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(Formerly Indian Arm)

St.Mark's Anglican Church,
Bonavista Bay District

This church cemetery is made up of three separate sections two smaller sections located on the right hand side of St.Mark's Anglican Church
with the larger of the three sections to the left of the church. One may have to ask for directions,
but the church and cemetery are located just off the main road of the community. The cemetery is easily accessible and well maintained.

This transcription is a 100% listing with the additions transcribed in June 2000 by Carol Humby of St.John, New Brunswick and combined with my partial listing done in July 1997


Main and largest section

JOSEPH FRYE 1875 1930    
MARTHA FRYE 1882 1967    
ALBERT FRYE 1912 1928   Their son
JAMES FRY 1904 1974   Beloved husband of MARTHA
MARTHA FRY 1907 1980   Beloved wife of JAMES
ALBERT G. FRY   Sept.16,1934 3 months Darling child of JAMES and MARTHA
AMELIA FRY 1914 1988   Beloved wife of LEONARD
LEONARD FRY 1908 1990   Beloved husband of AMELIA
MAXWELL FRY   Oct.20,1972 33 years  
(no date given)
  sons of Maxwell and Bernice
Richard FRY December 23,1866. May 18,1942    
Rosina FRY October 18,1871. May 26,1957    
Abram FRY 1896 1970    
JETHRO FRYE   Dec.19,1964 81 years 3 months  
ANNIE JANE FRYE   Nov.24,1924 43 years Wife of JETHRO
AUGUSTUS FRYE   1926 8 years  
JOHN FRYE June 8,1916 Aug.18,1984.   Husband of LILY
Alexander Frye   August 16,1933 63 years 1 month  
Eliza Frye   December 26,1966 94 years 5 months  
ABRAHAM FRYE   Sept.24,1946 72 years Beloved husband of CHRISTINA
CHRISTINA FRYE Feb.12,1881 Feb.20,1969    
GEORGE FRYE   Dec.31,1940 35 years. Beloved son of ABRAHAM and CHRISTINA
William FRY   October 25,1932 73 years  
William NEWELL December 26,1884. December 16,1962    
Elizabeth NEWELL Born September 4,1890 August 4,1974    
James NEWELL Born March 25,1917 September 14,1952   ( Veteran of WW11)
John NEWELL   September 5,1948 36 years  
Donald NEWELL   1942. 5 months Son of John Newell
George NEWELL   May 27,1951 37 years  
Willliam (Bill) MEWS March 28, 1954 October 6, 1998    
******************Older of the two smaller sections sometimes called Greening's cemetery:**********
John GREENING   Drowned May 14,1920. 23 years 6 months 20 days Son of John and Lavinia Greening
Samson GREENING 1856 1946    
Helen GREENING 1868 1947    
William GREENING   March 23,1895. 33 years  
Charles GREENING   December 12,1905 33 years  
Jane GREENING   March 8, 1917 75 years  
Joseph GREENING  May 1890 Age 49 years  
Joseph GREENING JR.   May 1907. 23 years  
Sgt.Thomas M.M. GREENING July 19,1893 January 16,1975.   4th. Canadian Battalion WW1
A. Mahalah GREENING September12,1895. January 12,1981    
Bradley GREENING Born September 3,1929. February 11,1995    
William TILLEY   April 9,1962 76 years. Veteran of World War 1
Blanche TILLEY   December 4,1965. 69 years  
Joseph TILLEY   November 1930. 6 months  
Randolph TILLEY 1925 1990    
Hall TILLEY 1922 1999   Beloved Husband of Valerie(Greening) Rescue Tug Serviced Royal Navy WWII
********Most recent of the two smaller cemeteries referred to as Fry's or Frye's cemetery:*********
Henry H. FRY 1907 1996    
Daisy FRY 1914 1991    
William George FRY ,July 13,1939. April 9,1995    
Donald C. FRY February 17,1938. March 6,1998    
Joseph Jody Mitchell FRY 1972 1993 20 years  
Joseph FRYE 1920 2000    
Joseph Daniel FRYE 1962 1982    

Contributed by: Martha Warren (August 23rd, 2000)

Page Revised: August 2002 (Don Tate)

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