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KNIGHT, HENRY, MARTHA June 28, 1880 ?     There are other names on this headstone that are unreadable.
ED???, FRANCES       Partial headstone.
UNKNOWN, ANNIE BERTHA       Headstone unreadable except for Rest in Peace at its base.
UNKNOWN, ELIZABETH IRENE       Headstone partially readable - Sacred to the memory of ELIZABETH IRENE, daughter of Joseph & - remainder unreadable
ABBOTT, EDWARD   Oct 9th 1910 26 yrs 5 mos Sacred to the memory of EDWARD, beloved son of J. R. & Henrietta Abbott, who died at Sandy Point. - Remainder unreadable.
ABBOTT, OTTO RICHARD April 21st 1886 Oct 12th 1920   In loving memory of OTTO RICHARD ABBOTT. Also his three children.
ALLEY, NICHOLAS   March 28th 1858   In memory of NICHOLAS ALLEY. Remainder unreadable.
BANFIELD, AMELIA   April 24th 1937 32 years In loving memory of AMELIA BANFIELD, beloved wife of Charles S Banfield. Remainder unreadable.
BANFIELD, JOSEPH   April 4th 1935 68 years? In memory of JOSEPH BANFIELD, beloved husband of Martha Jane Banfield. Remainder unreadable.
BANFIELD, WILLIAM J - BANFIELD, NORAH F   April 14, 1941 Jan 30th 1917 78 years 40 years FATHER MOTHER Erected by their children. Remainder unreadable.
BENNETT, FLORA   Feb 22nd 1906 67 years Sacred to the memory of FLORA, beloved wife of Magloire Bennett, Born at
BENNETT, MAGLOIRE       Sacred to the memory of MAGLOIRE BENNETT, born at Cape ???, Cape Breton, Died at Seal Rocks, St George's Bay. Remainder unreadable.
BERRY, ALICE M, and her Mother JANE MESSERVY       1860 - 1934 Her mother, 1839 - 1903. At rest.
BERRY, ARTHUR RAYMOND       Dates unreadable. He lives with us in memory still, And will for evermore.
BERRY, PERCY C       1912 - 1950. Inscription blocked by plantings.
BUTLER, ALLEN ROBERT   Aug 13th 1939 2 mos 19 days In loving memory of ALLEN ROBERT, darling child of William and Lillian Butler. Inscription unreadable.
BUTLER, FREDERICK VINCENT   Sept 12th 1929 10 years FREDERICK VINCENT, Son of Rev. E A and C M Butler. Inscription unreadable.
CASNIN, LAURA LETITIA   Feb 1st 1916 43 years Sacred to the memory of LAURA LETITIA, beloved wife of Arthur Casnin.
DENNIS, ANN   Nov 19th 1876 73 yrs 9 mos In memory of ANN, wife of Philip Dennis. Of Bay St George, N.F.L. Remainder unreadable.
DENNIS, PHILIP   March 26th 1874 86 years In memory of PHILIP DENNIS. Inscription unreadable.
UNKNOWN, ELIZABETH ANN   March ??, 182?   Inscription unreadable.
FAUX, JAMES   Sept ??, 1924 20 yrs 9 mos In loving memory of JAMES FAUX, Able Seaman, the dearly beloved son of James W & Martha Faux, Manchester, England, who passed away aboard HMS Curlew. Remainder unreadable.
FILLATRE, ENA V 1915 1943   Rest in peace.
FILLATRE, SARAH ANN Oct 21st 1847 June 9th 1909   Sacred to the memory of SARAH ANN, beloved wife of Edmund Fillatre. Inscription unreadable.
FORREST, HORATIO F W   Jan 27, 1869 67 years Sacred to the memory of HORATIO H W FORREST. Inscription unreadable.
GOODLAND, GEORGE ALFRED 1855 1943   Father.
HINES, BEATRICE   Dec 29, 1952 82 Years Sacred to the memory of BEATRICE HINES, beloved wife of Samuel Hines. Remainder unreadable.
