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Salvation Army Cemetery
New World Island
District of Twillingate

Surname Given Born Died Age Spouse Notes
Rideout O. Benson 1939 1990      
Burt Maxwell 10-Aug-18 16-Aug-84     Erected by Elsie and family
Burt Elsie L. 11-Aug-22 27-Apr-01      
Burt Francis 1926 2003      
Burt Francis 1927 2003   Louise (Funeral Home marker for above)
Rogers Samuel James 1913 1983      
Anstey Randy M.   29-May-85 27   Accidentally drowned
Stuckey Joe 1950 1983      
Anstey Violet Mary 29-Jan-32 14-Nov-85      
Shea Vera 1935 2003     Married June 18, 1951
Shea Bramwell 1926 2005     Double headstone with Vera
Boyd Jessie 1937 2004      
Boyd Terry D. 1959 2005     Double headstone with Jessie
Green Myra M.1942 1997        
Green Morgan M. 1937 2000     Double headstone with Myra
Wheeler Ernest T. 1935 1995      
Small William A. 22-Jul-38 28-Feb-99      
Heath Olivia Dora 1914 1998      
Watkins Wilson Harris 1942 1996      
Barnes Artie Malcolm 21-Feb-48 22-Oct-73      
Barnes Thomas H. 28-Nov-03 4-Mar-77      
Barnes Edna L. 25-Jul-15 23-Jul-02      
Barnes Garland 1911 1992      
Wheeler Harvey R. 1925 1998     Married Dec 17, 1947
Wheeler Edna M. 1926 2005     Double headstone with Harvey
Compton Nellie 1921 2002   Hardy  
Compton Hardy E. 1920 1988   Nellie  
Hovelsen Bertha 8-Mar-00 20-Feb-76   Carl Mother of Hardy Compton
Watkins Herbert 24-Sep-00 19-Sep-74      
Watkins Jessie 13-Jan-00 18-May-81     Double headstone with Herbert
Jenkins Cathy (?)   May 25, 1972 (?)     Difficult to read inscription
Jenkins Harold   10-Apr-87 58   Seaman, Merchant Navy, WW2
Pelley Jessie 1888 1958   Norman  
March Ada B. 1922 2005 83    
Anstey Bruce 1951 1952     Son of Gilbert and Eileen
Jenkins Ernest W. 1921 1993      
Wheeler Johnny 11-Nov-50 13-May-51     Son of Frank and Marie
Young Arthur A. 1915 2005      
Troake Frederick 1912 1978      
Troake Violet M. 1919 1980      
Gates Walter Bennett 17-Mar-66   78    
Gates Daisy Lerose   29-Nov-76 88    
Jenkins Eli 1910 1988      
Jenkins Fanny 1917 1998      
Jenkins Gordon Y. 1946 1950     Brother of Wilson
Jenkins Wilson G. 1943 1943      
Jenkins Abner 1892 16-May-70 78    
Jenkins Ada 1896 8-May-68 72   Double headstone with Abner
Wheeler Frederick   4-Nov-66 53    
Budgell Eva Jessie (Wheeler) 1916 1989      
Brown Wesley E. H. 1980 1985      

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