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St. John's East District

(Complete as of Summer 2007)

KELLY Bridget   Nov 15th 1890 69 years Erected by Michael Kelly. Also children
KELLY Catherine   Oct 25th 1876    
KELLY John   Jan ?? 1891    
KELLY Michael   March ??, 1876    
KENNEDY Martin   March 20, 1914 68 years and his wife
KENNEDY Susanna   Feb ??, 1892 39 years  
KENNEDY James     7 years remaining inscription unreadable
COSSE Alfred   April 17, 1926 54 years Erected by Bride Cosse in memory of her beloved father, also her beloved grandparents
COSSE Alfred   Aug 22, 1906    
COSSE Bridget   Sep 1, 1915   May the Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on their souls.
GOSS Samuel   Feb 10th 18??   Erected by Ellen Coss in memory of her beloved husband.
WADE James   April 3rd 1847 58 years Erected by Michael & Ann Wade in memory of his brother James, of Flatrock A native of Ballamaclode, Parish of Knockboy, Co. Waterford, Ireland. Also their two sons
WADE Michael   Nov 10th 1851 11 years  
WADE Maurice   Aug 18th 1854 11 years  
MOULTON Margaret   March 8th 1905 65 years O Mother thy gentle voice is hushed, Thy warm true heart is still, And on thy pale and peaceful face, Is resting death's cold chill. Thy hands are crossed upon thy breast, We have kissed thy marble brow, And in our aching hearts we know, We have no Mother now.
CANTWELL Mary   Nov 13, 1877 25 years Of your charity pray for the repose of the souls of the beloved children of James & Ellen Cantwell.
CANTWELL John   Sept 15, 1881 24 years  
CANTWELL Patrick   March 17, 1875 unreadable  
CANTWELL Winnifred   May 16, 1885 16 years  
MALONE Michael   Mar 17, 1921 69 years Erected by Mary Roche in memory of her father. Also his son
MALONEPeter   1918 36 years Killed in action in France. RIP
         Loved in life, in death not divided. Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon them.
CONDONMargaret   1872 72 years A native of Gahir, Co Tipperary, Ireland, May she rest in peace, Amen. Her spouse was n Irishman, Who lies here beneath, Owing to whose affection, Has followed her to this grave. He was a man who from his church never swerved, To meet all demands she made. Whether for ??? or foreign ???, He was a man that paid.
          A native of Gahir, Co Tipperary, Ireland, May she rest in peace, Amen. Her spouse was n Irishman, Who lies here beneath, Owing to whose affection, Has followed her to this grave. He was a man who from his church never swerved, To meet all demands she made.
CONDONThomas   In the last decade of the nineteenth century.   A native of Kiliglass, Co Limerick and Barony of Condon & Clongrason, Ireland. Lord have mercy on him.
Unreadable Marker        
POWERNicholas   June ?? 1884 52 years  
POWERJohn   March 10th 1882 19 years his son. May their souls rest in peace. Amen. Erected by his beloved wife, Alice Power.
Unreadable Marker        
BYRNEEllen   Dec 9th 1852 11 years Erected by Thomas Byrne in memory of his children. May their souls rest in peace. Amen.
BYRNEWilliam Francis   Jan 9th 1853 22 years  
BYRNEMary Anne Joseph   Feb 2, 1865 23 years  
Unreadable marker.        
Unreadable marker.        
WHITEEllen Herbert Oct 1824 April 17, 1921   A beloved Grandmother, born in Hoath, Ireland, also her husband
WHITEJosoeph 1814 1907   Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord. Sweet as a song that once consoled our pain is thy remembrance.
DEEThomas   12 Sep 1870 87 years Erected by Michael Dee.
MARTIN *1John J GOSS, Samuel POWER, Mogue   Aug ?, 1884   Erected by the St John's T A and B Society and others in memory of John J
Martin, Samuel Goss & Mogue Power, natives of Torbay, and members of the
juvenile T A and B Society of said place, who were drowned in Quidi Vidi Lake
by the sinking of a race boat on Regatta Day. May they rest in peace.
RYAN Emmanuel?   May 21, 1856 ?3 years Erected by Caroline Ryan in memory of her beloved husband, also their son
RYANJohn Joseph   May 19th 1873 25 years  
WALSHJohanna   Oct 29, 1911 72 years May the Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on the soul of Johanna Walsh.
McGRATHThomas   Sept 24th 1868 84 years Erected by Johannah McGrath in memory of her beloved husband. Also their son
McGRATHPatrick   March 14, 1850 19 years and their daughter
McGRATHEllen   April 2, 1862 26 years  
UnreadableAnne   August 1851 25 years also daughter
UnreadableEllen   September 1847 5? Months another dauther, information unreadable.
Unreadable Marker        
RYAN        Erected by Patrick Ryan
KELLY Patrick *   17 January 1836 15 Erected by John Kelly in memory of his two sons
KELLY John *   16 May 1848 22  
HAYESMargaret   Feb 28?, 1845   Erected by John Hayes
DOYLEPeter   Feb 15th 1818 67 years  
SWAGEJohn   25 Feb 1868 77? Years Erected by John Swage in memory of his father. A native of Co Waterford, Ireland. Also his ????
SAVAGEAnn   30? Feb 1868 66 years Also his brother
