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Maiden names known to me personally in brackets.

Thomas Tulk   October 6, 1928 57. years. beloved husband of Annie Tulk
Louisa (Blake) Hurley and Minnie Blake
Esau Garfield 1891     beloved son of Albert and
Garfield Rebecca (balance illegible but this would be the grave of Esau Garfield Woodford, born in 1891).
Blandford Selina   November 20, 1903 54 years. Sacred to the Memory beloved wife of Eli Blandford
Hussey, Sarah Smart   February 18, 1923 48 years. beloved wife of Richard Hussey
Hussey Alfred   who departed this life July 16, 1914 66 years. Sacred to the Memory
Hussey Charlotte Philpott   August 13, 1906 59 years. beloved wife of Alfred Hussey
Smart Eli   who fell asleep May 12, 1912 40 years.  
Burton Elizabeth   April 30, 1911 33 years beloved wife of Arthur Burton
Jane, Lucy   June 11, 1889 24 years. daughter of Moses and Mary Ann Burton
Burton Moses   December 2, 1907 70 years. In Loving Remembrance
Burton James   who departed this life July 5, 1936 68 years.  
Holwell Selina Gertrude   who fell asleep March 7, 1916 9 months. darling child of Claude and Gertrude Holwell
Gooden Emma   May 2, 1918 83 years.  
Smart Sarah Ann   who fell asleep April 7, 1914 41 years. beloved wife of Henry Smart
Holwell Arthur H.     51 years Erected by his wife and children - who lost his life at sea in the winter of 1918,
Crossley James   October 15, 1922 86 years. born at Liverpool England
Murcell Charles       balance illegible
Warren Bertha Dela Beatrice   May 20, 1910 75(?) years.  
Torraville Lillian Maud   who fell asleep September 7, 1887.   beloved daughter of Benjamin and Susanne Torraville
Torraville Harold George   who fell asleep September 10, 1911 18 years. beloved son of Benjamin and Susanne Torraville
Watkins Hettie   who fell asleep May 18, 1920 3 1/2 years.  
Card Mary   June 11, 1874 75 years.  
Card William   January 24, 1875 86. years. (Concrete and brick tomb, only one in cemetery)
Holwell Mary Murphy   who departed this life November 21, 1908 71 years.  
Holwell William John   who departed this life April 16, 1916 82 years. Sacred to the Memory
Mundy Robert   February 10, 1903 47 years.  
Mundy Bertie January 7, 1885 November 20, 1885.   son of Robert and Mary Mundy
White Robert Henry   November 22, 1902.   beloved child of James J. and Sarah H.W. White
Holwell Ida May   October 18, 1900 1 year, 8 mos. darling child of John and Rebecca Holwell
Farthing Emma   who fell asleep September 25, 1919 77 years.  
Grimes Hughie   November 12, 1919 14 months. beloved son of Emma (Kearley) and David Grimes
Lockyer Edith   who fell asleep June 6, 1927 39 years. beloved wife of Frank S. Lockyer
Lockyer Eliza   who fell asleep October 12, 1901 38 years. beloved wife of J.D. Lockyer and mother of Frank Lockyer
Chamberlain Reginald Leslie     3 years July 28, 1897.  
Philpott Dinah Powell   September 10, 1881 70 years. beloved wife of Richard Philpott
Atkins Sarah        
Kearley Benjamin   who departed this life October 21, 1912 73 years.  
Stone John   who fell asleep March 29, 1921 (?).    
Powell Henry   April 13, 1914 44 years. In Fond Memory
  Joseph       beloved husband of _________ - illegible, but should be Sophia (Stuckey) Philpott.
Philpott Richard   1880.    
Blandford Daniel   April 22, 187(?)   of Herring Neck Sacred to the Memory - illegible on stone, but he died in 1879
Blandford David   who departed this life January 30, 1890 38. eldest son of Joseph and Elizabeth Blandford - Sacred to the Memory
Blandford Susanna   November 26, 1877 21 years and 11 mos. beloved wife of David Blandford and daughter in law of Joseph and Elizabeth Blandford
Pearce Emily   April 28, 1880 22  years. beloved wife of G.H. Pearce
Pearce Minnie Susanna   May 13, 1880.   beloved daughter of the above
Blandford Dorman John       son of David and the late Susanna Blandford and grandson of Joseph and Elizabeth Blandford (clearly, my gg-grandparents were into putting up headstones and wanted to get the credit!)
Reddick Elizabeth   April 12, 1918 86 years.  
Pollard. Martha Ann       Sacred to the Memory
Blandford Susanna   June 14, 1878.   Sacred to the Memory - third daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Blandford
Blandforfd Abraham,   July 28, 1877 22 years. Sacred to the Memory - second son of Joseph and Elizabeth Blandford
Farthing Cyrus   December 19, ?? 37 years. beloved husband of Elizabeth Squires Farthing
Farthing Mary   April 16, 1853 28 years.  
Farthing Stephen   August 11, 1858 37 (?) years.  
Blandford Elizabeth   May 19, 1891 61 years, 10 mos. beloved wife of Joseph Blandford
Watkins Martha Warren   who fell asleep October 6, 1912 55 years. beloved wife of George Watkins
  Henry   August 1879 (?) 41 years.  

Contributor: Amalie Tuffin

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