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Three Rock Cove R. C. Cemetery
Name Date Born Date Died Age Relationship
RETIEFFE, Lucas T. Sept.7,1942 Nov.2,1993    
RETIEFFE, Robert J. Apr.1,1957 Dec.8,1992    
RETIEFFE, Fred 1912 1987   h/o Margaret
RETIEFFE, Margaret 1921 1985   w/o Fred
White Cross        
DENNIS, James H 1908 1977    
COLLIER, William J Oct.20,1902 Feb.24,1984   h/o Margarita
COLLIER, Margarita Nov.2,1910 Oct.19,1975    
White Cross        
BESAW, Walter 1906 1977    
BESAW, Susan Sept.1,1878 Apr.19,1969    
PENNEY, Harold Jacob July 22,1912 Nov.8,1968    
WOODS, Agustus Nov.19,1901 Nov.16,1962    
YOUNG, Roger Aug.4,1962 Nov.4,1962    
YOUNG, Clifton sr. Oct.31,1930 Dec.17,1997    
White Cross        
WOODS, Patricia        
BARTER, Ronald Edward Jan. 24,1972 Feb, 29 ????    
BENOIT, Geraldine 1928 1996   w/o Benjamin
BENOIT, Benjamin 1917 1982    
HINKS, Mary        
White Cross        
White Cross        
White Cross        
HALL, Ann 1887 Mar.30,1967    
HALL, Joseph        
DENNIS, Stella        
MARCHE, Fintan G June 29,1966 Sept 26,1970    
LeMOINE, John        
YOUNG, Ben Apr.28,1903 Sept 13,1975    
HINKS, Gladys   June 7,1962    
RETIEFFE, Alfred Sept.3,1886 July 7,1969   h/o Mary Young
YOUNG, Mary June 24,1888 Sept.20,1955   w/o Alfred Retieffe
HINKS, Richard Aug.28,1960 Nov.20,1960    
Baby YOUNG        
HINKS, James A. 1905 1985    
YOUNG, Veronica        
BENOIT, Dorothy A. Apr.7,1917 Feb.2,1999    
BENOIT, Lawrence     85 yrs.  
BENOIT, Angela     51 yrs.  
BENOIT, Philomena Jan.29,1936 Oct.13,1987    
KELLOWAY, Martha A. Apr.29,1896 Aug.1,1978    
RETIEFFE, Sarah Mar.20,1912 May 29,1991   w/o Phillip Retieffe
RETIEFFE, Phillip May 20,1908 Feb.18,1986   h//o Sarah Retieffe
DENNIS, Mary E. 1911 1988   w/o George T. Dennis
YOUNG, Moses 1891 1986    
BARTER, Jullianna 1897 Oct.31,1987    
RETIEFFE, George G. 1910 1991   h/o Elizabeth M. Retieffe
RETIEFFE, Elizabeth M. 1916 1989   w/o George G. Retieffe
HINKS, Norman May 21,1926 Sept.26,1995    
HINKS, Alban Mar.28,1938 May 19,1997 59 yrs.  
HINKS, James J. Feb.4,1971 Apr.6,1995    
RETIEFFE, Roy J. 1968 1978    
HINKS, Mary Frances Mar.24,1896 July 27,1981   w/o William J. Hinks
HINKS, William J. June 24,1891 May 3,1978   h/o Mary Frances Hinks
HINKS, James 1922 1989    
HINKS, Michael 1914 1992    
HINKS, Mary Ellen Oct.9,1913 Nov.16,1997    
TURRETT, Columbus Joseph July 14,1933 Apr.21,1986    
TURRETT, Allan T. Dec.31,1957 July 2,1982    
YOUNG, Denise Aug.22,1965 Jan.3,1981    
JESSO, Margaret Rose Nov.15,1940 May 10,1997   w/o John Richard Porath
COLLIER, Mary Gertrude Mar.3,1927 Jan.22,1995   w/o Lauchlin Joseph Collier
DENNIS, Bernadette Sept.10,1942 Mar.23,1999    
DENNIS, Stanley Aug.30,1912 May 5,1993   h/o Mary Furlong
MARCHE, Walter     97 yrs  
DENNIS, Richard Sept.9,1971 May 17,1998    
DENNIS, ???        
WOODS, Gerard 1934 1993    
WOODS, Frank 1893 1987    
BESAW, Matthew Jan.18,1924 Oct.21,1992   h/o Venetia Besaw
BESAW, Venetia Apr.14,1936 May 10,1996   w/o Matthew Besaw
BESAW, Wayne Robert Feb.10,1960 Nov.2,1993    
RETIEFFE, Andrew Joseph 1930 1995    
DUFFNEY, Cameron Keith Dec.6,1996 Dec.7,1996    
HALL, Howard June 23,1923 Aug.7,1992    
HALL, Annie M. Oct.24,1898 Dec.4,1990    
HALL, Patrick 1895 1975    
HALL, M.        
DENNIS, Angus Mar.16,1950 May 14,1996    
DENNIS, Pius Sept.11,1915 Aug.24,1992    
HINKS, Florence Mar.5,1940 May 10,1999    
YOUNG, Mary Ann Aug.9,1907 June 3,1987    
BENOIT, Augustus 1918 1997    
BENOIT, Anna 1924 1997    
HALL, Hugh Aug.25,1918 Apr.25,1992    
TOUROUT, Annie nee Hinks 1918 1987    
FITZPATRICK, Richard G. July 7,1958 May 17,1998    
COLLIER, Patrick        
WILLIAMS, Paul Joseph 1925 1987    

This page transcribed by Debbie Brake - Benoit's Cove, NF Canada

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