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New Roman Catholic Cemetery

Tilting, Fogo, Newfoundland
District of Fogo

View of Cemetetry
A-1 DWYER Gerald Dec 17 1923 Nov 17 2003 age 79 yrs A white cross
A-2 BURKE Stella July 6 1918 May 10 2003   Wife of Thomas #C4
AA-1 Cluett Philomena 1921 2003 age 82 yrs  
B-1 FOLEY Mark 15-May-26 31-Dec-98   (Husband of Kate)
B-2 O'KEEFE Albert   16-Mar-84 Age 58 yrs  
B-3 BRODERS Dominic 1915 1985    
B-3 BRODERS Christina 1914 2000   Nee; Butt/Mahoney
C-1 FOLEY Ben 1916 1998   Married June 12, 1943
C-1 FOLEY Annie 1919 2003    
C-2 DWYER Albert   26-Apr-82 Age 88 yrs  
C-3 BURKE Kate 1896 1982   (Wife of Michael)
C-4 BURKE Thomas 26-Sep-15 4-Oct-83   (Husband of Stella A-1)
C-5 CLUETT Emeline C. 19-Jul-16 29-Oct-84    
C-5 CLUETT Edward R. 9-Dec-26 27-Dec-99    
D-1 Keefe David 19-July-1926 2-May-2002 Age 72 yrs  
D-2 DWYER Pearce 15-Feb-38 10-May-96    
D-3 FOLEY Mary A.   7-Mar-82 Age 88 yrs/2mo (Wife of Augustus in the old graveyard)
D-4 BURKE Louis C. 1912 1981   (Husband of Dorothy)
D-5 LANE Daniel J.       A Cross with a fence around
D-6 LANE Lawrence J. 1894 1982   Husband of Rita
D-7 LANE Charles 1915 1994    
E-1 McGRATH Gerard 8-Aug-26 18-Jun-99    
E-2 McGRATH Raymond Gerard   12-Aug-95 Age 27 yrs Drowned at Detroit, Michigan, USA
E-3 CARSON Peter 13-May-14 15-Jun-80   Erected by brother Edward
E-3A CARSON Edward 1922 2004   World War II Merchant Navy
E-4 GREENE Herbert   22-Sep-81 Age 68 yrs  
E-5 GREENE Alice M.   17-Dec-01 Age 86 yrs  
E-6 GREENE Theresa M. 1-Apr-16 26-Dec-81    
E-7 FOLEY Raymond 29-Jan-13 30-Aug-83    
E-8 DWYER Gilbert J. 14-Jan-1909 12-Aug-93   (Husband of Agnes G-7)
F-1 McGRATH Herbert 2-May-21 21-Feb-93    
F-1 McGRATH Edith 21-Nov-37     Not Deceased
F-2 McEACHERN John Dougall 1956 1980    
F-3 McGRATH Stella A. 1932 1980    
F-4 McGRATH Herman 1922 1990   (Husband of Stella)
F-5 BROADERS Pierce 3-Dec-13 17-Jun-81   (Husband of Margaret G-3B)
G-1 GREENE Martin 6-Oct-12 10-Sep-01    
G-2 O'KEEFE Bridget 4-Dec-15 4-Aug-93    
G-? Burke Dorothy Mary   Jan. 4, 2002 Age 82 yrs  
G-3 BURKE Dorothy 15-Sep-19 4-Jan-02   (wife of Louis- D-4) –-3B)
G-3A LANE Thomas M. 1900 1977   (husband of Kathleen G3B)
G-3B LANE Kathleen C. 14-Jan-07 3-Oct-90   (wife of Thomas G3A)
G-3C CLUETT John 1921 1978    
G-3D BROADERS Margaret 1910 1996   (wife of Pierce -F-5)
G-4 LANE Walter Dec 1886 Jun-76    
G-5 GREENE James 5-Sep-05 12-May-97   (husband of Mary A. G-5)
G-5 GREENE Mary A. 21-Oct-14 23-Feb-77   (wife of James G-5)
