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Placentia & St. Mary's District

Anglican Cemetery
Near Church

2nd View of Cemetery 3rd View of Cemetery

ADAMS Joshua   Oct 22, 1934 70 Years
2 Months
Beloved Husband of Martha Adams
BAILEY Winnie December 28, 1929 January 5, 2005    
BEST Elizabeth Ann   Nov 30th 1938 56 Years
3 Months
BEST Joshua   April 23rd 1939 59 Years
8 Months
BEST Heber   Mar 9, 1916 41 Years Erected by Brother Albert
BEST Joseph   July 30, 1920 81 Years  
BEST Samuel   July 17, 1924 72 Years Erected by6 William & Richard in Loving Memory of their Father
BEST Sarah Ann   May 12th 1898 59 Years (?)  
BEST William   Oct 22, 1917 88 Years
8 Months
BOLT Lavina   Feb'y 4, 1918 56 Years (?) Beloved Wife of Robert Bolt
BOLT Robert   Feb 19th 1935 95 Years
8 Months
BROWN Adelaide   March 1st 1940 69 Years  
BROWN Benjamin Joseph Oct 4th 1888 Feb 11, 1921   Beloved Husband of Susannah Mary Brown
BROWN James   August 8, 1912 51 Years Erected by Malcolm Brown in loving memory of his parents
BROWN Elizabeth   Jan 19, 1910 48 Years  
BROWN Emily Burton   Feb 3rd 1938 27 Years Ever remembered by daughter Marie
BROWN Ernest Charlie William   Sept 22nd 1939 23 Years
11 Months
Beloved Son of Malcolm & Leah Brown
BROWN Ernest   Oct'r 12, 1918 23 Years
4 Months
BROWN Hannah M.   March 15th 1932 71 Years Beloved Wife of William Brown
BROWN Henry   Aug 28th 1899 78 Years Beloved Husband of Mary Brown
BROWN Rachel Nov'r 8, 1864 July 25, 1899    
BROWN Ralph   Feb 26th 1917 20 Years Beloved sons of William H. & Hannah M. Brown
BROWN James   Aug 28th 1919 31 Years  
BROWN Samuel   May 2nd 1911 44 Years Beloved Husband of Adelaide Brown
BROWN Sarah Ann   April 22, 1911 46 1/2 Years  
BROWN William   Jan 24th 1904 49 Years Beloved Husband of Sarah Ann Brown
BROWN William Henry   Apr 30, 1912 53 Years Beloved Gusband of Hannah Maria Brown
CLARKE William Oct 15, 1874 Oct 25th 1900   Drowned - Beloved Son of James & Jane Clarke
CUMBY Rebecca Jane   May 13th 1931 39 Years  
FOOTE Elizabeth   April 28th 1921 61 Years Beloved Wife of Benjamin Foote
FOOTE Luke   June 19th 1910 18 Years Also their Beloved Son
GREENE Elizabeth   Aug't 19, 1921 55 Years Beloved Wife of James Greene
GREEN Joseph H. July 14, 1920 November 23, 1931   Son of Albert & Dorothy Green
HAINES Rachel   April 7th (?) 1919 40 Years Beloved Wife of John Thomas Haines
HAPGOOD George   Oct 30th 1930 65 Years Erected by Alex Hapgood in Memory of his beloved Father
HAPGOOD Lavina   April 4, 1917 37 Years Beloved Wife of George Hapgood
HOLLETT Walter Gerald 1938 1941   Son of Timothy & Mary Hollett
HYNES Jane   Aug 16th 1899 69 Years Erected by William Hynes in Loving Memory of his Beloved Mother
HYNES Mary   Dec 11, 1901 87 Years Beloved Wife of William Hynes
MONK William 1864 1932   Erected in Memory of Her Husband by Elizabeth Jane Monk
MOULDON Maria   Sept 4, 1908 40 Years Beloved Wife of Henry Moulton
READ Ruth   Feb 2nd 1896 29 Years Beloved Wife of James Read
READ Ruth Frances   Aug 3, 1896 7 Months Darling Child of Ruth & James
WARREN Anastatia   April 22nd 1940 82 Years  
WARREN Benjamin A.   July 7th 1935 7 Years Beloved Son of Benjamin & Matilda Warren
WARREN Benjamin J,   Nov 14th 1937 57 Years Beloved Husband of Maria & Matilda Warren
WARREN Janie Pearl Feb 5th 1909 Unreadable   Beloved Daughter of Benjamin and the Late Mariua Warren
WARREN John   June 6th 1910 83 Years Beloved Husband of Mary Warren
WARREN John Oct 27th 1857 Dec 25th 1937   Beloved Husband of Anastatia Warren
WARREN Joseph   July 12th 1893 58 Years  
WARREN Ellen   Nov 26th 1925 86 Years  
WARREN Maria   June 8, 1917 33 Yrs
7 Months
Beloved Wife of Benjamin J Warren

Transcribed by: Don Tate
Photographed and Copyrighted by Phill Hollett

Page Last Modified: Sunday September 13, 2020 (Don Tate)

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