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United Church Cemetery

Bonavista Bay District

BLACKMORE Carrie M. Hancock wife of Gordon A. 1926 1995   Forever remembered. Also husband Gordon A. Blackmore
BLACKMORE Gordon A. husband of Carrie M. 1920 living   Forever remembered. Also wife Carrie M. Hancock.
BLACKMORE Mary   wife of Peter   June 7,1968   Aged 72 years
DOWDING Alexander   husband of Theresa DOWDING   Oct. 18.1923   Aged 28 y's 3m's. Dearest husband thou left us. Gone to be at rest. O how I miss my darling husband no friend on earth can tell. From this earth Christ has called me to leave my wife and children all. But in Jesus I am resting safe upon that golden
DOWDING David William husband and father husband of Shirley Dec 19 1970 his wife , son and daughter Aged 34 years. The pearly gates wer open. A gentle voice said come. And with farewells unspoken he gengley entered home. Erected by his wife Shirley, son Terry, daughter Debbie.
DOWDING David   husband of Harriett   June 27,1924   Aged 62 years. God has taken from our homestead a dear father whom we loved. And we know the Lord called him, yet we say Thy will be done. And we hope to meet in heaven in that glorious home above.
DOWDING Emma Kean   1911 1991   Asleep in the arms of Jesus. Also Mark DOWDING.
DOWDING Harriet   mother   March 27th 1938   Aged 67 years. Beautiful memories left behind of a loving mother so good and kind. We have lost but heaven has gained one of the best that earth contained. Also on same pillar Henry DOWDING.
DOWDING Henry       April 1st 1914   Who died at the Ice-Fields April 1st. 1914 Aged 22 years. As death was approaching he sang these words: I know not the hour my Lord shall come, to take me home to His own dear home. But I know that His presence will lighten the gloom. And that will
DOWDING Mark   seaman 1910 27 April 1990   Veteran's headstone - Seaman Merchant Navy WW2 Age 79 Asleep in the arms of Jesus. Also Emma Kean DOWDING.
HANCOCK Jesse   husband of Reta June 7,1911 May 2,1989   Age 57 years, 11 mons. Gone is the face we loved so dear. Silent the voice we loved to hear. It's very true and we wonder why the best are always first to die.
HOWELL Annie   Wife of Percy Templeman   March 4.1936   Age 40 years. She lives with us in memory and will forever more.
HOWELL Aubrey     July 14,1894 Oct. 11,1990   Grant them eternal rest. Also Delilah HOWELL
HOWELL Augustus S.   July 20,1943 May 12,1989   Ever remembered ever loved.
HOWELL Augustus     1919 1992   Augustus HOWELL Merchant Navy WW2 1919-1992 Lest we forget.
HOWELL Blanch     1903 1952   Also Elizabeth HOWELL
HOWELL Charles   Seaman   27 July 1971   Charles HOWELL Seaman Merchant Navy WW2 27 July 1971 Age 69
HOWELL Deliah     Sept. 26,1900 July 24,1989   Grant them eternal rest. Also Aubrey HOWELL.
HOWELL Elizabeth     1926 1949   Also Blanche HOWELL
HOWELL Emma     1864 1947   Also Hezekiah HOWELL
HOWELL Emma P. wife of Obediah 1933 living   Forever in our hearts. Also Obediah HOWELL
HOWELL Hazel   child of Kenneth & Doris   1934   Age 3 months. Also Herbert and Jerry HOWELL.
HOWELL Herbert   child of Kenneth & Doris   1935   Age 20 months. Also Hazel and Jerry HOWELL.
HOWELL Hezekiah     1853 1932   Also Emma HOWELL.
HOWELL J.     1865 1948    
HOWELL Jerry   child of Kenneth & Doris   1938   Age 7 months. Also Hazel and Herbert HOWELL.
HOWELL Kenneth   husband of Doris 1907 1979   Always remembered.
HOWELL Obediah   husband of Emma P. 1931 1987   Forever in our hearts. Also Emma P. HOWELL
HOWELL Theresa Annie daughter of Aubrey & Deliah   Mar. 7th. 1924   Aged 16 months. Also Theresa Ellen. Asleep in Jesus. Blessed sleep.
HOWELL Theresa Ellen daughter of Aubrey & Deliah   Sep. 30th. 1932   Aged 2 1/2 months. Asleep in Jesus. Blessed sleep. Also Theresa Annie HOWELL.