HINES, SAMUEL   June 9th 1929 86 years Sacred to the memory of SAMUEL HINES, beloved husband of Beatrice Hines. Remainder unreadable.
HOAR, PHILIP   June 29 1871 60 years In memory of PHILIP HOAR.
HOUCKING, H W   March 5, 1875   In memory of H W HOUCKING
HULAN, LOUISE       In loving memory of LOUISE HULAN, widow of the late William - remainder unreadable.
HUMPHREY, ALFRED THOS.   Oct 19th 1896 21 yrs 9 mos In memory of ALFRED THOS HUMPHREY, Leading Seaman, HMS Buzzard, who met his death by falling from aloft. Remainder unreadable.
HUNT, MATILDA   Feb 18th 1904   Sacred to the memory of MATILDA, beloved wife of George Hunt. Remainder unreadable.
UNKNOWN, LAUGHLIN W.       Inscription unreadable
LeGRANDAIS, ADA AGNES   April 7, 186? in her 22nd year Daughter of Joseph & Eliz^h LeGrandais.
LeGRANDAIS, ARTHUR EDWARD   Sept 3, 1883 1 yr 10 mos Son of Joseph & Elizabeth LeGrandais.
LeGRANDAIS, FREDERICK LOUIS   Sept 29, 1881 in his 21st year Son of Joseph & Eliz^h LeGrandais, drowned at Boston.
LeGRANDAIS, JOSEPH   Aug 13, 1883?   Sacred to the memory of JOSEPH LeGRANDAIS, a native of Granville, France, Died St Georges Bay, remainder unreadable.
LEROUX, ANELIE       In loving memory of little ANELIE, darling child of Walter & Caroline Leroux. Remainder unreadable.
LERAUX, HAROLD   Aug 26, 1886 3 yrs, 3 mos. Little HAROLD LERAUX.
LEROUX, WARD   Sept 2nd 1901 56 In loving memory of WARD LEROUX, a native of Anville, France, who died in Brooklyn NY - remainder unreadable.
NOTE:The left side of the headstone is missing and the given name may be HOWARD.
LeROUX, WARREN       Inscripton unreadable.
LIND, REV. HENRY   May 19, 1870 60 In memory of the REV HENRY LIND, missionary of St Geo Bay, NFLD. after 10 yrs zealous service in the church of God.
UNKNOWN, MARTHA ALICE Oct 23, 1867?   Sept ??, ???? Headstone unreadable.
UNKNOWN, MARY JANE, UNKNOWN, IRENE JANE Aug 9, 1860 Sep 12, 187?   ??? ??? 20 Days Remainder of headstone unreadable.
Sept 27, 1896
???? 29, 1859
???? 29, 1855
7 years
Remainder unreadable.
Mc????, HANNAH   Oct 4, ???? 76 years? Inscription unreadable.
LeGRANDAIS, LOUISA, McDONALD   Mar 19, 1885   Beloved daughter of Joseph & Elizabeth LeGrandais.
McFATRIDGE, HENRY 1867 194?   In loving memory of Father.
McFATRIDGE, JAMES   April 24, 1920 84 years Sacred to the memory of JAMES McFATRIDE, a navive of Ireland. Inscription unreadable.
McFATRIDGE, JANE F 1889 1942   Beloved wife of Henry McFatridge.
McFATRIDGE, STANLEY McFATRIDGE, WALTER   March 28, 1923 Dec 3, 1907 19 years ???? In loving memory of STANLEY, beloved son of Walter & Isabella McFatridge; also WALTER
McFATRIDGE, WALTER McFATRIDGE, ISABELLA   Sept 21, 1924 Feb 12, ????   Inscription unreadable.
McFATRIDGE, ALMA FLORENCE   Aug 13th 1926 12 years In loving memory of ALMA FLORENCE McFATRIDGE. Remainder unreadable.
McKAY, JOSEPH   Oct 9th 1896? 48 years Sacred to the memory of JOSEPH McKAY - remainder unreadable.
McKAY, SARAH ANN   May 16th, 1921 65 years In loving memory of SARAH ANN McKAY, beloved wife of Joseph McKay - inscription unreadable.