SWAGEStephen   19 Sep 1854    
POWERWilliam   Aug 29, 1905 80 years also his wife
POWERMary   Sept 22, 1880 39 years  
QUIGLEYMargaret   Nov 16th 1895 57 years Erected by Timothy Quigley in memory of his wife.
QUIGLEYJohn   Nov 1st 1900 37 years Also his beloved wife
QUIGLEYEllen   Sep 9th 1901 37 years Erected by their childre in loving memory of their dear Father and Mother. May their souls rest in pease. Amen.
ROACHJohn   Feb 7th 1861 44 years Erected by their sons in memory of their beloved father. Also their beloved mother
ROACHJane   June 10th 1880 66 years Natives of Co Wexford, Ireland
FENNESSYMichael   Dec 23, 1881 82 years an his wife
FENNESSYMargaret   Jan 4, 1888 64 years One Hail Mary for the repose of the souls of Michael & Margaret
Stone Broken. No surname     19 years Their sons
 Pierce   3 Oct 1867 28 years  
 John   24th Dec 1881 41 years  
 Willie     5 years  
RANDJohn   March ??, 1871 68 years and his wife
RAND Mary Larrassy   Feb 6th 1845 35 years  
RANDFrances Mary        
RANDThomas   Oct 13, 1857 23 years  
MOREYJames   Dec 23rd 1886   inscription unreadable
UNREADABLEAnastatia   Aug 2nd 1870 58 years Erected by James of Flatrock in memory of his wife
UnreadableUnreadable       Erected by Jeremiah Roach?
UNKNOWNMargaret   21 June 1882 25 years  
UNKNOWNJohn   9 Oct 1870 35 years also their children
UNKNOWNMary   24 May 1857 24 years  
UNKNOWNJames   Nov 1858 28 years Died at sea
TROYRevd Edward   April 2nd 1872 70 years Erected by the Parishioners of Torbay to the memory of their late beloved pastor, Very Revd Edward Troy, who for thirty years was their spiritual guide. By his many virtues he endeared himself to all who knew him and had the benefit of his wise counsel. In the day of affliction he was ever a steadfast friend. In times of trouble he was always ann unbending? guide to the noblest characteristics of the Christian Priesthood. He He joined many endearing social qualities and thus attracted the enervation and esteem of his devoted flock. May he rest in peace.
Site of Holy Trinity Church (Stone) 1859 - 1962. Built in the pastorate of Father Edward Troy and consecrated by Bishop Mullock Oct 11, 1863. The stone from this church was used to erect the cemetery fence, the altar in the new cemetery, the steps and the foundation of the parish church. This fidding memorial is due to the initiative of the Holy Name Society, Torbay. S D 1972. Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam.
COADYDenis   April 29, 1938 55 years and his wife
COADYMary   Aug 15, 1968 82 years Eternal rest grant tnto them, O Lord. Let perpetual light shine upon them.
CODYWilliam   Dec 5th 1871 86? Years Father. also his Mother. Erected by John Cody in memory of his father and mother.
CODYMary   May 1872    
MOLLOYPatrick   May 23rd 18??   Erected by Michael & Peter Molloy in memory of their beloved father and their mother
MOLLOY???       and their Uncle
MOLLOYMichael   31 Oct 1888 84 years  
DOYLENicholas 10th Nov 1821 8th March 1883   This stone is placed here by Mary Doyle as a memorial of her love and sorrow for the death of her beloved husband Nicholas.
ROURKECatherine   Dec 31st, 1856 30? Years Erected by John Rourke of Outer Cove in memory of his beloved wife.
KENNARYJames   Feb 1st 1876 76 years also his beloved wife
KENNARYMary   Jan 20th 1877 64 yaears A native of Co Cork, Ireland. RIP
DYERCatherine (Alias Brien)   Feb 20th 1859 4? Years Erected by Michael Dyer Junior of Logy Bay in memory of his beloved wife.. Also their children
DYEREleanor       remaining inscription unreadable.
UNKNOWNCatherine       Erected by Winifred. Remainder unreadable.
GOSSJohn   May 16th 1860 67 years Erected by Ann Goss of Torbay in memory of her beloved husband.
GOSSDavid Francis   15th Feb 1875 48 years Stop christain brother here a while delay, the thought is holy for the dead to pray, With fervour then beseech the King of Heaven, That all his past offences be forgiven.
GOSS William F   14th January 1875 13? Years Son of David F & Mary Goss.

Transcribed from photos taken by Craig Peterman and Don Tate by Mary Rawlinson March 2009) from
 * John & Patrick Kelly Photo Contributed by Jim & Jane Dowd (2017)


Information received showing original dates of occurance and inscription

Hola de Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico
I am currently living and working down here until just before Christmas. Re the information above the boys to whom the monuent is dedicated died on August 6, 1884. Here is my supporting documentation from collaboration with David Rose in Outer Cove John Joseph Martin drowned 6 Aug 1884 at age 18 when the boat he rowed at the St. Johnís Regatta was swamped and sank. DSN3678/ The Evening Telegram: Vol. 6, # 185, 7 Aug 1884; also, Vol 6, # 185, 9 Aug 1884, and Vol. 6, # 186, 11 Aug 1884.
e-mail from David Rose in July 2010
Geoff Martin

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