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collected 1990 by PAUL COOMBS
Research Notes by Jill Marshall 2002
Elizabeth WELSHMAN   d 19 Sept 1923 91 yrs widow of Thomas WELSHMAN nee Elizabeth NEWBURY (married 1856)
Elias WELSHMAN   d 9 Mar 1922 70 yrs husband of Priscilla WELSHMAN bapt Aug 15 1852 Shoe Cove, age 7 months, son of John & Elizabeth
Eleazar WELSHMAN   d 1929? 37 yrs widow of Bessie Married Bessie HARDING; named as son of JOHN at marriage, but may be son of Elias & Priscilla, b Jan 4 1892
Joseph HARDING   d 7 June 1918 37 yrs   Bapt Jul 10 1887 Shoe Cove, son of John HARDING & Mary Ann WELSHMAN; md 1911 to Minnie Louisa TOMS (dau of William A. TOMS & Emma WINSOR)
Alberta HODDINOTT   d 5 Mar 1928 not given   b Sep 9 1889 Shoe Cove Brook, dau of John HARDING & Mary Ann WELSHMAN: married George Hoddinott of Greenspond BB
Sarah Ann LUSCOMBE   d 9 Sept 1922 67 yrs wife of Samuel LUSCOMBE bap Aug 26 1853 Shoe Cove, age 3 months, dau of John FOSTER & Elizabeth GRAY; first md to Ebenezer EDGECOMBE. Md (2) Samuel Luscombe bap Nov 1 1863 Clarks Cove, Herring Neck, son of Thomas Luscombe & Kezia Loder.
Samuel LUSCOMBE   d 15 Oct 1939 79 yrs husband of Minnie bap Nov 1 1863 Clarks Cove, Herring Neck, son of Thomas LUSCOMBE & Kezia LODER; md first to Saran Ann FOSTER; md (2) to Minnie Louisa (TOMS) Harding.
Thomas WELSHMAN   d 5 May 1911 80 yrs   Son of John Welshman Sr (of Christchurch) & Elizabeth UNK; married Elizabeth NEWBURY
Sophia SAUNDERS   d 10 Sept 1911 50 yrs wife of Thomas Saunders She was first married to James Robert Major GRAY; 2nd married Thomas Saunders III (b 1855, son of Thomas & Mary)
Samuel HEWLETT   d 26 Dec 1872 23 yrs   Bapt Aug 26 1850 Shoe Cove age 14 months, son of John & Elizabeth.
Henry HEWLETT   d 18 Jan 1877 40 yrs   Md (1) Elizabeth COOMBS. Md (2) Jane WELSHMAN. Likely the son of John & Elizabeth HEWLETT.
John WELSHMAN   d 5 Feb 1890 88 yrs Native of Christchurch, England Married Elizabeth UNKNOWN.
Ebenezer EDGECOMBE   d 1 Oct 1881 34 yrs   Married Sarah Ann FOSTER, dau of John FOSTER & Elizabeth GRAY
Jonathan GRAY   d 22 Nov 1878 14 yrs Son of John & Maria Ann GRAY Born Nov 1 1864 Shoe Cove; mother was NEE Maria Ann TOMS, dau of Robert TOMS & Susan ADAMS
James Robert GRAY   d 30 Jan 1889* 26 yrs Erected by wife Sophia Born Dec 27 1862 Shoe Cove, bap James Robert Major Gray, son of John GRAY & Maria Ann TOMS; *headstone transcribed as 1880; but was buried, from church records, Feb 1 1889 age 27 yrs.
Maria Ann GRAY   d 25 Jan 1908 77 yrs Wife of John GRAY Nee Maria Ann TOMS, daughter of Robert TOMS & Susan ADAMS; granddaughter of John & Emma ADAMS of Indian Burying Place.
