WOODFINEJohn 1841 1927    
WOODFINESarah 1843 1931   Thou shalt call and we will answer Thee. Job 14 Ch 15 verse
CODNERWm George   June 10th 1950 39 years Beloved son of William & Fannie Codner. In memory a daily thought, In heart a silent sorrow.
CODNERWilliam A March 12, 1861 20-Dec-28   Beloved husband of Fanny Edna Codner. We loved him yes no tongue can tell, How much we loved him and how well. God loved him too and thought it best, To take him home with Him to rest. Erected by his wife and children.
CODNERFanny Edna April 7, 1875 18-Jan-67   Mother. Memory is the gift of God that death cannot destroy.
WHITTENJohn 1841 1929    
WHITTENAnn 1851 1946   Erected by son Robert.
TAPPERCharles   25-Feb-41 72 years They alone who sleep in Jesus, will God bring with Him. Erected by his sister
TAPPERJane   28-Jul-35 72 years Peace Perfect Peace.
TAPPERMartha   Jan 18th 1884 52 years Also her beloved husband
TAPPERWilliam   May 12th 1893 72 years Gone from us but not forgotten, Never shall their memory fade, Loving thoughts shall ever linger, Round the spot where they are laid. Erected by their son Charles Tapper.
CODNERCharles A   Nov 19th 1927 68 years also his wife
CODNERElizabeth   Feb 23rd 1928 ?4 years On that happy Easter morning, All the graves their dead restore, Father, Mother, child and brother, Meet once more.
CODNEREliza   May 18th 1875 37 years Erected by John Codner in memory of his beloved wife.
CODNERUriah   May 22nd 1897 71 years Erected by his sons Uriah & Robert. A precious one from us is gone, A voice we loved is stilled. A place is vacant in our home, That never can be filled.God in His wisdom has recalled…..
REDMANElizabeth   May 18th 1861 8 years also
REDMANJames   May 18th 1861 6˝ years The children of William & Mary Redman.
THORNEWilliam   June 18th 1911 84 years Erected by Eli in memory of his beloved father. Peace perfect peace, with loved ones far away, IN Jesus keeping we are safe and they.
THORNGrace   June 26th 1879 48 years Erected by William Thorn in memory of his beloved wife.
THORNEJames   7-Jun-19 87 years Father
THORNEJane   Dec 4, 1899 63 years Mother. Farewell Father, Farewell Mother, We must say our last farewell, Till we meet beyond the river, Happy there with thee to dwell

Transcribed from photos taken by Craig Peterman and Don Tate by Mary Rawlinson March 2009) from
Photos Contributed by Craig Peterman and Don Tate (July 2007)

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