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St. John's East District

(Complete as of Summer 2007)

MANNINGFrancis       This Cross is dedicated in memory of Francis Manning, First Grand Knight, Holy Trinity Council #9807, Knights of Columbus.
WHITTYAnastatia Mary April 12, 1899 5-Nov-92    
CODNERJesse A 1910 1992   Merchant Navy, WW 2, Lest we forget.
CODNERRaymond A 10-Jun-52 10-Jun-06   Rest in peace.
MANNINGPatrick J 9-Jun-14 8-Jul-92    
FURLONGClarence G 7-Oct-57 21-Jun-92   Ever remembered, Ever loved.
REDMONDMichael F 1917 1991   Royal Artillery, WW 2, Lest we forget.
GOSSEAdeline Ellen 15-Jul-27 12-Sep-03   Always loving, Always loved.
GOSSEAugustus Thomas 6-May-13 25-May-92   I'll see you some day in Fiddler's Green.
SYEDJoan M (Mackey) 6-Feb-38 10-Feb-92   A loving mother, wife and friend.
KEATINGWayne Joseph 1956 1993    
HATCHJack 1921 1994   Rest in peace.
HATCHClara M 1923 2000   Married July 19, 1942
HATCHCyril J 1918 2001   What we keep in memory is ours forever.
MANNINGFrancis S 1936 1994   Until we meet again.
BRAGGElsie E 1949 1994   Many are called, …. Are chosen.
DUFFYPeter J 1927 1994   Lord, for your faithful servant life is changed not ended.
BROWNHubert 1939 1996   Ever remembered, Ever loved.
RICEJohn C 1930 1995   Rest in peace.
FLEMMINGJames J Mar-32 Aug-95   Sadly missed but thinking of you always. By your loving family.
COADYJames Joseph 6-May-28 30-Jul-95   A carpenter by trade.
ROCHEPatrick J 6-Mar-36 15-May-95   Ever loved by Kay and family.
GOSSEThomas Joseph 1927 1996   Forever in our hearts.
GOSSEElizabeth Ann 1934 1994   To live in the hearts we leave behind is not to die.
ROCHEDenis J 1917 1994   Life is not forever, but love is.
ROCHEAgnes V 1920 2002    
PELLEGRINETTIAlbert J 1941 1996    
WHITERebecca Lynn 10-Jun-94 22-Jan-97    
CHEESEMANMichael Patrick 25-May-44 5-Feb-97   Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal.
SANFORDLoretta 1934 1997   Always on our mind.
WHALENAlice V Noseworthy 6-Nov-53 25-May-97   Beloved Wife and Mother. To live in the hearts of those we leave behind is not to die.
MAHONJohn Joseph 13-Sep-45 19-Sep-97   Home in heaven.
MAHONPatrick J 7-May-15 17-Oct-04   Married Oct 17, 1943.
GOSSEDavid Joseph 1927 1997    
GTOSSELydia Blanch 1939     His wife.
McGRATHPatrick J 23-Feb-17 15-Mar-98    
McGRATHElizabeth A 9-Feb-22 17-Jan-06   Gone but not forgotten.
BRADBURYAlbert J 19-Nov-33 13-May-00   Father. Married Jan 26, 1957.
BRADBURYLillian M 12-Jun-39     Mother. Ours for a little while, with Jesus forever.
O'BRIENMarie Teresa 7-Apr-34 19-Oct-99   Mother. Erected in loving memory by son Donnie.
RYANPeter J 1935 1999   Ever remembered, Ever loved.
HUGHESJohn Michael 23-Oct-46 7-Jun-99   He enjoyed life and friends.
PARSONSChesley 1929 1999    
HUNTA Lloyd 1940 1999   Ever remembered, Ever loved.
GRIFFINMarie T 23-Sep-50 19-Apr-99   In memory, a daily thought. In heart, a silent sorrow
GRIFFINPatrick J 1-Jun-52      
O'REILLYHugh P 22-Oct-34 3-Mar-99   Forever in our hearts.
McGRATHFrances Bridget 7-Jul-42 28-Apr-98    
BEMISTERSarah E 1915 1987    
BEMISTERRayfield G 1918 2004   Ever remembered, Ever loved.
O'BRIENLeo (Nick) 20-Jun-44 15-Jun-04   A loving father, grandfather, brother, uncle, godfather and friend. Tender and kind, what a beautiful memory you left behind.
FLEMINGSamuel 20-Dec-19 21-Dec-04   Married Dec 26, 1949
FLEMINGAngela 14-Jul-27     Together forever. On that bright eternal shore, We shall meet to part no more.
TOBINBridget A 1-Apr-40 6-Jan-05   We miss you Mom.
CASEYPatrick G 22-Jul-34 20-Jan-05   Fondly loved and deeply mourned.
GOSSEM Doug 13-May-22 8-Mar-05   Together forever. Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord.
