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Methodist Cemetery #2

Bonavista Bay District

Inscription Additional Informaiton
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Cemetery #2
Caleb ATTWOOD, husband of Winnifred Jane born Sept 18, 1868 died June 28,1949. Age 80 years 9 months Caleb and his wife are surrounded by a fence. Caleb is the brother of Elias ATTWOOD and Kenneth ATTWOOD. Caleb was a fisherman.
Winnifred Jane ATTWOOD, wife of Caleb, born November 23,1874 died December 17, 1959  
Samuel Charles KING, Merchant navy WW2 - Sept 3,1923 – June 21, 1995 I believe Sam was the last person to be buried in Safe Harbour.
Nathanial KING, Beloved husband of Phoebe KING. Aged 75 years . March 17, 1956  
Phoebe KING, beloved wife of Nathanial KING. Died April 12 , 1951 Aged 70 years.  
Annie ATTWOOD, daughter of Elias and Caroline ATTWOOD. Died March 29 1942. Annie ATTWOOD’s siblings were Helen/Ellen Colton ATTWOOD, Walter GerogeATTWOOD, Ethel Gertrude ATTWOOD, Gladys ATTWOOD. Age 47 years.
Ernest A. BURRY, beloved husband of Mary M. BURRY. Died February 4, 1939. Age 56 years. Ester Sadie Marina Stokes is buried at the foot of Ernest BURRY.
Elizabeth Ann (Betty) STURGE, Beloved child of James and Blanche STURGE. Died January 9, 1947. Age 9 years
Absalom STURGE, Died June 5 1952. Age 64 years 7 months. Beloved husband of Elizabeth STURGE. Absalom STURGE about 1887/88. Children were James , Lewis, and Mary.
  Captain Stephen BURRY . Died December 4, 1942. 86 Years
Esther Sadie Marina STOKES. October 20, 1936-August 1937. Esther was the child of Nelson and Ellen STOKES. (Ellen Stokes was the daughter of Elias and Caroline(Wells) ATTWOOD.
Erected by the Gillingham Family in loving memory of Kenneth ATTWOOD. Died January 5, 1949. Age 86 years. Also wife Jessie, Died March 6, 1945 . Age 81 years.
Eric George GRANTER. Darling child of Hubert and Daisy Granter who died December 29, 1941 . Age 1 year and 3 months.  
Herman Claude WHITE. Darling Child of Minnie and Ronald White. Died March 16, 1949. Age 3 years 6 months.  
Edgar DAVIS Died May 11, 1938 Age 54 years.  
Ida Pearl WHITE Died July 28, 1938 Age 38 years. Wife of Pelthan ?
Joshua KNEE Died Accidentally Jan 24, 1931 Age 62 years.  
Margaret GILLINGHAM Died August 7, 1928 Age 55 years. Wife of Abram
GladysGILLINGHAM Died November 10, 1927 Age 18 years 8 Months.  
Hannah BURRY Died March 12, 1949 Age 85 years.  
Jessie Jane BARBOUR Died August 29, 1938 Age 33 years. Wife of Ronald
Martin STURGE Died April 8, 1947 Age 28 years 6 Months. Son of Alfred and Beatrice
Trixie Marie STURGE Died March 4, 1947 Age 19 years Daughter of Alfred and Beatrice
LucretiaSTARKES Died May 15, 1948, Age 35 years Wife of Robert
Marilyn JOYCE Died May 15, 1948, Age 5 years 9 Months Daughter of Robert & Lucretia
The following additional information was located in records of headstone transcriptions at the Weslyville Museum.
Rosie Jane BARBOUR Died August 29, 1939  
Mary Ann BURRY Died March 24, 1948  
Sidney Wilber JANES Died March 2, 1926  

Original Information Contributed by Linda Elkins-Schmitt

Additional Information and Photographs Contributed by Ted Sharpe (December 2006)

Page Revised by Don Tate (Tuesday February 19, 2019)

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