McLEAN, DANIEL McLEAN, SAMUEL DUNCAN   April 28th 1910   DANIEL McLEAN of Cape Ann, Cape Breton. Beloved husband of Eliza Jane McLean. Remainder unreadable.
McLEAN, ELIZA JANE   June 22, 1912 69 years In loving memory of ELIZA McLEAN, beloved wife of the late Daniel McLean. Blessed are those servants - Remainder unreadable.
MERCER, JONATHAN   Dec 12, 1892? Nov ??, ???? In memory of Father.
MESSERVEY, MIRON S MESSERVEY, BEATRICE M MESSERVEY, JOHN G 1865 1870 1904 1929 1968 1959   Ever Remembered His Wife Son
MESSERVEY, ABRAHAM   Jan 26th 1874 4? years Inscription unreadable.
MESSERVEY, ANN   Feb 22, 1858 43 years In memory of ANN, beloved wife of Samuel Messervey.
MESSERVY, ARTHUR OSBORN   Jan 12th 1927 24 years Sacred to the memory of ARTHUR OSBORN, beloved son of Geo & Sarah Messervy. In trust to find the ???? the night is past. Today light breaks across the morning sky ???? Remainder unreadable
MESSERVY, BENJAMIN   Date unreadable.   ??? to the memory of BENJAMIN, beloved son of John & Jane Messervy. Died at Boston, U.S.A. Remainder of inscription unreadable.
MESSERVY, CHARLES ROBT   Nov 15th 1893   In memory of CHARLES ROBT MESSERVY, drowned Nov 15th 1893, body recovered and buried June 24th 1894.
MESSERVY, GEORGE ????   Sept 20th 1928 83 years Sacred to the memory of GEORGE ????? MESSERVY, beloved husband of Sarah Messervy. Inscription unreadable.
MESSERVY, ELIZABETH 1900? Mar ??, ????   In loving memory of ELIZABETH, beloved wife of Walter Messervy.
MESSERVY, FANNY   July 18th 1871? 69 years FANNY, the beloved wife of George Messervy. Inscription unreadable.
MESSERVEY, JOHN   Aug 21st 1865 67 years? In memory of JOHN MESSERVEY, an old and respected inhabitant of this place. Remaining inscription blocked by plantings.
MESSERVEY, MILLAGE CHARLES June 19, 1874 Aug 26, 194?   Inscription unreadable.
MESSERVEY, OTTO RICHARD 1933 1949   Forever in our hearts.
MESSERVY, SARAH JANE   Sept ??, 1949 86 years? In loving memory of SARAH JANE MESSERVY, remainder of inscription unreadable.
MESSERVEY, SUSANNAH   Jan 7th 1879 74 years In memory of SUSANNAH, wife of Abraham Messervy. No longer must the mourners weep, Nor call departed christians dead. For death is hallowed unto sleep, And every grave becomes a bed.
MESSERVEY, WALTER Feb 17, 1894 Dec 7, 1967   In loving memory of WALTER MESSERVEY, Royal NFLD Regiment WW I. Remaining inscription unreadable.
MESSERVY, GEORGE H   June 7, 1928 83 years In loving memory of GEORGE H MESSERVY. In thy presence - remainder unreadable.
MESSERVY, GEORGE   Oct 5th 1875 70 years In memory of GEORGE MESSERVY, who was drowned.
MESSERVY, JOHN   Feb 19th, 1931 58 years In loving memory of JOHN MESSERVY, remainder of inscription unreadable.
MESSERVY, SILVIA CONSTANCE   Oct 7, 1922   In loving memory of SILVIA CONSTANCE, infant daughter of Elwin & Caroline Messervy.
MESSERVEY, EDWIN TRACY   Nov 3rd 187? 17 years 9 Months In memory of EDWIN TRACY, son of Charles and Jane Messervey. Inscription unreadable.
MOORE, CORA A (PIEROWAY)   Nov 15th A.D. 1912 34 years Sacred to the memory of CORA A, beloved wife of Isaac Moore and daughter of George & Louise Pieroway.. remaining inscription unreadable.