RADFORDGerald F 1939 2005   Father. Forever in our hearts.
FENNESSEYJames J Nov 20/11 Mar 19/05 93 years RIP. An animal lover for life.
YEOThomas Francis   8-May-05   Always loved and remembered.
BARRINGTONLilo 2-Jan-43 30-Sep-06   Ich Liebe Dich
GOSSEDouglas Martin 11-Sep-58 31-Dec-06   Life is not forever, but love is.
FURLONGJohn Augustine 1931 2006   Forever loved and sadly missed. Until we meet again.
QUIGLEYJoseph 4-Feb-28 29-Nov-06   Ever remembered, Ever loved.
QUIGLEYRuth 4-Aug-28      
O'LEARYCyril A 1941 2006   Perace is thine & sweet remembrance is ours.
WHITTYDavid Michael 29-Aug-36 2-Sep-06   The fisherman is home from the sea.
ALLENJanet Mary 11-Feb-73 27-Jul-06    
ALLENKasey Elizabeth 28-Apr-97 24-Jul-06    
THOMASMadonna A 6-Oct-48 26-Feb-06   Married June 25, 1971. Too well loved to ever be forgotten.
This altar is dedicated to the memory of all parishioners buried in these sacred grounds. Consecrated by Rev Fr David Butler, PP. July 14, 2005. A 175th anniversary project of The Holy Name Society, Torbay.
RYANPatrick J (Murf) 1931 2001   Rest in peace.
DAWEPatrick Joseph 16-Mar-46 18-Jul-01   God be with you till we meet again.
CODNERChristopher Derek 20-Dec-84 2-Jun-02   He touched everyone with love and kindness.
HICKEYJoseph (James) 18-Jul-39 7-Jun-02   Ever remembered, Ever loved. Duane, Shelley and Chad.
WHITTYJoseph 9-Dec-37 19-Aug-02   Married Sept 30, 1961
WHITTYEdith 6-Oct-39     United in love.
CARROLLJames R 12-Jul-34 Nov 19, 20??   Married Oct 25, 1958
MARTINRonald J 3-Oct-31 Nov 4. 2002    
QUIGLEYBetty Carol 25-Dec-51 3-Dec-02   Forever and always missed. Love Dave, Brad, Melissa and Jeremy
MANNINGBernard F 7-Mar-38 19-Nov-06   Husband. Married July 28, 1956
MANNINGMarguerite P (Connors)       Wife. Together forever.
THISTLEDonna February 8th 1958 March ???   Dearly loved and missed.
THISTLECharles J 1922 2003   Husband. Together forever.
THISTLERose 1920     Wife.
FENNELLYMrytle M 1935 2003   Wife. Ever remembered, Ever loved.
MANNINGWilliam John 1929 2003   A quiet gentle man.
MAGUIREMichael 12-Jun-52 21-Jan-03   What we keep in memory is ours forever. Sadly missed by family…
MEANEYRonald P 1931 2002    
MEANEYShirley A 1951     Wife.
FENNELLYMyrtle M. 16-Feb-39 13-Mar-03   In memory of a special Mother. Erected by son Jerome.
SMITHLoretta 1944 2003   Gone but not forgotten.
O'BRIENDorothy "Dot" 5-Feb-41 30-Sep-02   Forever loved and remembered by Jody Ann, Craig, Tony & Eddie
MURRAYAlexander 5-Mar-45 10-Jun-03   Married June 27, 1968. Though death divides, fond memories cling.
MURRAYBetty 14-Nov-47      
MURPHYPatrick J 25-Jun-24 22-Oct-03   Forever loved.
HICKEYThomas M 11-Sep-42 19-Dec-03   Married Sept 19, 1964
HICKEYGeraldine C 24-May-43     The Lord is my shepherd.
SUTTONAmanda E 1980 2004   Our little angel at home in heaven.
TAPPERJohn T 22-Jul-28 9-Feb-04   Married Nov 30, 1957. Forever in our hearts.
TAPPERCatherine L 23-Oct-36      
THORNEJohn Francis 3-Nov-48 23-Jan-06   Laughed often, Loved much.
SHEABeatrice J. 30-May-30 9-Nov-05   Married Oct 7, 1951. Too well loved to ever be forgotten.
SHEAEdward J. 24-Oct-27      
HEALEYJohn Joseph 22-Oct-37 17-Oct-05    
KELLYMary 1926 2005    
LINECARBarbara April 03, '43 August 27, '05    
ROSABIANGiovanni 18-Sep-33 10-Jun-05   Ever remembered, Ever loved.
QUIGLEYMatthew G 25-Jan-26     Father.
QUIGLEYAnnie M 21-Nov-32     Mother.
QUIGLEYImelda Mary 30-May-58 May 4. 2007   Beloved daughter. The angels have taken me home.

Transcribed from photos taken by Craig Peterman and Don Tate by Mary Rawlinson March 2009) from
Photos Contributed by Craig Peterman and Don Tate (July 2007)

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