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Pentecostal Cemetery
New World Island
District of Twillingate

Surname Given Born Died Age Spouse Notes
Watkins Willie Arch 1917 1981      
Compton Gertrude Helena 1904 1988      
Brown Verrick Gordon 23-Feb-34 30-Apr-93      
Wheeler Harry J. 1913 1993      
Rideout Ronald 1947 1982   Marilyn Sons Conrad and Christopher
Elliott Leslie ? ?      
Elliott Sadie ? ?     Double headstone with Leslie
Elliott Eli 1938 1981      
Glover Timothy   29-Sep-87      
Gates Wilfred N. 1910 1988      
Gates H. Blanche 1917 1988     Double headstone with Wilfred
Yates Lloyd W. 1919 1988     Double headstone with Blanche T.
Yates Blanche T. 1914 2001     Married Apr 11, 1942
Barnes Lily Jane 1920 1987      
Barnes Matthew N. 1912 1992      
Wheeler L. Scott 1918 1985      
Brown Oral Roy 17-Sep-56 1-Jun-95      
Watkins Elizabeth Leona 1936 1985   Harold  
Troake Hilda Mary 29-Nov-14 27-Dec-91      
Troake Bert 2-Sep-10 16-Apr-84      
Jenkins Roland Andrew 1908 1984      
Anstey Gilbert Jonas 1924 1991      
Anstey Betty 8-Nov-45 27-Apr-90      
Boyde Edwin Thomas 28-Apr-44 6-Jan-90   Maxine  
Jenkins Hedley 24-Dec-04 24-Dec-89      
Watkins Rosalie 1908 1989      
Boyd John C. 1920 1989   Adelia  
Jenkins Ford W. 1950 1993      
Wheeler Robert B. 1895 1989      
Wheeler Elsie E. 1897 1992      
Earle Terry Levi 1962 1988      
Hawkins Jack W. 14-May-32 2-Sep-90      
Barnes Agnes 1915 1991   Ralph  
Barnes Ralph 1917 1997     Royal Navy, WW2
Troake Winston George 29-Dec-41 7-Oct-91   Betty  
Wheeler William Lewis 21-Dec-25 3-Nov-91   Juanita  
Barnes Alex 1921 1992      
Brown Arthur 1911 1992      
Brown Meta J. 1917 1998     Double headstone with Meta
Watkins Beatrice J. 1926 1992      
Stuckey Marshall Junior   14-Dec-93     Son of Arlene and Junior
Pelley Linster 1922 1997      
Hawkins Bruce Eric 25-Dec-51 7-Feb-98      
Wheeler Francis 1929 1997      
Jenkins Sandy Wilson 1924 1997     Merchant Navy, WW2
Earle Willie T. 6-May-21 2-Nov-96      
Boyd Bessie L. 1910 1995      
Boyd Harold 1907 2001     Double headstone with Bessie L.
Ford Kenneth G. 1917 1995      
Barnes Almon 1916 1993      
Jenkins Abram 1911 1993      
Jenkins Minnie 1911 2001      
Pelley Hubert B 1941 1993      
Jenkins Ivy 1919 1998      
Rideout Leslie S. 23-Oct-23 10-Jan-99      
Hawkins Blanche 1909 1999   Frederick G.  
Anstey Roland D. 1922 2002      
Anstey Lucy 1935 2000     Double headstone with Roland D.
Rideout James Cyril 13-Mar-42 22-Sep-00   Juanita  
Jenkins Elmo 13-May-19 19-May-01      
Brown Melina Bertha 9-May-06 20-Feb-01   Frank  
Boyd Donley 2-Jun-30 26-Jul-01      
Earle Alonzo G. 1921 2002      
Troake Wallace G. 16-Mar-45 17-Nov-04      
Brown Fanny 1929 2003      
Kinden Annie M. 1912 2003      
Gidge Dylan Gerald 23-May-92 20-Dec-00      
Rideout Jake Ivan 25-Apr-80 25-Nov-01     Son of Olive and Ivan
Hawkins Jeremy C. 22-Mar-86 19-Dec-00      
Anstey Cody L. 7-Aug-86 19-Dec-00      
Jenkins Otto J. 12-Aug-23 16-Feb-81      

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