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Anglican Cemetery

Bonavista Bay District,

View of Cemetery Tickle Cove

Picture on Left Photographed by Debbie Frazer (2007)
Picture on Right Photographed by Joan and Ken Hotson (2010)


BURDEN Mary   Sept 20th 1937 97 Yrs
6 Mos
In Loving Memory of Mary Burden beloved wife of James Burden,
She is gone but not forgotten
Never shall he memory fade
Sweetest thoughts shall ever linger
Beyond the grave where she is laid. 
CANDOW Archibald C.   March 10th 1907 53 Yrs
4 Mos
In Loving Memory of Archibald Candow Beloved Husband of Sarah Candow
CANDOW Emily   July 23rd 1906 22 Yrs
2 Mos
In Loving Memory of Emily Beloved Wife of Robert Candow. Also our darling child Archibald.
CANDOW Archibald   July 23rd 1906 4 Mos Tis Hard to break the tender cord
When Love has bound the heart
Tis hard so hard to speak the words
We must forever part.
CANDOW Grace MacDonald   Jan 5th 1862 13 Yrs
2 Mos
Sacred to the Memory of Grace MacDonald. Daughter of David and Ann Candow. Who departed this life on Sabbath Morn.
Blessed are the Pure in Heart
For They Shall See God Matthew V.VIII
Now with Triumphal Palm they stand before the Throne on High. And serve the God they love amidst the glories of the sky. His presence fills each heart with joy tunes every mouth to sing. By day, by night, the sacred courts with glad hosannahs ring.
CANDOW Sarah   June 13th 1919 72 Yrs IhS
Erected by Edgar Candow in memory of his mother Sarah. Beloved Wife of Archibald Candow.
No Night of Sorrow None of Pain
But Perfect Peace and Rest
Redeemed and Saved She Sweetly Sleeps
Upon Her Saviours Breast
CROSS Jesse   Sept 14th 1925 59 Yrs
10 Mos
Peace Perfect Peace. In Loving Memory of Jesse.
Beloved Husband of Grace A. Cross
However our lives may last
Whatever lands we may view
Whatever joy or grief be ours
We will always think of you.
CROSS Rhoda   June 3rd 1860 10 Yrs
9 Mos
Sacred to the memory of Rhoda Daughter of John and Jane Cross
This lovely bud so young and fair
Called hence by early doom
Just came to show how sweet a flower
In Paradise may bloom
CROSS William Thomas   Nov 4th 1913 41 Yrs
7 Mos
A Member of True Blue L.O.L. No. 36 L.O.A.
Why should we mourn departed friends
A one we love so dear
His place is vacant in our home
Which can never be filled
God in his wisdom has recalled
The boon his love had given
And though the body slumbers here
His soul is safe in heaven
CROSS William John   Sept 6th 1925 22 Yrs
11 Mos
In Loving Memory of William John Cross.
You suffered much You murmured not
We watched you day by day
Until at last with broken hearts
We saw you pass away.
MUGGRIDGE Richard   Nov 25th 1907 80 Yrs 7 Mos In Loving memory of Richard Muggridge, Beloved Husband of Elizabeth Muggridge
His toil is past
His work is done
He fought the fight
The victory won
PRINCE John   Sept 29th 1855 79 Yrs Sacred to the memory of John Prince
Unreadable at break in stone
Also his wife Mary
Unreadable line
Together in their Father's House
With joyful hearts they go
And dwell forever with the Lord
Beyound the reach of woe
PRINCE Robert   April 10th 1864 49 Yrs Sacred to the memory of Robert Prince
The dead in Christ shall rise first
RUSSELL Benjamin   Sept 4th 1900 45 Yrs In Memory of Benjamin Russell
He is gone .....Unreadable information where break was repaired
Where I must someday stand
In hope to meet his sprit there
And clasp his friendly hand.
RUSSELL Ida Jane   Dec 21st 1906 20 Yrs
4 Mos
In Loving Memory of Ida Jane, Beloved Wife of Frederick Russell.
My God anf Father while I stray
Away from home of life's rough way
When in bloom God thought it best