MORRIS, CLARA MARGARET MORRIS, JOHN and ARTHUR MORRIS Oct 29th 1878 Feb 9 1883 Dec 30, 19?? Dec 30, 19??   John & Arthur are twins, birth date followed by "Died Young". Inscription unreadable.
MORRIS, ELIZABETH MARTHA ???   Oct 24th 187? 19 years In memory of ?????? MART??, daughter of ????? & Hannah Morris. Remainder of inscription unreadable.
MORRIS, AMELIA   July 8th 1917 59 years Sacred to the memory of AMELIA, beloved wife of William Morris. Inscription unreadable.
MORRIS, GEORGE CHARLES HENRY Oct 21st, 1920 Oct 28th 1920   GEORGE CHARLES HENRY MORRIS, infant son of Fred & Georgiana Morris. Remainder of inscription unreadable.
MORRIS, JOHN   Oct 26th 1902 Aged 93?  
MORRIS, SARAH ANN   July 22nd 1872 20 years In memory of SARAH ANN, beloved daughter of Thomas & Mary Morris. Inscription unreadable.
MORRIS, VICTORIA   Oct 5th 1920 59 years Erected by Mrs H McFatridge, in loving memory of her sister, VICTORIA MORRIS. Hold her Father to thy breast, Give her ???? remainder unreadable.
MORRIS, WILLIAM PHILIP Oct 27th 1895 May 6th 1896   In loving memory of WILLIAM PHILIP, darling child of William & Amelia Morris.
MORRIS, WINNIFRED DORITHY (sic)   June 23rd 1938 20 years We shall meet again. In loving memory of WINNIFRED DORITHY, beloved wife of Cecil Morris. Though cast down, we are not forsaken, Though afflicted, not alone, remainder unreadable.
MORRIS, SARAH MARIA ???       This is an old stone. Inscription unreadable.
UNREADABLE       Budded on earth, Bloomed in heaven.
BANFIELD, AGUSTA F.   Sept 16, 1867? 13 months Daughter of Wm & Mary Banfield.
Unknown, Annie   Jan 9th 1863 16 years This headstone is broken and lying on the ground. Inscription unreadable.
OZONG, ELIZABETH   Jan 24th 1866   In memory of ELIZABETH, wife of John Ozong.
PARSONS, ADELAIDE ANN PARSONS, GEORGE HENRY   Nov 22nd 1938 May 25, 1926 84 years 67 years Remaining inscription unreadalbe.
MESSERVEY, AMELIA JANE (PARSONS)   June 23rd 1904 33 years Beloved wife of Louis Messervey. Inscription unreadable.
PARSONS, CHARLES 1870 1951   Gone but not forgotten.
PARSONS, EDMUND T       Thy will be done.
PARSONS, EDMUND   March 30th 1936 77 years In loving memory of EDMUND PARSONS, Member of L.O.A. B.P., reaminder of inscription unreadable.
PARSONS, ELIZABETH JANE   Nov 24th 1926 65 years In loving memory of our dear mother ELIZABETH JANE PARSONS. We thing of you dear Mother, And our hearst are sad with pain. Remainder unreadable.
PARSONS, ELLEN AMANDA   April 10th 1914 54 years Sacred to the memory of ELLEN AMANDA, beloved wife of Edmund Parsons. Remainder unreadable.
PARSONS, GEORGE THOMAS   Nov 10th 1860 37 years Erected by Ann Parsons, in memory of her beloved husband.
PARSONS, HENRIETTA 1861 1944   Rest in peace. Erected by Edward ????? unreadable.
PARSONS, ISRAEL TEMPLETON   Jan 3?, ???? 19 yrs & 7 mos In loving memory of ISRAEL TEMPLETON, beloved son of John H & Elizabeth J Parsons, killed at Florence M?????, Sydney C.B. Inscription unreadable.