G-6 McGRATH Philomena Jan 13, 1890 28-Feb-1977    
G-7 DWYER Agnes   12-Oct-77 Age 65 yrs (Husband of Gilbert E-8 )
G-8 Unknown ?       Small Cross and form with Baby on it--It is Theresa Glover's baby.
G-9 ? ?       Behind the above a cross with no name.
H-1 FOLEY Herbert P. 1910 1993   Married June 29, 1947
H-1 FOLEY Agnes 1922   Not deceased
H-2 LANE Leonard 28-Apr-11 19 Mar 1976 Age 64 yrs  
H-3 HURLEY Edward Apr 3, 1894 17-Jun-76    
H-4 DWYER Cyril 1897 1978    
I-1 BURKE Ben 1923 2000   A white cross
I-2 BURKE Agnes J. 1914 1989    
I-3 CARROLL Anne 1901 1975   (wife of Patrick)
I-4 GREENE Fred   11-Dec-75 Age 63 yrs  
I-5 BOUZANE Margaret 1905 1984   Husband of Michael (of Bishop Falls, Nfld.)
I-6 DWYER Edward   4-Apr-76 Age 70 yrs  
J-1 BURKE Edgar 1933 1989   A white cross
J-2 CARROLL Walter 1901 1989    
J-3 BURKE Stella M. 1916 1975    
J-3 BURKE Fergus J. 1914 2001   Married Nov 24 1955
J-4 DWYER William P. 1910 1975    
J-5 Reardon John 1916 1974   A Tall White Cross
K-1 GREENE John V. 1911 1988    
K-2 BURKE Terry 1924 1989 Age 64 yrs  
K-3 SEXTON Gregory C. 1922 1975    
K-3A SEXTON Mary Margaret 29 May 1916 1-Sept-2003   mother - one headstone
K-3A SEXTON Gregory Hugh Jr. 19 Oct 1956 14 Sept 2000   son - one headstone
K-4 FOLEY Philip J. 1905 1982   ( Husband of Mary Ellen Foley M-2)
K-5 FOLEY Thomas J. 4-May-13 4-Sep-75    
K-6 WALSH Richard 7-Oct-00 23-May-83    
L-1 CLUETT Bernard July 9, 1894 9-Aug-88 Age 94 yrs  
L-2 BURKE Gerard 1928 1987   A white cross
M-1 MCGRATH Michael 18-Aug-23 18-Jan-01    
M-2 FOLEY Mary Ellen 1918 1997   ( Wife of Philip K-4)
M-3 FOLEY Nora A. 30-Jun-08 8-Mar-87   b 1909 on headstone, this is incorrect, she was born 1908(Wife of William N-4)
M-4 DWYER Allan 1900 1986    
M-5 TOBIN Allan 1-Feb-02 18-May-1971    
M-6 BRODERS William 1895 1974    
M-6 BRODERS Agnes 1895 1944    
M-7 BRODERS Leonard J. 3-Sep-37 14-Feb-96    
M-8 MCKENNA Thomas Dec 24, 1888 16-Aug-75   Husband of Agnes
M-1A BURKE Stanley 1926 1971   A white cross
M-2A BURKE Harold 1929 1973    
M-2A BURKE James 1931 1942    
M-3A BRODERS Walter 12-Oct-24 4-Mar-96    
M-4A KEEFE Isabelle 1892 1973    
M-5A GREENE Marie Nee: Lane 29-Apr-21 27-Jun-00   (Wife of Michael)
N-1 McGRATH Lawrence 15-Dec-19 14-Nov-96    
N-1 MCGRATH Jessie 20-May-26 23-Jun-01    
N-2 VACANT          
N-3 McGRATH Ambrose 1917 1986    
N-4 FOLEY William 1909 1986   (Husband of Nora M-3)
N-5 REARDON Edmund   25-Feb-72 Age 45 yrs Husband
N-5 REARDON Joseph   15-May-71 Age 82 yrs Father