John HARDING   d 15 Jan 1937 85 yrs   From Greenspond BB, married 1878 to Mary Ann WELSHMAN
wife Mary Ann HARDING   d 18 Jan 1937 80 yrs wife of John HARDING Bap Sep 4 1857 Shoe Cove age 8 months, dau of Thomas WELSHMAN & Elizabeth NEWBURY
Elizabeth GREY b May 8 1881 d 16 Jan 1916   wife of John A. GREY Born May 31 1881 per church records, dau of Jesse FOSTER & Maria Ann ANDREWS
Sarah GREY   d Dec 1868? *   wife of James GREY Same person as Ann GRAY, buried Dec 10 1878 Shoe Cove age 69 yrs
James GREY   d 8 Sept 1880? age 78 yrs husband of Sarah GREY  
Jesse GREY   d 6 May 1877 33 yrs husband of Margaret Ann GREY (actually Maria Ann) Bap Sep 3 1846 Shoe Cove age 2 yrs, son of James & Sarah GREY; md 1871 to MARIA ANN ANDREWS of Nippers Hr, dau of William Andrews & Ada Mitchell
Dorcas MORGAN   d 26 Nov 1875 24 yrs wife of George MORGAN Bap Aug 15 1852 Shoe Cove age 3 months, dau of James & Sarah GRAY
John WELSHMAN   d 23 Dec 1912 74 yrs Son of John Welshman Sr (of Christchurch) & Elizabeth UNKNOWN. Md (1) Jane GRAY, dau of James & Sarah GRAY. Md (2) Jemima Jane RANDELL, dau of Samuel & Mary Ann Randell of Nippers Hr.  
William WHITCHER   died at Shoe Cove 18 May 1870 57 yrs A Native of England Married 1848 to Mary GRAY, dau of James & Sarah GRAY.
Violet WELSHMAN   d 9 Nov 1908 15 yrs Daughter of Charles & Martha WELSHMAN Born Jan 10 1894 Shoe Cove, dau of Charles Henry WELSHMAN & Martha Ann ANDREWS
Maria Ann NOSEWORTHY   d 22 Jan 1939 88 yrs wife of George K. NOSEWORTHY bap/admitted Sep 1 1850 Nippers Hr, dau of William ANDREWS & Ada MITCHELL; she was first married to Jesse GRAY.
George K. NOSEWORTHY   d 6 May 1947 94 yrs husband of Maria Ann Born Harbour Grace, the son of Nathaniel NOSEWORTHY & Mary UMBERSOME; md Maria Ann ANDREWS, widow of Jesse GRAY, & dau of William Andrews & Ada Mitchell.
Charles Henry WELSHMAN   d 30 Aug 1901 52 yrs   Bap Sep 16 1849 Shoe Cove age 4 wks, son of John Welshman of Christchurch & Elizabeth UNKNOWN; md Martha Ann Andrews of Twillingate, dau of William Andrews.
William WELSHMAN   d 25 Aug 1900 59 yrs   Son of John Welshman Sr (of Christchurch) & Elizabeth UNK; married widow Margaret Ann Newbury (widow of Elias Newbury).
Emmeline WELSHMAN   d 8 May 1894 19 yrs Daughter of William & Margaret Welshman Born Oct 13 1875 Shoe Cove
Jane HARDING   d 18 July 1892 34 yrs Wife of William HARDING CANDIDATE: may be nee Jane WELSHMAN b Dec 13 1858 Shoe Cove, dau of Thomas Welshman & Elizabeth Newbury.
William SHEPPARD   d 10 Nov 1815 30 yrs BURIED WITH NEXT ENTRY:  
James R GRAY b 1 May 1853 d 12 Aug 1860     Son of John GRAY & Maria Ann TOMS; grandson of Robert TOMS & Susan ADAMS
Emily GRAY b 4 Mar 1850 (1859) d 14 Aug 1860     Dau of John GRAY & Maria Ann TOMS; granddau of Robert TOMS & Susan ADAMS. Emily Rachel GRAY was born 4 March 1859 per church records, not 1850.
Elizabeth TOMS   d Dec 8, 1894 82 Years   Relict of Jacob Toms
Jonathan TOMS   d: Nov. 1862 20 Years 3 months   Drowned
Jacob TOMS   d: Nov. 7, 1888 72 Years    
James TOMS   d: Jan 30, 1889 70 Years    

Contributed by Jill Marshall and collected 1990 by PAUL COOMBS

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