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St. James Anglican Churchyard Cemetery

Bonavista Bay District

In September of 2001, we visited this cemetery and found it to be poorly maintained, the grass
is overgrown and there are many sunken areas and holes in the cemetery. Many of the
headstones are fallen, some of these are partially overgrown, and many of these are
difficult to read. Many of the headstones still standing are on the verge of falling.

Of the 10 headstones transcribed by Wayne in 1990 only one remains to be seen and it has fallen over
and very difficult to read. There were some headstones that were completely illegible and some
of these could be some of those from the 1990 transcription.

Following is a complete transcription of the headstones, as of September 2001, that we were able to read,
some were very difficult to read, a couple had the inscriptions traced over with some type of
white substance to make them legible by a previous visitor to the cemetery.

Bill & Martha Warren (October 2001)

Partial Listing (68 of 73) with Some Photos

Click here for Photo of Cemetery  and a second View  and  a third View

  Ann   May 11, 1861 11 years 6 months.   Fallen and difficult to read: Daughters of George and Mary Brown
Rebecca   May 11, 1861 5 years 3 months.   Fallen and difficult to read: Daughters of George and Mary Brown
BROWN Elizabeth   Nov. 14, 1887 78 years. Thomas of this place
BROWN Elizabeth   April 13, 1861      
BROWN Elizabeth       William Very large headstone --standing but in poor condition. The inscription had been traced with some type of white substance to make the names legible--nothing other than the names had been traced and no other data could be read:
BROWN George   Jan. 6, 1897 8? years.   Possibly 82 years.
BROWN James   June 7, 1892 86 Years Sarah  
BROWN Johanna   Aug. 1868 51 years 7 months 4 days.   Fallen headstone: Blessed are the dead which in the Lord.
BROWN John   Aug. 1, 1881 18 years.   son of Joseph & Mary
BROWN John   Nov.8, 1897 65 years. Ruth  
Ruth   Nov. 12, 1897 62 years. John  
BROWN Joseph Saunders   June 14, 1861 19 years 4 months.    
Stephen   June 19, 1861 11 years 8 months.    
BROWN Laura   Sept. 21, 1897 27 years.    
Mary Kate   March 17, 1878 12 years 5 months.    
BROWN Mary   Aug. 3, 1894 51 years. Joseph  
BROWN Mary   Dec. 17, 1874 67 years. George  
BROWN Mary Jane   May 30th 1861 15 years 6 months.   Daughter of George and Mary Brown.
BROWN Stephen R.   Sept 19, 1905 27 years.   Ornate pillar marker surrounded by a wrought iron fence:
BROWN Sarah   Dec. 10, 1889 85 Years James  
BROWN Sarah   Nov. 22, 1856 46 years 2 months.    
BROWN Susanah   Dec. 11, 1859 3 years.   Fallen headstone: Daughter of James & Sarah Brown.
BROWN Thomas   Sept. 13, 1894 96 years.   Farewell Dear Father We Now Turn Away, No More To Meet Till The Great Judgement Day,Though Absent In Body We're With You In Prayer,And Will Meet You In Heaven, There's No Parting There, Blessed Are The Dead Which Die In The Lord.
BROWN Thomas Henry   March 23, 1872 6 years.   son of Joseph & Mary
BROWN William   June 3, 1891 54 years.   of Thomas
BROWN William   Feb. 17, 1858 87 years.    
BROWN William   June 20, 1861 15 years 11 months.    
Elizabeth   April 13, 1861 6 years 10 months.    
BROWN William S.   March 11, 1903 46 years. Jessie  
BROWN [?????]   June 22, 1861 9 years 6 months.   Fallen headstone:
COFFIN Jane   May 6, 1881 55 years. Samuel Pillar marker:
COFFIN John   May 18, 1894 73 years.   Pillar marker:
COFFIN Samuel   June 15, 1899 76 years.    
CURTIS Elizabeth   April 20, 1889 58 years 2 months. Henry  
