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St. Peter's Anglican Churchyard Cemetery
Twillingate Island
Twillingate District

Partial Listing (66 of ~140) as of 2004

Hodder, Richard  April 17, 187162 yearsSacred to the Memory, a Native of Devonshire, England
Hodder Walter   February 6 187221 Messina - Also his son
Hodder Rebecca  June 26, 188574 years.Sacred to the memory - widow of the late Richard Hodder,
Colbourne Josiah  17 August 187529 mos. (??) 
Archibald Stirling William  September 1st 187410 years  
Stirling John Mayne  July 27, 18553 years 
Stirling, David  April 10, 1898 (??).10 days, 
Sinnott Ann  who departed this lifeJuly 27, 1867. 
Gray Anne  August 31st6 (?) months. 
Baird Mary B.  November 28th 1878(age illegible) 
Baird Annie M.  December 1st 187?(age illegible) 
Wells, Agnes Mary  August 8, 187624 yearsthe beloved wife of George Wells,
Wells Elias  August 24th, 1874,2 years 
Wells Edwin  January 4, 18751 year. 
Warr Zechariah  May 1st 186931 years. 
Blackler Dinah Elizabeth  September 28th 18593 months 
Blackler Philip  September 10th, 1860 , the children of Angus and Catherine Blackler. (space left for age, but nothing there)
Haydon, Joseph  who departed this life August 6th 1870,in the 73rd year of his age.the beloved husband of Rosannah Haydon,
Blackler Martha  December 1st, 1877,80 years. 
Blackler, James Born A.D. 1796,July 21st, 187579.born at Exeter in Devonshire England
Talbot William C.  November 4th, 1872,46 yearsSacred to the Memory
Lunnen, Andrew  July 17th 187426 years.(This stone was on a flat headstone laid over a brick tomb which rose about a foot off of the ground. It was the only one like this in the entire cemetary.)
Mursel, Alfred    son of Charles and Maria Mursel (date broken off).
Colbourne, Samuel  who departed this life October 18th, 185944 years.Sacred to the Memory
Colbourne Roberts Joseph  August 6th, 1860,3 years and 9 mos., 
Roberts Joseph  October 16th, 1861.  
Roberts, James  who departed this life November 4th 1868,75 years.Sacred to the Memory
Jelard Joseph  March 16th, 1878, 20 years.the beloved son of Robert and Rachel Jelard,
Strong, Mary Ann  who departed this life in the 27th year of her age. Sacred to the Memory - wife to Samuel Strong
(This stone had no legible date on it, but appeared very old.)
Britt, Edward  April 7th, 1870 (? could be 1878),66 years.the beloved husband of Mary Britt
Colbourne Louisa  May 1867 (?)17 years.Sacred to the Memory
Colborne John  Junr. 28th of November 185840 years.who was drowned in Green Bay during a snow storm the Night of the 28th of November 1858
Chinn Elizabeth  April 4th 186133 years. 
Manuel, Jean  November 15th 1862,52 yearsthe beloved wife of Thomas Manuel,
Manuel, Alfred  at sea August 15th 1862,25 years.also their son
Haydon, Susan  who departed this life February 5th, 186631 years. 
Lethbridge William  July 15, 18687 months. 
Lethbridge Mary  November 23, 1874,1 hour 
Lethbridge Harry  July 24, 18793 years, 
Lethbridge Harry  August 2nd 18835 months. 
(The above two stones were very expensive looking and were surrounded by a very sturdy wrought iron fence, one of the few in the cemetery.)
William Archibald  August 13th 1858,72 years.Sacred to the Memory - surgeon - at Twillingate
Peyton Eleanor E.  March 1, 186421 years 
Peyton Georgina  March 23rd 1864 10 years. 
Newman Ann  June 13, 187567 years. 
Drake Samuel  who departed this life February the 7th 182937 years.Sacred to the Memory
Cook Luke  November 18th 184337 years. 
White Dowell Elizabeth  who departed this life November 15th 185525 yearsSacred to the Memory
White William  August 22, 18545 months.son of the above
Lacey, Hannah  September 22, 185242 years.the wife of Samuel Lacey
Lacey, Samuel  November 22nd, 188988 years.a native of Dorset,
Collis Thomas  departed this life in the 20th of May 1825,54 years.who was born at Bucknowle, in the County of Dorset, England
Farewell John  who departed this life October 16th 1825 55 years. 
Pride Jas.  January 8, 1850,31 years. son of John and Mary Pride -Sacred to the Memory
Purchase Absalom  January 28th 1896,71.Sacred to the Memory
Purchase Elizabeth  December 31st 188145 years.Erected by William Purchase in Memory of his beloved sister Elizabeth
Purchase John  February 14th 186567 years; Sacred to the Memory 
Purchase Elizabeth  February 26 186561 years.(Each of the Purchase headstones had flowers in front of it. These were the only stones in the cemetery with flowers.)
Taylor, Martha  November 18th 187932 years.the beloved wife of Henry Taylor, - Sacred to the Memory
Taylor Sarah B.  April 3, 189355 years. Sacred to the Memory
Pearce Charlotte L.  who departed this life the 1st day of August 1863in the 54th year of her age.Sacred to the Memory
earce, Ann  who departed this life the 23rd day of March, 1852,in the 74th year of her age.Sacred to the Memory - a native of Piddletown, Dorsetshire
Pearce W. Daw  drown'd the 31st of May 186628 years. 
Guy Alexander  June 20, 186270 years. 
Elliott John  March 23rd 185250 years 
Elliott, Ann  May 2nd 186063 years. his wife
Maidment George  (died illegible) 186223 years 

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