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Old Sagona Cemetery

View of Cemetery

Second View of Cemetery

1a SNOOK Annie   Dec 23rd 1945 84 Years  
  SNOOK Henry James   Dec 20th 1934 71 Years  
1b PRIOR Samuel W.   Nov 12th 1955 80 Years Beloved Husband of Esther
1c PRIOR Esther M.   Sept 24th 1966 89 Years  
1d PRIOR Isaac M.   July 25th 1942 55 Years
7 Mos
Beloved Husband of Elizabeth Prior
1e PRIOR Elizabeth Jan 6, 1888 May ? 1965    
1f MULLINS Isabella   Apr 23rd 1955 81 Years 10 Mos  
2a MULLINS George   July 9th 1952   Beloved Husband of Isabella Mullins
2b SNOOK George T   Mar 9th 1959 69 Years Of Richard Beloved Husband of Mary L. Snook. Erected by wife and sons, Theodore, Harold, Morgan and George.
2c BULGAR Phoebe   Dec 18th 1945 20 Years 4 Mos  
2d WHITE Julie Eileen   Mar 25th 1949 21 Years 7 Mos Beloved Daughter of Archibalkd and Josephine White
2e KEEPING Julia   Oct 30th 1942 78 Years Her beloved Husband
  KEEPING George T.   May 16th 1911 50 Years Died at Sea
2f BARNES Martha   Aug 21st 1946 33 Years
7 Mos
3a SNOOK George T.   Mar 1st 1966 73 Years Erected by Wife Elsie
3b SNOOK George R. 1881 1947    
  SNOOK Florence M. 1915 1950    
  SNOOK Leonard 1912 1935   Lost at Sea
3c MULLINS Jessie   Dec 10th 1967 70 Years  
3d SNOOK Levi T.   Oct 10th 1950 21 Years Beloved son of Archibald and Lucy Snook
3e SNOOK Simon   Aug 15th 1968 44 Years Killed Aug 15th 1968. Erected by his wife Margaret
3f KEEPING Richard   Feb 7th 1926    
4a KEEPING Simeon John   Aug 8th 1938 33 Years Erected by Charlotte keeping in Loving memory of her Husband.
4b KEEPING William Joseph   Jan 1st 1918 36 Years Erected by Philomena Keeping in Loving Memory of her Husband.
4c KEEPING William   Sept 25th 1921 80 Years Erected by Elizabeth Bungay in loving Memory of her Mother and Father.
  KEEPING Selina   Mar 2nd 1921 65 Years  
4d SNOOK Bridget A.   July 21st 1964 74 Years  
4e SNOOK Morgan J.   June 19th 1976 86 Years Erected by Sons Charles and William ??? Gertrude
4f BUNGAY George (?)   Feb ?0 1918 53 Years Erected by Richard Bungay in Loving Memory of his Brother.
5a SNOOK Archibald Nov 6th 1896 Jan 29th 1964    
    Unknown #1        
The following three people are reported to be buried in the cemetery but no headstones remain to identify the site.
  MULLINS Elizabeth        
  MULLINS Clyde        
  MULLINS Sandy        


Contributed and Transcribed by Kristy Bennett (2010)

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