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Cemetery on the Neck

Placentia & St. Mary's District

View of Cemetery
BEST Cleverly   Nov 18, 1965 58 Erected by his Wife Dora
BEST Elsie Jane   Dec 31st 1961 64 Beloved Wife of Charles Best
BEST Susannah   Mar 11th 1963 73 Beloved Wife of Otto Best
BROWN Ernest Paul   Jan 28th 1958 8 Years
4 Months
Beloved Son of Heber & Matilda Brown
BROWN Henry C. Dec 27th 1886 Oct 21st 1957   Beloved Husband of Annie M. Brown
BROWN John C.   Nov 9, 1962 42  
BROWN Mary Jessie   July 24th 1958 70 Beloved Wife of Samuel J, Brown
CUMBY Arthur   Nov 9th 1965 94  
CUMBY Saul Malcolm Aug 29th 1943 Oct 26th 1959   Beloved Son of George & Rosena Cumby
DOWDEN Mary Jane   May 4th 1921 41  
DOWDEN John Frederick   Aug 25th 1961 84 Our dear Father
GREEN Rosa Margaret Dec 10, 1943 Jan 14, 1965    
GREENE James Saul   May 9th 1960 15  
GREENE Peter   May 17th 1958 74 Beloved Husband of Hannah Greene
HANHAM Mary   July 16th 1958 69 Years
2 Months
Beloved Wife of Alfred Hanham
HAPGOOD Edgar   Jan 6th 1958 61 Beloved Husband of Caroline Hapgood
HUSSEY Francis April 5, 1893 Dec 28, 1961   (Ned Adams)
Erected by Daughter Elizabeth, Cecil & Family
REID Ernest   Jan 28th 1959 68  
REID Sarah Jane   Nov 5th 1959 64  
TROWBRIDGE Rachel   Nov 4th 1960   Ever Remembered by Her Son Douglas
TROWBRIDGE Ralph Baxter Dec 31st 1944 Dec 8th 1963   Beloved Son of Wilson & Laura Trowbridge
WARREN Albert   July 4th 1963 54  

Transcribed by: Don Tate
Photographed and Copyrighted by Phil Hollett (2015)

Page Last Modified: Sunday September 13, 2020 (Don Tate)

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