JONES Albert George     Nov. 16th 1954 grand-daughter Marion JONES Aged 72 years 6 mos.
JONES Albert   child of Sarah & Thomas       Same headstone as mother Sarah JONES.
JONES Eva   child of Sarah & Thomas       Same headstone as mother Sarah JONES.
JONES Joseph L. husband of Vilotet S. Winters 1910 living   Also wife Violet S. Winters.
JONES Sarah   wife of Thomas JONES   Jan. 31st. 1961 her family Aged 75 years. Another link is broken in our household band. But a chain is forming in a better land. Also her children Albert and Eva.
JONES Thomas   beloved husband of Sarah March 18th 1880 April 15th 1937   Thou art gone and how we miss you. Never shall your memory fade. Sweetest thoughts will always linger around the grave where you are laid.
JONES Violet S. Winters wife of Joseph L. 1912 1995   Also husband Joseph L. JONES.
MELENCY George Andrews baby of John& Eva   Oct. 4th. 1940   Aged 3 months and 8 days. Gone so soon our loved one gone to be an angel.
MELENDY Howard Alvin son of Clarence and Maus   Nov. 30th 1941   Aged 10 yrs. 18 days. Today recalls sad memories of a dear child gone to rest and the ones who think of him today are the ones who love him best.
PARSONS Albert   husband of Elizabeth   Sept. 25th 1938   Aged 75 years. Also his wife Elizabeth PARSONS. Also Wesley PARSONS.
PARSONS Elizabeth   wife of Albert   Nov. 2nd. 1950   Aged 87 years. Also her husband Albert PARSONS. Also Wesley PARSONS.
PARSONS Wesley       Sept. 22nd. 1947   Aged 56 years. Also Albert PARSONS. Also Elizabeth PARSONS.
TUFF Alfreda   daughter of George & Julia   June 1.1932   Aged 16 yrs. Also father George TUFF.
TUFF Annie   wife of Joseph TUFF   June 19,1928   Aged 34 years. Dearest husband left behind with aghing heart and trouble mind. Weep not for me o'er trouble take, but love my children for my sake.
TUFF Charles       Dec. 23rd. 1940   Charles TUFF of Templeman B.B. Died Dec. 23rd. 1940 Aged 76 years. Another link is broken in our household band. But a chain is forming in a better land.
TUFF George   husband of Julia   Aug. 21,1937   Aged 56 yrs. Also their darling daughter Alfreda. Dearest husband how we miss you. Never shall your memory fade. Fondest thoughts shall always linger round the grave where you are laid.
TUFF Jabez     1919 living   Also Margaret TUFF
TUFF James Meclea Hoddinott child of James & Cecilia TUFF   March 13.1932   Gone but not forgotten. In loving memory of James Meclea Hoddinott. Darling child of James & Cecilia TUFF. Aged 1 year & 18 days.
TUFF John Charles husband of Mary   Aug. 15.1932   Drowned . Aged 34 years. His death it came so sudden...
TUFF John Charles husband of Mary   Aug. 15.1932   Aged 34 years. Drowned Aug. 15.1932. His death it came so sudden....
TUFF Julia     Aug. 4,1882 Aug. 14,1976 the family Not lost to memory or to love, but safe in our Father's home above.
TUFF Lucy   child of James & Cecilia   Mar. 30,1929   Fell asleep Mar. 30.1929. Aged 7 months.
TUFF Lucy   wife   May 19,1927 her husband Erected by her husband in memory of his beloved wife Lucy TUFF, who departed this life May 19,1927. Aged 60 yrs.
TUFF Mabel       Mar. 18th.1940   Aged 4 years. Safe in the arms of Jesus.
TUFF Margaret     1923 1995   Also Jabez TUFF
TUFF Roland Daniel   Sept. 4,1914 Oct. 18,1995 TUFF family Ever remembered ever loved.
TUFF Selina   wife of William   June 26th 1946   Aged 86 years. She was true and very patient....
TUFF Stephen   husband of Valerie Goulding 1957 1985   Until we meet again.
TUFF William   beloved husband of Selena   Novr. 11th. 1932   aged 74 years. Father, how nice to be at rest beneath this cold, damp soil. Twenty years of invalid life....
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