PARSONS, JOHN EDWARD PARSONS, OLIVE   June 17th 1939 Oct 3? 86 years In loving memory. "Strong in the strength which God supplies through his eternal Son". Thy will be done in earth as it is in Heaven. Rest in Peace. Erected by his widow, Elizabeth M Parsons. Also their daughter OLIVE
PARSONS, LEWIS A PARSONS, JANE AN? 1865 1864 1951 192?   Ever remembered, Ever loved.
PARSONS, SARAH ?   Nov 23, ????   Headstone nearly unreadable.
  Feb 16, 1860
June 6, 1839
47 Years
22 Years
Sacred to memory of MARIA PENNELL, relict of the late Reuben Marshall, who died much and sincerely regretted. And their only child IRENE.
PENNELL, HUBERT 1892 1942    
PENNELL, JOSEPH   March 4, 1919 77 years Sacred to the memory. Inscription unreadable.
PIERAWAY, GEORGE PIERAWAY, MARGARET   July 20th 1898 July 2nd 1872 83 years 46 years? Inscription unreadable.
PIEROWAY, ALFRED M TROXELL, ALLIE (PIEROWAY} 1864 1904 1946 1992   Rest in peace.
PIEROWAY, CHARLES PHILIP Feb 29th 1891 Novr 29th, 1892 1 year 9 mos In loving memory. Inscription unreadable.
PIEROWAY, EDWARD P   Dec 9, 1917? 19 years? In loving memory. Mate of H.M.S. Murrmann, killed in the war remainder of inscription unreadable.
PIEROWAY, ELIZABETH ANN   Feb 21st 183? 50 years 2 mos Sacred to the memory. Beloved wife of Joseph W. Pieroway. Remainder of inscription unreadable.
PIEROWAY, GLORIA PIEROWAY, GEORGE Aug 29th 1922 Oct 28, 1916 Oct 28th 1927 Feb 16, 1920   Safe in the arms of Jesus.
PIEROWAY, MARTHA JANE       In memory of our beloved mother, wife of George ? Pieroway.
PIEROWAY, SARAH JANE   April 18th 1922 63 years  
PILGRIM, CECIL   Mar 4, 1921 12 years Sacred to the memory. The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.
PILGRIM, ROSETTA   Mar 17th 1931 46 ? years In loving memory. Wife of William Pilgrim.
RENOUF, ALBERT A   Sept 26th 1928 38 years Thy will be done.
RENOUF, CLEMENT   July 4th 1918 63 years Sacred to the memory. Late Customs Officer at Robinsons - Remainder of inscription unreadable.
RENOUF, ISAAC   April 1st 1904 83 years In memory of. Remainder of inscription unreadable.
RENOUF, JOHN       Sacred to the memory of. The beloved son of John & Elizabeth Renouf. Remainder unreadable.
RENOUF, JOHN H. - ELIZABETH RENOUF   Nov 28th 1938 - Nov 28th 1940 83 Years - 82 Cause I Live, Ye Shall Also
RENOUF, PHILIP RENOUF, MARGARET   April 25th 1873 ????? 20th 18?? 53 years In memory of PHILIP and also his wife. Inscription unreadable.
RENOUF, SUSANNAH   Jan 4, 1931 74 years In loving memory of. Inscription unreadable.
RENOUF, WILLIAM HENRY   Dec 21st 1875 35 years 5 mos WILLIAM HENRY, eldest son of John & Elizabeth Renouf.
SEAWARD,WILLIAM May ??? Jan 18th 1926   There are several names on this headstone that are unreadable.
SHAW, SARAH JANE   June 5th 1915 74 years In memory of. Beloved wife of Thomas Shaw. Inscription unreadable.
SHAW, CAPT THOMAS   Sept 14th 1891 34 years In memory of. Inscription unreadable.
SHAW, WILLIAM A   Nov 23, 1875 2 years 7 mos WILLIAM A, son of Thomas & Sarah Jane Shaw. The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away. Blessed be the name of the Lord.
SHAW, WILLIAM HENRY     Aged 12 ? WILLIAM HENRY SHAW, who was drowned - remainder of transcription unreadable.