CURTIS Elizabeth   Nov. 27, 1855 61 years.   Fallen & partially overgrown: The Righteous Shall Have Everlasting Remembrance.
CURTIS Henry   Feb. 19, 1904 Age 73 years 2 months.    
CURTIS Susanna   June 3, 1901. 35 years 6 months.    
George   Nov. 12, 1901 34 years.    
HART Elizabeth Mary   Dec. 7, 1894 38 years 3 months.    
HART Percival H.C.   June 12, 1901 17 years.   Drowned in Franey's Pond , Sons of John C. and Elizabeth M. Hart
Ernest Reginald   May 2, 1901 14 years   Also his brother Sons of John C. and Elizabeth M. Hart
HILL James Jay May 30, 1909 Oct 4, 1911     (Date of death could be wrong).
HANCOCK Ann   Sep. 1857 52 Years Henry Widow of the late Henry of King's Cove
HANCOCK Ann   Feb 2, 1852 70 Years James  
HANCOCK Elizabeth   Dec. 23, 1911 42 years 5 months. Levi  
HANCOCK James   Apr. 30, 1884 52 Years    
HANCOCK John   Oct. 22, 1876 48 Years    
HANCOCK Richard   June 8, 1855 20 Years    
HANCOCK Richard   July 11, 1809 5 weeks   son of Henry & Elizabeth
HANCOCK Thomas   May 14, 1896 58 Years    
HANCOCK Vera Jean (Brown)   July 22, 1896 80 Years R. Hepditch  
KIRBY Amelia[?] or Andrew[?]   Jan. 23, 1878 either 36 or 86 years.   This headstone was fallen, broken and very difficult to read:
KIRBY Ellen Stevens   May 16, 1909 64 Years    
KIRBY William   April 7, 1908 75 Years   Priest of this mission nealry 50 years
MONKS John   Nov. 5, 1906 71 years 9 months.   Fallen and broken:
MORETON John   Oct. 10, 1859 55 years.   Six years pastor of this flock
NOBLE Adelaide   Nov. 23, 1910. 36 years. Frederick She is gone but not forgotten, Never shall her memory fade, Sweetest thoughts shall ever linger, Round the grave where she is laid.
PARSONS Ann   May 11, 1851 85 years. John Aaron Parsons of this place  
SAMSON Edward   Feb. 12, 1859 25 years 10 months 24 days.   This erected by her dutiful son William Samson. Son of William and Mary Samson.
SAMSON Mary   Nov. 11, 1872 73 years 4 days. William of King's Cove, daughter of Joseph and Martha
SAMSON William   Dec. 29, 1827 78 Years.    
SAUNDERS Joseph   ????, 1847 74 years.   Standing but barely legible:
SAUNDERS Martha   Nov. 7, 1852 in the 73 year of her age. Joseph of this place  
STEWART James Esq.   11th day of March 1857 52 years.   This large headstone was standing but some earlier visitor had traced over the inscription with a white substance to make it legible. Otherwise it could not have been read.
STUCKEY Edward   May 11, 1848 11 Years   drowned at sea with father and twin
STUCKEY Joseph Sen.   May 11, 1848 67 Years   of Herring Neck; drowned at sea with twin sons
STUCKEY William   May 11, 1848 11 Years   drowned at sea with father and twin
WHITE John Hart   Aug. 16, 1899 12 years 2 months.   Fallen and almost overgrown: son of Andrew and Maria White.

In St.James Church there are beautiful stained glass windows,
some of which were placed in memory of loved ones.
Following is a list of those memorial windows:
Placed by Thomas Brown in memory of:
My wife Clara Brown April 26, 1926
Son Andrew June 27, 1926
Daughter Mrs. Rebecca White March 31, 1927.
In memory of:
Jane Coffin May 6, 1881, 55 years
Samuel Coffin June 15, 1889, 76 years.
In memory of:
Samuel Brown by wife Ann Brown.
In memory of :
Edward Field D.D.
Sometime Bishop of this Diocese
Erected by the teachers and children.
Placed by Alfred H. Hart in memory of:
My mother Elizabeth Mary Hart 1894
And my brothers
Percival H. drowned 1901
And Ernest R. 1901.

Originally in part, transcribed by Wayne Pike (October 20, 1990)
and updated by Bill and Martha Warren (October 2001)
and Keith Brown (2007)

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