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St. Jacques
Roman Catholic Church Cemetry

Click here for Photo of Cemetery Entrance , Typical Plots and Sacred Heart RC Church



Mary Farrell, died April 23rd, 1885.  Aged 64 years.       

also her daughter,  Margaret Hickey,  died Feb.7th, 1884.  Aged 32 years.

John N. Farrell,  1896 - 1970, and his wife,

Winifred Lundrigan,  1907 - 1979.

Erected by Michael Burke, in Memory of his beloved wife Mary,  

died Feb 8th, 1875.  Aged 39 years.

Frank L.J. Burke, died Feb 11th, 1886.  Aged 12 years.     

Erected by Mary, in Memory of her beloved husband,

Denis Burke,  died Dec 27th, 1909.  Aged 74 years.        

Erected by Dr. L.J. Giovannetti in loving memory of his wife

Maud,  died Jan. 26th, 1922.  Aged 45 years.     

Mary D. Burke,  died Feb 20th, 1937.  Aged 81 years.

John Burke,  died June 13th, 1884.  Aged 61 years.     

Erected by Denis J. Burke in Memory of his beloved Mother,

Catherine Burke,  died Aug. 5th, 1901.  Aged 78 years.      

In Memory of Joseph Neil McEvoy,  died March 2nd, 1941.

Aged 35 years.  Erected by his brother,  Patrick B. McEvoy.

Mary Honora McEvoy,  died Sept 1st, 1949.  Aged 47 years.

Erected by her brother Patrick B. McEvoy.

Erected by P.J. McEvoy in Loving Memory of his mother,

Elizabeth McEvoy,  died Dec 20th, 1910.  Aged 76 years.     

Patrick J. McEvoy,  died May 7th, 1937.  Aged 69 years.    

Erected by P.J. McEvoy in Loving Memory of his wife      

Libbie A. McEvoy,  died July 14th, 1910.  Aged 42 years.

John Sears McEvoy,  died May 6th, 1899.  Aged 18 months.

Patrick McEvoy,  died July 12th, 1868.  Aged 35 years.

Our Dear Little Madeline,  died June 27th, 1895.  Aged 1 year.   

Daughter of Patrick and Ellie Burke.

William Burke,  died February 10, 1888. This date is just a guess as tombstone broken.

Mary Wm Burke,  died March 23rd, 1881.  Aged 61 years.   

Erected by Elizabeth Kinsella, alias Burke,  in Loving Memory

of her husband,  Patrick Burke,  died June 28th, 1860.       

Aged 68 years.  Also two of their children who died young,

Thomas and Mary Burke.       

Elizabeth Burk,  died Aug 5th, 1874.  Aged 84 years.     

George Burke,  infant son of Thomas & Teresa Burke,     

died Mar 5th, 1907.  Aged 9 months.

Teresa M. Burke,  died June 22nd, 1925.  Aged 62 years.  And           

her husband,  Thomas Burke,  died Nov 10th, 1927.  Aged 76 years.     

Ignatius, infant son of Patrick and Alice Burke,       

died Aug 31st, 1890.  Aged 9 months.

Lizzie May, daughter of Patrick I. and Alice Burke, died     

April 14th, 1887.  Aged 5 years and 3 months.

Eliza M. J. Snellgrove, daughter of Patrick & Julia Burke,     

died July 28th, 1881.  Aged 33 years and 8 months.

Patrick Burke,  died Feb 13th, 1884.  Aged 64 years.     

Julia Burke,  died March 20th, 1901.  Aged 77 years.     

Owen Burke,  died Nov 27th, 1870.  Aged 49 years.     

Priscella Burke,  died April 20th, 1885.  Aged 59 years.     

Erected by Patrick Burke in Loving Memory of his beloved

wife, Margaret,  died Jan 13th, 1884.  Aged 25 years.

Erected by William Burke in Memory of his wife,

Agnes Burke,  died Aug 28th, 1899.  Aged 31 years.

Agustine Burke.  Aged 2 days.

William Thomas Burke,  died Sept 15th, 1917.  Aged 53 years.

Erected by P.O. Burke in memory of his wife Mary,

died March 23rd, 1904.  Aged 48 years.

Erected by Austin Burke, in memory of his father,

Patrick O. Burke,  died Feb 1st, 1913.                      

Charles O. Clinton,  died Aug 18th, 1901.

Aged 10 months 15 days.

Mary Clinton,  died Sept 9th, 1919.  Aged 12 years.

Elizabeth M. Clinton,  died Oct 29th, 1891.  Aged 24 years.

Jane M. Clinton,  died June 5th, 1896.

Mary Clinton,  died March 11th, 1914.  Aged 80 years.

Hettie M. Burke,  died Feb 13th, 1944.  Aged 70 years.

Denis J. Burke,  died April 8th, 1931.  Aged 62 years.     

Angela M. wife of D.J. Burke,  died Sept 8th, 1909.  Aged 42 years.     

Ambrose Burke,  died March 9th, 1906.  Aged 46 years.  And      

his son William J. Burke,  died April 19th, 1904.  Aged 13 years.     

Elizabeth Burke,  died May 7th, 1908.  Aged 50 years.

In Memory of Mary Florence, darling daughter of     

John and Lizzie Burke,  died Jan 15, 1902.

Aged 1 year 5 months.

John J.A. Burke,  died June 16, 1902.  Aged 48 years.



Transcribed and Contributed By:Paul Burke
September (2000)

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