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General Protestant Cemetery

Bonavista Bay District

This cemetery is easily found,located on the left hand side of the road which branches off to the left of the
Summerville War Memorial just as you enter the community. This cemetery transcription is 99% complete
and was done by Carol McGrath(nee Humby)of St.John,New Brunswick in June 2000.
Where a maiden name or family relationship known, it has been added

HUMBY Ella July 22,1923 November 16,1987    
HUMBY Ambrose September 4,1921 July 26,2000    
HUMBY David Selwyn September 7,1946 October 12,1951   (Son of Ambrose and Ella Humby)
HUMBY Edward March 20,1889 September 23,1980    
HUMBY Rebecca 1892 1927   (maiden name Crewe)
HUMBY Rhoda November 3,1924 November 25,1924   Daughter of Samson and Rachel
HUMBY Rachel   July 13,1968 69 years  
HUMBY Samson   February 10,1987 84 years  
HUMBY Gladys December 13,1925 September 30,1974   (Maiden name Barrett- from Spaniard=s Bay)
HUMBY Mansfield August 11,1922 December 13,1997   Royal Navy WW11. (Son of Samson and Rachel)
HUMBY Frederick Mansfield October 28,1946 April 25,1947   Son of Mansfied and Gladys
HUMBY John Edward 1918 1997   (Son of Joseph and Ellen) Royal Artillery WW11
HUMBY Annie 1913 1983   (Came as a war bride from Scotland)
HUMBY Joseph April 17,1895 January 1,1971    
HUMBY Ellen August 23,1895 April 24,1992    
HUMBY Eli   February 16,1965 42 years (Son of Joseph and Ellen)
HUMBY Eli   November 4,1932 67 years  
HUMBY Emma   August 13,1933 67 years (Maiden name Crewe)
HUMBY Allison 1958 1981    
HUMBY Henry Gearge September 18,1900 April 10,1974    
HUMBY(nee Harris) Florence June 15,1901 April 8,1977    
HUMBY Obediah 1921 1981    
HUMBY Vilda Jean February 25,1930 December 10,1985    
HUMBY Amy   May 4,1969 67 years  
HUMBY Obediah   July 27,1961 63 years  
HUMBY EEmma (MAXIM)   December 22,1933 77 years Wife of Henry Humby. Erected by daughter Mary Lavinia and son-in-law William J. Fry
HUMBY Edward   November 13,1951 75 years  
HUMBY Susie   November 14,1930 45 years  
HUMBY Susie   1934 42 years  
HUMBY Samuel   February 24,1987 71 years Newfoundland Overseas Forestry Unit WW11
HUMBY James 1852 1931    
HUMBY Mary 1857 1938   Erected by son Henry
HUMBY Charles Edward 1882 1955    
HUMBY Ester Ann 1990 1970    
HUMBY Henry   December 4,1964 67 years. 
HUMBY Eliza 1904 1988    
HUMBY Israel J September 9,1909 November 5,1983    
HUMBY Henry September 9,1907 August 14,1984    
HUMBY Edward Kirby 1924 1995   Royal Artillery WW11
DAWE George H 1890 1969    
DAWE Sarah A 1888 1973    
DAWE Clarence McKenzie   Drowned January 14,1933 18 1/2 years (Son of George and Sarah)
DAWE Kenneth Stewart 1920 1998   (Son of George and Sarah)
DAWE Jean Rosaleen Lorraine   June 2, 1932 3 months Darling child of George & Sarah Dawe
DAWE James   March 24,1943 90 years  
DAWE Martha   March 19,1942 75 years  
LANE Horace 1914 1991    
LANE Daisy 1908 1988    
HUMBY Robert September 14,1945 May 6,2000   (Son of John and Annie)
HUMBY Marth Ann (HOBBS) June 20, 1892 July 20, 1966    

Transcribed and contributed by Carol McGrath (nee Humby) of St. John, New Brunswick -- (June 2000)

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