SHEARS, ELIZABETH   Feb 14th 1918 76 years Sacred to the memory of. She was a Grandmother who nobly filled the office of ??parted.
SHEARS, SOPHIA   June 20th 1909 90 years Erected by Irene Seward and her sons to the memory of. Inscription unreadable.
SHIRES, FREDRICK SHIRES, HENRIETTA 1864 1878 1922 1956   Ever remembered.
SWYER, NELSON SWYER, WILLIAM SWYER, ISRAEL N   Jan 2nd 1919 June 1857 Aug 1897 75 years In loving memory of NELSON, beloved husband of Susan Swyer and their children. There are more names on this headstone - unreadable.
Dates were very difficult to read and a bit of guessing is included. If anyone has specific family information, please contact us so the page can be updated or corrected as necessary. There were two other names that were unreadable on the headstone.
SWYER, AMELIA JANE Oct 22nd 1846 Aug 27th 1875?   Sacred to the memory of. Wife of Edmund Swyer. Headstone broken.
SWYER, EMILY   April 26th 1915 68 years Inscription unreadable.
SWYER, FRANCIS   Jan 2nd 1924 39 years We shall meet again. In loving memory of, beloved husband of Irene R Swyer. Rest in peace. Thy will be done. Erected by his wife and children.
SWYER, GEORGE   Jan 12, 1919 43 years Erected by Margaret Frances in loving memory of her late husband. Nothing in my hand I bring, Simply to Thy cross I cling, remainder unreadable.
SWYER, HAROLD   Jan 2, 1924 34 years Erected by Maud Swyer. In loving memory of her late husaband, HAROLD SWYER, who died at sea in the great gale of Jan 2, 1924.
SWYER, HERBERT   Mar 26, 1934 ? 33 Years ? Erected by the family. In memory of, beloved son of Bennett & Catherine Swyer. Dates and inscription unreadable.
SWYER, IRENE ADA 1880 195?   In loving memory of. Inscription unreadable.
SWYER, ISABELLA   Oct 9th 1909 30 years Sacred to the memory of. Wife of Bennett Swyer. My peace I give unto your ????. Erected by her sons, Daniel & Hayward.
SWYER, JOSEPHINE   Nov 29th 1947 52 years Erected by James Swyer in loving memory of his beloved wife. Inscription unreadable.
SWYER, NORMAN R   July 11th 1920   In loving memory of NORMAN R. SWYER, Drowned. Remainder unreadable.
SWYER, SUSAN DIANA   May 22nd 1?37 82 years Sacred to the memory of. Beloved wife of Nelson Swyer. Remainder unreadable.
SWYER, WALTER   May 21st 1932 61 years Sacred to the memory of. Beloved husband of Ada Swyer. Remainder unreadable.
SWYER, WILFED A   Sept 3, 1894 21 years In loving memory of. Son of Bennett & Sapphira Swyer, who was drowned.
SWYRE, ELIZABETH JANE   ??? 21, 1869 15 years Headstone is broken, remainder unreadable.
TILLEY, JOYCE TILLEY MARY ELLEN   Dates unreadable.   Daughter Mother Remainder of inscription unreadable.
TIPPA, ELIZABETH MAY TIPPA, EDWARD   May 21st 1918 no dates 26 years In loving memory of ELIZABETH MAY TIPPA, also a son
UDEN A.B., G   May 22nd 18?? 24 years Sacred to the memory of G. UDEN A.B., ??? H.M.S. Alert, who was drowned.
VINCENT, CAPT WM   Nov 8th 1930 64 years In loving memory of. Be thou faithful unto death and I will give thee a crown of life.
VINCENT,HANNAH   Feb 15th 1897 36 years In memory of Hannah, beloved wife of Andrew Vincent. Rest in peace.
VINCENT, SAMUEL   Jan 22nd 190? 74 years Born in St John's, Died at Seal Rock. Headstone is broken, remainder unreadable.

Photographs contributed by Peggy Bennett

Transcribed by: Mary Rawlinson (May 2005)

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