To call me home to be at rest.
RUSSELL Jane   March 28th 1888 78 Yrs IN MEMORIAM
To die is to gain
Thy Will be done
RUSSELL Robert   July 20th 1891 80 Yrs  
RUSSELL William   Sept 23rd 1926 85 Yrs In Memory of William Russell [Although name is listed on this headstone, William Russell is actually buried next to his granddaughter Josephine, in an unmarked grave]
RUSSELL Elizabeth   March 21st 1960 98 Yrs Just as I am wityhout plea
But that thy blood was shed for me
And that thou biddest me come to thee
O Lamb of God I come
[RUSSELL] [William]   [September 23, 1926]   [unmarked grave] [husband of Elizabeth Russell (died March 21, 1960)] [This is the actual grave of William Russell, although his name is listed on the headstone above, with his wife Elizabeth]
[RUSSELL] [Josephine] [1952] [1952]   [unmarked grave] [granddaughter of William Russell; stillborn]
SKEFFINGTON Adam   Aug 17th 1911 73 Yrs In Loving Memory of Our Beloved Father
They are gone but not forgotten
Never shall their memory fade
Scattered thoughts will never linger
Round the grave where they are laid
Erected by their Sons
SKEFFINGTON Jane   Oct 18th 1911 68 Yrs Also Our Dear Mother
SKEFFINGTON Rhoda   Oct 21, 1920 52 Yrs Columnar monument featuring an urn on top and at the top of one side of the column a carve design with two columns, each on a three-tiered base arched overhead on both sides with a four sectioned arch below which are the numbers 2 1/2. Likely the designation of some affiliation to an organization or guild.
Also of his Wife Rhoda Skeffington
Thou shalt Quicken me again
And shalt bring
Me up from the depths of the earth
SKEFFINGTON John   Sept 21, 1920 57 Yrs In Memory of John Skeffington
Them which also sleep
In Jesus will God
|Bring with him
TAYLOR Beatrice Blanche   May 22nd 1924 20 Yrs
10 Mos
Erected to the memory of Beatrice Blanche Beloved Daughter of Alfred and Elizabeth Taylor
We shall sleep but not forever
There will be a glorious dawn
We shall meet to part no more
On that Resureection Morn
TAYLOR Chesley   March 13th ??   In Loving memory of Chesley, Darling Child of James and Dorcas Taylor
Too good for earth
God called him home
TAYLOR Dorcas   April 11, 1970 62 Yrs
2 Mos
In Loving Memory of a dear wife and mother
We shall meet again
Ever remembered Ever Loved
TAYLOR Jemima       They shall be mine saith the Lord
In that day when I make my jewels
Erected by their sisters
TAYLOR Sarah Ann        
TAYLOR Louisa        
TAYLOR Mary   Mar 22, 1926 71 1/2 Years Daughters of the Late Robert and Annie Taylor
TAYLOR John   Dec 27th 1894 74 Yrs In Memory of John Taylor
TAYLOR Mary   Oct 24, 1857 63 Yrs Sacre to the meory of Mary, wife of William Taylor
Unable to read verse.
TAYLOR Robert   Nov 17th 1912 85 Yrs
11 Mos
In Loving Memoryu of our Father and Mother
TAYLOR Annie   Oct 6th 1876 40 Yrs Weep not that their race is run
God grant we may rest as calmly
When our work like theirs is done
Erected by their daughters
TAYLOR Susan   Jan 15, 1857 31 Yrs Wife of John Taylor
Through the heart that sorrow chideth
Sink in anguish and in care
Yet if patience still abideth
Hope shall paint her rainbow there
VIEW #1       Cemetery Sign
VIEW #2       View of Cemetery
VIEW #3       Tickle Cove

Original Transcription by: William Warren (2001)
Updated by Debbie Fraser to include John Prince and view of cemetery photos (August 2007)
Updated by Joan and Ken Hotson with remaining photos and inscriptions (August 2010)
Additions by Herman Russell (February 2014)

Page Last Modified: Tuesday February 19, 2019 (Don Tate)

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