N-6 VACANT          
N-7 VACANT          
N-8 VACANT          
N-9 HURLEY John 1907 1973    
N-10 KEEFE Leo   8-Sep-80 Age 25 yrs Lost at Sea, erected by wife Doris
O-1 FOLEY Harold J. 1913 1992    
O-2 MAHONEY Michael       White Cross with a white Fence
O-3 DWYER Julia J. 1904 1985    
O-4 KINSELLA Bridget   4-Feb-71 Age 81 yrs  
O-5 SEXTON Philomena   29-Oct-72 Age 76 yrs  
O-6 KEEFE Annie 1899 1993    
O-7 BRODERS Kevin Patrick 1927 1994    
O-8 VACANT          
O-9 BURKE Jean Mary 27 Mar 1944 14 Oct 2004    
A number of vacant spots            
P-1 BRODERS Nora A. 1-Oct-00 8-Apr-85    
P-2 MAHONEY Catherine 11-Nov-09 28-Oct-70    
P-3 O'KEEFE David   10-Oct-71 Age 77 yrs Erected by wife Annie
P-4 DWYER Mary Ellen 8-Nov-04 7-May-73    
P-5 DWYER Harold 28-Aug-32 11-Jun-84   A Wooden Plaque
Q-1 SEXTON Herbert J.   8-Oct-70 Age 78 yrs  
Q-2 BURKE Ronald J. 1908 1971    
Q-2 BURKE Rose M. 1908 1991    
Q-3 VACANT          
Q-4 FOLEY Clarence N. 1909 1994    
Q-4 FOLEY Philomena B. 1917 2003    
R-1 LANE Michael Sept. 3, 1933 Dec. 28, 2002   Erected by sisters, Hilda and Margaret
R-2 O'KEEFE Leo 1891 1970    
R-2 O'KEEFE Jessie 1902 1991    
R-3 BURKE Joseph P. 1886 1971    
R-3 BURKE Ellen 1890 1971    
R-4 BRYAN Cecilia (Mary) Josephine  1916 2003    
S-1 REARDON Ambrose 1880 1970   An Old Cross
S-2 McGRATH Isabella Nov 2, 1883 31-Jul-70    
S-3 McGRATH Edward A 9-Dec-15 11-Dec-79    
T-1 LANE Fred     Age 58 yrs An Old Cross
T-2 LANE Mary Ellen 1908 1995   Erected by Emily & Jim
T-3 REARDON Clarence   18-Dec-77 Age 83 yrs/11 Mo  
T-4 LANE Rita 1915 1985    
T-5 McGRATH Catherine 1890 1970    
T-5 McGRATH William 1891 1977    
T-6 SAUNDERS Elizabeth 1886 1970   Wife of Philip
T-6 SAUNDERS Philip 1888 1971   (Husband of Elizabeth)
U-1 LANE Nicholas J.   23-Feb-78 Age 86 yrs Seaman, Royal Naval Reserve
U-2 McKENNA Agnes   10-Dec-77 Age 75 yrs  
U-3 FOLEY Joseph   10-Jan-70 Age 96 yrs  
U-4 BRODERS Leo 1883 1970    
U-5 FOLEY Albert Joseph   1-Mar-96 Age 75 yrs/5 Mo (Husband of Theresa)
U-6 FOLEY Allan 1894 1974    
U-6 FOLEY Bertha 1897 1925   She is buried in the old graveyard (up over the rocks)
U-7 McGRATH Austin   5-Apr-70 Age 83 yrs Husband of Agnes (she is buried in the old graveyard)
U-8 DWYER Joseph 1915 1997   (Husband of Theresa U-9)
U-9 DWYER Theresa 1926 2001   (Wife of Joseph U-8)

Transcribed by Shirley Foley, July 2003

Page Last Modified: Friday March 22, 2013 (Don Tate)

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